Friday, July 13, 2007


But God I'm getting fat again! Amazing, 10 pounds in like 2 months...stress and me dude, they just don't mix.

E3 was so lame this year. It was cool to walk around some of the company hotel suites and actually be able to get on AAA games with NO ONE waiting to play. But it sucked to not get into the hanger (no badge). But I hear the hanger was lame. And it was kind of cool to watch the conferences on G4. That was great but man, you'd think two things:

a- they could have worked with the folks holding the keynotes to space commercial breaks. So lame they had to cut away during key stuff.

b- Uhm, whoever is directing the damn shows, could you FUCKING PUSH IN TO THE FUCKING GAME FOOTAGE and not sit on a MOTHER FUCKING SHOT of the stage and 4 video screens and be so FUCKING PULLED BACK you can't see the motherfucking footage?!?! I mean, were you taking a shit and just left the fucking shot on a single camera with no direction to the fucking cameraman? Yeah man, that pissed me off so much.

But as for the rest of it, it was really cool. I dug the 'on the floor' stuff from the G4 gang as well. It was a much, much better E3 broadcast this year. Great job, G4!

And hey- I bumped into Miyamoto, so that's cool. Not that I introduced myself or anything. He was rushing to his car and what am I gonna say to the man?!? I mean, hell, I really don't know what I should have said.

Maybe I should have gone: 'You have made some of the best games- hell, the best pieces of entertainment EVER but since MARIO 64, I have not loved anything you have done? I have respected all you have brought to the industry and world, especially in the last POST-Mario 64 years but for me personally, none of it floated my boat? But still dude, thanks so so so much for pretty much creating the modern incarnaton of this industry?"

And then he would have just looked at me and said: 'You are fat. Use Wii Fit for 2 months and call me back. Bye fatso'

Who knows.

Still, it was cool to see/semi-meet him and get a pic. Now I got pics with Miyamoto, Kojima, Stan Lee, and Steven Spielberg. Oh, and the guy who played Carmine from Laverne and Shirley (I got that one when I was like 4 years old).

Ok, tired from driving to and from LA in one day, so going to bed. See ya'll soon.



Anonymous said...

I watched the conferences (or at least, all but MS one) on, the commercials on G4 pissed me off too much. Gamespot has had good coverage of E3 every year, I like watching the guys from GS more than G4, because they just pretty much sound like they actually know what they're talking about more then the guys from G4.

That's pretty awesome that you got a pic of yourself with Miyamoto though, he was a pretty awesome designer back in the day.

Anonymous said...

nice made it :D
i guess you didnt miss much by not being at the conferences since they were pretty boring. and yes, the G4 thing pissed me off too thats why i watched it on GS mostly.

Det. Conan said...

Dave, you are the coolest.

I heard that Miyamoto was very impressed with the GOW gameplay. yet, he didn't recognise you?

U got a picture with Kojima and Speilberg????

Can you post them, please?

Anonymous said...

Hey David I'm curious to know your opinion on something, do you think that with all the cool stuff that Sony showed at E3 that now people will stop saying negative shit about Sony?

SoulScreme said...

Man, I really thought you and Tretton would be on stage announcing your next game. I can wait much longer to hear what it is.

By the way, was it just me or was Nintendo's press conference totally lame? I mean, my roommate is the Wii owner, but I was totally expecting some new info and creative stuff. Ended up being mostly the same old same old and a stair stepper.

SoulScreme said...

Yeah, I didn't discover the G4 stream stream until Wednesday. On Tuesday I paid for IGN Insider to watch the M$ stuff and the stream didn't work. Now those fucks won't even refund my money. I don't give a shit about their gay ass forums, I paid to see that fucking video. Ugh.

Sorry, just pissing me off. And I'm like you, Jaffe, I love that word.

Det. Conan said...

Regarding your weight,

I think you need a really tough assignment/project.

Something to make you crazy and depressed.. something to make your hair fall.

get a tough project (e.g. GOW3) and you will loss weight like hell..

After all you are probably gaining weight because you are happy and relaxed. Your blog is the ultimate proof of that.

Kofman said...

Yea G4 is a fucking mess I hope they get their shit together. Oh and that crack about Wii Fit made me smile. Cheers

Anonymous said...

You should show Kojima's and spielberg's pictures too. Kojima have done far more the recent years for the gaming industry that Miyamoto. And Spielberg's flicks are masterpieces. Miyamoto doesn't deserve all the cred he's getting. Sony should get it instead.

Soukthachone Vilaysack said...


You go buy Wii Fit and I'll go Buy Wii Fit.

Let's see who can lose the weight. WITHOUT it :D

Now go get a picture of you Hugging Peter Moore xD

Jonathan Hawkins said...

I was getting so fucking pissed with the god damn camera work during the Sony press conference. Seriously, a fucking high school AV team could of done a better job. Its not a fucking hard concept; dim light, switch camera to show the game. Arrgggg...

But much better coverage than previous years. Maybe we will see a decent awards show.

Rob Zepeda said...

thats basically my very same sentiments towards Miyamoto san.

I kind of feel abandoned by nintendo. I grew up playing nintendo games and fell in love with video games because of that company. but at the same time, I feel that I got older and matured, and nintendo didnt.

its like when you take the teddybear off of your bed as a kid because you out-grew it.

Tronster said...

Glad you were able to get a photo with Miyamoto. I felt equally as happy when I was able to to get a snapshot with you from GDC'07 after the designer's challenge. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dude, since you make awesome games for Sony, tell them to pull the thumb out of their ass and give the PS3 a price cut everywhere without bundles :[. Btw, totally agree about the camera work

Anonymous said...

Someone told me you "insulted miyamoto" in this post, and i was like.. Wow, that's like calling christ a penis or something. In context though, i get ya.

Miyamoto made the act of driving a glowing sword through the face of a cel shaded villain totally okay in a game forever labeled as a kid game. That, sir, is rad.

In other news, looks like the new E3 sucked! I'm glad. I hope it rots.

Amer Amer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Amer Amer said...

SCE: 1995-2007

“The Art of War is Truth. The first causality of War is Truth and if truth be told respect and honesty is lost in this so called “Battle for the living room” and “earning customer satisfaction.” - Amer Amer

With that in mind, I still own a PS3 and have done so since it launched as well as a PS2, PSP, and even a PSone all when they first launched respectively, but this is getting ridiculous. In fact, everyone needs to remember that Sony and SCE are a business and at the end of the day like any business company, they [Sony and SCE] want to make “Money” instead of earning “More Customers” and “Keeping those earned customers” through “Customer Satisfaction.”

P.S. Sony and SCE will never read this comment and take it seriously. Even if they do read it, they ignore it. Hey Dave, how's everything going?

Kofman said...

Hey Jaffe, I know this is very much off topic from this post but I really want to reach sony and maybe if I maybe reach you than I'm that much closer to being heard.

I recently made a post on the playstation forum.

If you or anyone that reads this blog could check it out and maybe comment on some of it, well yea

felman said...

You know what's the most disappointing part? not getting in and not getting to play any demos on PSN. I thought they'd put them up for sure! :_( I hear a HS demo and a Darkness demo are coming soon though. Hopefully this up comin week!


Anonymous said...

I watched everything on Gametrailers. They have the freaking mother load of video from E3 this year.

Anonymous said...

Nintendo, especially Miyamoto is religion. Who could blame this?
May you live long. Nintendo fanboys have no mercy.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ this:

"And then he would have just looked at me and said: 'You are fat. Use Wii Fit for 2 months and call me back. Bye fatso'"

no worries, he'd say the same thing to me. Damu MS where is my HALO Workout game!!!!

Anonymous said...

To quote a friend: "Does he actually think having done GoW puts him in a position to criticize Miyamoto?

Pikmin alone is more creative than anything he's done."

Jaffe, you only have a handful of titles that are good games, fewer of those are great games.

Miyamoto has more then I have fingers to count with.

The problem is, you're so arrogant in your opinion. I mean, that's like a writer with two published books saying shit about somone like Tom Clancy, in terms of quality of work.

felman said...

I'll rank twisted metal above Pikman any day!

Anonymous said...

While I feel anyone should be able to criticize Miyamoto, I can't help but think it's a little hypocritical coming from you, David. I mean, is he not doing the same basic thing you are in making smaller PSN titles? He's been in the industry for a long time with people looking up to him as some kind of creator fucking God, if he wants to go make Pikmin or Wii Fit or whatever the fuck I think he's done enough to deserve it. I don't think it's arrogant to criticize him, after all he has moved further and further away from "hardcore" games that I enjoy but he deserves a break as well.

David Jaffe said...

I think I need to take a writing class because I sure as hell don't seem to be able to do it.

All I said is that Miyamoto's LATEST works did not float my boat BUT that he is responsible for some o the best games/entertainment EVER and is the key person responsible for today's gaming biz.

How anyone could read that- and my original post- as attacking Miyamoto is beyond me. I think some people either don't read the posts OR they just want to stir shit up.


Anonymous said...

(Same anonymous that posted about at 8:01)

It's cool man, I don't think any rational person believes you're attacking Miyamoto but lobbying any remote criticism at him was bound to provoke a response.

It's funny really, I doubt there's anyone in the world like Miyamoto or ever will be again, he's the "father" of the video game industry, but who's the father of books? Film? Music?

So, yeah, he's probably a little bit overrated but a genius anyway.

Back to the shit E3 coverage that wouldn't zoom in and let me see Patapon. You should have streamed the conference man, from the description you gave it sounded like the one I was watching but mine never cut to a break. Good conference from Sony though.

Anonymous said...

I would be more interested in hearing which of Miyamoto's recent games you have not enjoyed, and WHY you have not enjoyed them, from a gamer/designer perspective.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you got to go to see some of the game demo's. My friend that went said it was a real sleeper and even the closed doors meeting was sort of lame.

He even got to talk to a SCEA developer about one of our past fav's on the console and that seemed like a whole lot of double talk..."we want to do this", "that would be interesting", "I think we need to look into that"...blah blah blah.

I really didn't see the end of E3 with any specific direction of where the industry as a whole is leading us...seems like more of the same only in high def.

What bothers me the most is knowing about some origanl IP's and new tech in the planning stage or in development but not hearing anything about them at E3.

Sort of makes me wonder whats up.

Anonymous said...

"he's so full of shit. What other reason does he have to say this crap on his blog if not to stir shit up?

And what was the purpose of saying this in the first place if not to attack Miyamoto? If you solemnly believe that Ocarina of Time or Pokemon or Twilight Princess is worse than SM64, then you damn well better have evidence to back up your claim, opinion or otherwise. The only reason someone like Jaffe would respond like this is because he was in fact attacking Miyamoto, knew that gamers would be pissed off about it, and would only later retract his statements simply because it threatened his own career and sales of his games.

End of story."

David Jaffe said...

I find it amazing that anyone reading this thinks I am attacking anyone.

95% of my post dealt with praise for the man. Much deserved praise.

But I didn't want to just praise the shit out of him- which he deserves- when there have been- for ME AND MY TASTEST- a number of products as of late that do 100% NOTHING for me as a gamer. It would seem false and untrue for me to simply leap on the: 'every little thing he does is magic' bandwagon if I didn't feel- as I don't- that he always makes games that I love. He does not.

But any fucking moron could see from the original post that I love much of the man's work and feel- as a gamer and an industry worker- a huge deal of debt to the man for all he has done for us.

Now shut the living fuck up you whiney fucking bitches. You either just want to stir up the pot- wow, good for you! your life must be filled with cool stuff to do!- or have the reading comprehension skills of a kitchen fork. If it's the later, why the hell am I typing this :)


David Jaffe said...

Speaking of reading comprehension, what the fuck did I just type:

It would seem false and untrue for me to simply leap on the: 'every little thing he does is magic' bandwagon if I didn't feel- as I don't- that he always makes games that I love. He does not.

What I meant to say was: I would seem untrue for me to leap on the 'every little thing he does is magic' bandwagon as I don't feel that he always makes games that I love. He does not.

Anonymous said...

I think Lucas and THX paved the way for CGI animation, but Star Wars sucks.

Oh, I didn't post that to attack Lucas...

Carlos M. said...

I agree entirely about the Super Mario 64 comment. While I loved Ocarina of Time and enjoyed Wind Waker, I believe those games were mostly headed by Mr. Eiji Aonuma with Mr. Miyamoto serving as a consultant (A well-informed, uber Zelda fan can correct me).

The streak of great, innovative Mario console games ended with Super Mario Sunshine, as I see it. I also was never taken by Pikmin, although like Sunshine, it was "fun enough." I'm not EXTREMELY excited about Galaxy (thanks to Sunshine disappointment), but I hope it's one of those games that takes me back to the same feeling of wonder I felt for Super Mario 64. It certainly looks like it COULD happen.

Then again, maybe as I get older I begin to want widely different gameplay experiences from what I've already played, so from all I know Mr. Miyamoto is making kids happy all over the world with the same games that haven't clicked with me in the same way the older games made me love my Nintendo consoles.

But yeah, he's awesome nonetheless, even if I'm out of his games' target audience. :-D

Anonymous said...

Miyamoto was lead designer on Ocarina, it was with Majora's Mask (which I think is the best Zelda to date) that Eiji Aonuma took over the design responsibilities.

(Just figured I'd correct you before someone less kind decided to.)

Zodiak said...

lol you'll be like Reggie on the Wiifit...Overweight...ZING! :p

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