Friday, September 07, 2007


Well, there it is! Our first new, non-port game for Sony!

Well...sort of.

It's actually the result of 2 or so weeks of me doodling on white boards and notebooks and on my Wacom tablet. All those scribbles- or at least the ones that I think matter- have now found their way onto sticky notes and onto my white board. Next step is to try to fashion the game core from these elements. They won't all make it...some will die out because of scope....some will die out because- while being cool- they don't fit in with the other elements all that well. Some will die out because they were stupid ideas to begin with.

From these sticky notes, I'll write a very high level design doc and send it off to the gang in Utah. Then they will have suggestions for new ideas and for killing some of the listed ideas for various reasons; we will haggle over this and that. And then it goes off to Sony where we hope they are digging it as much as we are.

So there you go: the first step on the long, hard road to fun! You gotta start somewhere, ya know?

Have a great weekend, ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Is the high level design doc basically just a stripped down idea of what the eventual game will be like? Feedback appreciated

Anonymous said...


"heartland" finally comes to fruition...

grasshopper said...

I wish I could read really tiny writing. Cant wait to see what it is

Anonymous said...

That's really nice!! So that's how a classic is born... I hope everything goes just fine during the development proccess.

Good luck to y'all!!!!

derrickgott007 said...

Like I said, all you need it a curtain and a loud speaker, oh great powerful oz!

Awesome that you are so transparent with your fans...all the other developers out there could stand to learn something from you.

Eric said...

Cool. Do you ever make designs with the stickies? :)

Unknown said...

That's so cool. I want to be a game designer but I always wanted to ask a game developer his/her opinion on education and what major what should be to get into the game industry.

But I'm practicing creating design documents too and making my own maps in UnrealED and drawing...

Anonymous said...

woah this is really cool, i cant wait to see this game when you figure out all the stuff you need to before actually starting to draw and animate and whatnot

Anonymous said...


Hard to believe that a landmark title like "God of War" could have come from such meager beginnings. I'm working on a title with Ubisoft and its the coolest to see how a game develops.

Are you guys developing one title at a time or do you have multiple games in the que?

Any chance of your blog fans getting a first shot at a beta?


Anonymous said...

Gotta love the mixed capital letters. ;)

Anonymous said...

Jeff you and the team ROCK!!!

Thanx for the updates

felman said...

What type of game are you looking to make?

Anonymous said...

it's me jeremy again

I always see how in your interviews and such your saying how this peron says this about me and that, and how you ask are they wrong or you think they are wrong. Then you state that you have an opinion too and that it should matter. So you are saying their opinion matters? And you truly are an ass to them? So how are they wrong? And don't take this the wrong way I'm not busting your chops at all..

Also, have you ever really sat down and thought about things at all. does it really matter what anyone says about you, or what you say about anyone else? No not really, what does it really do? Does it truly provoke or do anything for anyone other than having them say something back?

What does that matter what they say, what does it change. what does it change if we dont have message boards, well news doesn't get around but would it change things, maybe but does it matter.. probably not. I never understood why people would get in fights at school, cause someone called them a name or did something to them, does it matter if that fight occrus.. yes and no and if you think about it.. every question has that answer, cause humans have set the rules, have put in our heads what we beleive what is right and or wrong, so what is truly right or wrong? Nothing... and everything


Anonymous said...

The Truth

Mr. Jaffe,

Thank you.

Joaquin Reyes

P.S. - Forgive me for being so brief, blunt, and boyish, but honestly there is too much to say. I am a freshman studying English at USC largely because I chose to follow in your footsteps. It's actually pretty cool here (babes, books, beer) (wait... I don't read... I don't get too many chicks... and I don't drink...). But still it's pretty cool here. It's hard to be specific on how you've helped me: I've been designing games ever since I played Turok on the N64 and thinking of ideas for movies ever since I saw Batman. Lego's were always my creative outlet - something I will never regret, even though it left me with no real world skills, just a creative spirit that can't be contained (I can't program, I'm no artist, I just write about what I hope can someday be something more than an idea). Then someone close to me passed away, someone who had always told me I could be anything I wanted. Somehow I lost track of my dream, started trying to be realistic, and for a long time I wanted to be an engineer.
It wasn't at all soon after, but my creative spirit returned. I know you probably hear about it all too much, but honestly, in a very lonely time in my life, I played God of War. That was about 3 years ago. I'm pretty damn sure that that game is what brought back my creative spark. Then I followed the trail to you, read your thoughts on gaming, and was truly inspired, not just by your perspective on games themselves, but on the industry. I blocked out what everyone was telling me and decided to follow my creative passion, something my father would have been proud of. So, I don't know how clear I've made myself, but I know I've taken up enough space on this blog. It's taken a long time for me to finally write this, and I know it's lame, but for what it's worth: Thank You.

P.P.S. - The essay I wrote to get into USC was about God of War and how its quality reflects how passionate its many creators must have been. Passion - something the world could use much more of. (The workers at the fast food places around the campus must be incredibly passionate because I swear it is the best fast food I’ve ever tasted!)

P.P.P.S - I'm not normally this serious! I'm sorry! I just had to say it all! Thank you for listening! Best of luck with your new company! I've only played Twisted Metal: Black but I loved it and can't wait for any future TM games. I would play Calling All Cars but I have-a-no money for a PS-a-3! I have to wait a little while.

I hereby vow to blow you away with the games I make. YOUR FACE WILL BE MELTED OFF FROM OVEREXPOSURE TO FUN! (Cut to: ULTIMATE TEA-PARTY!)


(I wasn't brief at all....)

Unknown said...

it's very cool to see development starting from scratch

The mind of Jaffe at work...oh teh powah!

da criminal said...


hey man- that is one of the nicest- if not THE nicest- letters I've ever gotten. That means alot to me- and I'm sure the whole massive team who made GOD OF WAR- to know our game came along at a very important, challenging time of your life and gave you a bit of a lift. How wonderful to know that the work that we did made your life even a touch better. That's magical man, that's what that is. So thank you so much for that.

SC huh? And English? Shit, I'd hate to think anyone was following my educational path considering I got thru most of my Engish classes by reading the comic book versions of the books we were supposed to be reading (stupid me, now I LOVE to read novels but not back then...shoulda taken advantage of it at the time). Have you taken a class from Prof. Kincaide? I hear he still teaches and he's fucking fantastic...more liberal than me, if you can imagine, and so fucking great a teacher and inspiring a man. He used to BE an engineer, you know? And he finally realized it was not his calling and said FUCK IT and went on to teach English. So he'd be a good man for you to learn from, for sure.

So glad you wrote. Keep in touch, dude.

And thanks again for the kind words. I am SO SO glad you've found your vision again, your passion...the world needs more folks who hang on to the passion for all it's worth...good for you and good for you pulling yourself out of the bullshit life that society says you are SUPPOSED to what makes you happy man, that's my motto.

Talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe,

Wow! You see what I mean? You are a real person. Thank you so much for your response! It really does mean a lot to me and I'm sure many of the other people who write you. Actually, Prof. Kincaid is still teaching here and he teaches the English course I'll be taking next semester, so I'll be sure to sign up to be in his class. It's funny, I hardly ever read on my own, but when I need to for school I always enjoy the reading. The sad thing is that I probably enjoy it too much; I hardly ever see those deeper, hidden messages (eh em... bullshit, eh em, eh em). Oh well! I get by and I get inspired by each new story. Love the class - hate the work! But I guess I am here to learn after all... pff!

I should get to my homework. I've been exploring the "city" down the street with some friends. Nothing too special there... kinda lame actually. But I know there's much more to this city. Still need to Live and Die in L.A., or run into some Heat, or maybe Escape From L.A. or something. It's all new to me though. I'm from Albuquerque by the way.

Thank you for the recommendation! And I completely agree with your motto.

(Or should I say "FIGHT ON!"...?)


da criminal said...

You MUST MUST MUST sign up for the Kincaide class- you will not regret it. Tell him I said hey!

Anonymous said...

from an educational point of view, I find it most interesting to know what kind of things are written on those stickeys. Could you give us just one example, maybe not even one from the board? I'm very interested in your workflow when creating from scratch.
thanks (for god of war as well),

R.Bunk said...

Would it be possible to post some of your older Design Docs and "pre-game" stuff?

gary Z said...

even the greatest of the achievements hav the humblest of the takes years to convert tat piece of paper to real working games lik the god of war...hats off to u man...

Unknown said...

Ey i'm Cesar From Utah dude here is and idea for a video game that i have i dont wan shit just some of your time

Ok here it is, I like a good old Fasion Alien attack, But all the games star some time years after the aliens arrive, And its cooo but i would like something like when they fist come to the planet, I think it would be cool to also have the No1 guy star from High School and get older Get into the military because the aliens kill all his family, That would be the reason why he hate the aliens, Something like 5 or 6 dudes, bodybuilders those guys from Gears of War would be a good models also Muscle magazine can do.
you know something that have American Bad ass , big strong, dont fuck with me you know something like that, I think what would be the shit is the game play, Something simple like a 3rd person Shooter with a melee attacks something that we dont have on the video games, co-up play would be combos when u get to close or they come at you fight hand to hand , Also on multiplayer 4 people can fight hand to hand and use weapons 4 can bit up one player something everybody jump in and fight one guy, a combination of 2 hold him/her hands and the other kick him/her on the face or shootin or torture or something, That would be something that never been done ey if you like the idea send me and e-mail i have been working this in my head.

Anonymous said...