Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What else can I say? Perfection...

UPDATE: While I'm in the mood to post political pics that I had nothing to do with- but think are great, here's another one I came across at the great left leaning website, Huffington Post:

It's Obama's short list for his VP pick.

Man, I hope he picks Hillary. I don't like her public persona but I think she'd make a great VP and eventually a great pres. If they can swallow their pride, I bet they'd make a great team and MAN, I bet they would clean up in November...I would be happier with Wes Clark but dunno if he is as strong from a pure 'get out the Democratic vote' standpoint. I like Biden as well, but feel he has the same lack of 'kick' that Clark does. Sad that that is what it comes down to but, it kinda does in this day and age. It's what happens when we put most of our tax dollars into stupid shit like bullshit wars and ignore public education.


Got this from Wil Wheaton's great blog. I mean, I don't know how I can add anything else so I'll just say: good night! :)


Anonymous said...

There is a little hope in me that John Mccain wins the 08 race only after 4 years of Mccain the United States willl never vote R again...

Anonymous said...

I agree with the Hillary choice!

Anonymous said...

Hope OBAMA Wins over MCCAIN, We dont wanna do the same mistake with electing the wrong president once again!

David Jaffe said...

Anon- you can not post ideas like that here. Sorry- I didn't even read it when I saw it was something for GOD OF WAR. Appreciate the passion and interest but it's really not a good idea for all involved- you included- to be putting your ideas like that up on the site.

Thanks for understanding!


Anonymous said...

i dont like mccain or obama. obama seems to just say what that certain crowd wants to hear and will change his opinion on the spot for them. and mccain seems like a rehashed bush who actually was in a war.

im glad ill be 3 months too young to vote this year. for some reason i was really hoping for hilary clinton to become president. for some reason she seemed the best. maybe just becuase she has more experience then obama

David Jaffe said...

They ALL say what the polls tell them to. On one hand it's good cause it shows a person who will listen to those folks who vote for him...on the OTHER hand it sucks cause it shows a person who could be willing to say anything to get elected.

And then there is W, who does NOT change his mind ever but is stupid and dangerous so that's not a good sign either.

Can't REALLY win.

None of them are worth all that much, in my mind. A total lesser of two evils situation, every 4 years.

grasshopper said...

Dude David have you seen this?
Kratos in Hot Shots Golf
Thats fucked up dude!

Anonymous said...

So honestly, how do you decide Dave? Is it just the D for Democrat? Neither the R or the D will help me much.

I swear to God when I vote this year I'll write my own name in. I think my generation has such a growing apathy about politics. We honestly don't think there is anyone out there who can make things run right. I also need to be clear that I don't think McCain is "just another Bush" or evil, nor do I think anything evil of Obama, I just don't think either of them will be able to do much good either.

Wow. I need to go play a good video game to fight this feeling of hopelessness I've got right now.

David Jaffe said...

I am voting for Obama. I think he is:

-more compassionate than Mccain
-has a streak of idealism that I hope he will be able to sustain enough of to make SOME change
-is young and has not been in politics forever...and dammit, I want someone who has not been beaten down so much by the system...he HAS been beaten down and bought, for sure, but not as much as Mccain.
-I think Mccain and Bush and Liberman,etc, are warmongers and profiteers and could give a shit about the world....Obama may not be MUCH better- not sure yet- but he clearly seems like he IS better.
- And deep inside, I have a good feeling about the man ( but my deep inside feeling is so created by the millions of dollars spent to give me that feeling that who the hell knows how much of it is genuine)!?!

That said, it's Obama for me!


Anonymous said...

I feel we are in a time where both candidates are not worthy of the position and all either one will do is help drive this country deeper into the ground.

Anonymous said...

I think war with Russia is becoming increasingly more likley as more and more conflicts arise. Russia knows America has been weakened by its two wars in Iraq and Afgahnistan and has become emboldened as a result. They've gone so far as to threaten Poland with nuclear attacks now for signing the US missle defense agreement, and of course there's also the Georgia conflict. Now their becoming less and less interested in talking to America, and it seems would rather just bomb us. So yeah I think war with Russia is really likley, and given this fact I'm kinda leaning towards Mccain since he has far more experience on foreign affairs and matters of war.

Don't get me wrong though, I despise Mccain for a lot of things, and this is a really tough decision to make, but still I'm leaning twoards him unless Russia becomes more diplomatic which doesn't seem to be happening at all.

Sadeq said...
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Sadeq said...

@ grasshopper

I am for more Kratos love.

So what do you think David?

(sorry for posting off topic)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi David,

How are you?

Have you checked this already?:


Nice, uh? hehe.

Greetings from Argentina.

grasshopper said...


Don't you think its a little odd to have a character thats should be a total bad ass killer in a cartoony golf game? Whats next a big headed kart racer!? It just reminds me of what Sony did to Sweet Tooth (I think that mess was Sonys fault) They tooned him up and eventually threw him in HSG2. I don't know...it just seems so outta character and wrong.

(Also sorry for going off on something waaay off topic)

Anonymous said...

Anon- That Twisted Metal thing is COMPLETELY off-topic. Give them time, man. You can't rush a great game.

Anyway, I will vote for Obama because he seems a little more intelligent. Mccain is a little....off. (lol) Mccain sortof reminds me of Bush, and WE DO NOT WANT ANOTHER BUSH IN THE WHITE HOUSE. I'm sick of everybody either choosing Obama because he's Black, or Mccain because he's White. Who cares? Just decide on what they'll promise to bring to the States. Like Obama have good health care in the USA.

Unknown said...

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