Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Usually when stuff I say pisses off my net brothers and sisters, I usually chalk it up to:

a- I just rub certain people the wrong way. Fair enough, I know people in my life as well who- from the instant I met them- I just did not like. I can see myself generating that kind of response in some folks, especially given how outspoken and opinionated I can be and how some folks feel we should all instead just be respectful and quiet at all times. Fair enough- different strokes and all that.

b- People still want to say I am arrogant even tho I'm a very, very smart person and very intuative as well- more so than most people would ever be- and because I am so smart and bright and do alot of introspective thinking, I think it's pretty safe to say I am not arrogant. Hmmm...do I put a smiley here or just leave it as is so more folks miss the 'joke'...I think I will just leave it.

c-Sony haters. It's like sports I guess. Some hardcore Nintendo Fan Boys and Xbots hate me cause I am a Sony game maker. Fair enough I suppose, even though I have expressed my love for work both of those companies have done many, many times.

So there you go, right? Can't please the world and I am cool with that. So somewhere along the line, I gave up trying.

BUT when the Miyamoto write up hit and people started saying I was thinking I was BETTER than Miyamoto or I was DISRESPECTING the man or I felt his games post Mario64 were lame....I mean, that really, really bothered me alot because that is not what I said at all. Now sure, some would argue: well, why did you even THINK those things?!? Why did you SHARE those things?!? You are both professionals and should never talk bad about one another in public.

Well I was not talking BAD about Miyamoto or his games, I was simply waxing philisophical on the fact that these days, the man's genius- and I use that term with uttmost seriousness- is not meant for me.

This post I made the next day on NEO GAF expresses how I feel about the whole thing pretty well:


If I may, just to be clear:

1- LOVE LOVE LOVE Mario64...one of the best games ever made. And for those who are scared of the F word: FUCKING FUCKING FUCKING FINGER LICKING FUCKING LOVE that game.

2- I NEVER said the stuff Miyamoto did AFTER Mario64 was crap or bad. I just said that those products did not float my boat. I DID give him the proper respect and awe the man deserves not ONLY for his older games but made it clear that he and his POST Mario64 work were responsible for creating the amazing biz we are all a part of. There is no ounce in my body that has anything but the uttmost awe and admiration and respect for the man.

3- Does that mean I am not allowed to say that games like NINTENDOGS and Wii Sports and Brain Age are not my cup of tea? Shit yea. I respect those games and am so in awe of how amazing Miyamoto is at reading what a huge slice of the market wants. But those games are not for me and were not designed to be for me.

Please- if you don't mind too much- stop trying to turn this into a 'JAFFE DISSES MIYAMOTO' deal because there could be nothing farther from the truth. I hope to achieve 1/50th of the success that that man has gained. He is the father of the modern game industry and I was proud and honored he posed for a picture with me.



So there you go. And for those who have asked, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the 2d Zelda games. I have fond memories of staying home from school senior year and finishing Zelda 2 and then right when I finished it, the mail came and there was my college acceptance letter! It was a great day! But the 3D Zelda games have never been my cup of tea...they are too overwhealming for me, too big and too easy for me to get lost and lose the pace of the game as I fall off the tracks and get lost just wandering around. But I know many LOVE those games and I respect the brilliance that went into making them. Also, for the record, I have not played MM and I heard that is the best 3d Zelda yet.

Take it easy ya'll,



Unknown said...

If I was as respected as you are in the video gaming industry (powerful) I don't think I would ever explain the things that I say after I say them. That would make everyone think I am more powerful and that i could crush them in a single blow!

Of course, you make yourself sound more link a regular guy like the rest of us, and I think that has its perks, too =).

I like you Jaffe. I definitely disagree with a lot of your political beliefs, but I sure as hell respect a guy that has an open mind and different beliefs than me than a a guy that shares my beliefs like a robot.

By the way, CAC is one of the most fun multiplayer games I have ever played. I freaking love the old school meets new school thing. I'm pretty shocked that there aren't many people playing it as its so freaking awesome.

Matt M said...

I'm kind of impressed you actually took the time to make a whole post responding to the morons who seem to have nothing better to do than be angry at you. I don't really see a point though, it's like trying to put out a burning building with a squirt gun.

I agree with you though, everything since Mario 64 hasn't been as awesome as usual; the Mario games themselves have been kind of boring. I do love the 3D Zeldas though, especially the final Ganon battle in Twilight Princess, that was just bad ass.

Brice Gilbert said...

Yet again people taking your writing out of context or filling your mouth with the words they want to hear. Will it ever end?

Sadeq said...

I just checked your older post again and couldn't find a word that would make me think you disrespect Miyamoto-san. Where do people get this from? Don't bother, probably NDF or MDF (nintendo/microsoft defensive force).

Unknown said...

Common, people are always just looking for something to get up in arms about. I guess they learn from the media.

paul said...


well N4G posted a link that said "Jaffe dissed on Miyamoto" or something along those lines. Point is, a bunch of sites took what he said and twisted it so people got the impression he was hating on Miyamoto when that never happened.

Anonymous said...

David, I completely understood what you meant about his games not being "your cup of tea." This is just another example of idiots trying to stir shit up.

Actually, I agree with you quite a bit. I still feel that Zelda: A Link to the Past is the best Zelda game ever made. The 3d stuff is just too complex to control. I tried Wind Waker and gave up on it. I haven't even tried Twilight Princess yet, and probably never will.


Unknown said...

^ Link to the Past was awesome. I actually got the one on GBA and it was a whole lot like it, a lot of fun.

I personally couldn't get into Mario 64, but the first time I ever played it was on DS. I never got a N64 (got tired of waiting and got a PS instead).

Soukthachone Vilaysack said...

We're online. What'd you expect from people prancing online and making themselves toughter than they are? [I could be doing the same now] But I have pretty much respect for most people online and even if I don't show it I don't go around dissing people nor do I go around spreading BS, attacking others. It's not something I would do. I act the same way online as if this was real life - With Respect.

That's just me.

felman said...

David Jaffe vs Haters
Texas Steel Cage Match on G4TV!

I'd pay to watch that.

PSNID Felman

felman said...


found it on digg. These people are INSANE!!

Anonymous said...

I personaly didn't take the comment of "didn't float my boat" as a disrespect to Miyamoto-san. I took it as the specific games were not ones that you prefer. Your additional comments just solidified that.

I don't think anyone can complain about the quality of work the man has done, but let's just say not all of us were part of the target market. I havn't played a Nintendo game in a very long time...most of what they make is just not my genre of choice.

That said some people may respectfully disagree with an opinion and some people go out of thier way to create conflict and drama.

As they say..."Everyone has different tastes, and everyone tasts different."

Anonymous said...

Anyone see the clown in the mushroom cloud pic making the rounds? New twisted metal Dave?

paul said...

where did that image originate from?

Anonymous said...

Yes Dave. I'm sure you have run acorss that image on the net by now.

Is that a giant teaser for a new TM game?!

We are are anxious to know!

Det. Conan said...


Can you please post your picture with Kojima in your blog?

I thought some of the GOW techniques were inspired from Zelda 64.

Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! it is as if some people are just waiting for excuse to start complaining about anything, David i think that no matter what you say some people will be there to bitch about it, i guess that is why no so many people like you have public blogs
People will allways love to complain and bitch if they are given a chance i guess, espacially on this dear internet . ..

Regards Dave Nelson

Anonymous said...

I think that most people with sanity knows that you didn't dissed Miyamoto.

derrickgott007 said...

I too totally was engrossed by Mario 64. The titles since then, eh not so much.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad that the internet has become such a mob-intensive tool for over-zealous and over-dramatic people.

I never got the impression you disrespected Miyamoto and happen to agree with your take on his later games. You can still appreciate someone's quality of work without having to like it and that point was stated clearly in your original post.

Derek Daniels said...

Reading comprehension these days sucks.

Anonymous said...

You almost make me ashamed to say that as a student studying game development, I've played some stuff I didn't totally enjoy because I wanted to broaden my experiences. I'd like to get your view on that if at all possible David, do you ever play something which is much lauded even though it's not really a game you're interested in just to see if you can learn something from it?

Anonymous said...

We all die, we all forget, so who cares?

Anonymous said...

good call i might be dead already !


derrickgott007 said...

Hey Dave, I saw an ad with Sandwhiches in an explosion, so does that mean you ate subway today???

People are going ape shit over this Clownsplosion thing...

Anonymous said...

yeah - but you suck at halo.

thus your opinion is invalid.

GB2 calling all cars lolz

Unknown said...

Bummed that the guy IGN asked about that picture said that no TM was in the works. I really hope that's not true. I think something must be up and its making me moist. David said he can't let us know what's going on right now though.

That said, it would be a real shame (and a poor business move) not to make a new TM for the PS3. Its one of the biggest franchises for PS and one of its top sellers. I would say it would be almost like not making a Mario for the Wii. Man I want this game so bad.

Anonymous said...

Wait - you didn't like Super Mario Sunshine? And the Super Mario Bros. game on the DS? C'mon.

Beyond that, I have to agree that Miyamoto has done little game-wise for me, personally. but he now oversees a million things, so it's not like we get to experience his genius in any focused way, any more.

If I met him, I'd be curious about how much of the Wii was his doing, and which features of it he championed internally at Nintendo, because that's probably his defining masterwork in terms of his impact on the company, to date. Not to mention the DS.

I love the Wii, but damn, I just keep wondering how cool a new Mario game could be done w/ the power of the PS3. (Esp. after seeing Little Big Planet.)

Sloopydrew said...

Just downloaded Calling All Cars and am disappointed to say the least 4 maps? Identical gameplay on each map. C'mon, David - you were sluffing. The game is crap. Maybe ... MAYBE for a $2.99 pricetage it would be worth it, but $7.99? C'mon. Who are you fooling. As much of a fan as I was of your earlier work, I won't be paying for another game you create ever again unless I hear EXTREMELY positive things about it ... things such as, "This time David Jaffe isn't trying to completely screw over his fans with an overpriced game."

I know you have trouble controlling your emotions, but a civil response to my post would be appreciated. If you can't provide one, don't say anything at all. You've already stolen my $8.00 for a game that is, to be honest, absolute crap.

Sloopydrew said...

Prior to Calling All Cars release you compared it to games like Super Mario Kart. Who are you fooling? Anyone paying $8.00 for your "game" is an idiot. I'm an idiot that I fell for your hype. And you're an absolute asshole for pawing this piece of crap onto so many of us as a worthwhile title. Go back to Gears of War. "Casual" games clearly aren't your forte. Jerk.

Unknown said...

"Go back to Gears of War?" What does that even mean?

Don't be a shit head man. I think most of us actually really enjoy the game. I actually think I have spent more time on CAC than I have any of my other PS3 games. Well, maybe not Oblivion, but I have definitely played it 10 times more online than any other game online.

Seriously though, you can write your own blog on this. Don't come into the comments section of a post completely unrelated and try to take a shit on it.

Pat K said...

Thanks for keeping the blog up!

I'm glad you seemed pretty optimistic about the whole E3 event.
I wonder how that stacks up to gdc and the like for a developer, they said even Miyamoto was checking out and getting debriefed on a bunch of new games there.

On the Mario deal, man I feel the same way, Mario 64 was major for me, why? Because it was a major point where Nintendo's #1 icon moved from 2d to 3d and Nintendo nailed it.

The new iterations in the mario franchise may be great, but for me the Mario 64 game gets the gold.

Like I said I appreciate the blog updates man, people gotta respect that you're a game developer who talks games, not a pr machine.

Anyway keep the posts comming and stick it out man!
Pat K

Carlos M. said...

Anonymous Dude, even Miyamoto has admitted his disappointment towards Super Mario Sunshine... although he certainly wasn't the first to show displeasure towards Mario's solo GCN debut. To me, it was a step slightly backwards towards Super Mario 64's crazy fun, varied level design.

felman said...

I think it's near unanimous that Sunshine was not as good as Mario 64. Maybe that's just because I regard the 64 games so highly. I mean, I love it's mario kart, its mario, it's Zelda OoT, golden eye and remember these games more fondly than Double dash, sunshine (though the DS mario game is good albeit short) windwaker and all other first person shooters that are in existence.

Anonymous said...

hey man i was watching your interview in the playboy mansion and i think you are an s-rank game make i mean god of war is the best game i have ever played and you said your combat system is not as great as devil may cry? F.U.C.K devil may cry yours is waaaaaay better overall in bonus round i kinda was disappointed because you wont make epic games anymore but if thats what you want im 100% with you on that p.s newer god of war should advance through the history like from copper age to modern from battling spartans to battling jets and tanks and G.I's

paul said...

David do you have any comments on the MGS4 demo? id really love to hear what you thought of it, granted you even saw it.

maybe you should share your impressions

derrickgott007 said...

Why does everyone call the GameCube the "GCN"?? The NES was called that due to it being the Nintendo Entertainment System...The SNES due to the fact that it was the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.... And the N64 because it was a 64 bit Nintendo..

So someone explain how the fuck the GameCube is called the GCN?? GameCubeNintendo I take it?? Thats about lame as shit. Why not call it the NGC?? Or just GC?

The Playstation is simply PS, or PS2 or PS3...not PSN, or PSN2, or even SPS for Sony Playstation...

Just goes to show that one idiot misnaming something will forever change geekdom...

Anonymous said...

im w/ paul i wanna know what you thought of the MGS4 demo.


Unknown said...

I think miyamoto was the father of console gaming but I disagree with him being considered the father of "gaming". True modern gaming I think was really started by the guys that made 7th guest, without them the market for cd players would never have existed and true modern cinematic gaming like gow would never have come about. They deserve a helluva alot more credit. I think every generation has that one mass market game be it mario, 7th guest, etc. that pushes the industry but to call the guy "father of gaming" I choose to disagree with. He is the "father of dumbing down complex ideas for the masses though"