Thursday, May 08, 2008

O 2 B IN LA!

EDIT: Not sure why the video quality is so poor. Will check into it and make sure it's fixed for future posts- thanks!

Where it all began! :)

Me and Scott, kicking it as toons!

Only in LA!

Thanks Rey! Fantastic stuff!!! Ya just never know!

Livin the dream, bitch!

My visit with Mr. Wheaton!


grasshopper said...

Aww I haven't read any of the Indy previews...I'm a little bummed now. Must not have been so hot if ya have more Mummy hype :)
Well if I go in thinking Indy might suck I'll probably be better off.

Anonymous said...

Your videos are starting to be really low quality and lagging a bit, is it me or is it you? probably me lol.

Anywho, glad to see ur back, extremely interesting stuff =O keep it koool

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave,

Funny about you bottom video because I jumped on you blog, didn't see an update, and just for shits and giggles clicked the link to Wil,s blog.

It's funny reading your POV about the reading after reading his blog post about that. You should check it out.

Another funny thing about your reaction. There arn't a lot of my (real life) friends that are as deep into geekdom as me. But on the rare occasion I run into a situation where I meet some people and it is a bit wierd.

For one thing I am sort of the authority on gaming and geek in my croud, but with other geeks they all know just as much about things as me. I'm no longer unique and am on a level playing field as opposed to being an authority.

As far as Indy goes, screw the neigh sayers. I heard some of the same stuff about IRON MAN and I loved that move. GL is a bitch ass blind dog that already found his bone, but I'm sure SP won't let the fans down to much. It may very well only be a movie appreciated by the fans but what ever.

One last note. You got networking issues with your blog and video. It lags like a 50-0 player on COD4.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jaffe that just made my day, ya i hope some one becomes intersted and makes it.

its one of the reasons why i want to make movies.

i want to see both indy and the mummy movies both look good.

o im plaing on filming a fan fic short movie of twisted metal with some of your charcters and 3 of my fan fic. to test my skills of become a movie maker

Muilty Player? wounder what it could be.

Solid Sephiroth said...

nice flood of info! i hope you keep the updates rugular. terrible news about Indy, im as excited as you are and i knew Lucas would eff it up somehow. Oh well as you said its still Indy thats all you need. nice update david!

-rallyRAYS- said...

LOL... I can see the gamer blog headlines now:

"Jaffe uncomfortable being around people geekier than him!"

I saw the Indy trailer... and it looks like they are trying to sell Shia as the next Marlon Brando? WTF? I think I would like this movie ALOT more if Shia was replaced with another actor.

That said, I think the Batman trailer was poorly edited... it didn't have any energy or drama? It is wrong to say, I think Jack Nicklson's joker was more convincing... minus the goofy museum scene.



Anonymous said...

I totally hear you ont he geekdom thing. I am a geek myself, but I really can't stand to be around "super geeks" too long. I run a Transformers Convention here in canada and I can handle it for a little while, but then it gets to you and you need to get out. lol. I had gone into a comic store once, and there were guys playing D&D and I just could not handle being in the room. it's wierd.

Joel said...

congrats on your pitch.

btw, i know that geek-feeling too!

i have several different circles of friends that i hang out with, and one of them is entirely geeks.. the only parties they throw are gaming parties..

...its always a little strange hanging out with them... even though we are totally into the same stuff.

...and if i had to guess what it was, its that i have other circles too.. you know? i may love games, and all of that, but i have another part of my life as well.. and they... don't seem to.

and i don't know if i can relate to that as much.

anyways, maybe i don't really understand it either.

anyways, so have you played GTA4. how are you liking it?

Anonymous said...

David tell us why did u select multiplayer mode not single player for twisted metal

Answer it on your blog !(I'm not demanding)

Mokuu said...

Same feeling with anime or comic convention, it just feels odd to some point.

Unknown said...

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