Thursday, June 28, 2007


You must admit- yes?- that this ranks as one of the greatest images ever created?

So get this: here is a post some anon (naturally) made to the comment section of this post:

Anonymous said...
That's a really g'ay poster, man.

2:45 PM

Now I mean, really?!? Fucking really?!? In 2007 there are STILL stupid motherfuckers out there who actually use gay as a derogatory term? I wonder if they realize how insanely dumb they look now, let alone how dumb they will look in 10-20 years when they look back and actually realize they were so stupid. It's like being a racist in the 60's against African-Americans and looking back at how dumb you were, some 20-30 years later. Anyway, this just floors me how people still toss around the gay thing in a negative light. Hell I was on LOST PLANET multiplayer the other day and all the voice chat was all 'fag this' and 'fag that' and it just strikes me as so fucking sad that people are still so ignorant. I mean, what is that anyway? Why are these supposedly straight boys/men so concerned about cocks going into male assholes? I mean, it's not something I think about cause you never hear me commenting on it. But man, these guys are thinking about dicks in male anal canals a whole hell of a lot. What is up with that?!? So fucking sad, dude.

Unless the poster meant the Flash Gordon image was gay in the sense that he means that Ming and Flash look like lovers and the poster was pointing out that the content of the poster dealt with homosexuals? Or that he meant gay in that 1920's kind of happy way?

But somehow I doubt it.

Anyway, there ya go....back to work! :)



Dan said...

Do you even look at your comments, David? Let me know.

BTW, nice poster.


archie4oz said...

"Flash - ah - Saviour of the universe..."

da criminal said...

Danny, hey! I indeed do look at my comments and I've been meaning to write back to you for well over 6 months! I'm just shit at multitasking and between real life and work life, I never seem to make the time to sit and reconnect with old friends. I saw Tracy Singer from high school posted and I need to get back to her as well...same with my college buddy Stacey. Man, where does the time go?!? I am gonna go put 'catch up with old friends' on my to do list right now and I hope to send you a personal email in the next week or so...hope you are doing well. What are you doing these days?


Dan Allison said...

As far as old school art posters go, yes.

I always got freaked out by the whole hand in tree stump trial scene. Creepy stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's a really g'ay poster, man.

Anonymous said...

im with you on the whole gay thing. its so fucking stupid. but i hate hearing the nerdy fuckers acting all tough even more. and its always ends up with me getting called a nigger. even though im people need lives. this is why i hate online gaming. its not as bad on PSN thankfully

Anonymous said...

I grew up after the Flash Gordon era. Way after, so yah. I've always been a Batman kinda guy (drools over how he can't wait for The Dark Knight). But I've never much held Flash in high regard...I've never looked him up, though, so that could be a start.
But yah. Nice pic. But The Joker with his Chelsea Grin is just priceless.

As for the gay thing...I don't know. I use the word fag, but not to mean gay. Hell, I use racial/predjudiced terms regularly as a form of irony and shock humour. I'm not racist, and have nothing against people with different orientations in life, but the words are just hilarious when used well.
Yes, it's offensive, but I genuinely believe that after all the shit white males have put the world through IN THE PAST, we're getting way too much flack for it now. As a result, at least in Britain, the word "black" is used as a last resort, and I don't have a clue what black people are called, tbh (that IS what they are, though. I mean, if you're calling them African American, you're assuming that they are American, and that they originated in Africa, instead of Cuba, Jamaica or somewhere (I didn't take Geography in High School)), but the ones I know don't tend to be offended when the term is used. As long as no one drops the N-bomb (which even I'm against, for the most part).
I mean, there are a LOT of racial slurs being thrown around, but I don't really think most of them are half as offensive as they're made out to be; it's simply mankind's instinctive need to categorize, and that will never be killed because everything needs a name, and everything different needs its own category.

Urgh...I'm tired, I'd be thinking straighter in the morning...but I just have really complicated thoughts on the idea of racism and prejudice. It would take a lot longer than this long ass post...
I hope you read it, damn you, Jaffe! =P


Anonymous said...

Damn...can't EDIT...

Just gonna say, if you did read it, get back to me. I love conversations about stuff like that.


da criminal said...

Jack- from a pure philosophical basis, I agree with you 1000%. Thing is tho, we don't like in a college philosophy classroom. We live in a world where those words not only hurt people but- and this, to me, is the most important part- the words taint many people's views of entire groups of people and thus not only make life for those groups more challenging but make the world a darker, sadder, and more evil place. Are they just words? Fuck yeah they are. That is all they are. BUT the reality is, we live in a world where many folks are hurt by them. Is that lame and stupid? Sure. But it's the way it is. So why contribute to the pain?

Zodiak said...

Flash Gordon old school! :)

archie4oz said...

No, this is Flash Gordon, old school!

Anonymous said...


Maybe i should use social s Wow Seeing Da Criminal reply givs me hope that one day, i will to hear from him again :p . And I would ask you to crucify me now as i dont know who or exactly What is a flash gordon...

P.S it wont let me sign on to my Google acount


Dan said...


I figured I could just rile you up over this, I realize you are a busy man, so a little personal time is hard to come by. Have a look at my pictures:
check it out.


Anonymous said...

You've gotta admit though it is pretty gay.

But then Krotos looks like he enjoys a bit of man-lovin' anyway.

Unknown said...

good point, Dave.

But even though I am supportive of gay rights and same-sex marriage, I still use the word "gay" in a derogatory manner sometimes.

It's just something I grew up with, and used as an adjective to describe anything unfavorable. The term is embedded in my lexicon, and it's hard to get rid of.

Anonymous said...

But really, I think the problem is with any group of people who define everything they do by their sexuality. Get over it. Noone wants to know what you do or don't do in the bedroom. Just be decent people.

Anonymous said...

dan, i hope you dont mind me saying, because i did indeed look at them even tho it was supposed to be jaffe... But some of those pictures are really good,and what a sweet jeep... wish i had one...

Anonymous said...

packaging mics with the system has its good and bad points.

good:teamwork is enhanced.

bad:hmm where do i start... basically you have to listen to every fuckin retard who owns the system talk shit, and dont stop talking. begging for chocolate milk and cussing out their moms, calling people gay and fags and whatever else their 13 year old minds can think up.

i mean you can block their voices or whatever but it seems like the whole XBL is overrun with these fucktards, which basically consists of the average american 8-12 year old kid enamored with guns and violence whose parents bought them the system and games to shut their ADD asses up, and internet toughguys who are calling you noob, and telling you get off and stop playing cus you suck in more ways than one.

pc has some of these people and im sure psn does as well, but at least they arent all armed with mics, which is the worst thing you can give these shitheads.

Felipe said...

It's just the terminology that hus stuck around with the FPS generation from 2001 or so. My friends who in the past two years have moved from Halo to WoW still use it and various rascist comments. When we were all in middle school it was the thing to say, but since they don't get out much they never found new ways to insult people, or the time to grow up.

Anonymous said...

When ever I see the poster the song from Queen always get's in my head. I was a huge Queen fan.

I may have the mouth of a solder but there are just some words you'll never hear me say. Slangs from Race, religion, ethnic or oriantation are not in my vocabulary...I made that choice a long time ago.

When I use sarcasm in mixed company I never have to look over my sholder to make sure the wrong person didn't over hear my comments.

Rock on with your new concept...i'm thinking old school with a new age technology twist. :)

felman said...

Jaffe, you're a laugh and a half.

derrickgott007 said...

Dave, you skipped over the fact that they put a ' in "Gay"....what the hell kind of word does it become then?? "G'AY"??? hahahah what a moron.

That movie was completely mind blowing back in the day. I remember hearing the song and running full speed out of my bedroom to find that my mom had bought me the movie soundtrack record back when it was VINYL....I was probably like 7? or 6?

I wish I had that vinyl now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

David your a dick

Anonymous said...

Why the fuck are you here then?

Anonymous said...

Here comes the Hurricane of piss.

Anonymous said...

All of you are anonymous?
Go eat a shit burger.

Anonymous said...

Your comments are about as useful as a marzipan dildo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe I think you act just as ignorant as the "gay" anon poster. Swearing in public is just as bad as the gay comments. Do you actually talk like this in front of your daughter? Your employers needs to sit you down and explain to you just how ignorant your rants come off. Cursing up a storm doesn't make you look or sound cool. It makes you look like an immature, ignorant fool.

Det. Conan said...

Unlike the American Culture, we use the word gay to mock people and to joke around..

Similar to the words like: Fuck You, Asshole, etc.

We use it instead of the word: Motherfucker, which is very offensive and against my religon principles.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Jaffe : I do agree with you on the whole gay thing but as far as wording goes I also don't understand your need to say "fuck" every 2 second. :)

"Fuck" also has a connotation.

You could argue that is how people actually talk in "real life" but then (even though I'm not american nor is my native tongue english) I could tell you that just like "fuck","gay" is also pretty standard in non-colloquial conversations.Between younger folk anyway.

I definitely agree with you how it's up to us to stop making that term derogatory but "fuck" will always be an offending word at least for the foreseeable future.

I was watching your interview @'s Bonus Round today and I don't get how you saying "fuck you up your ass" to people who admire japanese developers' humility is supposed to be any less offensive than some guy using "gay" as a derogative word.

In both cases you ARE offending a certain group of people whether intentionally or not.

I'm sure both you and our anonymous friend don't necessarily mean what you are saying in a 100% literal way though but that doesn't mean either of you should speak like that.

Anyways I don't think that picture is particularly cool (don't take cool too literally :P) but Flash sure IS the man.

Anonymous said...

That poster is 100% faggotry. Stop whining like a homo about people using the term gay.

Senchaholic said...

I was surprised and very happy to see your response to the use of "gay" as a derogatory term David! :)

It's amusing as well as sad to read some peoples comments here. They may not use the word "nigger", but "gay" or "fag" is ok?

Someone wrote: "I use the word fag, but not to mean gay". Well, so then it's ok if I call someone "nigger"? I don't mean that they are "a nigger", just that they are stupid...ya know?

See what I'm getting at? The arguments used to defend the use of the word "gay" don't hold water for a second.

The word "gay", as well as "nigger", should not be used. Period. Unless you are with friends in private where no one else may hear, then you may call each other what the hell you want.

And the fact that people seem to get more upset over the fact that you use the word "fuck" often, just goes to show even more how hypocritical some people seem to be. (both aware and unaware)

Senchaholic said...

I'd just like to add that the word "gay" can be used properly, since it has a neutral meaning sometimes and is used by people who indeed are homosexual, unlike "nigger" which I believe is a word which always is negative.

English is not my main language and I was writing a bit quickly. ;)

Anonymous said...

I believe it is sad how Americans in general have reduced there vocabulary requiring them to substitute words for others such as "Fuck" granted it is a very versatile slang term used as a verb, expression of anger, descriptive, and nearly any other use but can we not make ourselves out to be a more intelligent society and use a term such as sexual relations, but no that is not what America is about, We are about "Cutting corners" we get to the end but we can't guarantee lasting quality, It is like putting together a model without reading the manual, eventually you will get it done but you can't ensure its quality. So we started talking without reading the manual, we don't guarantee satisfaction of the listener, therefore we create a lot of unhappiness in others lives. take George W. Bush for example "King George II" He is a beacon of skipping the manual, he stepped into life without heeding even one word of the manual, and the first couple chapters are on tape!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe - kudos to you for sticking up for equality.

I - and many, many others - really appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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