Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm ON THE SPOT today!

Hey ya'll! Head on over to at 4pm (Pacific time) to hear me on their ON THE SPOT show. At least I THINK I am gonna be on (not 100% confirmed yet). And I THINK they have played some of the review code of the new Twisted, so listen in and I will try to pry out some info on if they dug the game, hated it, or were kinda meh on the whole thing.

Also, if you have not seen some of our other press, check out me and Scott doing some press for the new Twisted Metal at:

Gamepro Interview

Gamepro Preview of Twisted Metal: HEAD ON- EXTRA TWISTED EDITION

Game Informer Interview/Preview Hands On


Will also be chatting with IGN and 1up today I THINK. So look out for that as well!


ps. Thanks to Grasshopper for helping me figure out- FINALLY- how to post links to this damn site! Thanks bud!

pps. Extra special thanks to Paul 'bad ass motherfucker' Murphy at Sony PR for setting up all these great PR opps for us. Much as we love the new TM and proud as we are of it, we know without a great PR man hitting the phones, we would not be getting the kind of coverage we are for a PSP-to-PS2 thanks dude!


Anonymous said...

Hey David, How about a contest and giving away some signed copies of your companies new game!

Please make mine out to:
Scott your a sexy beast, love David "God of Media" Jaffe!



PS. Did you have anything to do with War of the Monsters... that game was awesome. I see Scott & Kellan's name in the credits?

da criminal said...

The original idea was mine. I attended one design meeting and then stepped out of the process so I could focus on GOD OF WAR design. Kellan was creative director on it and Scott was exec producer and I think also did some design. The producer of the title was Dylan Jobe, he of Warhawk PS3 fame.


Anonymous said...

So how about shedding some light on the using TMB characters in the TMHO port? Is it only for the Lost segment??

Anonymous said...

You have a solid team at your new studio, and I can't wait to see what you are working on. Kinda wish i would have spoken with Scott when they were hiring for Warhawk.

da criminal said...

rally- what do you do? Job wise?

Anonymous said...

developer/hardcore gamer, my site:
I try to keep it updated... but can't show current stuff.

da criminal said...

Yeah but coder, artist, designer? Are you in Utah? I ask cause we are always looking for great people.

Anonymous said...

artist, and im in Austin.

Anonymous said...

Dave, I'm starting to think you don't like me or something...

First of all, I am doing my hardest to give the fans the most info on TMHOETE...

Second, I've been following TM since the very first game all the way through.

I highly regret not contributing to the documentary, but I am not only the biggest TM fan ever-- even bigger than Mortimer himself-- but I admire your work probably more than any of these ass-kissing assholes that comment on your blog not because you're well-known and make kickass games, but I admire the artistic vision behind it. (The whys they work.)

I understand why you would sometimes avoid my questions, because (a) they are usually formulated to reveal information that you probably don't want to spoil until the game is released and (b) I always have a lot of questions.

But I am also a fucken awesome designer (self-proclaimed) that is very interested in working with your team. I even wrote to you about it, but no response.

But some asshole (Rally) says you're "a sexy beast" and you offer him a job!?


da criminal said...

Davis...just to give you some insight on how it works: when I get a moment to breath and if there is someone who asks me something and those two things line up, I respond. I promise, it ain't personal.

When do you write to us about a job?


Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the by, I'm the asshole who updates all the Twisted Metal Wikis, your Wiki, and when I saw 989 Studios failing miserably after TM3, I gave them feedback that they used to tune up TM4, which they seemed to use.

No, it didn't save TM4 from sucking.

And no, I didn't help YOU out in anyway.

But it was the TM series I was aiming to help.

Anonymous said...

I wrote a while back-- maybe 3 months ago?

I live in Miami, but I travel a lot, anyways due to my current job as regional systems trainer at a law firm.

Hell, I would fly over using my frequent flyer miles I accumulate from this job.

Anonymous said...

wow, that's rough Davis... I was only kidding about the "sexy beast" comment. If i met Trent Reznor, i would ask him to sign my Broken album "sexy beast" too! It's just my bizzare sense of humor... and i apologize. Sorry for making a scene. :(

Oh god... lets hope the game blog sites don't take this and run with it...

da criminal said...

Davis- thanks for clarifying and helping out with the Wiki as well :) Appreciate it for the sake of the series.

As for a job, the thing is, right now we are not bringing on any designers. But our EAT SLEEP PLAY site will launch semi-soon and it will let you know when we do have job postings in that area.

And I do appreciate you reading, posting, and your support. I really hope you do understand that I reply when I get a window to reply. One of the reasons the shoutbox is there is to make it easier for folks to contact me when I don't have time for a full post. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks again :)

Anonymous said...


Feel free to delete my posts if you deem them distracting.


Anonymous said...

Rally, I apologize further for seeming like monkey with no arms who got dog shit smeared on his upper lip.

Dave is a sexy beast.

(Thanks, Dave, a response is all I wanted. I was just starting to feel small...)

Anywho, if you would like to add a badass designer onto your already badass team, and want to see my work and/or resume, point me to the right direction-- you won't regret it.

Be prepared to respond sometime within the next 3 months, though!!

Anonymous said...

Dave, just read your last response-- that's cool, I'll wait for the site and the job opening-- not a rush. My job pays me ridiculously well to do something I sort-of dig.

I would do the ESP job for free.

It's just something I always wanted to do professionally.

grasshopper said...

:) Anytime man

PM said...

anyone ever seen that "head on" commercial where this fake doctor keeps saying that he will give you your money back?

i think that guy has a dead left arm. maybe im crazy.

Nikkoa said...

what's your opinion of the recent ESA announcement regarding the new political strategy to directly lobby members of congress?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to drop a line. I read the interview with GamePro and wanted to say that I may be one of the few that loves TM:B more than TM2. TM:B is my favorite PS2 game (and I have quite the library). I think the reason WAS because it was so fast and hectic. To make matters more crazy, I played Mr Grimm almost all the time. I always loved a good challenge, because even with my low armor rating, I still thought I was pretty good. I'm looking forward to Head-On for PS2. I stopped playing the PSP version after I beat it with half the characters then ended up with a corrupt save file. Anyway, keep up the good work, I'm enjoying the video blogs (it's always good to see or hear other designers outside of my boss).

Anonymous said...

Nice intro on the show, Dave! Had a giggle in the OTS chat. Keep up the great games, I'll be sure to jump back into Twisted Metal in this new game...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Just saw your GS thing with TMHO.

They were demo'ing the game while you spoke...only prob is I got sucked into the game and missed a lot of what you said...I know short attention span.

I did catch the GDC thing and that would be cool. You should have the winner do a guest video blog.

Anyway the game looked pretty good for a PS2 game, hard to judge the graphics from a video feed but the dynamics were pretty twisted...sorry, had to. The GS folks seem to dig it too.


ps looking for any modelers/ designers, I've been doing CAD/ design engineering for 7 years... j/k ...sorry, had to

Anonymous said...

Hey Davis, are you Blair Yeany?

Anonymous said...

I love Twisted Metal Black, and I'm not alone in this. I don't think dumbing down a game down so that it's slower, has fewer weapon pick ups, and ramming is in anyway a step up for the series. I also don't think it's wise to blast a game that got higher review accolades than TM2, and as far as I know comparable sales.

None of the current sucessful online frag fests are slow, and none of them have minimal pick ups (just take a look at Incog's own Warhawk). I think, perhaps, somebody has been listening to a certain webmaster a bit too much. Check out IGN's recent review of the TM2 download for what that game REALLY is by today's standards.

Anonymous said...

I think its really cool that you still check TMA. Thanks for the post. :)

On another note, you are one of my heroes, and Twisted Metal 2 and Black are still my favorite games.

Really hope for a new TM, after ETE! I'm making a flash TM to ease the wait.

Anonymous said...

David the world is your Oyster and we are your pawns togeather "Creators and Fans" well stand side by side and we well make the Best Twisted Metal that... even the Hardest of Hardcore gamers well love. not only well the speakers shake but as well the world.

i just finshed seening the video. and i can wate to playing and i cant wait for the next Twisted Metal. your are the coolest Jeffe

Nokage said...

Hey David, it's great to see all the coverage Twisted Metal is getting on all the major gaming sites and even TV shows such as x-play that's gotta be a good feeling!

So.. with all this Twisted Metal talk i figured i would share my thoughts on my recent purchase of Twisted Metal 2 from the PSN.Warning this may get boring..*ahem*

It has been at least 8 years(maybe longer) since i played TM2 so the first thing that hit me when i started up the game was WOW these graphics don't look as good as i had remembered it(anyone else ever have a moment like this about an old game or movie?)The second thing was holy shit i forgot no analog controls!(how i forgot that i have no idea but i did)

But i gotta say once my friend and i played 3 or so matches the graphic issue totally faded away and analog was no longer a problem it felt like '97 again when we would play these crazy 3 and 4 hour death match sessions,i was surprised the core game held up so well all these years later.

And it's amazing how your mind suddenly remembers things you had totally forgot.Going in i had no memory what so ever of the freeze,napalm and reverse missile codes but instinct sorta kicked in and without thinking about it i was doing the codes which blew me away that i would even retain that knowledge locked away somewhere.But in closing(getting tired of typing) the outdated graphics didn't matter because the core gameplay is still so much fun and very easy to just pick up and play, that's what makes a classic game and i think some developers nowadays kinda forget that instead going for pretty graphics over focusing on the core gameplay.

P.S David, has there been any new info on the new years eve contest winners?Not to be a shithead i just wanna make sure i didnt miss anything o_O.

Robert said...

I've been a TM fan since day one. I remember designing different levels when I was in detention in 8th grade.

Just curious...
What did you think about the Vigilante 8?


Anonymous said...

Hey David, just wondering are you going to release this in PAL territories? I would love for this game to come out over here in Australia. Another thing and I know this is jumping ahead a bit, but considering you are including the lost videos from Twisted Metal 1, if you do release it over here will you include the lost videos from Twisted Metal: Black that weren't included in the PAL release? If you did that I would buy it twice!

resident UA said...

I'm surprised that not many people posted comments here... I think David was really cool on Gamespot :) Jeff Gerstman thing really got them :)

Anonymous said...

Hi David Jaffe... i'm just wondering if you've ever thought about creating titles for the PC? I'm not a console gamer but i'm interested in alot of your work and wish i could have play things like calling all cars on the PC.

What i'd love to see is you create these games for like Steam only and just sell them on there, would be really kool as Steam is the future of PC gaming that everyone but EA seems to want a peice of.

Det. Conan said...

Yo David,

even though you didn't answer my previous three questions, i am going to ask a 4th one related to game designing (in general).

Now when MGS4 is applying the third person view (shoulder view) as a shooting technic, does that mean that Kojima (as a developer) is "copying" a mechanism being introduced in Freedom Fighters, RE4 and Gears of War?

or is it that any mechanism or idea introduced in the video game world by a game designer can be shared among other developers without any legal requirements?

Hope that you reply on that one.

Anonymous said...

Obviously he's seen it in other games and thought "that works well" but it's not going to cause and legal issues as it's been used in games well before the ones you've listed lol.

Just with MGS4 was on the PC cause i've been a PC gamer all my life and once Microsoft ruins PC gaming forever with the shitty 360 then that's when i stop playing games.

Anonymous said...

No, my friend, my name is not Blair Yeany.

I don't have a name on TMA. I'm a longtime reader, never posted, though.

Anonymous said...

Rally, man, I love your models, especially the sci-fi vehicle.

Would you be interested in creating a game?

I have my own programmer who can do pretty much anything with his magic brain of his.

Interested in seeing what I can offer?

Just e-mail me: maninthewomb AT yahoo DOT com

Sadeq said...

great coverage you got there (especially for a PS2 game)

now I just need to find that secret about your next game (need a copy of this TM 1st)

looking forward to a video blog

Alex said...

Love all the updates man! So cool hearing from you more frequently now! Hope I get to hear you on Hot Spot.

Do you mind telling me what model webcam you're using for your video diaries? Are you using the camera's mic, or a separate one?


SrRaven said...

So the only thing I have to say is that the thing you did about jeff gerstmann at the beginning was hilarious.

Got any other opinions on that matter?

Anonymous said...

Haha when I read all these comments I'm actually sort of glad that my blog doesn't get THAT many visits :D

Anonymous said...

HAHA I'm calling for a Jeff Gerstmann. Nice one David ;)

DarkKnight83 said...

David, I was just wondering, with all the talk of classic remakes for the psn, is there any chance that twisted metal 1 or 2 could be remade? Even talked about? That would be almost as amazing as a tm for ps3. I dream of a new online twisted metal with classes and ranks and all of the fun of COD4 which I will say is the only game I have found to be as fun as Tm2. It took 10 years and I feel like a kid again.

Çağan Çelik said...

Hello Mr. David Jaffe

My name’s Çağan Çelik.I’m 20 years old,living in Turkey and studying at Uni here.I’m trying to be a tight gamer but more than being a gamer i’ve been dealing with developing them or take part in development works.Well i have simple projects and few drawing sketches and trying to improve my skills day by day.I’m Jack of all trades.I’m both dealing with Character Design,Programming and Localization.

Localization is the thing i would like to talk about with you.As you know no matter for which platform developers produce games they are “generally” making it in different languages.These languages are often: English(Of course :) ),German,French,Spanish and others… Recently we see games in Turkish come out onto market.Crysis for example.You can’t even imagine how everyone run into game markets to buy it.Because it was all Turkish from texts to speech.People advised each other not to buy pirate copies of Crysis because we have to show the world that Turkey is a great market and we’re really buying their games if they release them in Turkish or add Turkish language support.

I think the more language supports a game the more it can reach a selling record.So would you considering about adding Turkish language support ? Mr David I’m studying translation English – German –Turkish at Uni and i would be greatly honored if you accept my request of helping you in translating your games in Turkish.Obviously i won't be requesting any payment. I want to do it to continue to gain experience and also to fulfil my passion.i’ll even feel in debt to you because you are my idol and there’s no better gift for me than working with the man that i take as example.

Currently i’m translating Age of Empires II – The Conquerors Expansion in Turkish by myself in my free times and releasing newer versions from time to time in my little web place.
It’s still not completely Turkish but it will be.After Conquerors i have other translating projects in my mind.For example the follower of the world’s most selling strategy game: Age of Mythology.

I’ll be waiting for your reply.
cagancelik [at]


Çağan Çelik said...

Heh everyone here speaks as they're friends of david (that's really nice) and my text seems a bit awkward and funny among them. :p

i could not find a better way to reach you david.i have not your mail address.i hope you reply me soon whether your answer yes or no.

plus check out my web place(i'll buy a domain soon-i'm a modest guy ;) )

Unknown said...

Lol I just googled my name to see how popular I am in my movement to getting a real sequel to TM2 made in the real TM universe and here I am. And no I am not Davis. But check out my new site dedicated to getting a real TM2 sequel made.