Monday, December 10, 2007


Sorry for the slow posting this week- not much time as both my kids were sick and I've been getting my head into new designs (which is nice, but take most of my creative energy....yes, these blog posts take creative energy, you ass! :)

Anyway, more posts this week but for now, I just saw this and Xmas came early...I'm sure many of you have already see it by now but I wanted it on my blog cause it's so fucking great!

Seen a few posts- and talked to a few folks- who say it reminds them of Temple of Doom. God, I hope the film is better that that. To be fair, TOD is a good, solid Indy flick and I think- if I may be the Indy geek that I am for a moment- that the Indy character in TOD is much more consistent with how he is in Raiders than how Indy comes across in Last I like that alot. The film has grown on me over the years but I think anything coming after the kind of masterpiece that was/is Raiders was bound to be a disappointment. Not in an AfterM*A*S*H sort of way, but still TOD was a bit of a let down.

Anyway, man this just brings me back to my childhood. So glad they made a good, old fashioned movie poster for this flick. I didn't expect less. In fact, it was exciting to hear Spielberg say that he was not changing his directing style to keep pace with more current action film techniques. I like that. I think Indy by way of Michael Bay- much as I dig some of Bay's work- would just feel wrong.

So I'm jazzed for this thing- can't wait! Gonna drive up to LA to see it in a giant theater with a fun crowd. Hell, maybe I'll fly back to Birmingham and see it in my old home town...that seems like the right way to revisit my childhood hero.

Ok, gotta get the day started. Talk later!


ps. I'm sure like EVERY summer, there will be 1-2 standout films and the rest will be crap. BUT if you look at the movies hitting this summer- and the directors behind them- it seems to have the potential to be pretty fucking great! Batman! Ironman! SpeedRacer! Indy! Shit, there's a few more I can't remember but still...I'll be there!

pps. had a good lunch with the producer of the GOD OF WAR movie a few weeks ago. Some big news COULD be coming on that front soon but nothing set in stone yet. But yeah, the project is still alive! And looking strong! BUT the funny part is, I was just sitting there kind of gushing over movies, what to go see, what was coming out, etc. Just being a fanboy. And he- the producer of the GOW flick and many other movies, including this summer's GET SMART, which looks really funny- was just so nonchalant about the whole thing. I mean, it's clear he loves the movies but it's also clear that- to him- it's a great job, but it's still just a job. And at first I was a bit disappointed. I wanted to grab him and scream: 'DUDE! You make the coolest fucking shit on the planet'! But then I realized that when something is your job, as much fun as it is, you tend to forget how cool your work really is. I have people come up to me all the time and gush over games, and get excited about new games coming out and I'm excited along with them but nowhere near as jazzed as they seem to be. And I think it must be the same thing. When it's your job, when you see games way in advance, when you get many games for free, when you MAKE the damn things...well sometimes you forget how cool your medium really is. So this meeting really made me stop and think and realize how amazingly lucky I am to do what I do, and how cool the medium I work in really is. So yeah, I'm very damn crazy excited these days about my work...and who can ask for anything beyond then when it comes to your job? I guess the best job is the one that does not feel like a job...and that's what I got! Ok, I'm rambling now...I really gotta run...see ya'll!


derrickgott007 said...

I have always been a big Indy fan....and I can't wait for the next flick. I always liked the smart ass dynamic between Indy and Short Round....That was classic Harrison Ford.

I would love to see this movie as the El Capitan theater in Hollywood. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest there and the show they put on and the theatrics really add to it.

Torgo said...

You're not the only one that's completely jacked for the new Indy flick. I am a movie geek above all else, and when actual news that this was officially coming out finally hit, I went pretty crazy.

I actually own the trilogy on DVD and on Laserdisc, and sometimes we actually prefer to watch them on LD, since the picture's a bit more grainy. I own a couple of hundred video games, but I own over 1,000 movies, so yeah, I have a problem.

Anonymous said...

Haha, funny how even with top of the range photo-editing tools they have available Indy STILL looks very old in that picture..(!)

Good to hear the idea of a possible GOW flick is still alive and kicking.
I'm hoping you and Cory (and other developers of GOW) get to have your say in the movie and ensure its authenticity-feel to it.

Rex said...

The only Indy Movies I got to see on the theater were Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. My dad (rip) was a big fan of INdiana Jones, he even looked like Harrison Ford and wore a hat too, but he lost it at sea because of the waves (wasnt clipped to his head I guess). But yeah Indiana Jones is one of my favorite movies and characters, its a type of movie that doesnt need to rely on special effects only, is just good screen writting, acting...well its a mix of all the elements... audio, visuals, camera angles, scene progression... and even humor, it can be a serious movie, but it has the right touch of humor. I hope this up coming movie can have those it goes out with a bang... a memorable movie closing. (Unless they 3D model Harrison ford for future releases, I think they already did.)

Eric said...

That looks awesome! A return to the roots for Indy.

grasshopper said...

I like the oldie look of the poster. Does make me a little nervous though because it does seem to have a Temple of Doom vibe to me. Temple did have some great scenes (mine cart, bridge scene) but it just didn't feel the same as the other two Indy flicks.
I'm still dying to see it though, the Dark Knight too.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see this too. It will be an early Birthday with the kids for sure.

After seing Shea Leboeuf in Transformers I'm really excited to see what Steve can do with him. He seems to be growing as an actor, and not getting on my nerves like so many other tean to adult actors have.

He appears to keep a level head with all his success.

How Jazzed must he be to have worked with Steve, Harrison and the likes.

Anonymous said...


You gotta go back and take the reins for GoW III now that Barlog's gone.

Just like Kratos took the God of War throne from Ares.

Anonymous said...

If you like Indy Jaffe check out Uncharted, best game on the PS3 this year AND it's a modern Indy game. :3

Anonymous said...

Posted by Tanod from NeoGAF:

What Kittonwy said David.

If you like Indiana Jones, you're going to flip out playing Uncharted. Start on Easy though because it can get difficult in places. It definitely deserves to be played all the way through though. It's about as long as R&C but is a bit shorter.

It just happens to be my co-GOTY along with Ratchet, God of War 2, and BioShock. I can't decide between them. They were all soooo good. :)

TOMO said...

I'm just playing Uncharted, and its so close to this feeling from indy movies. So I cant wait for new movie, I hope it will be great :)

derrickgott007 said...

@ douglas Cartland.....

Dude, Harrison Ford looked old all the others too!


Do you ever think David gets tired of hearing about GOD OF WAR all the time?? Why don't you comment on the content of the blog and not GOW?
That's like going to a dog show and talking about cats...Come on man.

Wings of Martyr said...

Mr. Jaffe,

You said you were very excited to meet the GOW movie producer. "I wanted to grab him and scream: 'DUDE! You make the coolest fucking shit on the planet'!" Mr. Jaffe, YOU make the coolest shit on the planet, and I'm 100% convinced by this. Your work is stunning, your job is unbeatable, and you are nothing short of amazing. I truely belive you have the best job on earth, and you're the best at it.

I don't belive video games are just games anymore. Mario is a game, simple concept - collect the coins and stomp the turtles. Games are so advanced now, the way I see it, a game is something that you love but can't do. People play army games because every guy wants to be running front line all gun-ho hooah hooah ranger boy, but the fact is, they don't want to die. But these games give you the same feeling, you are a brave, fearless, soldier in a world so inredibly realistic. Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular, live the exciting criminal thug life, it's a world with no consequences. Everytime I see someone leave their car on, I wanna' hop in and ghostride it off a cliff, but there are many reasons I don't. However, I can in GTA, and I'm content with that. Need for Speed, Madden, Guitar Hero, all of it. You work long hours for shit job to support your family, but everytime you pick up your guitar, you dream playing with Van Halen, every time you start your car, you dream of taking those serpentine roads at 95 mph with the cops chasing you... I belive that video games fufill some of peoples dreams.

However, with all games, there is always something that I would change, and that's what makes me want to have the job you have Mr. Jaffe. I want to make an amazing game, and everyone who plays it thinks it amazing as well. You captured that with God of War, I have never heard of anyone not absolutely loving that game. "So this meeting really made me stop and think and realize how amazingly lucky I am to do what I do, and how cool the medium I work in really is." I wish I could say that for myself.

I want to start a career in this, but I don't know the first step. I don't even know who to talk to. Please, help me out a little, if you can't talk, please show me to someone who I can talk to. A little direction, and a few pointers are all I'm asking of you.

Thank you for your time, Mr. Jaffe, I hope to see your response.


Anonymous said...

Sincerely, if you can't find that simple info on your own, don't start the career in this industry...

Wings of Martyr said...

"Anonymous said...
Sincerely, if you can't find that simple info on your own, don't start the career in this industry..."

I'm eighteen years old, I've gotta' lot on my plate and I don't even know where I'll be in a few months, let alone four or five years.

However, I do know that I may not have an exciting job that pays well, but I'll never be a dick like you.

"This industry" seems very much like what I'd like to do with my life. I figured a good start would be talking to the best of the best... Guess not.

Well, Mr. Anonymous, there's no mystery behind your name. However, I do appreciate your words. I wouldn't want to base my life off of someone who I once thought of as a hero who turned out to be someone else.

This is my final post.
- Colin

Anonymous said...

I have just bought a PS2 and both of the GOW games and they are the best games that I have played as of yet. I am always up to facing a new challenge on any console and I really enjoyed beating the Shit out of the monsters and all. There were OMG moments and Holy shit I gonna go punch a hole in the wall moments, but I didn't, I took a breather and continued beating the shit out of everyone until I pulled through. Great work on the games and I hope to see a third game. The thought of killing all of the gods in GOW 3 would be rather splendid. Hope to see your next post and good job!

Anonymous said...

No offence, don't get me wrong. Maybe I was too ironic.
However, there's little chance that Jaffe would respond. Most of the info you seek you can find just by googling it.
From my experience I can tell you, that the best first step is to get some good degree (IT'S a lot of help), than try to start with programmer, artist or tester job. You'll have a chance to know the process of creating the game much, much better. And if you succeed, you surely will be noticed. Cheers.

Christian Lovrecich said...

PLEASE, PLEASE!!!! DO NOT LET HOLLYWOOD MESS UP THE GOW MOVIE. If you wrote the script, i completely trust its gonna be good, but we always hear how hollywood wants to do a bunch of re-writes. Stick to your guns man!!! and make sure its really really bloody :)

Unknown said...

I am Brazilian, and many here, they want to play god of war 3 in Playstation 2, because here the play 3 is very expensive, please, god of war 3 for psp2, thank you

Unknown said...

I and millions of Brazilian fans are the god of war, GOD OF WAR 3, playstation 2

shanil said...

dude, for the upcoming god of war movie, why don't you consider Franky G from SAW 2(Xavier) as Kratos or aleast THE ROCK or Batista from WWE.

shanil said...

Don't mess up the God of war movie by casting Djimon Gaston Hounsou.

Cast Franky J!!!!!!

shanil said...

Franky G - watch Xavier (SAW 2)

shanil said...

Don't mess up the god of war movie, dont cast Djimon Gaston Hounsou.

Meu Blog said...

Face like a lot of the best game I have ever seen in my entire life, zerei the God of War 1 and 2 and wanted to know if you will launch for Playstation 2, please send a response in Portuguese in your blog, I'm using Brazilian the translator you talk to you. (Paulo Sergio)

Anonymous said...

Hi mr. jaffe i´ve found the perfect soundtrack for God of war movie. check out this band:

Prophecy-Risen from hell


Helder Borges said...

Man, Mickey mania Was a legend for me
"I still remember that when"
there was an equation on blackboard
Pluto divided by 2

David here in Brazil you have a lot of fans
I know that you're not movie producer but I want God of War kick the asses of all epic movies that exist
You have the chance to remake de cinema.

Helder Borges said...

I was forgetting that
someone comment here that
Franky G from SAW 2(Xavier)
could be Kratos I saw movie today
He is really look Kratos
Looks like that you copied kratos from him!
man Franky G is clone of Kratos?
or Kratos is clone of Franky G?


emerson said...

i am brazilian and like of The God Of war....I already finished 1 and 2 and now I'm anxiously to play 3.but Because the film has not left the God of war? I found a story and a game very good

Anonymous said...

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#Johnny Himself said...

Hello!I Dont Speak English... But i try... I'm a big fãn of God OF War and all of your productions, i'm brazillian and i want you to know that we are all waiting anxiously for the movie "God of War" (the hope is the last that dies ...), a big hug from me and Brazil for you!

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