Friday, April 04, 2008


Reader Da Dark Knight just sent me this pic he did of me, Kratos, and Sweet Tooth having a cook out! I freaking love it!!!

The orbs from the grill rock and check it out: Kratos is wearing a USC jacket! Fantastic!

Dark Knight, thanks! You made my day!


ps. gonna show the shirt I am wearing in this pic to Scott. Would LOVE to get Eat Sleep Play shirts like this for the fall! This design is perfect. If we get one made, I'll send you one Dark Knight!


Zodiak said...

amazing pic! I would love to see all 3 at a cookout. Kratos cutting the meat, Sweetooth setting things on fire (especially the neighbor's backyard...and house) and Dave just cussin' up a storm!

if that's the official ESP shirt then I'm on line to grab one to for support of the company. And possibly a Kratos modified USC jacket! lol.


Da Dark Knight said...

Thanks for the compliments, and yes I would love to have one of those shirts lol. Just let me know when to send you an email of my address and stuff when you get one made lol thanks

grasshopper said...

Aww thats awesome Knight love the tap R2 to open the grill thing. Pretty good design for a shirt too, I would pay up for one :)

Anonymous said...

Man, you could make that picture into a shirt. I would totally wear that!

Anonymous said...

Kratos looks a little short...I thought he'd be at LEAST 6-2. Unless, of course, you're a real tall guy, then fair enough, I guess. That begs the question, how tall is Dave Jaffe?
I'll start the guessing at about 5'10"...isn't that the average?

That shirt you're wearing looks pretty awesome. Sorta like those jackets all your stereotypical high school jocks wear (I don't know; we don't have them =( ). Except nerdified slightly for game developers.

I like the "Tap R2 to open grill", though. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

I would like one of those shirts Who wouldn't. Love the pic also DK, it does rock!

IRT gamertap list. I played all those games with acception to the Intelevision one. I used to hang out at a pizza shop in town when I couldn't go to the beach arcade. I wanted to have my initials in the top ten (the whole top ten) just to impress a girl and piss off the jocks.

How sad am I :/

Anonymous said...
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