Tuesday, July 10, 2007


So I just found out that the new E3 badges have pictures of the attendees on them. Which means my original plan to use my boss' badge to get into the main show area of E3 is shot to hell. And no, I did NOT get an invite, thanks for asking. After hitting all of the E3's in the past, I guess I will be sitting this one out. Since I am not showing any games this year, I won't be on the show floor to do the dog and pony stuff so Sony could not get me a badge.

Fuck man, now I gotta go to LA anyway for E3 meetings and Sony stuff, but I can't get into the main event.

Sucks to be me.

Ah well, looks like I'll be hitting refresh like the rest of ya'll to see the big news. Well fuck them, I didn't want to go to their stupid ass show anyway :)

Actually, I kinda did.



ps. Now I know how Jason Rubin felt when he could not get into the Sony party but Tara Reid did. Well I mean now I know how Rubin feels if you take away the millions of dollars, super fast sports cars, and model good looks. But besides those things, I feel just like him!


Rob Zepeda said...

Isn't it great how people were lamenting the circus that was E3 of past year...but yet now almost universally you are seeing ex-attendees wishing they could get into that show again.

I wont lie, I miss E3. I was the dude who the security had to basically kick out of the building because the show was closing. I was sore as heck from all the walking and standing...but it was worth it. Sure it took 40 mins to get from Microsoft's booth to Sony's, but it was still fun, dammit!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there man, theres always E for All. It would sure be a nice surprise to see you there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jaffe, I'll send you a free copy of Motorstorm.

Anonymous said...

Now you have time to make your profile here:

Unknown said...

You know your only option - photoshop your own badge and sneak in.

Once you are in the event, who is going to question you for being there?


Max A said...

E3is a big Crap fest with Corn in it.
I'm So Pissed I have been to every E3 even before it was E3 I went to the consumer electronics Show in Vegas.

I shure hope another show takes it's place someday.

Anonymous said...

Most of my friends in the industry got the shaft and many of them are developers too. Only one guy that I know was invited and as he puts it "It was shit luck because of a current project and I was in the right place at the right time."

In the wake of E3 I think the gaming industry needs it's own version of COMICON with a multi city setup.

just my .02

Felipe said...

I can understand blocking the public so it's not like a giant anime convention, but excluding developers? That's like Apple saying only Apple (and a few other companies) top employees can join in on WWDC.

Det. Conan said...

Now here is an issue you will not post: E3 new games...

To tell the truth i really hoped that you go there and check out when MGS4 will be released.


Det. Conan said...

Don't worry about that.

You can go and watch Harry Potter 5 instead..


felman said...

They didn't let me in either! Me! The Felman! "HEY, NEW E3...GO FUCK YOURSELF" indeed!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe, Go to Gametrailers.com and watch the new Killzone2 trailer. That should help a little atleast.
Now you'll feel how it's like being a mortal to the gamingimg world

Sinister Dragon said...


That is kinda sad that they won't let you in this year. I am sorry.

Anyways, I have a question for you, for I am sure you have watched/heard some of the SONY press conference.

What are your thoughts about the redesign of the PSP. Don't you think adding all those features, (Video output, faster load times, etc) is like kicking your loyal fans in the balls. I myself brought a PSP at launch, and had to return it because my PSP wouldn't read UMD's. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE MY PSP! Now here I am reading about the plans of the PSP, and read about the redesign.

I was originally happy with this idea, maybe they'll be like Nintendo and slim it down and make it more sleek. But..NOOOO! They add video output in it, so people can play there nice games on a there nice TV's. What do I get? The new psp has some sort of Cache for UMD games enabling them to load faster. While I am waiting 5 minutes to play the game. I was infuriated at these details.

I know, you didn't make the redesign and what not. But I was wondering what are your thoughts, as a consumer on these new features. Do you have a launch PSP? The features are nice, don't get me wrong, but they punched me in the balls pretty hard on that one. I don't know, I might be ranting in the wrong place, but I was just wondering what someone in the business thought about this redesign.

Thanks for listening,

Matthew V.

derrickgott007 said...

Hey Sinister Dragon, Stop your whining. You indeed need the kick to the balls that you were talking about. Let me put it to you this way, If I go buy a $60,000 Corvette, and then 2 weeks from now they sale a better model for $60,000...guess what? I have no room to bitch, because thats my fault for being an early adopter.

Look at people that used to pay $3,500 for a 486 IBM PC...when today you can buy a $600 Emachine that is 500 times better....

SO as Arnie used to say.....


Sinister Dragon said...


With all do respect, that is totally different. When you buy a car, you expect the better model to come out with new features. Same thing with computer. You don't expect to have the best computer forever. You buy a computer, and you KNOW you have to upgrade it.

A console is different, you buy one so you DON'T have to upgrade to play the latest games. Sure, with the recent trend from Nintendo you expect a slim downed version and better overall product. Look at the Game Boy Advance Line, theres 3 differnt kinds, (Micro, Sp, Advance). Not one has anything THAT much different (besides the addition of back light) than the other. DS and DS Lite, both the same system...both same capabilities...just one is better overall in design.

Understand? Nintendo did it right, if you brought a GBA, you missed nothing from not buying an SP or a Micro. With the PSP, you DO miss out on features.

derrickgott007 said...

Sinister Dragon,

Even after they launch the resdesign does your PSP still play the exact same games?? Yes, can it play UMD movies?? Yes, Can it play music? Yes, can it use a memory stick? Yes...

So guess what...Not much missing. Kinda like the Gameboys you were talking about.

Sinister Dragon said...


Yes, but I was ranting about the new Video Output. Can I play my games on TV? Nope. And if you ask me, thats a pretty cool feature and all. The loading times, I don't care much for. Anyways, you do bring up a good point ^_^

Soukthachone Vilaysack said...

That's messed up. Did Barlog get in? :D

That's fucked up though. You should have hid in a luggage and make your way there.

So anyways.

Sony's Conference passed. How'd you like it?

nipun_coolguy said...

Hi David!!Hwz u??E3 sucks Man!!With U not there,it's nothin'!!!

PlayStation Museum said...

That blows David!!!! A few of our friends are going, and I assumed it was the main event. Anyhow the E3 sucks now I heard.

Dave, can I use you as a reference when I send my resume to SCEA?

Hunnter said...

Well you know what to do now, dress up in a ninja suit and sneak in. >_>

The new E3 is a bitch. I agree with you completely.

Although there were some nice bits of news and some trailers.
EchoChrome was probably my favorite, such a simple concept (i'm SO hoping you can rotate the world to walk on walls, it looks like you could when some sections crossed over)
Killzone2 is an obvious good mention, great to see that it made an appearance, sure shut alot of fanboys mouths up.
WiiFit, haha, pretty neat idea, i could see a few great uses for that in games.

Even watching E3 live, you can see how smaller it is from last years, especially the conference areas.
Still confused over all that EIEIO thing too.
Bleh, events can really suck sometimes.
I don't know if i could be arsed with it all to be honest, i'd rather just go private through games sites than go through all the bother with planning (especially after seeing all the costs, holy crap!)

Anonymous said...

Sigh....you and every other game developer couldn't make it in. Man up!

Anonymous said...

Jason Rubin FTW, he's so cool they made him the protagonist of Uncharted :P

Devin Greer said...

Jaffe, I saw this video and laughed my ass off. As director of the first God Of War, I'm sure this thing will be fucking hilarious to you. Please take the time to watch it and tell me what you think.


-Devin Greer

Anonymous said...

Sinister Dragon, your retarded.

Derrickgott007, your the man.

Anonymous said...