Monday, July 02, 2007


Just got back from a screening of TRANSFORMERS. As you can see in the above pic, lines were around the movie theater and not just for one show, but it seemed like ALL shows were this nuts.

For those looking forward to it, most in the audience seemed to dig it, good 50-75% of them applauded at the end, so that's a good sign.

Me, I fucking hated it. HATED it. Worst film of the year and maybe in the last 5 years, Just dreck and if I as not with a group, I would have walked out. But again, for you Transformer fans, most of the group I was with seemed to dig it. So there you go.

And I'm no movie snob; I like Michael Bay. Thought Armmegeddon was a blast (I even cried a bit which watching it) and really enjoyed THE ISLAND. I went in wanting a good, fun popcorn flick. What I got was an overproduced kids movie that- if I was under the age of 11- would go down as the greatest film ever made. It really was like a 10 year old's imagination splattered all over the screen.

And that's great here, great there. But for a 2+ hour movie? Ugh, it was so hard to sit thru. So dull. And the fights for the most part were ultra confusing, could not tell who was doing what to whom. Just noise.

Anyway, I seem to be ine minority and that's good. As I said, I like Bay and LOVE good action summer movies. So at least it seems others are getting thier fix with this one.

As for me, I was always more of a GI-JOE fan myself, so no harm done.



Anonymous said...

i hope your wrong, the fight scense were a big concern of mine,i was hoping they wouldnt screw it up. Have fun working on the new TM i mean Documentary... Although "How else do you expect us to celebrate signing a big, important, life changing contract?!?" sounds like a new TM to me releasing the classics on the PSN is not lifehcnaging well not in my views haha :P

felman said...

Jaffe not liking a Michael Bay movie? no way!

Unknown said...

Don't worry, I never got into Transformers like people slightly younger than us. I don't plan on seeing it this summer.


Stat said...

what's interesting is I expected the movie to be exactly as you described it. An awesome movie for anyone under the age of 11. Possibly going down as your favorite movie of all time, of course My favorite child-hood movie is The Dark Crystal. :) But that's neither here nor there, In a Michael Bay film, you can expect a lot of exposions, and "look cool" effects, but nothing substantial in terms of a great story for anyone our age. Either way, I am not looking forward to seeing it, but will likely go (like you) with a group of friends. We'll see how it goes.

David Jaffe said...

Well static- just to be clear: I like MBay- I like flics where I check my brain at the door- I like stuffing my face with popcorn while crazy shit happens on screen. That's what I wanted. I wanted Jurrasic Park, Speed, Die Hard 4,'s just not- for me- what I got. Instead, I got bored. Hope you enjoy it though. Nothing better than a great summer movie!


Anonymous said...

Hey David, sorry to get off-topic, but I thought that you'd like to know:

I took my PS3 and LCD to a friend's this weekend for a group of us (about 6 people) to do some gaming. None of them had any hands-on with a PS3 before, so I brought mine to give them a chance with it.

Calling All Cars quite literally sold a PS3 to 3 different people. We were all sitting around, enjoying a few drinks, and having a blast with CaC. Your game is incredible and everyone had an awesome time with it, even the wives. One of them started swearing like a sailor during our matches.

Also, PLEASE consider releasing a couple more levels for it. The 4 that are included are so deep, but over time, we did agree that we would've liked to have a couple more.

Anyway, Tip of the hat to you Sir, I can't wait to see what you'll do next!


Anonymous said...

I have yet to see this film and you're the first person to say something negative against it. Everyone else has loved this film. If it's better than Spiderman 3 (which shouldn't take a whole lot) then I'll be happy.

Anonymous said...

my dad crys every time he sees only time i ever seen him cry except when his dad died.


SapientWolf said...

I agree with you 100% Jaffe. It was a 2hr and 40 minute commercial for transformers. It was specifically made to appeal to the demographic that would buy them.

derrickgott007 said...

So its nothing like the trailer makes it out to be?? Like that awesome shot when the one transformer crawls out of the pool and steps over that little girl toddler.

So Dave, is it honestly one of those movies where they put all the good moments in the trailer and the whole rest of the two hours is just dull filler?

Anonymous said...

It was "entertaining", but not a good movie by any means. I'd say it's a good DVD to borrow from a friend. All I could think of when watching it though was the movie Small Soldiers. Really campy kids stuff.

I agree about the action scenes. Bay uses a lot of "live action" cameras (IE, a guy standing in the middle of the action with a shaky hand and no steady-cam features), so you can't really tell what's going on in it.

Anonymous said...

Even though I've been warned (and it's a Michael Bay movie), I went ahead and saw "Transformers: the Movie" yesterday. Now my childhood has officially been raped.

wtfgrouch said...

Just saw Transformers today and... well, it was cool seeing the Transformers, that's about it. The movie itself was a let down.

If you wanna see a GREAT summer movie, go check out LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD! It has action from beginning to end.

Oscar Gomez

P.S. Harry Potter movie next week, YES!!!

Joel said...

the new die hard movie is AMAZING.

thats really the movie you should go and see instead of transformers.

also... skip evan almighty. its basically the first one.. only without any funny parts.

terrible terrible movie.

for that matter.. fantastic 4 is probably just as bad as the first one.. i havent seen it though.. even though i really wouldnt mind seeing jessica alba in it. haha.
(i hope sin city 2 isnt too far away because i need my jessica alba fix soon)

Anonymous said...

I had fun with it, and my kids enjoyed it as well. I really didn't take it too serouis. just a good family time with my kids.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Well, I guess I am just a die hard Transformers fan. I loved the movie personally. LOVED IT!!
The funny thing is, I think the movie was absolutely geared more towards adult fans of the original Transformers than children.
By the way, Calling all cars does kick case you needed confirmation.

Stat said...

No idea if you are even going to read old comments on this post, but I did end up going to see it. And well, your description accurately depicts my exact feelings for Transformers. Absolutely fucking awful. I'm just glad that I was able to laugh at how horrible it was. After being told by so many people that it was 'so awesome' It comforts me to know that there are those of us that saw through the child's imagination puked onto a canvas.

Anyhow, hope your projects are going well :)

Anonymous said...