Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Here's a sneak peak of THE DARK PAST, the documentary on the history of the Twisted Metal series. It ships with TWISTED METAL-HEAD ON: EXTRA TWISTED EDITION, which comes out Feb 5th! Lots more bonus content on the disc (which you may have read about) but I wanted to give ya'll a quick look at what some of it looks like.

About 6 months ago we put a call out to hardcore/diehard TM fans to send us video clips of them talking about the series. This clip represents some of our favorites! Check it out!

Lots more to come! Nice to be back! Chat soon!



Anonymous said...

Yo Jaffe how many people work at ESP? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I remember playing twisted metal many many years ago, on the psone....i think i will try some again. Great Blog by the way.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of TMHO, any update on that NYE contest?

David Jaffe said...

No update- just waiting for our copies of the game to arrive and we will send them out. All is still moving ahead on it, we have simply not gotten the games yet. The day I do, I will send them out.

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff Dave, we've always appreciated the support you have given your fans over at TMA. It's rare for developers to interact with fans on such a personal level, and it was even rarer back in 2001.

I guess I should have made a new Youtube account with my actual TMA name, haha. Ah well, who am I to complain? I'm in the game!

Keep up the good work Dave, and thank you very much for giving us some more TM. We were starving.

-NightShade/Kent W./Cycloptersaurus

Unknown said...

Shame on me for it, but I have to admit I've never played TM. Though I promise I will check this one for 100%, it seems like a really cool game, plus God of War and Calling All Cars (designed by the same person :P) were quite a fun, so Twisted Metal must be a kick-ass game, too. I will definitely get it.

Anonymous said...

"a story with characters you can relate to"

wow. what a tool...

Torgo said...

Awesome, I can't wait to see the rest of the content!

Anonymous said...

ya Jaffe thanks for bringing us this great game, and i show my passion for the game by makeing Fan Fic and Videos. keep up the good work Jaffe.

wtfgrouch said...

Thanks Dave,

DMC4 will have to wait... I'm going to be on TM for quite some time.

For those that live in the San Francisco area, and have not reserved a copy of TM: HO, the PlayStation store will have plenty of copies available next Tuesday, Feb 5th!


Anonymous said...

Got my copy on reserve at my local Gamecrazy! I can't wait to play TM with the improved framerate!


Who does all the art direction for TM, War of Monsters, Warhawk etc.? Same person? I loved the old skool radioactive monster feel in War of the Monsters, and the snuff film feel of TMB. I'm wondering what kind of art direction your going to take you next batch of games.

Take care,


Sri said...

It's really cool you are offering a package like this for all the TM fans! I loved TM2, it was one of my first Playstation games and of course Black was amazing!

Definitely picking this one up.

Anonymous said...

Amazing deal!!!!!

Thanks alot Jaffe!!!


Anonymous said...

that was fantastic. can't wait until next week...!

btw, that soundtrack in the video... that needs to be on that downloadable compilation, that is the METALest twisted metal music i've ever heard!!

grasshopper said...

Wow the release date is coming up pretty fast. I don't check out the PS2 section much anymore so chances are pretty good that it might take a little while for me to remember to pick it up when I'm in the store :)
Anyway it should be fun to sit down and play some new Twisted Metal stuff...its been a while.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for this, especially packaged with the documentary. But when's the European release date?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe,

Hello again! It's that kid over at USC doing his best to follow in your footsteps (I think Kincaid is leaving after this semester so I won't be able to take his class). I finally got to play Calling all Cars! I love it and for some reason I'm naturally better than everyone else at it. Oh, and I also played Kinetica over the break. I found it in a used game bin for $4.00! Best four bucks I ever spent! Anyhow, I just had a few questions for ya.

WHY AM I STILL HERE?!!! Is there any reason at all for me to stay? It just feels like such a ridiculous waste of time and money! I know it's strange to ask a complete stranger for advice, but honestly, at this point I have no choice! I'm afraid of whining so I'll go into no details but thank you for anything and everything!

Rock on!


-rallyRAYS- said...


I wanted to help you out. I have been working in game development for ten years now, and I work for the same "mothership" as David(we have never worked together). I know where you coming from, and I remember asking myself "Where the heck do I start!?!?"

I went to school for Fine Arts, and learned the fundementals, and then I landed an intership and learned the real-world development side.
You should try landing an intership somewhere...honestly, anyhwere you can to get started. Don't be to picking... I had dreams of working for Id right out of school... Carmack never returned my emails... but I'm not bitter. ;) This way your learning from real-world game development, and use school to learn the fundementals; scripting, programming, experimenting on the class projects.

I started working in NYC as a unpaid internship... and it was costing me hundreds of dollars, but the experience was priceless. Once you get in, you can build your career and contacts.

So, find the nearest develoers and ask them if they have any unpaid internships. You have a better chance getting in, if you ask for an unpaid intership. Most important... be nice, professional, and humble.

Hope this helps,


Anonymous said...

damn i got wet.

Rex said...

Of all the Twisted Metals, I think I will go for Twisted Metal 2, I think it had the perfect blend of gameplay, secrets, cinematics, story, stages... its a really good game that can pass the test of time, even the controllers can stay the original way. I remember hiding on a second floor of a building staring at the Eiffel Tower... waiting for someone to warp on it so I could detonate de bomb I left overthere. BOOM! Priceless. That is how I owned Axel. Perfect game, among my top ten of all time. Keep it Brutal Jaffe.

Unknown said...

How about that Calling All Cars competition?

maartyrr said...

awesomeness, thanks for putting us in the extra's. I can't really think of any other gaming company that has reached so far out to its fans. thanks for being that company

Thrasher The Black Stallion said...

Say Jaffe, how many people come up to you with ideas for new characters in the next Twisted Metal? If a lot then go I understand you might be under quite a bit of stress however if you want a new idea, check these vids out.