Friday, June 20, 2008

Blogging Burn Out?!?


Anonymous said...

wow thats cool a book of the makeing of Indey. makeing rides sounds fun to.

hay jafe what do you think of the Death Race Trailer?

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

I actually work for Disney. Not designing rides or anything like that but I work in the Hotels (all three).

So anyways if your coming to Disney I could get you in for free. I would love to meet you, since God of War is my favorite game of all time and all. Anyways if your interested please let me know. I have worked there for 3 years now.

Is their a way I can send you a message that nobody else would see? Its just that I don't want my e mail out there for anyone to see and potentially bug me.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

I hope you get out of that weird funk you're in! We want more video blogs! Haha.

I've never been to Disney World yet... I've been to six flags 6-7 times but thats pretty different I'm sure. I'll check it out one day

Take it easy David

erico316 said...

David its would be cool to design rides i also think it would be cool to design games .
so anyways i don't know if you know but metal gear solid 4 came out did u buy it .
I personally love the game and believe this is the first true next gen game.gta4 was a let down to me i don't see why every1 gave its a dam 10 its was no where near a ten but i most likely the only person who think so.
so what are your opinion about these 2 games?

PlayStation Museum said...

Keep on truckin David!

Anonymous said...

All I can think about since I watched this vid is God of War THE RIDE! How would that be? I predict: AWSOME! jaja

Joel said...

hey jaffe, thats awesome you're finally starting to get into the "lets make this game fun" mode.

if anyone knows how to do it...

anyways, that behind the scenes at disney land sounds cool. i have always wondered how it is run. underground computer surveillance laboratories would not surprise me.

anyways, so did you ever watch The HULK? how did you like it?

nipun_coolguy said...

Hiya David!!!

It doesn't matter to us, your fans, what you post as long as you do post any. :D

I had couple of queries regarding God of War I, Dave. I LOVE the game a lot! No two ways about that. It's my FAVORITE game of all times! It's just that I was playin' it again that I noticed a couple of things and couldn't help but ask you about 'em.

1. How can Kratos think to drown and die (he just wants to commit suicide) when he jumps from the bluffs when he has the Poseidon's power to breathe underwater? Is it 'coz, he doesn't have the power anymore as in the last fight Ares takes away all his powers and magic?

2. There are some traps/puzzles in the game which can only be done only once, like the 'Challenge Of Atlas' puzzle when the Atlas statue throws the ginormous ball of stone and shatters the door. There are few more examples like this, you know, getting the Architect's Skull which also can be only done once. In spite of this we see soldiers and warriors who lay dead in our (Kratos) path who have also tried but perished in search of the Pandora's box. Whereas, we shouldn't see any of 'em as Kratos is the first mortal/warrior to overcome these deadly traps/puzzles.

I just want you to shed some light on my queries. Please respond this time as this is my 3rd or 4th post. I will really appreciate it Dave. :)...

Have a ROCKING weekend and take care buddy!

P.S. Indulge in eating "Dam Alloo". It might make ya feel better. I know ya love the dish. It's a Kashmiri dish and I'm a Kashmiri. :-D


da criminal said...

Nipun, hey!

So I have your peeps to blame for my Damn Dam Aloo obsession :)!

As for your questions: been a while since I've spent brain cycles on the logical issues of the story but I'll see what I can do...

1- Yes. that is probably correct...Ares took all of Kratos' magic and newfound abilities away and that would include the trident. But to be fair, I didn't assume he was going for a 'death by drowning' anyway, more of a death by falling from the highest mountain in all of Greece. It was the fall that he hoped would kill him, not the lack of air under the water :)

2- Yeah, good point and I seem to recall us discussing this very briefly during production. I was comfortable explaining it away- now and at the time- by saying that the temple- being magical in nature and built by a man who had been given his marching orders by the gods- sort of has the power to reset itself and rebuild itself on the fly...almost as if it's alive and kind of has the ability to give each person who goes thru his own experience...even to the extent that there is enough magic at work/god power at work that the experience Kratos has inside the temple is tailored to test his own weaknesses and limits whereas if Perseus or another hero went thru the temple, it would be a variation on the experience, tailored to the limits and weaknesses of Perseus...sort of like the room in the great horror flick 1408.....t's not a perfect answer, but we didn't think most players would notice it to begin with...for me, it was- as Hitchcock called it- a 'refrigerator moment'. And I don't mean a refrigerator moment ala Indy 4...look it up, you'll see what I'm talking about. Google Hitchcock and refrigerator moment....

Thanks for the questions and all the support of our games! Take care- talk soon!


da criminal said...

Michael James- thanks so much for the very kind offer but I am fortunate that i have the means to get into the park on my own. If things ever get rough on the cash front and I need my Disney fix, I'll take you up on it! :)

But that is very kind and much appreciated. Thank you!

That said- if you guys ever do any cool behind the scenes tours that are not open to general public, I'll take you up on that!!!!

Take care man and thanks for posting!


Anonymous said...

Yeah I figured it wouldn't be a problem for you to get in, but I thought I'd offer anyways.
I guess it was more a selfish thing then a giving thing. (It would be cool to meet you)Anyhow keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

keep your head up bud!

maartyrr said...

wait wait's it possible that you have that game up and running already? its been roughly 4months now...You guys must be blazing away at this game or something - that's insane. Im with murderdolls on this one, I hope you get out of your funk too and get back to blogging

Anonymous said...

I also share a love for the Disney Magic. So I can see where you are coming from there.

I was wondering if you ever view games in a different form? A example is looking at toys and how it would relate to a game, "playing with match box vs. Calling all Cars and twisted method."

Recently I have noticed a relationship between amusement rides and other media. Indiana Jones 4 felt like a ride for the majority of the film. Playing through Bioshock, the story is told in the same manner as a line prep for a ride. One of the best line preps are the Haunted House and the tower of terror. There are key set pieces to clue you in on whats happening and different animations to lead you on and further develop a atmosphere.

I am mainly bringing this up to see what real world activities inspire you and what experiences we can borrow to further games?

Anonymous said...

You can sign up for a behind-the-scenes tour of Disneyland and they might even take you on Space Mountain with the lights on.

If you want a more deeper understanding of how they make this cool stuff, nearly every technology Disney uses is patented and viewable online via the US Patent Office website. For instance, how the lanterns are made on Pirates of The Carribean, a "you must be this high in order to ride" sensor, or how they make walking audioanimatronics.

Unknown said...

You should get in touch with Lorne Lanning. I think he was involved in designing amusement rides before they got into the videogame space.

Unknown said...

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