Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vblog: New Hat + Disneyland + Michael Bay Rocks!!!


grasshopper said...

I like the Twitter thing, I signed myself up and made a few posts...unfortunately nobody cares what I'm doing :)
Anyway thats awesome you live that close to Disney, I was always bummed I was never able to go as a kid because we lived so damn far from both of them....Dude you should have gotten da Mickey ears hat!! That would be much better :)

Robert said...

cool dave

Anonymous said...

I like the hat. It is a little fishermanly but I think it works. Why? Cause your David goddamn Jaffe. Anyways, I like the addition of the twitter thing, it's nifty. It's almost like lots of little blog updates. Also, I've never been to Disney Land but I have been to Disney World, I was wondering if you have been to both, which one do you prefer (if they were both the same distance away).

archie4oz said...

Actually if you mute the volume and have a martini in your hand, this could pass as an episode of M.A.S.H... :) The hat's ok, although one would think Da Criminal would be wearing something more along the lines of a knit skull cap...

Anonymous said...

I watched The Island yesterday on bluray, was really surprised how good it was, it seemed like it must have had the biggest budget of any film I've ever seen, really fun movie. Loving the frequency of updates now, you've got a really fun voice.

I've been completing a game a week almost for like 6 months, and I've realised that visuals are almost the most important thing to me, I wont play mario games because he's so ugly. But I really enjoyed the Lost game (which had maybe the worst gameplay I've ever experienced) because it was quite pretty. Heavenly sword was similar. But, clearly that is not a popular opinion, gameplay sells games.

Anonymous said...

I don't really like the hat. It reminds me too much of a frisbe lol, and it seems kinda unncessary how it shades your entire head.

I read that article about the game "Heartland" and why you never finished it. I must say, the idea sounds really awesome. Maybe someday you'll decide to finish the game with a more motivated team.

Anonymous said...


Iron Man
- Certain entertainment
- Reminds me of Robocop movies
- Robocop rocks

Speed Racer
- I never cared for the show
- The movie looks good though
- May be "kiddy" at some points but hopefully not too much

Indiana Jones
- He's old
- So what if he's old! He's Indiana fuckin Jones!
- Don't let me down Spielerg!!!

The Incredible Hulk
- This will rock!
- If you hated the first one GOOD! It sucked! This will erase that piece of shit from your memory for good!

Hellboy 2
- At this point I will be so consumed by my desire to see The Dark Knight that I may not even pay attention to this movie or any of my body's needs such as food, water, or sleep.
- But those who will be with me in the theater at the time will probably enjoy this movie.

The Dark Knight
- Sure, you may think I'm over-hyping this movie now, but that's only because you have a small penis!

Then some other good movies will come out like X-Files and the new James Bond, which will be great.

So I hope you enjoy the summer movies as much as I will be enjoying waiting for the Dark Knight.


Shilo Oliver said...

totally dig the twitter thing ...the hat...not so much. Was wondering if you have ever been to Disney world?
It is so huge compared to Disneyland.

-rallyRAYS- said...

So what games are you playing right now? Are there any games out right now you find inspirational?


da criminal said...

Have not been to Disneyworld in years- since I was 18 back in 89. Love it and yes, DW is much bigger and grander than DL. And when you toss in Epcot (LOVE Epcot) and the MGM Studios AND the whole resort, man you can't beat Disneyworld. Gonna go there with the family for the whole big DW vacation when the kid are a bit older...but DL is still really great...I love it. I already miss it and wanna go back! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I think the hat is OK. It suits you in a way that it looks fine, but not ultra awesome, if you know what I mean. No need to replace it but it's not the most fashionable thing either.

Anyhow, I was just wondering if you are going to hit up and play the Metal Gear Online beta. I'm already digging it and playing since a couple of hours (I'm in the UK). It'd be awesome if I could add you on PSN or something so we could play a few matches together.

I think it launches tomorrow in the US - don't quote me on it. Anyway it'd be nice to hear some input on that from you.


da criminal said...

Would LOVE to get the MGS beta- how do I do it?!? Where do I get it from?

Anonymous said...

Oh I thought you knew all about it! *laugh*

The last I heard was you had to pre-order MGS4 to get an access code, however Konami changed things around quite a lot since then.

Try signing up for it at

If you still need a code at some point, I know somebody from the US who didn't need/use his. I already asked him for it so as soon as I receive it I'll let you know so you can enjoy it as well.

I have to say the beta is like the complete game, only with a few maps missing. It's insanely good.

Anonymous said...

Way cuter without the hat David.

Zodiak said...

haha, nice hat Dave I was hoping it would be one of those Noir detective hats instead, but I guess you don't have one of those...or better yet Indy's hat

The Dark Knight is totally the best superhero movie of this year...Hancock may be in a close know Will Smith and his 4th of July box office smashes


Anonymous said...

Hey David, I got the beta code from a friend now. He couldn't be sure whether it works or not (as he hasn't tried it) but if all goes well it should ;) It's coming from a Japanese registration that is still valid and wasn't deleted, but it normally works for other regions as well.

If it doesn't work, nothing is lost really. He wouldn't have used it anyway and we'd try find another way.

How can I get in touch with you? Obviously posting the code here isn't such a great idea.


FernandoDANTE said...

It's cool that you cleared that up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I love your vblogs and I love how your fighting your coke addiction (I am too). I see your using youtube for uploading videos, and your other vblogs looked clearer. you should try out vimeo ( because they basically do HD qaulity.
keep up the good work.

maartyrr said...

haha the hat is all look like a non australian steve irwin - crikey!

i still cant believe that you like kayne west

Anonymous said...

The Michael Bay comment makes it seem as if you don't understand why GOW is a critical success. Twisted Metal is the equivalent of a Michael Bay movie. By comparison God of War is Citizen Kane.
It's asinine to assume that a product that entertains and sells must lack depth(and not necessarily political or artistic), but please do lead us down the road of Idiocracy:

Quite possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen in a film: