Friday, June 13, 2008

Real Fast Before Weekend Hits:

a- Tim Russert died :(

God, I loved Tim Russert. Loved his shows, his passion (I still recall how excited he seemed trying to use his little white board to figure out who was gonna win the 2000 pres election), dug his book about fatherhood. Seemed like an all around decent man and a giant in his profession. As a semi-political junkie, I can tell you that am gonna miss him during this election season and certainly on election day/night. Man, what a loss. And only 58 :(

b- I didn't know Laurent from Nintendo was a man... I do. Laurent just seemed like Lauren to me and we don't have many/any Laurents here in the's a very uncommon name for America and so I made an assumption. My mistake.

How pathetic some folks thought I was trying to diss him by 'changing' his gender. Says more about them than me, I think.

Also, was glad to see they offered an apology. As I made clear, I'm a fan of the big N- always have been- and it's great that it seems they will continue to support their core fanbase while also making huge inroads into the mainstream.

Great weekend ya'll! And for all of us dads out there: have a great father's day!!!



Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm very sad about Tim Russert's passing too...

On a different topic, are you getting MGS4, Jaffe?

Can you post your impressions if you play it? I'm curious to know what you think about Japanese games like MGS4 that differ from western epics like God of War.

Anonymous said...

I miss Tim Russert.

Can't wait til you post again, Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

On the topic of that name my name is Loren the male spelling of the name Lauren


Alan Vallely said...

Yo DJ,

Walking down the street last night I came across this Road sign and I figured it would apply to your life (not just now, but all of it). Besides, who doesn't think it's cool to have a street with their name on it? :)

(Wikipedia had a better pic of it than my crappy phonecam took)

Cheers, and keep searching for new experiences that you enjoy and learn from, dude!

JamesL007 said...

If anyone can get a Nintendo Rep to apology its you man,

About the name thing, don't worry bro it has happen to me too by accident.

Tapion440 said...

a- Never watched Tim Russert. And I know it's never a "right" time for someone that age to die...but right before father's day? Damn, I bet his family had already made some plans...I hope they get through this alright.

b- I was the first person to say that Laurent was a dude. And I'm not going to pretend to know who you're talking about when you say "some folks"...but I was just correcting you and nothing more.

I'm slightly amazed that he apologized so quickly. Everyone, in every public business should take note from Laurent, don't just ignore the people that you offended, apologize quickly and your fans may forgive you.

I guess I just sort-of realized that with all of the readers that you have, you have the ability to shed some light on some dark injustices(like with what Laurent said). Despite the fact that I still disagree with most of what you said in that post toward N...I hope you continue to post like that.

*drawing an arm-wrestling robot*


P.S. - Just saw King of Kong on G4 and it was awesome. Everyone should check it out.

R.Bunk said...

It's a shame about Tim. Happy Fathers Day Dave.

Brotomix said...

Russert was great. I liked the guy a lot. The way Dobbs smokes I would of bet dollars to dimes Tim outlived Lou.

Anyway, I loved your rant the other day and so did the gaming press. Everybody from kotaku to gameindustry reported it.

If Reggie cam to you with cash to jump ship or contract you as an individual or your company, to put something out on Wii, would you do it?

felman said...

I just got out of my journalism class when I found out about Russert. :( He'll be missed. He was one of the greats, always asked tough questions. We need more people like him in the media.

PSN ID: Felman

Anonymous said...

On the Fathers Day..comment. I hope you know how lucky you are to be a father, and all fathers out there for that fact.

After my wife had several miscarriages we went to a fertility specialist and did all we could afford. The doctor told my wife she simply was infertile and that we could never have a baby and that she could never carry a baby to full term.

So fathers day is a very sad time for me. I love my wife very much and have been happily married for 19 years now, but fathers day always puts me in a depressed funk.

So to all you fathers out there, really its "you fathers" that should be thankful, that you have children to love, hold, and take care of!

Didn't want to be downer, just wanted to show the other side to this holiday.

David Jaffe said...

frostquake- if it's not too personal- did you guys ever adopt, and if not, why not?

I ask because there was a very small time where it looked like we may not have been able to have kids the 'natural' way (hate that word, not sure of a better way to express it) and adoption was a pretty easy thing to assume as the next step in the process to bringing some kids into our lives...heck, one day I still may adopt some kids if I don't have any more with my future wife :)

BUT I know a handful of folks who don't adopt but spend years and years trying to have a child when they- it seems- are not biologically able. Just wondering why someone would not opt for adoption if they want a kid but can't have one via childbirth.

Not meaning to pry, just curious.

Either way, hope you get thru this team of year without falling into too much of a funk- go play some games :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's sad about Russert. I liked seeing him on Sunday mornings.

Um, dude, The Incredible Hulk is fucking sweet! The best movie I've seen this year and the best comic book movie since Spider-Man 2. Awesome stuff.

You're going to love it. Me and my buddies were blown away by it last night. Great, great stuff.

I think the characters and writing in Iron Man is better, but the overall intensity and action and pacing was far superior here in Hulk. The characters were still all right, but Iron Man's characters were better.

It started intense and it stayed intense till the very end unlike Iron Man.


Anonymous said...

As a xbot I will probably be tarred and feathered for posting on your blog by my colleagues. But a death as crippling to my beloved NBC political team can change my allegiances, if only for a moment.

Yea, it really sucks that he won't be able to cover the rest of this election. His bright face after primary nights, blabbering on about "What this means..."

He will be missed.

R.I.P. Big Russ

Anonymous said...

Hi David,
Yes we have and are still looking at adoption. At this point we have exhausted all our financial resources in trying to conceive, and must build up the bank account again. Also I am still hanging on the hope that it will happen. The doctors have told us that as my wife gets older her hormones may change and we may conceive.(Though now we have just found out she has started menopause early, so time is quickly running out.)

Even if we do adopt, there always will be that great sadness of not being able to have one between my wife and me. Its hard to explain, and I don't won't to sound cruel, but there is some deep down instinctual need to have my own child. I apologize if that sounds cruel, and that in no way impacts our decision to adopt, just a deep down emotion I find hard to explain.

Anyway thanks for the comments, and yes indeed I will play games to help pass the time and forget.
Wii: I have no idea my tag..LOL

Anonymous said...

Death Race Trailer :) its the real one

Joel said...

i personally felt as though the Nintendo apology left a LOT to be desired.

he called it a "misunderstanding"

and didn't address the actual issue at hand, which made it feel like Nintendo still didn't take the issue seriously.

in any case, it was good that they apologized, just they aren't out of the water yet, as far as i'm concerned.

Unknown said...

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