Monday, September 01, 2008

Bugging the Fuck Out...

**********FINAL UPDATE:

Well folks- thanks for the lively debate today. I really enjoy debating, discussing, and learning about politics and ya'll sure did not disappoint, on any side of the argument :)

I am out for the next 2 days- we're taking our kids to Disneyland to celebrate my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday! So I'll chat with ya'll- about something NON political- when I return.

But in closing, I gotta point this out, cause it's something I learned/realized today during chatting with some of ya'll.

So I posted this in the comments early tonite:

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all step back - myself included0 and see we are ALL little fucking drones, spewing the bullshit talking points of our respective parties? We are doing what they want us to do to keep making them money. They don't care about us, they care about getting elected and making more cash.

And then some anon commenter posted this in response:

Spoken like someone who truly knows they have lost the debate.

You can't just pull out the everyone does it arguement. It doesn't wash.

Not totally sure about what his last sentence means but I get the gist I think.

But I was serious because I think it was this anon poster- hard to keep them all straight- that was countering all of my issues with Palin with rebuttals.

And that is why I started thinking: well wait a second, who DOES have the monopoly on the truth. Here, check out where I got my news/research on some Palin's dealings:


Now I'm not fool. I know Huff Post is left leaning. But I still read it. Just like I read Drudge- which tends to lean to the right. And CNN that I feel is balanced mostly but leans a bit left. I stay away from FOX as I do think it's a joke.

But this got me thinking: with all of the spin doctors out there, why do ANY of us think we have the right to say we KNOW what the truth is. It seems like for every fact, there is someone out there who would benefit from that fact being incorrect that is allowed to tell you- under the guise of authority- that their counter fact is the true statement.

I mean, somebody wrote in telling me how wrong I was about the GORE/BUSH electoral recount but you know, I've seen a number of reports that say Bush and his team were the ones trying to manipulate the system so they came out the winners. And I've seen reports that say the press did recounts and by those recounts- that if the court would have allowed them to occur- Gore would have won.

So newsflash anon: I'm not walking away from the debate because I feel I lost.

I'm walking away from it because:
a- I've changed my mind a bit about MY news sources. I mean, they are preaching to my liberal mindset and so I think it's smart for me to always be wary about that, even tho I get all warm and fuzzy reading what I want to hear because it's what I already believe so it feels nice to have something line up- true or not- with the beliefs I already have. And it's my responsibility to be smart and not get suckered into that and call that the truth, just because it makes me feel better. But doesn't the same go for the right wingers? Unless some of you get your news sources from some ultra pure place that is not corrupt and influenced by business and spin doctors, what makes you think your info is more reliable? And so I just kind of say: well, I'm not going to read 20 news stories on the same issue and then filter out the 'truth'. I just don't have that much time or that much interest. And I guess that makes me feel it's kind of a stalemate and it makes me feel that we all do miss out as citizens because we are just pawns being pushed around the board by the powers that be. And if you think that is me walking away because I lost a debate, you are wrong. It's me walking away because I don't have the tools to debate anymore since I don't know where to go to get the truth.

b- Some issues- as one of you said- are moral issues where facts are irrelevant. I guess those are the only things you can vote on and know for sure. And in that case, I am pro-second amendment assuming MANY restrictions are put on that amendment (i.e. why the FUCK it's legal to buy assault rifles, I have no clue) and McCain is not....I am pro-choice and McCain is not...and the idea of teaching anything other than science in the science classroom makes me ill...and it makes McCain and Palin happy. So for me, those are the only issues I can really know about so that is why McCain does not have my vote.

Ok, well I'm off to try to get Darth Vader thru hard mode of Soul Caliber before I hit the hay and get up early to drive to Wally World. Chat you all a bit later in the week- and thanks again for the cool discussion!




Looking at some of the comments on this post, I want to clear a few things up here, in the post itself, so it doesn't get lost:

a- if you come here looking for JUST game news- and not news about my passions (movies, comics, AND politics) or my family/personal life- you've come to the wrong blog. I like writing and reading blogs from folks who make stuff I dig that are more personal and give me not just insight but even- to an extent- a real connection with the person whose blog I am visiting. This is not a PR site. It's my personal blog. When we launch the EAT SLEEP PLAY blog soon, you can expect a more professional, game only writing style from me on that blog. But here, it's just me, the real me without the need for a professional front. If that's not working for you, I understand and respect that totally. But it's not going to change. And it's about to get worse so if you don't like this sort of stuff, come back in a few days and I'll have some gamey stuff up, I promise! :)

b- this election is more heated than most and especially amongst a lot of Democrats and liberals like myself (I am a liberal, but an independent). You folks have to understand that alot of us were told to 'get over it' when Gore 'lost' the election in 2000. it's not so much that he lost. It's that a lot of us feel the vote counting should have continued to allow at least the illusion of democracy to continue. The fact that it did not- and that who we got as president because of the Supreme Court's decision- still stings and will for a long time. It's the political equivalent of telling the country to get over Pearl Harbor or even 9/11. A massive injustice, a massive attack was perpetrated on our very democracy when the Supreme Court put an end to the recount and it will take a long time to heal. The fact that the last 8 years had George Bush and company rubbing more salt in the wound by pretty much pissing all over our constitution doesn't help the pain go away faster. The fact that us folks who yelled about it then and yell about it now are/were told to shut up and just deal with it created alot of anger and desire to put an end to the current administration's way of doing things. For a long time, McCain seemed like a man who didn't drink from the same well as the current administration. That in the last few years- since he's wanted to be president again- has changed. And so many of us see McCain as another 4 years of Bush. And that's something that is not going to go down easily.

c- After 9/11 when folks were united over going after Bin Laden and the Taliban and then Bush pulled Iraq out of his ass and those of us who called him on it were told we were unpatriotic and should leave the country, well that sucked. And now- after many of us who opposed the war have been proven right (i.e. 9/11 and Iraq had nothing to do with each other, we've been stuck in Iraq way longer than plan/promised, there seems to be no exit strategy, this war is creating more terrorists not protecting us), we're now told, 'Well, get over it, we're there now, gotta finish the job'. No one seems to be holding Bush and company accountable and us in the opposition party are once again being told to just roll over and take it. And that's something that is not going down all that easily.

d- Bush should be impeached and you can't even bring that up, even tho he prob. deserves it more than any other president in our history. So when you've got McCain hugging and kissing the guy and voting with him the majority of the time, it makes you question if you really want that guy in the office for the next four years.

So there is much anger among left thinkers in this country. And you know what alot of us see in Obama? We see a guy who- experienced in key realms or no- is actually punching back and saying, "No more'. And we like that. We deserve that. And we want to see him elected in many ways BECAUSE of that.

And ALL THAT SAID, I still respect the Republicans and right wing,conservative thinking. They have some darn good points and I am glad we can all debate them and discuss them.

But for you guys who come here for just game news, I love politics man. It's important stuff AND entertaining stuff and it's not gonna go away from this blog. It's not a political blog, but it IS part of my life. So I hope even if it's not your cup of tea, you stick around for the kinds of posts I put up that you DO like.

Thanks for reading and visiting the blog- gotta go take my kid to school! L8!



Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Go Diddy!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe,

While I am a McCain supporter I have to agree on his choice of VP being a bit worrisome.

But on an unrelated note, I've delayed this for awhile because, well, I'm a lazy ass but I did this a long while back and never got around to scanning it until now.

I hope you like it. There is a plethora of faults (especially muscle structure in the arms) in the drawing but for little to no revisions I think it has turned out decent.

I have a much more detailed drawing of Sweet Tooth and one of Kratos. I also have another of them in combat, none of which are entirely finished. I hope to complete them soon and put them up for you to check out.

Have fun with the kids Jaffe and, again, I hope you liked the drawing.

sarahandsteve said...

diddy doesn't even know if there are black people in alaska or not. seriously?

what i hate the most is when "famous" people are given a forum about their political opinion.

note to jaffe and diddy and all the other "famous" people: keep it to yourself! stick to your day jobs. no one cares about your political opinion and no one likes being force fed your ignorant theories and agendas. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Well said icdedppl. I think it's great to show support for who you want to vote for, but a least do it with educated reasoning.

As for Jaffe and Diddy, you can check the last census reports here

On a side note you're really starting to drive me away from your blog with all of this nonsense. Stick with the gaming and entertainment, it's what brings your audience here to begin with.

David Jaffe said...

icdedppl and anon- 2 thingss:

1- So who- in your book- is 'allowed' to have opinions and express them in a public venue? The paid folks on both sides who work for the campaigns? The educated and balanced anchors at places like Fox News, like Bill O'Reilly? Get back to me when you've figured out who- in our free, democracy that a lot of you folks claim to care so much about- you've deemed appropriate to be able to express an opinion. Last I checked, one of the key reasons we are sending our children to die in this bullshit war is to spread the very type of freedom that seems to irk you so much. Oh well, I mean that's the reason for the bullshit war THIS month. Let's see if it flip-flops (!) back to WMD's or 9/11 or whatever else Bush/Rove/Cheney pull out of their asses next week.

2- I don't think Diddy is serious about black people in Alaska. I think he's trying to make a point thru humor. It goes on a bit too long but I think it's fucking fantastic that someone so influential among alot of usually disenfranchised, disinterested youths- who usually do not vote- is trying to get them excited.

3- Sorry you don't like my blog. I don't get paid to do it and more importantly, I don't charge you to read it. I am grateful that you come here and really happy you take time our of your day to spend time on this blog. I really am and I'm very cool with the fact that we may not always agree on things like politics. But it is my personal blog and I'll take the risk that folks may stop reading it if it covers topics they may not like. I would rather have fewer readers and be able to write about the things I write about (family, politics, random shit) ALONG with games than basically become a GAME BLOG- of which there are many on the net- and get more readers. But I hope you do stick around...cause while we don't agree- clearly- on politics, perhaps there are other things we do share the same views on and passions abouit (games, perhaps)?


Anonymous said...

Icdedppl -- I could not agree with you more. I have had issues with Dave's blog here.

Dave, if you spend all day working on games, how much time does that really give you to create an objective opinion about any national candidate. It's your blog and your speech. Understand this... performers, developers, artists at large you have fan bases that may or may not agree with you. Why would you want to alienate some of these people is beyond me. It just doesn't seem to be good business practice. I never bring up politics at work to my clients. I just respect they probably don't want to hear it.

Diddy, for as well as he can perform, and the genius he is said to be, it would be nice if he had a command of the English language. The funny thing is about this video is it really sounds like Diddy feels that a Woman is not qualified for the presidency.

Obama, is a Neophyte. He speaks in a way that inspires people. He spent a total of 143 days in congress before creating his presidential exploratory committee. His associations from Jeremiah Wright to William Aires franky scares me and do not represent the America I live in.

Anonymous said...

You know maybe political speech is really misplaced in a blog in between your latest level design and you last run in with Wil Wheaton. It's just me but it just smacks of unprofessionalism.

Besides what real arguments have you given your audience to "persuade" them that Obama is the right man for the job? You just seem to be caught up in the celebrity that is Obama. Hope and change is a great tag line, but a horrible strategy. Sure let's all fill the air in our tires and hope that will solve the energy crisis. Let's open diplomatic ties with Iran while they still hold a knife to the backs of the people of Isreal. How about we tax the oil companies a "win-fall profit" tax, that way they will reduce supply like they did in the 70's when Carter tried the same thing.

See it's funny, I don't make video games and have a blog about it, but I do pay attention and I can actually back up some of what I say and it's not just latching on to the latest feel good political fad.

David Jaffe said...

Anon- you need to calm down and take a breath before you begin accusing me- or anyone else- of being uneducated on the candidates. You should also read previous posts on this blog when I do write about politics to get a better view of where I stand.

This is a very heated election as it cuts right to the heart of the core differences between the 'two types' of folks in the USA. Sure there are shades of grey, but I am of the mind that the red state/blue state classifications are pretty real thing in that they reflect the two very different ideologies that are at 'war' in America.

So please don't knee jerk and assume that the only reason I like Obama is his 'celebrity' status. Way to toss the Republican talking points at me, by the way. And way to assume I'm just an idiot and anyone who likes the candidate that you don't like is an idiot as well.

Reality is, I understand. I feel the same way at times and have to catch myself and remind myself that just because someone is for McCain does not mean they are an idiot. It simply means that what they value is SOOOOOOO different from what I value. And I do respect that. But it sucks for me- as I imagine it does for you as well- to have to live in a country where the really seems to be no interest in a middle ground on the issues. These days, a big part of me would just like to see America split into two countries as I don't feel we're ever going to reach an even semi-happy middle ground. It may just not be possible.

But thanks for assuming I'm an idiot simply because I choose to vote for someone who:

a- did not pick an anti-choice, pro-gun, creationist loving person as his running mate- when he is 72 and has had cancer 4 times.

b- thinks we should/could be in Iraq for 100 years.

c- voted and supported a war that was clearly sold to the world via false accusations.

d- Has been on the payroll of more special interest groups than most folks in the Senate.

And yes, I have more reasons to be againt McCain and pro Obama. And no, Obama's lack of experience- in what, exactly, by the way?!?- does not bother me. But thanks for pointing it out to me in a way that suggests I am too stupid to do my research. Do you think I don't KNOW he's been a state Senator for only 2 years? I am aware of just doesn't bother me. Just like alot of the 'flaws' I see in McCain perhaps don't bother you.


Tapion440 said...

" one likes being force fed your ignorant theories and agendas!"

What the fuck? You have to make an effort to come to this blog and you have to make an effort to watch that 4 minute video of drivel. He's not force feeding you shit.


Diddy is in such unique position to effect millions of people in this nation and yet he squanders it with stuff like this video or last election's infamously useless "Vote or Die" campaign.

It's sad really. Cause you can watch the video and tell that he has some strong opinions about this election, but what are they? He wasted the entire video saying "You're bugging the fuck out" and "Alaska?" over and over again.

If he really wants to do something, he should pay someone much smarter than him to educate young/black people or anything that actually gets results. Cause the only thing that videos like this is going to do, is get people who have already made up their minds about the election praising him or cursing him. Useless...

*it's all about the benjamins*


Torgo said...

Man, I'm sorry, but I can't listen to more than 30 seconds of that guy.

I am a bit troubled by McCain's choice as well, but this election's going to be a mess like the last few anyway.

Anonymous said...

"Anon- you need to calm down and take a breath before you begin accusing me- or anyone else- of being uneducated on the candidates. You should also read previous posts on this blog when I do write about politics to get a better view of where I stand."

Let's not put words in my mouth, I never said your opinion wasn't educated. I did say that you lacked any persuasion at all in this forum. Same goes for Diddy, so far that guy has yet to persuade me to buy any of his recordings let alone buy into his political rhetoric. Did that video that you championed really have any substance?

You can't think of any better forum then this? Why not go on Meet the Press?

I just don't see why people with visibility like yourself and the premier political mind of our generation "Diddy" do not encourage people to vote in general rather then push an agenda.

Thanks for your prejudgment of me assuming that I assume you are an idiot. I wasn't the one Assuming here, you know why?

Because assuming makes an...

ASS out of U and ME.

You are a very smart guy, I won't debate that, but much of left wing politics these days resembles socialist ideals that sprang forth from the Utopian flower power days. There is no accountability for what you do in office just as long as you did things for the right reason. I don't want America to turn into a socialist government.

I don't look at my government as an extension of my parents and I think some people do. We should have a robust enough economy that bailouts and handouts aren't required, but if government occupies more and more of the money that private enterprise has created then we have a drop in opportunities.

It's funny Dave, I don't own a yacht and I don't have any appliances on my front porch, but often I get lumped in with that crowd.

Will said...


I'd like to THANK you for posting things other than updates on games on this blog. People coming on to read about your latest game might actually learn something about world events while they are here, which is something people really don't take enough time to do.

And for all the people who are saying that David/Diddy should keep this stuff to himself: shut up. If you don't want to hear their opinions, why should anyone have to listen to yours?

Anonymous said...

The saddest part of the pick so far is the decreased public focus on core issues. The blogs and some of the main stream media are chasing this story which will only hurt the democrats long term.

As for the celebrities shouldn't be talking politics, thats a tough one. Their opinions and statements shouldn't carry any more weight than anyone elses, but they should be discussing this just as much as you and I. The fault for hyping uninformed opinions (where ever they come from) sits with the media consumer in the end and the media need to sell a story.

Attempts to categorize a blog like this are misplaced. This is a personal blog by definition covering whatever the hell David wants to cover on it. There are plenty of places to go if you just want game news. Unlike the media, there is no sales job here - there is no reason to cater to what the audience wants. Let it meander.

What we need to be talking about is economic and social reform that has to occur to dig the country out of the hole the last 20 years dug. We need to be talking about our international place in the world and what is going on in Russia. We need to be talking about the coming fuel shortages and how we will survive as a country.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Jaffe I am from Germany and was a loyal reader. I accent the was. Why? Because I am fucked up from the Obamania and all the hype he gets in the media. The German Newspaper and Media are full of him (remebers me of the 30´s when the newspapers were full of Hitler). When I was reading your blog, I read about funny and motivating stories from the gaming industrie. But since you started with your Obama campaign I was starting to avoid your blog. Why don´t you visit democratic party forums or left wing blogs and let this policitcal shit outta here. All your fans that were supporting you since you started this blog did that because of your status in the gaming industrie, because of your games. And now you fuck the most of them up with Obama.

Concentrate on what you are and represent. Show us games, tell us stories from events. But stop with politics and the republican bashing.

Oh and by the way: As a German who has to deal with left wing politics for many years (and for God´s sake even now) I would like to tell ya: I would vote McCain if I could.

Resolving problems by talking? With the fucking moron from Iran who wants to nuke everyone? Are you serious.

Fuck Madonna and P. Diddy. It is disgusting to see how they use their status to manipulate 18 years old who do not even have a fundament in their life.

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked this is David Jaffe's blog.

You need to respect his opinions on politics just like you want him to respect yours.

It doesn't matter who the fuck he is or what videogame he designed, he's still an American. And a voter.

I have nothing but respect for Jaffe.

Anonymous said...

MCCain Sucks, Obama Rules... :D

Anonymous said...

I ain't listening to anybody who went by the name "Puff Daddy" on purpose, then changed it to P-Ditty and then just Ditty.

Anonymous said...

I am just expressing my opinion just like he is. It's just I am not the one that looks a little foolish trying to plug a political agenda on a game developer's blog. It's just misplaced.

I notice DJ is silent again.

Anonymous said...

WickedWumpus -- this is a blatant agenda at work here. Poor marketing none the less, so far there hasn't been ANY substance out of this blog that would really make people vote one way or another.

Why not encourage everyone to vote with your soapbox Mr. Jaffe?

Anonymous said...

David, I appreciate you putting yourself "out there" like this. I love it when heated "anons" bash the crap out of you and you don't erase their comments...or at least I haven't noticed. Because right or wrong, confused or enlightened, this is your blog.

I don't need to know that you've taken your kids to Disneyland to enjoy Twisted Metal. I don't need to know the status of your marriage to beat the final boss of God of War. What you write on here will not change how I feel about your games, and I would hope that it wouldn't change for anyone else.

I support your uncensored discussions and I beg that you continue to put your self in this blog. Because it helps a fan like me feel a little bit closer to an designer that's brought much entertainment to my life.

David Jaffe said...


I do have a job dude.

Too busy to respond in detail but let me toss you one bone to keep the debate going (and I hope you see this as I do- a debate about ideas...not attacking you personally).

You say you did not accuse me of not being informed. Sorry but I guess when I read this, that is what it sounds like to me:

"See it's funny, I don't make video games and have a blog about it, but I do pay attention and I can actually back up some of what I say and it's not just latching on to the latest feel good political fad."

To me that reads like you are saying my reason for liking Obama has nothing to do with the facts and me simply latching onto a fad.


ps. swamped today so I may not get around to responding to this anytime soon, but I will try- later!

Anonymous said...

Here is my Diddy Style endorsement of McCain...

Yo, that Obama be wanting to grab your stacks of cash. McCain will put the bling on your chest and put a job in yo future so you can pay da rent yo.

McCain will be drillin for oils, so we can get the gas price cheap. Obama be an Uncle Tom N' Shit, he be buggin out!

David Jaffe said...

Well first of all, Anon, my understanding is that the number of jobs created during Clinton's 8 years was in the surplus category but under Bush's 8 years- and I do associate McCain with Bush- the USA has lost jobs.
So why you assume McCain is the candidate for getting folks to work is lost on me.

Also: a fundamental difference between left and right thinkers is that, to alot of us lefties, it's not always about money. Alot of us are OK with the fact that we are being asked to pay MORE TAXES (yes, I said it!) to make this country better. We are ok to spend a bit more a month to get better schools, better roads and infrastructure, better programs to help people in need.

Right wingers need to stop using this as some sort of negative. It's ok that it's a negative in your mind, but get this straight: we are OK being compassionate- we are OK getting taxed more if it means some of that money (let's be honest, both parties are corrupt as shit and will take some of it for themselves) but if SOME of that money goes to helping our citizens. These are not weaknesses to us- they are strengths.

Anonymous said...

See it's funny, I don't make video games and have a blog about it, but I do pay attention and I can actually back up some of what I say and it's not just latching on to the latest feel good political fad.

To me that reads like you are saying my reason for liking Obama has nothing to do with the facts and me simply latching onto a fad.

Of course it reads that way if you assume things. But the original post was...

"Couldn't have said it better myself :)

Go Diddy!"

You must admit that is completely devoid of any substance and even intelligence. So I can see why you might assume I was calling you an idiot. Anyone who would agree with that video doesn't really display critical thinking in my eyes.

So far David, I have to admit, most of these thoughts you share are straight out of the Democrat playbook. Just the same ole stuff I hear time and time again.

Let me comment on your UPDATE.

B - Gore lost the election in 2000, I can see you are very timely with your comments.

You know why the supreme court sided with Bush / Cheney? Because they had 5 criteria for counting up votes in FL. Gore wanted to pick and chose what criteria they used in each county. Bush's legal team argued that they should not use different criteria for each county. So out of the 5 ways the votes could have been counted, Bush won 3 out of 5 times. Now I guess we should have allowed Gore to chose how the votes would have been counted, because he is Al Gore and he will save our children.

I am telling you -- get over this. It's a non-issue. Your guy lost fair and square, no need to belly ache about it.

McCain is another 4 years of Bush? Are you kidding me? McCain has been the darling of the media before the election. He and Bush were at odds on many policies. The media would herald McCain as a renegade republican. The fact that you think McCain would be another 4 years of Bush shows your ignorance (not idiocy, there is a difference). McCain and Bush are in the same party, but there are stark differences between them and their politics.

Ok a Raise of hands... HOW MANY PEOPLE WANT THE WAR ON TERRORISM IN YOUR BACK YARD? No takers, how about at your Mall? Your children's school?

The only way to fight this war is on their territory. We had 17 years of diplomacy with Iraq that completely failed. Based on the cease fire agreement we had every right to go back. Based on Congress's vote to use force in Iraq, it was legal for us to be there.

Obama said he didn't vote for the Iraq war. Funny thing is he wasn't a senator at the time. :)

Bush is lambasted in the press often, the only reason you don't hear as much is because the surge has been successful. There is NO legal basis to impeach Bush. The wire taps that you democrats bitched about was made legal by democrats. They weren't concerned about your liberties they were more interested in making Bush look bad by fighting him tooth and nail on it when they knew it didn't violate anyone's rights.

Obama hasn't been very specific on things and the things he has been specific on he has already waffled on many of those things. He isn't ready to be president. Joe Biden even said the presidency doesn't lend itself to on the job training.

Anonymous said...

So Left Wing "Thinkers" have a monopoly on compassion?

What is more compassionate, to give a man a fish or teach him to fish?

David Jaffe said...

I have no problems teaching a man to fish. Difference is, there is a massive difference between teaching a man to fish in a private school that is clean, staffed with passionate teachers, tons of school supplies, and lots of parent involvement (because they can afford to be involved are are not working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet) you can teach a man to fish in that environment or in an inner city or rural school that struggles every day to meet the demands of over crowded classrooms with no supplies, burnt out under paid teachers, and parents who are- because THEY were not educated well either- forced to work too much versus being involved parents.

And you know, when you are willing to bomb a country full of innocent civilians for a reason that has still yet to be made clear to the American public, as well as letting our own troops die for the same reason, it doesn't seem like the Bush administration- and those who support it- are in any position to speak to compassion.

And as to Anon's other post- you gotta start using names!- let me digest it. Some good info there and some good facts there. I will respond but I need to do a little research. I'm not above being proven wrong when I am wrong. Some of your facts seem compelling, others not so much. Will get back to you.

I was up till 2am last nite doing maps for the game so I'm kinda burnt out but I REALLY gotta get back to the game. So I'm not gonna respond anymore today. But I will later-

Brian Legge said...

I haven't done any cross referencing myself, but I've seen this chart posted in a few places:

If this is indeed accurate, the taxes would go down for most people under Obama. Given the current deficit, I don't know how McCain plans on making up for the tax cuts. The hard truth is that, given Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security, we need to be paying more in taxes.

Or we need to cut benefits. Neither party seems willing to do that yet as it would be political suicide.

Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of fucking ignorant people who buy in to the republican point of view on this election.

How many times has the Obama campaign said he will lower taxes for 100 million americans? (while god forbid taxing the people with WAY to much money) A lot. I'd venture to guess 30 or 40 times. Yet Democrats always have the bad name of "OMG!!!! THEIR GOING TO RAISE TAXES!!! RUNNNN" New's flash: Bill Clinton raised taxes and everybody made money. Seems weird unless your semi intelligent and realize how this process works. Oh ya.. it helps that we werent spending billions of dollars a DAY(!) on a war that we had absolutely no business being in, against a nonthreat. Go the fuck away, David doesnt want your ass here if all your going to do is complain when he has an opinion about something nobody in the country could care less about. The biggest problem facing politics (and our country) is how nobody cares and actually listens to these attack ads that have absolutely no basis. More people need to be educated on the issues. If that means a republican still wins but for once 85 or 90% of americans vote, then i wont have a problem.

On the 2000 election. Bush stole it period the end. oh guess what, in 2004? Bush stole it. It's not that i'm angry about as much as i'm mad that the elections were ever that close. How in the world that many americans could look at George Bush and think he could lead our country is absolutely beyond me. Of course.. not that it matters.. cause everybody knows he's a puppet controlled by Cheney.

Again.. the war on terror in our backyard.. are you kidding me?? from Iraq?? If u recall we had all ready destroyed and dismantled them in the early 90's and guess what.. nothing happpend. Until "Jr" had to go and finish daddy's war. Iraq was terrible on its citizens but that is never an excuse to go into a war without the UN's or hell even NATO's consent/aid. If that was a pretext for war i could name 5 or 6 other countries that are more deserving for our oh so sweet american ideal.

How do u prepare for the presidency? What can you do in life to get you ready to the absolutely ridiculously hard job leading the free world is? Do you honestly think writing legislation or fighting in a war teaches you that? For that matter how does fighting in a war make you more better aware for foreign policy? The only thing you can maybe look at is somebody's judgement. Cause its the joint chiefs and the generals that recommend to the president a multitude of options, but the president has to wade through it and know which one is the right course of action. Judgement. And guess what, Obama knew Iraq was a mistake. He knew it was a mistake when people thought it was "unAmerican". FREEDOM FRIES!!

Get off your high horse and learn how our american system works.

P.S. Don't comment on socialism when you know nothing about it. Universal Health Care does not mean Socialism

Anonymous said...

Well said update there. Coming from someone from New Zealand, please, please I beg of you America, please don't vote for McCain. have you guys actually seen him on T.V, he talks the same as bush, he messes up like Bush, he even has that same blank stare as if he's amazed at the words coming out of his mouth. He seems like a total puppet.

So, I haven't won any friends with that rant, besides I'm Anonymous, watch out scientology here I come.

Anonymous said...

David I think I'm in a small group here but I love read your blogs specially because they're about your personal life and your views on thing.
Although I am a hardcore gamer, and can't wait for your next title, it's always great to see what the real person behind the credit screen is like.
Just keep doing what you're doing man.

Anonymous said...

Lol, taxes have been going up and down for long time, it ain't going to change so is it really an issue.

You raise taxes to pay back debt, you get rewards for paying it back so you borrow more money and lower taxes, then you need to pay that debt back again, a never ending cycle that should never have arisen in the first place. Take a look at your treasury, it's independent from government or the people, it's not yours and you have no say in it, it's actually a cartel of bankers.

Anonymous said...

Wow you guys are fucking idiots. So he's not allowed to put his personal feelings and thoughts on his OWN blog? You assholes are acting like he shouldn't be allowed to have his own thoughts and opinions just because he's a game designer. "HEY JAFFE, JUST WORK ON THOSE GAMES AND KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT ABOUT ANYTHING ELSE YOU CARE ABOUT" real fucking cute. He's not a damned machine you know. He probably doesn't work 24/7 on games. I'm sure he eats, breathes, and shits too like the rest of us humans.

Dave just continue doing what you're doing and ignore those ignorant assholes

Anonymous said...

Coming from the UK I know I shouldn't have the right to an opinion on this (well, if anon's rant at the Kiwi is anything to go by ;) ) but surely Mr. Jaffe, or any other tax-paying American, has the right to voice their opinion in anyway they see fit concerning this election or with any other concern with whomever is in their service in Government. Surely that's what that little Freedom of Speech/Expression bit of your Constitution (something that we in Britain do not have the privilege to use) is about.

Secondly, and I know this has already been mentioned, but this is his blog, something he can use to talk about whatever he wishes. How commenters have the temerity to try to dictate the subjects about which he can and cannot write is beyond me. You feel that his "celebrity" status (ask most people in the street who David Jaffe is and you'll probably get a blank stare) gives him unfair advantage with his political opinions over yourself? Well get off your arse, use some form of talent and become a celebrity yourself (No talent? Go on a reality show and shoot to the top!).

Otherwise, if you really feel that you cannot stand to see his political leaning displayed on his blog, exercise a better form of censorship than just telling him to shut the hell up - stop coming to the blog. Seriously, if it's getting you that bent out of shape there's about a million right-wing internet pages out there that will soothe that anger and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside (and who knows, you may find a fair old few Republican-supporting celebrities to shut up for abusing their fame with their political opinions, should you need the ire to return).

Meanwhile, I'd rather read Dave's blog (and the healthy debate in its comments) for entertainment.

Anonymous said...

Dave I'm happy to read whatever you post I sit on my computer most of the day reading forums and I check out your blog 2-3 times a day on the off chance you post something. I actually get excited when I see a new post.

Ever since I picked up my PS3 a couple months ago for the supposedly upcoming Twisted Metal game I have been in a TM hype mode and PATIENTLY waiting for that day when you announce something and I'll keep waiting.

So just keep doing what you're doing don't mind these people with all their negative comments post what you wanna post you don't need to defend yourself against people that obviously dislike you because you are voicing your opinion.

Max A said...

dude just write what you want who gives a rats ass about what these guys are saying oh your not going to visit the blog any more boo hoo. Does Dave really Care?

Unknown said...

I'll be the first to admit that there are a lot of things about Diddy I plan don't like, and sadly I think that aspect is what has a number of people complaining. Considering the heated nature of the comments I'll stick to one point.

"Are there even any black people in Alaska?"

I'm with Jaffe in thinking he was just trying to be comical about the point, but I think the underlining facts are valid. Whoever pasted the 2006 Census link should actually use it.

Alaska had a population of 670,053 in 2006, of that 670k only 3.7% was black, 5.6% were Hispanic, and 15.4% were American Indian or Alaskan Natives. Math time. There were just under 25k black folks in the state, 37.5k Hispanics, and 103k Natives. Now for a state where a vast majority of it's area is uninhabited, and a high rate of dual citizenship, this isn't a state that's a model of the country.

If McCain does become president, nobody will wish him any harm, but if something happens is this who we want to take over? She has no experience with a number of the groups this country consists of. She's never dealt with the type of crime the rest of the country deals with. She's in an isolated part of this country, and this isolation leaves her out of touch with a country that needs somebody to lead us out of this era.

Jaffe: Say your piece man. You've said some things I've had to think "where'd that come from," but you've also said things that allowed me to see the other side of your argument. I don't come here for the gaming news, I come here for the Jaffe news. If they don't like it, they can go be anonymous some place else. But I would suggest removing the option for anonymous comments. If they want to accuse people of being ignorant while hiding behind a mask of anonymity, they can find some place else to do it.

Anonymous said...

Man Jaffe you're really a hardcore liberal, seriously with that Bush hate. I can't say I agree with anything you say politically.

I'm from a country (hoserland, your friendly neighbor up north) where we do get free healthcare and we get taxed to the bone, this is the kind of shit Obama has in store for you and to be honest unless you get really sick, it isn't that great.

Our politics, at least in terms of our conservative government is only slightly right of center, but even then I think what Obama is doing is he's promising a TON of things and giving a TON of rhetoric, in the end he's just another politician, except he's pretty leftish leaning and he hasn't got much experience. He's really not this fresh face people think he is. Even if he's elected he'll end up being another Jimmy Carter, and the world does NOT need another Jimmy Carter.

David Jaffe said...

Kitton- yes, I am a total liberal.

That said, I'm LESS excited about what Obama promises versus really WORRIED about what McCain and his Veep may end up doing.

I just don't go for this whole: God, Guns, Anti-Abortion, Never Raise Taxes, Fuck It America is the BEST!, Kill Them All and Let God Sort It Out, bluster bullshit that alot of the Republicans in control seem to be in favor of.

It want someone leading the country who seems smart and has a level head. I will take that over experience any day. Experience you can learn and in the meantime surround yourself with folks who have tons of it like Biden. Much better- to me- to be inexperienced but wise and smart and intelligent enough to know the questions to ask and smart enough to know the right people to ask...much rather have that than some wanna be macho motherfucker. We've had that for 8 years's been total shit and I don't see many reasons to think McCain is much different. Yes, he USED to be...but these days he does not seem to be. And Palin seems like a wet dream for the Evangelicals who- I'm sorry- but I think they have way too much power in this country.


Anonymous said...


I think you really need some education.

What's so special about that video?
He didn't even mention why the choice was bad. He just kept repeating Alaska and bugging.
I would call it "Lights on, nobody's home"

What is the content of that video that you are so proud of? he just wanted to bash for no reason.

So according to you, we should judge a person on their look and their gender?

I agree with you that Al Gore's lost really hurt me till this day.
But I just want you to look at how undemocratic the Democrat party is. The whole party just went against Hillary since the day she started the campaign. They used the media, delegates and supporters to paint Hillary as a monster. That was an embarrassed thing to associate with. I know the reason why they did it like that but I would not say it here because it is sensitive.

All I know is Sarah Palin did take the wind out of Obama. Suddenly he is not "the" candidate of change. The inexperience issue is now resurfaced. You can see now that all the liberal news medias are running scared. She has become a cool factor now. They are trying to pick on her lack of experience but again they can't because Obama said "lack of experience is my greatest asset". They are now picking on her daughter's pregnancy. Let's see if they can succeed.

That was few words for you.
I know for a fact that politic junkies like you can't change their mind no matter what, even a lightning strike.

David Jaffe said...

anon- too busy to rip your argument apart but it's easy to do.

Liberal media is not running scared they are amazed at the joke this woman is as a vp candidate.

Obama's polls are up, McCain's are down after this decision.

I am open to changing my mind. I am not anti-Republican at all. I am Anti Bush/Cheney/Rove and it seems McCain and especially Palin are more of the same.

Love Ron Paul. Love alot of Republican ideas and ideals.

But what is in the office right now are evangelicals and war mongers. Republicans should be ashamed of their party at the moment.


Anonymous said...

To tdh,

Quote: "She's never dealt with the type of crime the rest of the country deals with. She's in an isolated part of this country, and this isolation leaves her out of touch with a country that needs somebody to lead us out of this era."

What crime are you talking about? Fighting corruptions? She fought the whole republican party's corruption over there. She took on oil industry. Her husband quit his job at BP as an production operator when she started to fight them.

So you think it is better to have somebody who associated with hatred-minded people and terrorist in his past than to have somebody who is from a small state?

What experience does Obama have really? What did he really do to change the status quo in his home state and in Washington? I think he has much less experience than Palin's.

Can you really answer those questions?

Brian Gardner said...

What I love is the fact that most people create blogs to do one series of things; express themselves, their opinions and their happenings in their life. That is one of the things I love about this blog, that David expresses all of these things and doesn't use it as a podium to sell an upcoming game. Though, its nice to see from time to time ;)

Unfortunately, with every blog you go to, there are various subjects that seem to create way too much problems. The majority are religion and politics. You can even see it explode out of control while playing a MMO, while you are playing a few songs with Rock Band online, or even at social gatherings that have nothing to do with either subject.

The thing I find the most strange are those that comment here saying how they are tempted not to come back unless David talks more about games and less about all the other things that go into blogging. They do this, regardless of the fact David has expressed more then once that this isn't a Eat Sleep Play PR blog, but his blog. In fact, this has to be at least the third or fourth time he's attempted to remind people of this just in words and not on video.

I'm not saying these people can't comment their opinion that his opinion is wrong. I'm just saying that you have to respect this site for what it is ... which far too many seem to forget that it's a 'BLOG'.

I've personally agreed and disagreed with him and his feelings for years now, but I'm not about to castrate him for it or the fact he might post 20 personal things before adding a snippet of gaming design.

You are doing an excellent job running a blog, David!

David Jaffe said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all step back - myself included0 and see we are ALL little fucking drones, spewing the bullshit talking points of our respective parties? We are doing what they want us to do to keep making them money. They don't care about us, they care about getting elected and making more cash.

I feel that way about all of them, Obama included. I just think he's the least evil of them all.


Anonymous said...


you are really lying to yourself if you mean this:
"they are amazed at the joke this woman is as a vp candidate"

The liberal media did not even mention her accomplishments. They are just saying she's a woman, she just had a baby with down syndrome, she has a pregnant teenager, Alaska is a small isolated state... If those are not a symptom of scared, please tell me what is.

Can you tell me her accomplishments? I want to know whether you really did a research on her or you are just scared too.

Anonymous said...

Even though Diddy is a moron that I have virtually no respect for, I have to agree with him on McCain's VP pick. She really doesn't seem fit for the position, having all of her experience only from Alaska, a state that contrasts greatly with every other part of Amerca. It's just so incredibly obvious that the main reason McCain picked her, is so that he could win over Hillary Clinton voters. Anyone who denies that is just being naive, as there is no other significant reason for him to pick her.

David Jaffe said...

Anon- well, one of the things I know about her is that she originally supported the 250 million + bridge to nowhere which was- from what I've read- a bridge that went to a remote Alaskan town with 40 people. In essence it was a project where alot of the money for the useless bridge went not to the bridge itself but to support political contributors. And then she denounced the whole thing, NOT because it was dirty politics and the folks involved had been caught but because she felt they were spending too much money to make the bridge. I'm not such which is worse- that she supported it in the first place or that the reason she bailed was NOT because it was corrupt but because she felt it was costing too much money to build a damn bridge that lead- for the most part- to nowhere.

Then there is her pro gun, pro abortion (she said if her own kid were raped she would not support abortion), and pro creationism stance (where she says let's teach it in public schools).

Then there is the part where she thinks it's God's will we attack Iraq.

Then there is the part where she was almost recalled as the Mayor of the town she lead.

Then there was the part where she- as Gov of Alaska- took in 380 million dollars for pork laded projects, money that went to the projects and folks who had helped her get elected. If that was not bad enough- being the pocket of special interest- she goes on record to talk about how she is opposed to special interest and pork spending.

So there's that kind of stuff.

So yeah, I'm scared.

Scared a crazy nut like that is second in line for pres behind a guy who has had cancer 4 times and will be the oldest pres ever in our country's history.

Fuck man, the question to ask is: why the hell are you NOT scared?!?

Anonymous said...

This comment is directed towards two individual posts but from the update i read im sure theres more


both blogs basically tell jaffe to shut up with political views and concentrate only on gaming....

fuck its his blog!!! i mean i love hearing what goes through the guys head weather it be about level design, how hes enjoying movie promotional items or hanging out with the kids...those people are basically saying you have to think about gaming, write about gaming and breathe it...or dont write at all....thats bullshit

the 7:07 dude talks about how he has a gaming blog but isnt even in the buisness, congratufuckinglations!!! i read jim lees blog and they talk about trips to italy all the time, i read "shoes" blog and hes always talking about the michigan wolverines...if you dont like to hear jaffes political views theres a real simple fix

DONT READ THEM!!! i mean theyre pretty much highlighted in the subject title

anyways sorry to whoever reads iritates me when people think they have the right to tell other people what views and opinions they are allowed to voice


Anonymous said...

"the question to ask is: why the hell are you NOT scared?!?"

As a long time viewer of this blog I have to admit that I like the political aspect of it. To be honest, I've never really agreed with you on anything politically. But that's not the point. The point, as you say, is that we are allowed to debate this types of ideas, even if it is on a blog.

The reason that I will vote for McCain is the same reason you put up in the primaries that you liked Obama, and the reason that you disliked Republicans for liking Bush, I just have an overall confident gut feeling in McCain to lead.

To me, the highest priority is national defense. Now I'm not a father like you, and based on your comments you seem to be very passionate about domestic issues (health care, education, infrastructure, etc.) To me, if you don't protect the nation, for example a strong national defense whether it be through force if necessary or certainly the more peaceful and welcomed means of diplomacy, then all is lost.

I personally feel that McCain will do a better job of protecting this nation, than Obama will. I don't trust his lack of experience and Biden's experience will go for nothing considering Obama will have to make the final decision on matters, and I don't trust him to make the right one when it comes to protecting this country.

Now before you attack me for launching a talking point of the Democrats can't protect us, that's not true. Back in 2004 I was behind Senator Liberman in his presidential run. I feel that Liberman, who I realize is an independent but still has strong ties to the Democrats, is an honorable man who would make this country safe if given the chance. I just don't see that happenning with Obama.

Now I can almost picture you shaking your head or spouting off some expletive comment about certain points of my thoughts. It was not my intention to rattle your cage just for kicks. I'm trying to keep this as civil as a political discussion can get between two people who won't agree on things, and I certainly hope if you respond you will be able to maintain the same tone. I just wanted to add my two cents into this very lively debate.

This leads me back to the question you typed in an earlier post that started off my comment.

"Why the hell am I not scared???"

I just think McCain will do a better of job of protecting this nation than Obama. And before you ask, yes, I also think Palin would do a better job than Obama as well. I may be right, I may be wrong. Come Novemeber 4th we will both know for sure as the democratic process runs it course.


A Land of Lincoln Resident

stalepie said...

You shouldn't kill babies. You should give them up for adoption.

David Jaffe said...

Land of Lincoln- no, I appreciate a healthy debate- thanks for chiming in :)

I think the fundamental difference between us is I don't think protecting our country is more important than quality of life that that country offers. And quality of life to me= freedom, compassion, and treating ALL citizens as fair and giving all citizens a chance if they are willing to take that chance and make something out of it.

I would rather see America wiped off the map and remembered as such a place versus sacrificing so many of the things our fellow countrymen have fought and died for over the last 200 + years simply in order to be safe.

I don't mean to belittle what you feel is the most important issue but to me, a country that sacrifices what makes it great in order to sustain it is not worth sustaining. But I imagine you don't feel the sacrifices we are making to be 'safe' are so damaging that they are killing the American soul. I do. That's our biggest difference it seems.

Thanks for reading the blog!


Anonymous said...


Are you on crack?
She bailed out of the bridge project because it was costing too much. That was a good thing that she reversed course. The action is not judged until it is carried out. Don't you know anything about this? I think you applied double-standard here. Michelle Obama's hospital got an earmark from Obama himself after she got a raised by more than 160%. That is called corruption.

Pro-gun, pro-life, anti-gun and pro-choice are the philosophical issues. There is no right or wrong answer for this. You better know this by know.

Wow, you read liberal news too much. She got nearly recalled by only 60 residents? That's called nearly recalled? That is crazy. Under the city's law,"police chiefs serve at the behest of the mayor unless otherwise specified by city ordinance", she can fire anybody she wants under her own judgment. You need to read more. Just don't let yourself to be fed by the liberal news media.

"there was the part where she- as Gov of Alaska- took in 380 million dollars for pork laded projects". Are you crazy? This story has been discounted as false long time ago. You better have a link to this recent story that is not from a liberal media.

I asked you to list her accomplishments. You listed her missteps. But those missteps are falsely listed. So in the end you got no story.

Don't you know that Obama supported the 2005 energy bill?
That was called in-bed with the big oil companies. Obama has countless number of earmarks? So you want him to be your president, whereas Palin fought the corruption you don't want her to be number 2? Crazy huh.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could all step back - myself included0 and see we are ALL little fucking drones, spewing the bullshit talking points of our respective parties? We are doing what they want us to do to keep making them money. They don't care about us, they care about getting elected and making more cash.

Spoken like someone who truly knows they have lost the debate.

You can't just pull out the everyone does it arguement. It doesn't wash. I guess it's OK since it's just a game blog.

Anonymous said...

Hey man don't fucking listen to these people Jaffe. Like the dumbass who said you spend all day making games and you couldn't possibly have time know the candidates. How the fuck does he know? He doesn't know you, I don't know you, but you obviously know a thing or 2, right?
These are a bunch of fucking pricks that don't have anything else to do but to jerk it to fox news. I know you put the video up cause you thought it was funny, but all this assholes take shit to seriously and well.. if they don't like the post on your blog and if they don't like your political opinion. fuck'em.

Anonymous said...

David, I am glad there are people like you living in the USA. Fuck these guys who come here and give you shit. I'm fully backing you on your political views. Glad to see not everybody in the US is fucking delusioned yet.

Anonymous said...

It's fine you people don't share the same views Jaffe believes in but must you come on this blog and bitch about it in 50+ comments?

"Spoken like someone who truly knows they have lost the debate."

Dude get the fuck out.

stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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Anonymous said...

Why is it there's a feeling that America needs to be protected, y'all seem to be doing a great job with only a few full on attacks in the last 100 years. Protecting against terrorism is like protecting against drug dealers, that war has never been won, and never will, cut off one head and another pops up right in its place. It's a never ending struggle. A terrorist could be the your local mail man, it could be a suicidal teenager, it could be a family over in the middle east who lost a son to the Americans, it could be an organization of like minded people. I mean how do you protect against those, an ever ready state of alert springs to mind, a police state for example.

The war on terrorism is an impossible war to win, the best you could hope for is to stop them one group at a time and be ready for the next.

McCain's an old dog, he has the knowledge, but does he have the imagination of Obama, knowledge can't advance without imagination.

It's like this, I could know technically how to build a game, how to tweak everything, but without imagination I couldn't go beyond what I know.

Anonymous said...

"But I imagine you don't feel the sacrifices we are making to be 'safe' are so damaging that they are killing the American soul. I do. That's our biggest difference it seems."

Not quite sure what your line of thought was on this. Could you possibly give specific examples as to what you feel the sacrifices are? If you could do that, even if they are brief examples, I certainly would appreciate it. Then I could certainly get a clearer picture as to where you are coming from on that matter.

When I chimed in earlier I was just giving an overall principle that sort of guides me in the my voting process. It seemed you were laying your mindset out in the open, and I figured that I could certainly do the same in order to add to the debate/discussion.

As you have stated in some of your responses, you claim to be open-minded. Which is a great thing to be open-minded in all walks of life obviously. I certainly feel that I am open-minded as well. Democrats have some good ideas, and I think Senator Obama has some good ideas as well. I could even see voting for the right Democrat, like a Joe Lieberman. Again, it's just that I don't trust Obama with the safety of this country, just an overall gut feeling.

I think one of the biggest obstacles facing our electoral process, are the straight party-liners. The people who vote for their party regardless of the candidate, just so they can vote with their party. I actually think Lieberman nailed it perfectly in his speech tonight when he said:

"...This year, when you vote for president, vote for the person you believe is best for our country, not for the party you happen to belong to."

I think that every election every year, from federal to local, should be ran like that. Vote who you think is best, not what the party says or your neighbor or parent or friend, etc.

Personally, I think Obama will win the election, by at least 5% points, and a healthy elecotral total as well. I just have a feeling.


Land of Lincoln

Anonymous said...

It grates on the nerves when people release their inner children when they talk about politics.

Regarding Palin though (Is it Pay-Leen or Pal-in?) came out of left field (or...Right field, I don't know) for being McCain's VP.

To be honest, she doesn't bother me too much (except the Creationist taught in schools tripe though I believe that's personal belief...) and it's honorable she outed some corrupted people in the oil industry.

Was she a good choice? Right now, no. If anything, McCain thought a last minute decision on swiping up the Hillary voters would be the ace in the hole.

She's still a MILF though. :)

As for who am I rooting for, Obama comes to mind. He could potentially be a pivot in the road for us towards a better future for our country. I'd give him the benefit of the doubt so sorry if I come off as one of the "ignorant masses who consumes the liberal media".

Damn that liberal media, it stole my socks and smeared my reputation.

stalepie said...

"I mean how do you protect against those, an ever ready state of alert springs to mind, a police state for example."

There's no way. Only in the major cities could that be possible.

stalepie said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
David Jaffe said...

anon, the sacrifices I am speaking of are:

-loss and corruption of our civil liberties where Republicans and Democrats alike pretty much gave up our right to fair trial, warrents, and privacy (phone tap, travel records from airlines,etc) in order to 'keep us safe'.

- our standing in the world as a country who showed up for the little guy who needed help.

-Our showing how little we care about our people and troops when we don't avenge the deaths of those on 9/11 by staying focused on getting Bin Laden and how we send our young people to die for a senseless war.

I am talking about those things. I would rather see America gone forever if it meant we did not head down this road of corrpution, greed, and pissing over the Constitution in order to procure the sense of safety.

Gotta run- nice chatting with you!


Anonymous said...

To PyroHazard,

Palin is a milf. And her daughter is totally going to be one soon too. Two milfs in one family?! SIGN ME UP!

stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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Joel said...

"I'm LESS excited about what Obama promises versus really WORRIED about what McCain and his Veep may end up doing."

THIS... explains my position perfectly.

so, even though im from Canada, i'm definitely crossing my fingers for Obama come election day.

stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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stalepie said...

You know, who wins the presidency is not really all that important.

Jyri Jokinen said...

"Could you possibly give specific examples as to what you feel the sacrifices are?"

Guantanamo. Patriot Act. Limitless rights for FBI to eavesdrop on citizens. These are some things that 10 years ago would have been thought of as acts of a fascistic government. Now saying they are means you are anti-American.

stalepie said...
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stalepie said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry for getting personal here... But I was reading some God Of War stuff on Wikipedia, and clikced on your Name to see what was up.

It says you are divorced.

Since when? Kinda came outta the blue, lol.

Anonymous said...

NICE ONE DAVID! If you start to lose a political argument just turn it into a philosophical one! You think I haven't encounted these same "who know's what is true" arguments before? I think I had this debate during the 1990's election (featuring Ross Perot).

It always comes in handy when you can't explain how your own liberal views are out-dated and proven unsuccessful around the word.

Anonymous said...

I think the most interesting thing of this whole election is that if McCain and Palin win, the progressive movement will be pushed back about 50 years... And Hillary will have no chance of being president.

Barack Hussein Obama II for pres!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you think that pdiddy's video was a good thing?! ... still laughing about it... plus he sounds kinda racist... and remember kids move to Alaska... no crime!


and if there's no black people in Alaska why do they need black policies... lol... he didn't think this through...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't comment against all the anonymous people either... Dave doesn't even know if he's talking to the same person.. Is the anonymous chastising jaffe for changing the argument to the philosophical one the same person who said "I'm just going with my gut that McCain is better"?

kenners said...

I'm way late on this Jaffe, but I think you have an interesting point about video game press talking about intent. To be honest, I get that feeling a lot more about some of the anime I've seen than I do about games.

Even some newer TV shows like the Venture Brothers or CSI -- I really really (really) want to be in a room with Jackson Publick or the CSI writers team as they're doing brainstorming, because there are probably some amazing ideas that just kind of flop out of people and I get the feeling that interns or coffee slaves or whatever are just listening outside the halls going "That is so amazing. I have the best job ever."

David Jaffe said...


#1- I am happy to continue this discussion (when I get the time here and there) but you need to sign your posts with a handle. You can post anon but there are like 60% anon posts at this point and I don’t want to accuse you of saying one thing when it was someone else…

#2- It seems that you are the one avoiding a real debate/discussion. Your ‘tactic’ of saying- for a second time- that my reasoning for abandoning the debate is because I think I’m losing would only work if you cared to address the reason I am saying I am walking away from the debate in the first place. Let me explain it one last time:

You- at least I think it was you- asked me about Palin’s accomplishments.

I listed a series of issues that I felt proved her inadequate for her vp nom.

Granted, I did not list accomplishments because- in my research- I found few of them. I only found critiques of the woman.

But my research- coming from Huffpost, Cnn, and a bit from Drudge could be seen as semi-left to full tilt left bias and I accept that.

You then chose to shoot down all of my issues I had with her, citing your own facts.

This is where the dilemma hit me and frankly it was the first time it had occurred to me. Granted, this says a lot out how gullible I may have been in the past and I accept that and am happy to learn/grow from it. I’ve said as much.

The dilemma being that I imagine you can cite news sources- not disguised opeds but actual news- that shows where your facts come from. I can do the same, as you see in the link I posed in my update- which deals with ALL the issues I cited regarding Palin’s ineffectiveness to be VP.

Which leads me to the dilemma of: well, if we are going to argue facts then which facts can we use? I think it’s faire to toss out most of what you get on FOX, perhaps the same can be said for Huff post. In that case, if you want to deliver credible sources to your reasons, then I am open to changing my mind and admitting the sources I have been using to form my opinions of the woman are biased.

Perhaps use BBC America? Jim Leher on PBS? Not sure.

But I hope you can see that this is not me retreating into some philosophical ‘can’t solve it so why bother arguing’ stance in order to get out of losing. I actually am not sure where to go next when it comes to arguing the facts.

As for arguing the morale issues- abortions, guns, creationism in schools- I am more than happy to debate you with that simply because all we would be using for our arguments are our own beliefs.


Anonymous said...

-loss and corruption of our civil liberties where Republicans and Democrats alike pretty much gave up our right to fair trial, warrents, and privacy (phone tap, travel records from airlines,etc) in order to 'keep us safe'.

- our standing in the world as a country who showed up for the little guy who needed help.

-Our showing how little we care about our people and troops when we don't avenge the deaths of those on 9/11 by staying focused on getting Bin Laden and how we send our young people to die for a senseless war.

I am talking about those things. I would rather see America gone forever if it meant we did not head down this road of corrpution, greed, and pissing over the Constitution in order to procure the sense of safety.

Gotta run- nice chatting with you!


I do appreciate you finding the time to put done what sacrifices you feel have been made. It does truly help me get an understanding of what your mindset is. For that, I thank you.

You were certainly right in the previous post about me feeling that what you considered to be sacrifices aren't as damaging to the American sould as you do.

I know we will never agree on my thoughts/opinions, but hear we go anyway:

LOSS OF CIVIL LIBERTIES. I do agree that those have taken some hits in recent years, but as you point out both the Dems and the Repulicans have agreed to various legislation on those issues. I just hope that, even though you have stated being a liberal, that you call some of the Democrats out as well. Usually the biggest stink about the civil liberties comes from discussing the people being held at Guantanmo Bay. In my opinion, if those people aren't American citizens and mean to do Americans harm, whether in our cities or to our troops in the field, than then shouldn't be given the full civil liberties that the American Constitution mandates that American citizens have a right to.

STANDING IN THE WORLD FOR THE LITTLE GUY. I still feel that we promise that hope to countries, I really do. Now I can't say that our international standing hasn't been damaged a bit in recent years. However, we still stand up for the little guy. Within Bush's tenure we have toppled the Taliban, even though they are still trying to re-assert themselves. I think one of the most heart-warming stories from the past Olympics was that an athlete won the first Olympic medal EVER for the country of Afghanistan. That would not have been possible if the Taliban was still there. The same thing goes for Iraq. We were able to get rid of one of the worst dictators and his entire power structure, including his sons. I do not think that the occupation of Iraq has gone well, but I will always support the invasion of Iraq. The ability to remove a leader like Hussein will eventually pay off for that country, I feel. Just recently we announced a one billion aid package to the country of Georgia after there recent crisis with Russia. So I feel that America still stands up for the little guy. In the case of Afghanistan and Iraw, is does suck that we have had to come with arms. However, there was little to nothing left of the major urban centers of both Japan and Germany by the fall of 1945. They have since rebuilt, become functioning and contributing members of the international community, and I feel Iraq and Afghanistan will be some day as well. Remember, it takes time to build a nation. Americans sometimes forget we had to throw out the Articles of Confederation as our main guiding principle of government because it didn't work. Even when we had a government in place, almost 100 years after we declared independence we have to kill each other to make sure the country stayed as one and would survive.

This is certainly a pisser. No way around it. It is a failure that after almost seven years we have yet to capture the architect behind 9/11. Personally, I feel that a lot of headaches had to do with the recently former "President" if you can call him that of Pakistan, General Pervez Musharraf, a man who seized power by a coup and appointed himself President. I personally feel he was protecting the Taliban elements and Bin Laden who snuck over the border to Pakistan. Had he been more cooperative, I feel we would have had him. However, I feel we have honored the victims of 9/11. We have removed a lot of high ranking Taliban officers and soldiers. We have toppled their government, ginven the Afghan people hope, etc. About the 7 years and no capture, remember, it took the Mossad, Israel's national intelligence agency, 14 years after WWII ended to capture Adolf Eichmann, the administrator of Hitler's Final Solution plan of extermination of the Jewish people.

Like I said I know you won't agree with me on any of it, but I really enjoy the point/counterpoint of this blog.

On a personal note, I do want to say that I am a huge fan of your work. The Twisted Metal series, especially TM2 and TMB, and the God of War series, especially GOW, are two of the most entertaining franchises I have played. I know that there's a whole team behind with those games, as you have stated in previous blog entries, but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your creative work. Can't wait to hear about you and your company's new game, whenever the information is deemed ready to announce.


Land of Lincoln

DF334 said...


First of all I want to say is forget the ones that try to tell you what you can and cannot write on YOUR Blog, secondly, I have read all of the comments that various people have left on your blog and i really don't like to talk about politics but this election is going to be interesting. I think they are going to pull another Bush-ass move as far as the voting goes. I don't know why it is that I feel that Americans will be had again, because what is to stop it. I am a Ohio native, and I will say that when it came to 2004, we got blamed for putting Bush back in office! You have no idea how untrue that is. Before that year, we had never had soooo much trouble voting in my whole 20 somethings years that I stayed there. There were so msny different types of votes that we didnt even know what to vote: absenteen votes, etc. At that time, I knew that Bush was going to win, and the Ohio natives didnt have anything to do with it. My thing is, How can I trust something that makes money off of War and dead troopers?? My position is why would something that makes money off of War want to do something about it?? That is why Bush had done nothing, because of the fact that War makes big Corps money, period.... and how can I trust that???

Anonymous said...

"Well folks- thanks for the lively debate today. I really enjoy debating, discussing, and learning about politics and ya'll sure did not disappoint, on any side of the argument :)"

If you have the time, and have not already, then you should check out Many of the forums there are conspiracy related, but some, such as, Decision 2008, Breaking Political News and AbovePolitics offer a lively and informative discussion on a number of political topics. Take care. :)

Anonymous said...


Just because you personally think that invading Iraq and toppling Hussein will eventually prove to be a good thing, that doesn't negate the fact that the reason we were given to go to war was that there was DEFINITELY weapons of mass destruction. Once that was proven false, the reason to go to war changed. Prior to the war, there was a concerted effort to link Hussein with Al Quade, which was, of course, proven false... So now we are in a mass of debt from the war, both financially and in actual human lives, and for what? The possibility that things *might* improve in Iraq at some point in the future? That isn't a good enough reason to put our soldiers in harm's way... I simply cannot understand how anyone wouldn't be angered and feel betrayed by the deception that occurred... There's a reason Obama is receiving more donations from soldiers overseas than McCain, who *should* be, given he's a Republican, who are typically favored by the military, not to mention he's a war hero. And yet Obama is getting anywhere from 6 to 8 times as much as McCain, depending on which report you read. Why is that? Because the soldiers doing the actual fighting feel betrayed and want out of this war they were mislead into getting into... It's only insult to injury that the real perpetrator of 9/11 is still free...

Jyri Jokinen said...

I have to comment on the concentration camp in Guantanamo.

What you claim to have there, are in Bush administration newspeak "unlawful enemy combatants", which means that they don't deserve to be treated in a decent manner. Geneva convention does not apply.

But what do you have there in reality? There are a bunch of ordinary guys, who saw an invading army approaching their home land, so they picked up their weapons and responded in kind. Now they are dubbed terrorists, because they didn't just roll over and die. (Quite literally, mind you.)

You might think what you would have done if the situation were reversed. If Russian troops came and tried to invade North America, you probably wouldn't like it too much. But if you took your rifle and fired a couple of rounds over their heads, they would just capture you and take you to Sri Lanka and keep you there in perpetuity. You wouldn't have a right for a trial, and you wouldn't be allowed to contact your family.

These guys never posed a real threat to Americans. They just happen to live in a country where a bunch of religious fanatics happened to band together with a Saudi millionaire, who convinced a bunch of other Saudis hijack planes and fly them into buildings.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just threw up a little. Anyone who thinks "Diddy" aka "stupid
Motherfucker" has a clue, WOW. Saying that McCain/Palin doesn't know the people and thats why he is coming out? This is coming from a man that just a couple days ago made a video from American Airlines crying to his "brothers and sisters" of Arab nations to give him oil, because he was held down like the average person and having to fly commerical since oil was to high for his G5. Fuck you Diddy, your the guy that doesn't have a fucking clue, the average American doesn't have G5's and don't fly first class AA with a bodyguard in pursuit. And what American would call Arab nation people their brothers and sisters? This just goes to show another celebrity that speaks there mine in their own interest, but doesn't have one single clue. And as for McCain having Michelle Obama as a VP, come on Diddy are you "Serious, ARE YOU SERIOUS, I think your buggin" If Obama wants any chance at winning this election, the best thing for him to do is hide that wife of his away before her mouth says something that him and his fast talking VP can't dig their way out. And for record, both candidates are terrible so don't think this is a Republican fanboy, people wakeup we are fucked with both of these parties, choose your evil this election.

Anonymous said...

Let me also add your C, D points Jaffe, is somewhat of a joke. C - The head of the CIA said there were no weapons of mass destruction prior to the DEMS/REP voted for this war. This wasn't a one sided issue, both sides put there foot in it and put us in this war. So if you are pissed about the war then you should be pissed as our government as a whole, DEMS/REP alike. as for D, do you really think Obama isn't getting money from special interests groups just the same. Thats whats wrong with party supporters, you have your blinders on when it comes to your side, but quick to point out the others. All parties are supported by special interest money and thats why are government makes bad decisions ever since the lobbyists were allowed in. So let make one last point, lets say you have a candidate, that announces over twitter/website that if you send him your phone number/email address that he will send you his VP pick. Then that day comes and lots and lots of people don't receive any notification of this pick. What do you think was done with all those numbers and emails? Your information was probably resold to help pay for this persons campaign? Like I said neither group is straight and narrow, nor is either group truely qualified to run the US. Its time we get rid of these under the table dealing crooks from our governement and get people that truley want to make the US a better place.

Anonymous said...

I love these debates, watching "ignorant" and "educated" yanks trying to make a point. David, i am surprised that you said the republicans are saying the "Palin" pick is great.

Well, they have to say it, they have no other choice. If it was someone else (i.e. a male), there is very high possibility that they would lose. Palin is like a magnet, a magnet for the "floating voters" and "shallowminded feminists". Feminists like the yeast infected twats that complained about the premise of "FAT PRINCESS".

But, the Palin issue can be looked upon from another angle, maybe she is like the back - up plan for when the forces that got "Bush" elected backfires.

*SIGHS* I love England and i am loyal to the Queen, even with our quirks and beckoning recession, i hope this proud country never becomes like the United States of America.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe,

I'm not terribly worried about the VP pick for McCain. Just like i'm not worried about Obama and his experience. If you question the experience of one you definitely question the other.
I think it's a big deal because it shows that republicans aren't stuck in the left's stereotype of rich white men. I'm the 3rd of 8 children, my father worked at a meat packing plant and my mother, a public school teacher here in Ms. They are the poorest paid public servants in the nation.

So the fact that there is a candidate who is more on my middle class level meant alot.

And on the FOX News thing......serously, watch it. Both sides are taken. Thats why a court case attempting to take "Fair and Balanced" away from Fox News was ruled in their favor.
And if it were so biased why in the world would it be the most watched news network in America?
Heck, even Hillary said in public and private that Fox was the only network giving her a fair shake.

Love all your work, never posted before but you may have something with the politics on the side thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, I hugely disagree with a lot of what people say in these comments. Lucky (or maybe unlucky?) I'm from england, so I don't have any real clue what your post is about LOL. But 1 thing I do understand is the "coming here to read about me, or coming here to find out bout games".

I come here, to get to understand you as a person more, because you're pretty much the only person in the industry who has a free mind, there is way to much "professionalism" and bullshit talk in the industry it just becomes, annoying and repeatative, most game companys just come across as machines.

You put twists on things, you talk a bout a lot of good stuff and interesting things (to someone who doesnt fully understand them), and you do it openly. Thats what I love bout you man, and your whole character. Don't stop that, ever, keep posting random stuff and bout your work and life, it's good to get to know as a person. And you know what, I've never played any of your games lol (not even god of war), if i wasnt money broke i'd get them. But yeah, keep up the posts as you are.

In the end, I just stay away from politics, I'd probably never in my life vote, unless i was force to but thats unlikely lol. We're all gunna die from oil crisis and climate change so who cares whos leading lol. =D Help fix that problem instead of spending loads on fancy partys.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with Dave on a number of his political views, and yeah, P. Diddy is a moron in ways that go far beyond Republican vs Democrat rantings but . . .

Give me a break. Dave can and should be allowed to post about politics. The thing that drives me nuts more than anything about politics lately is how it's turning into a freaking dynasty. Seems like every politician comes from some high up school or wealthy family and I'm freaking sick of it.

Democracy is about people running the government. Lets try to keep that in mind, and the fact that Jaffe is a person too (*Roll the warm fuzzy music*).

stalepie said...
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Anonymous said...

I have to hand it to you Mr. Jaffe. You're so powerful that you've got Mr. Anonymous writing HIS life story on YOUR personal blog. :D

Anonymous said...


Regarding the dynasty comment... I hear you, but it should be understood that it actually has to do with the way people think.

Would you vote for a governor who didn't go to college, hasn't really been involved with his community, and pretty much just works and goes home to watch TV? Probably not.

Which means you would probably more likely vote for someone who has been to college... possibly with a law degree (we'd hope that those who make and manage laws UNDERSTAND the law)... and likely who has been involved with politics for a while, being involved in his community, etc, etc...

This means that he had to have enough money to go to college (and possibly get a law degree)... needed to have enough money to have the spare time to involve himself in his community... etc, etc... In other words, the person most likely to be voted into office is someone who has been successful in life prior to entering politics, which means they either earned a lot of money or inherited a lot of money.

Although money can be seen as a sign of corruption, it is also seen as a sign of success. Nobody is going to vote for a President who is living in an apartment, for instance.

So, I don't think the "dynasty" aspect is really a flaw in the system... it's really just a sign of what measures of "success" people use when choosing leaders.

Anonymous said...

David, you might just be one of the coolest people ever. Your politics are spot on - not because you're a "liberal", but because you have the sense to look at both sides of things even if you don't agree with one. You like Jeanne D'Arc when not enough people appreciate it -and BECAUSE it reminds you of Shining Force. And for Christ's sake, you're the mind behind God of War. I don't give people praise often - in fact, I spend more time shitting on them. But you, my friend, are an awesome dude.

Anonymous said...

David, it seems as if your recent videos have hit videosift... which means you've just got a few million hits more. Do what you want with that info.

Its times like this that make me very angry with blogs like Kotaku who pretend to be journalists. Posting news is one thing, but posting peoples personal opinions as if it was news... thats going to far.

Anonymous said...

First of all I have no respect what so ever for a rappers political point of views. First they talk about bitches and hoes then they hey my political views are right.
FUCK THEM!!!! C'mon Jaffe