Thursday, January 03, 2008


No more comic book stores for me! Check out the latest video blog on the upper right of this blog to see what's up with my newest passion: Marvel Digital Comics!

Will this be the FINAL nail in the coffin for comic stores? Maybe...hell, probably. Just like music stores.

But I think this could also open up the medium to so many more all they gotta do is try to make some comics that grown ups don't feel like idiots reading. I know there are some out there- used to LOVE Strangers in Paradise. But hell, I would love to read an adult oriented ACTION's like you either get the 10 year old boy superhero stories or the 20 something angsty hippie chick comix. Yes this is a generalization but it's kinda true from my 30+ years of comic reading experience.

Either way- this is great stuff for lovers of the medium and lovers of Marvel (that's me!) included! Now DC just needs to fall in line. Eager to see how well this is going for Marvel, money wise. I hope this takes off!

See ya!



Adam Orth-from Sony- just sent me this image of the comic that- it seems- is still in the Sony Santa Monica bathroom! Watch the V-blog to see what the hell I'm talking about :) Thanks Adam! Just glad Herminie isn't photoshopped into the toilet!


Sadeq said...

great, the video blog quality is nice now and I hope you continue doing them

will definitely check that comics store (though I'm more into Manga)

game on

Anonymous said...

You should comission Marvel to do a comic miniseries of Twisted Metal or God of War.

Anonymous said...

lol, I like the way your sticking to the side of the video we can see. gg

So much of what I do online (besides game online)is reading. The pics, and video's are great but they are in addition to the words.

I think the digital comic distribution is a great way to keep the art alive. Dave, don't feel bad about reading a graphic story about a grown man in tights saving the city. It is after all Art and Craft that you still appreciate.

I would love to see more content to suit a broader adult audiance.

This is one way I think games have matured and kept pace with their audiance, as gamers grew older so did the content in the games.

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of digital comics.

If only there was a device i could copy them to and read them anytime.. [cough] PSN/PSP and Marvel Digital hook-up... [cough]... :)


Eric said...

Read Fables. It's terrific and adult.

Also, I love the new Iron Man stuff. Of course, I love the old Iron Man stuff too as I'm a IM fanboy from age 12, but it's very much revised and deeper and more adult as well.

Tapion440 said...

I doubt that I've read more than a dozen comics in my life and most of those came from the JTHM series(check it out if you haven't, you'll either love it or hate it[not your typical comic]). And despite that small subscription price, I still doubt that I would get my moneys worth. Sounds like a fantastic way for someone to start reading comics though.

And just because I was bored:


Jesper Bylund said...

Hi David,
I understand that looking at your comics and seeing them as childish and stupid must be kinda horrifying.
There are a lot of comics for adults around that are great, I don't want to endorse Frank Miller to much but I really recommend the Preacher series, they're just awesome:

Also, I wanna ask you, don't you think that its possible that these child hood fantasies that stick with us might be part of the reason why our business is so focused on stereotypical subjects, characters and plots? I dare say that most Hollywood directors have probably let go of the childish fantasies,though definitely not all... (80's action flicks anyone?)

The video blog is a great feature, a lot easier and faster to take part in then the written one, hope you'll keep at them both!

Work hard, smell good

Anonymous said...

I happened to stumble upon your blogspot after seeing your blog video about uncharted. I totally agree that the ending boss battle was a letdown, as well as the last bits of the story. Hopefully the sequel (heard the game's selling pretty well, 700,000+ total, contrary to many haters out there by ehem, 360/wii dominating U.S.) will tidy things up and be even better. I also hope the game'll be less linear and more exploring/platforming. Did you unlock the secrets/bonuses? Some of them really make the game replayable, and costumes are always a plus (ie try changing to Elena and in several chapters with the real Elena, you'll actually look like a larger twin). Anyways, sorry about the offtopic rant, I'll definitely be checking out your blog videos and posts. Like many others here, I'm a big fan of GoW, and I have the utmost respect for you. Stay cool.

Anonymous said...

Disagree with a previous comment that Frank Miller's work is not worth an endorsement. His work definitely is worth a look. He and Alan Moore ruined my whole superhero infatuation a long time ago, particularly Alan Moore, his Swamp Thing issues and Watchmen being among my all time favorites. Been a comic snob ever since, not inclined to superheroes unless they were written by the above writers. Mostly read indie titles like Bone, Stray Bullets, anything by Rick Veitch--admittedly an aquired taste--like his Army @ Love and Can't Get No, Cerebus, Will Eisner, From Hell, Silverfish, Murder Me and Dead, Sandman, Astonishing Xmen and Buffy because of Joss Whedon's writing, Maus, Thieves & Kings, Shaolin Cowboy, City of Others, Sin City, Martha Washington and, yes, Preacher.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to correct a title that I previously mentioned: Murder Me Dead. Also want to mention that I have recently really gotten in to Ex Machina.

Anonymous said...


Did you play Eye of Judgement? and if so, what did you think of the game?


wiggin said...

next game is for the psp huh? interesting.

da criminal said...

Next game is NOT for the PSP...why do you say that?


Anonymous said...


Because of this maybe :P?

Sadeq said...

hell yeah,

so... is it for PSN or Blu-ray?

Det. Conan said...

well.. i was into comic books until 2004 (my Uni years) and then i totally stopped due to the fact that i will not be able to get them back home..

But i kept collecting Dragon Ball Z graphic novels (from 2000) and the sad part is that the story line just ended last year (2007)...

and these days i really want to go back home and read Akira graphic novels (a masterpiece).. and that is the effect of studying too hard for my exams (next week)...

Gyshall said...

I'll endorse The Preacher! What a fantastic series, although it does falter off towards the end of the issues. Bummer that Marvel doesn't publish some of my more favorite comics - Y: The Last Man, The Preacher, and Sandman, to name a few, all by DC/Vertigo. Bummer!

I do like the newer Punisher series, though.

da criminal said...

That was the cover for heartland...and it's in between GOD OF WAR and CALLING ALL it's not our next game. The game covers go in chronological order.

Det. Conan said...


I got a question that nothing to do with comic books and this post at all..

I have noticed that you got lots and lots of games during the period before Christmas..

Now my question is: on what basis do you actually choose games? gamespot reviews? EGM reviews? reviews? or your instinct?

most of the times i choose games based on gamespot reviews, like: Shadow of the Colosuss, Indigo Prophecy, etc.

and sometimes i choose games based on personal recommendations from friends, Like GOW, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within..

and couple of times i just did it based on pure instinct, Metal Gear Solid for PSX (back in 1998) and Onimusha.

I am saying that because i noticed that you actually got Kane and Lynch (the game is included in the picture of one of your posts).. well, both gamespot and reviewed the game very negatively..

I personally wanted to buy this game (kane and lynch) so i can play it coop with my brother, but backed away from that decision the moment i read gamespot review..

da criminal said...

Since I get many games free from Sony or using our Eat Sleep Play research account, I don't put the same thought into dropping 60 bucks as most gamers. I got Kayne and Lynch mainly for the unique multiplayer mode that I wanted to study and see what I could learn from it for our future titles (multiplayer is a huge focus for us at Eat Sleep Play). I do make sure to buy a few games/year with my own money so I remember what it's like to buy a game with your own bad it feels when you get a dud; how great it feels when you get something that you fall in love those cases I look at the same things you do: reviews, word of mouth, net postings, buddies who have played it, etc.


Anonymous said...


I think Warhawk has some of the most balanced multi-player gameplay.

Did you have any input during their development?


PilarVIRUS said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nokage said...

Thanks for the heads up on the digital comics, this seems like a very interesting idea.

I sorta gave up on comics around the early to mid 90's when they started charging like 3,4 and 5 dollars a book due to the fact it had a "super shiny ultra rare pop out cover!" when i just wanted to read the freaking thing.Every now and then i do get the urge to go buy me a few books but i never do for one reason or I'll definitely check into this next time i get the urge to revisit the marvel world, seems like a great price for what you get.

Det. Conan said...

David, :D

I got 4 questions for you (well, errrr, i will ask only two now and wait for the reply).. again.. my questions are not related to digital comic books..

my first question is: when you meet up with other game designers do you actually share information about the work you are currently working on? or each one of you guys (game designers) keep his/her notes to his/herself and treat the other person like a competitor?

the reason i am saying this because during an interview with Jade Raymond (producer of Assassin's Creed), she said that Hideo Kojima was so impressed about Assassin's Creed during the E3 2007 (i think) that he spent hours talking to her about it and asking her questions..

so do you guys (game designers) open up with each other regarding gaming tools and mechanisms? or you keep it under the hood until the game is actually released?


my second question is: if (say) Sony Santa Monica called you and ask for an advise or assistant regarding any game they are developing (e.g. GOW3), are they allowed to do that since you are not a sony employee? do they need to pay you something like a consultance fees because you are an eat sleep play employee?

this question is pretty related to what i am covering right now for my exam on Tuesday.. the fact is that i am trying my best to understand how computer industry run effectively in USA. i mean you guys can work from home, you don't have any dress codes, and you can attend work whenever you want and nobody question it. (these sort of stuff)

Anonymous said...

I feel so sorry for you wife you ghave no idea, lol what a great video post,tho haha im still laughing baout it. Now i want to youtube reactions to the video lol

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