Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Last few posts...

Took the last few posts down.

I shit you not, Hillary winning last nite really got me upset. Is that lame? Yeah, I guess. I think I just allowed myself to hope- just for a moment- that politics as usual would not prevail. And when politics as usual did, it really annoyed me. More than it should have I think. And so I've been cranky all day.

Hate to write when I am cranky as I don't feel it's an accurate reflection of how I feel about things. I'm actually a big fan of what Nintendo is doing, how can you not be?

So those 'angry David' posts are gone.

Just so ya know where they went :)

Ok, back to work.

Talk later-



Anonymous said...

Hey man, I totally understand. I have deleted many a rantings after a cooler head prevailed.

Just fyi though, I was with you until the grandma...I scrolled up to get another look and I threw up in my mouth a little. Then, I wondered about exactly how much I was open to the idea until I saw her.

PM said...

awww, i thought the Nintendo post was funny.

wiggin said...

to be honest, i really didn't have a problem with your rant on nintendo. i like the wii and what it brings to the table, but jesus, those adds are fucking rediculous. they don't just alienate gamers, they alienate humans. the adds should say: wanna know what the cool robots are doing right now?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of what Nintendo is doing. Seriously, are there any games coming out that anyone is actually excited for? I don't have a Wii but I will soon and for 1 reason: Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That's it. Not for motion controls, not for so sports game that your people don't get legs, for SSBB. I'll probably rent Mario Galaxy but there isn't a single game coming out on the Wii that I'm excited for. Motion controls were a fad, but until something can come out that is the equivalent of a GOOD Lair, there's no point to it anymore.

Forest Anime said...

I'm right there with you David. I sincerely wish Hillary didn't win, and she shouldn't have given the number of independents in NH. However, I firmly believe that how we vote has no impact on the election, and that the scripts already written out. Hillary is now the comeback candidate, and I guarantee you than on super tuesday she'll win 70-80% of the states, thus putting Obama out of the race.

Ron Paul also should have done better, like Obama, however, strangely didn't, and he, like Obama, scored lower in every precinct that ran the diebold electronic voting machines as opposed to hand counting. Something certainly was wrong that night, and the people should be outraged, yet.... nothing? Sad times we live in.

Anonymous said...

Hell, I have no problem with anything you say. Freedom of speech an' all. I enjoy the stuff you write, to be honest.
But if you don't like it, by all means, take it down. Won't argue with your right to something something.

I'm curious, being non-American, and a year too young to vote...what's your problem with Hillary Clinton? I'm asking out of ignorance of the situation, not out of defense. I mean it doesn't really concern me much, being too far away from your shiny country, so I neglect to look far into the potential presidents' arguments. I only ever really hear opinions and no backup.


Forest Anime said...

Jack, the problem with Hilary is the problem with most politicians; they talk a whole lot, but don't actually say anything. They all wish to keep things the same, but then go on and on about "change". She's also been involved in numerous scandals throughout her time in the senate, and is a known member of the bilderberg group, however denied that she knew what that was even when confronted with a picture of her walking into the group's meeting!

Clinton will continue this war in Iraq, and like the other democrats, has no intention of taking Iran off of the table, even though it is confirmed that they have not been developing nukes.

I for one don't want another leader from these two families (Bush's and Clinton's) back in office. This will mark 20 years of the same two families! Doesn't ANYONE see a problem with that?

The only ones who are speaking the truth out America's current situation are Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, and Mike Gravel, however, they continually get excluded by the media and have no hope to achieve presidency. So much for democracy, the media continues to control what people see about candidates, and until people take the time to research the candidates for themselves on the internet, we will continue to lose what made this country great to begin with.

Enough of my ranting though...

Anonymous said...

I feel I missed out, having not seen these rants. Ah, well. I really hope the younger voters get out and vote Obama again in the coming caucuses, though. He's highly charismatic and a bloody good orator, and if anyone president could improve the foreign impression of the U.S., I'd put my money on him.

Honestly, he's one of the few political candidates who've ever struck me as just a nice guy. Huckabee is oddly likable, too, but no one who doesn't believe in evolution should ever, ever be president.

Anonymous said...

Should have left those post as they were, it is human to say "the wrong things", it is also human to no when you "may" have gone to far, but censoring your post will be denying as plebes with some hilarious Jaffe moments.

Anonymous said...

Well Dave, I have to say I'm not sorry I missed it. I was up to my eyeballs with what was going on here in NH. No, I can't belive it either.

I understand what you mean when you say polotics as usual, but belive me it was as unusual as you can get.

I would like to share some of my own first person accounts of how things went down. Just for the record I have voted in every election since Regan.

First off technology had a big part with the automated phone calls. I got about 15 calls a night from 4:00pm right up until 8:59pm. Then the flyers...mail box full nightly. So the mighty political machine with the power of the $$ was well at work...this was business as usual only with technology helping them be more pervasive.

What blew me away was the number of door knockers. They came with flyers and clip boards in hands almost nightly.

The other thing was the meetings, like I mentioned last summer Edwards came to a friends house for an afternoon social. These dinner events went on all during the fall and early winter. There were dozens of times to meet these people in small personal venues...It was indeed a grass roots campain.

As the the election drew near all hell broke lose, we had a hostage situation at Clinton's HQ in Rochester. The police and bomb squad did a top notch job and ended the event with no one harmed. She flew here overnight to thank the police and console her campain workers who were held hostage. I think this had the biggest impact on your non-typical voter.

Obama pulled off one of the fastest gains as any candidate and we all thought he would have the biggest lead...Then came primary day.

When I got to the polls at the local High School I couldn't find a place to park..that's never happend. When I got tho the gym the line was winding out to the hall. Another thing that amazed me was the same day voter registration was next to the voting line out in the hall.

When I got to get my ticket they were running out of ballots and starting to photocopy them...that has never happend before either.

So not only did we break records with the number of registered voters we broke records with people that have never voted before.

I guess you can say for better or worse that the mesaage of needed change in DC got out to people like never before.

I think I can honestly say had it been like most other election with polotics as usual then Obama would have won the ticket, not by much but enough.

It was a hidden element who had not voted in the past that felt empowered to do so, most of them were woman and most of them voted for a woman...I'm not being sexist in the slightest, this is a fact from the same day voter registration records, and the results of the election speaks for itself.

Obama lit the fire but it was Clinton who thew threw gas on it and got people fired up.

One final note, if it's any further indication of the damage people feel the republicans have done in the white house twice as many people voted democrat over republican.

Forest Anime said...


Obama certainly is likeable, but you definitely want to read in to how he actually conducted himself while in the senate, and also, who his surrounds himself with, as in, his top adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski. Brzezinski is better known as the man who thought it was a good idea to give terrorists lots of weapons and money, and has no regrets as to the repercussions it had (i.e. 9/11).

Obama seems good on the outside, but again, he says a whole lot without actually committing or saying anything, he's just a good public speaker, like Huckabee (who is riddled with scandals, raising taxes, and defiling civil rights). But people need to realize that you can't elect a candidate on charisma and likability alone, it's their policies that count.

Sorry for going on these rants to, I think it just needs to be said... haha.

Peace everyone.

R.Bunk said...

So much for Disclosure. ;)

Alex said...

I thought they tied? That's what im seeing everywhere. Hillary barely got the 'popular' thing but the actual numbers show Obama and Hillary straight up TIED.