Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ramlin' Man


This one gets a bit rambly (hell, don't they all!...)l...I wish YOUTUBE had an edit feature...hell, I wish I had time to edit :)


Here are some pages from the old, JC PENNY catalog I talk about above...ahh, brings back memories!



Anonymous said...

don't cut down on the rambling :p it's funny.

also, have you picked up gears 2? if so whaddya think? i'm no big fan. i feel like it's overrated out the gate. it doesn't do anything to evolve the gameplay.

resistance 2 on the other hand...

Anonymous said...

god, i had all of that stuff. those jc penney catalogs were the official kickoff for christmas for me and my brother when they arrived in the mailbox. we went absolutely mental with those things.

great find.

-rallyRAYS- said...

OMG... I LIVED for the Sears and & JC Penny catalog every year and circle the things i wanted... simpler times...

Anonymous said... a McCain supporter, and a southern relative :) , I must say last night was an emotional and historic night. Your fam down south is ready to support President-Elect Obama! Enjoyed your blog today!

da criminal said...


Hey! Wasn't that something? Republican or Democrat or Indy (yeah!), growing up in the South and seeing him, that was something. I kept thinking of what May would say if she were still alive...and how far we've come. Sorry I won't see ya'll at Thanksgiving. We are coming home for dad's bday- hope to see ya'll then!

Much love,


Unknown said...

For me it was the Sears & Roebuck catalog. Thing was like 500 plus pages, weighed more than I did at the time, and had EVERY TOY IMAGINABLE!

I've never understood the "winning team" mentality that people seem to have with Presidents. McCain lost and it was like the Red Sox or the Yankees lost the series.

I'll admit to being nervous as hell when Obama walked out too. Before he walked out I didn't see/notice the 5" thick glass on the sides, but that walk from behind the curtain to the podem was like 8 miles! Then he lingered out on the stage after his speech was delivered and I got nervous again.

Now let's hope real change can come about.

I think it has to be said that McCain's speech was very tasteful, and very honorable. I just wish he had walked that path with his campaign ads during the past year.

Anonymous said...

So this morning I woke up knowing that the USA had a new president…but how?…Obama or McCain ? I though about visiting or NBC but how need this websites when you have David Jaffe’s blog covering the whole election for months :o)… when I read “Now let's just hope Obama can really do what he says and bring ALL OF US together...”…so I knew that Obama had won the election. Ok David, now you can take a break from this whole election talk (because it was consuming you, I’ve realized that through the passing months and we don’t want lose you for the politics...remember, “the video game industry needs you” – and now imagine the picture of uncle Sam pointing to you ) Ok, apart from jokes I hope (we hope) all the best for the coming years. May Obama keep his promises and may you keep us informed if Obama is behaving well…(to lonnng comment) I gotta go..bye

Anonymous said...

I was glad to see McCain reacted to Obama's win in a really accepting and classy manner. Perhaps now all the hatred/mistrust for Obama from the staunch republicans will die down to an extent, if they care at all for what McCain said last night.

I made a couple videos on youtube before and yea I agree there really needs to be an edit feature for videos, that allows you to edit the actual video, instead of forcing you to upload a new video if you want to fix any mistakes, BS!!

Zodiak said...

haha! I remember the big toys r us Christmas book I use to grab as a child, I pretty much wanted everything in that book minus all that girly shit..

Anonymous said...

Man, I used to study those ads and catalogs when I was a kid (I still do in a way...), particularly the Toys R Us and Sears books.

I also used to start my Xmas List in September, making multiple edits until Dec. 23. Good times.

I voted for Obama as well. As a black guy, there's a huge feeling of pride there, of course. And I backed him because I believe he's going to do a very good job domestically (And internationally, with Biden's help I hope), but I also won't hold back if he fucks things up.

Anonymous said...

wish vigilante 8 was coming to PSN. oh well, i guess i'll have to wait for a car combat game on ps3...

oh yeah, TWISTED METAL PS3!!!!! HAHAHAHAH. can't wait till it comes out. ur 'secret game' that everybody knows about. lol. peace

Anonymous said...

In times like these with the game market so competitive, while the dollar your asking for your games is being harder to depart with, why are you sticking to a one console development? I understand that it is cheaper to develop for one console, but you get way less people, specially with Sony that you can reach out too purchase your game.

da criminal said...


we love working with Sony and while we always want our games to sell so we make royalties, we are always shooting for our end goal: a company we love to work with to purchase us for significant cash. So for us, we're more interested in forming and sustaining valuable long term relationships with publishers and funders than we are with a particular game doing x% more in sales because we go multiplatform. That concerns us and we would LOVE to sell as many copies as possible, but that is more of a publisher concern and if the publisher that funds us chooses to run their business as a one console company, that is up to them. Again, we're not looking to be independent forever and our main goal is to make amazing games and build great relationships with as many great publishers as we can. Does that make sense?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

how do you feel that prop 8 passed and prop 4 didn't? Both did not turn out in what I voted for

Anonymous said...

What an amazing ride it has been. From what I have seen post election day Americans as a whole really need to be proud of what was accomplished...and I don't mean what yo think.

What I am speaking of is the passion we all have, no matter who you supported. We turned out in record numbers to cast our votes.

It wasn't like we were throwing our vote against an idiology but rather for one. This IMO wasn't a race of the lesser of two evils, but 2 competent and capable americans who in their heart of hearts truly wanted to make the world a better place.

I honestly belive no matter who won America would be better off than where we are today or have been for some time.

I glad we made history and I am still DAMN PROUD to be a citizen of this GREAT NATION!!!


PS for me as a kid it was all about the Sears & Robuck...and for my Mom it was the Speigal and Avon ya I'm that old.

da criminal said...

Prop 8 not passing is fucking pathetic. It's blatant homophobia and the people who supported it will be ashamed of themselves one day. Fucking busy body asswipes who for some reason seem way more concerned with gay people than they have a reason to. Makes one wonder about them.

4 is the abortion thing? Where the teenager has to tell their parent? That went my way, glad it got shot down. Stupid fucking idea.

erico316 said...

as a mccain supporter i am looking forward to backing obama but i will hold him to is change idea that people jump on and felt was empty promises i am not loyal to any party myself hell i back Hillary since she spoke to new yorker need more and she is such a powerful women .here to hilary 2012 or 2016!!!!!lol

David Jaffe on a more serious note i was wondering if u was willing to give me an interview for my English paper im doing it on how society view the gaming industry. it would really help me out if i was to get a game developer view on this subject and you one of the few i hold up highly.

Tyrone said...

Wow Jaffe, thanks for the awesome blast from the past. I forgot about the JC Penny catalog! I would spend hours poring over those pages in anticipation of Christmas.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Your small TV is bigger than my big TV.

I wish I could play Vigilante 8 with you. That'd be so damn cool. I was never a huge fan of it when it first came out (I was too much of a damn Fanboy of Twisted Metal to touch rival games! PFFT!) But I plan to get it this time 'round. See what I missed. :P Be awesome and send me an email with your gamer tag :)

Unknown said...

why was prop 4 a dumb idea? Its another way to try to prevent abortion.

da criminal said...

I am pro choice.

Anonymous said...

lol i was owning some pepole on my friends 360, she let me play on it for a bit since my has the death ring.

i like using the Bus :) heehee its so much fun. but im not shur if the one in Rouge Trip or V8 is the best.

o what you think when Brash Entertainment said there makeing a saw game based on all 6 movie's? n

it useing the Unreal Engine 3 and have the expected player Throughout the game, to make use of a number of weapons?

DF334 said...

It was a very, very, very, historic time for the USA yesterday, and I am happy that things tuned out the way that they did! Like you said though Dave, he had got to be careful!! Love the comment about you criticizing Obama if he doesn't keep his word, Hilarious!! Sears and JCPenny's Catalog was the shit! Plain and simple! GI Joe and Transformers what.......

Unknown said...

I never played vigalante 8. I always considered it a copy cat, but I have been hearing some good things about it.

Good call Jaffe on watching your back when it comes to saying stuff the CIA would like.

grasshopper said...

Also bummed V8 isn't coming to the PSN (I am Xboxless) It wasn't as good as most of the Twisted Metals but I still liked the first one.

Ahh...I remember grabbing a pen and circling almost EVERYTHING is those old catalogs :)
Does every kid do that?

GrYnder McDuff! said...

The only real news prior to actually PLAYING Vigilante 8 Arcade was the preview video, which showed clips from the original PSX version of the game. I just played it and it's quite fun. And it looks a lot better, too. I didn't realize it was getting a complete graphical overhaul.

Not many players on XBox LIVE, though. Kinda sucks.

Anonymous said...

David! First of all, congrats for the amazing job you`ve done with the greek mythology in God of War, it was rare not being clichĂȘ!
Second of all, congrats for Obama, i was supporting him from Brazil, i`m expecting some great changes in world-wide economy as well.
Finally third, and the main reason to contact you, as a successful game developer, i want to ask you something: I have a great idea for a game,
all my friend keep saying i`ll be rich for that, i`m starting to trust them. ok, no more wasting you`re time... who i`m suposed to talk to sell the idea?
Would you be interested in helping me out here, cause Brazil`s game developers sucks! Sorry about the awfull english... ok, thanks for your time.
Ahn, great job in your blog also! Rafael:

Anonymous said...

I loved Lionel Toy Story as a kid (in preference to Toys R Us). Also I've been feeling kind of sad for Sarah Palin -- she looked so sad last night. Wish I could care more about this WWF competition thing (politics), but I'll try to lie and pretend, like everyone else :D :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

oooh oooh ooh and Leech Mere. How do you spell that? Leach Mear? It's said like that. Leach... meer... kind of like Fryes. Fun stuff as a kid.

I think being born in 1982 I was slightly too old for the Sears catalog, but my mom tells me I still got one, just didn't stare and stare at it, and it was called "The Wish Book," if that rings anyone's bells.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Looking at the "preview images" (lack of a better term)on your last 2 videos, you have the same face in both of them. Ha?

Anonymous said...

was it just me or did it look like jaffe was trying real hard to hold back a shit eating grin when he said v8 arcade was the only next gen car combat game?

I kind of figured the eat sleep play guys would pay attention to v8, i'm die hard twisted metal but v8 is great in its own way.

The game is kind of flawed, i've been playing it and its has several bugs, some of them you wonder how they missed them but if i read correctly Isopod studios is only like a 4-8 man staff.

When it comes down to it tho, it was $10 and its several hours of good fun.

maartyrr said...

i looked and looked for you jaffe and co on V8, and sadly I didn't find you lol. I did get a chance to play a couple of the developers and we had a blast. What did you think of the game itself Dave?

Anonymous said...

why the hell anyone would be against the choice of abortion is fucking beyond me. dickheads

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I keep finding people on LIVE who have no fucking clue what they're doing. They're just fodder.
Not that I'm epic good, but these people hardly shoot.

st00pidity; I agree, the game DOES have some flaws. I dunno if they were intended or not. The gameplay itself it just flawed. I completely agree with the physics being off on this game. The tiniest bump in the road can send you SOARING UNCONTROLLABLY and that gets extremely annoying very quickly. Also if you back toward a wall the camera sorta bugs out for a few seconds. :|
CliffyB, you mentioned that this game has more realistic physics in comparison to TM, and I don't really agree completely. As I said above, the smallest of things can send you spiraling into some retarded flipfest. But realism in terms of speed I agree with, and I dislike it. A lot. After running head-on into another player, you kinda get stuck to each other. It really bites if you're out of weapons and your opponent isn't. You can't move forward in the least, and if you attempt to move backwards your opponent can just accelerate into you. He moves forward faster than you move back. Therefore you are stuck.

Carlton; You got to play some of the devs? That's pretty cool. This game DOES have voice chat enabled, right? I have yet to hear anyone over mic so I'm not too sure. Maybe I'll try to find out later.

Anyway, CliffyB, I hope to see you on playing sometime, although I bet you just make custom private games with your fellow devs so I doubt I ever will.

Keep it real

maartyrr said...

Yeah it was a real blast. I took down ryan from isopod 3 straight matches in a row yesterday - he started to get frustrated by the end of it. I'm always up for a challenge my xbox tag is: laid to death -add me if you would like.

When I first started to play V8, I was constantly crashing and flipping over, but after about 4 hours I finally was able to get used to the handling. Its true that they did attempt realism- for example if you were driving on the roads in the farm level and you decide to cut through a patch of grass/dirt and don't slow down - you'll end up wiping out. I found that its easies to hit the breaks and then re-accelerate back up to speed when crossing over different terrain. Also when spinning out, go with the turn lol j/k.

Joel said...

so the video is down! damn!

anyways, im really disappointed to hear prop8 was passed! and here i thought election night was a step FORWARD! agh!

how can the population really believe that gay people don't deserve the same rights as straight people? what THEE fuck.

anyways, i totally loved finding the toy section in catalogs too!

Anonymous said...

Yeah carlton, after playing the quest mode on hard with a few characters, and having the patience to sit and get used to the fucked up physics you get use to it, even when i'm in the air now i can pretty much make sure i'm going to land upright.

I have the camera vs wall problem, its not so bad but on the farmland level both barns contain health and if you don't manage o drive straight through them, you'll be stuck inside them for a good minute or 2 blindly bumping against walls.

online play is a blast, i hate the lobby thing tho, in fact i hate that in every game on console, they need to take a note from PC games and just switch to the next god damn level.

If Jaffe or anyone else wants to play with me: BentRooster is my xboxlive.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

XBL tag: GrYnder87

I'll be adding both of you next time I turn on my console. It'll be gooood times.

Miguel said...

I'm glad to have been alive to see nov. 4, 2008. It was the first time in a LONG while I've been proud to be an American.

as for catalogs...yeah, I remember getting together with my cousins and taking markers and pens and circling everything in those toys 'r' us catalogs.

Anonymous said...


I thought this might interest you, as someone who makes games, who appreciates the u3 engine, and enjoys a good read.

I don't know if you've ever read Ender's Game (however I'm sure you have), but when reading about the battle room, i remember thinking "man this would make a fun game", nothing to serious, and now that we have the ability to download arcade games, what better game to make?

Anonymous said...

Dude, you are fucking awesome. And i thought i was a "dork".

Jason T. said...

hey dave, long time watcher/reader to your site, first time commenter.

I just have to say I agree with you about the bullet proof glass. It's sad that we have to think this way, but the reality is there are those out there that want to harm Obama not just because of his political stance, or even the color of his skin, but because he is the leader of the free world. There are those that want to threaten our way of life. plain and simple. That being said, I'm so excited with the possibility for change, finally. I don't think I've ever been so charged up. here's hoping he can deliver.

Anonymous said...

YEAHH christmas time! i'm excited! it snowed in my area of Michigan for the first time today and my band ( decided we will be making a Christmas album today! haha! Southern-metal themed christmas music of course!

i have by now become a regular reader of your blog you're such an interesting (though my friends might disagree) person and its so cool to see the real life trials and tribs of the person who is behind something that has been such a huge part of my life since i was a little kid (the TM series)

Eric said...


I am a student in college studying computer science. I was wondering what a programmer like you would use to make games. Right now i'm using Microsoft Visual Studio and making small 2d rpg games.. What program would you recommend to use?

Irondog666 said...

Hey David glad to know that you voted for Obama and everything. I did too waited 3 hours and was a half hour late for work cause of it (serves me right for thinking I was gonna waltz through it in an hour). Had to listen to some kids cry with their mom for 3 hours cause they didn't want to be there. She kept saying "oh I want them to be apart of this historical election" and I was like "lady your kids are 2 and 3 they won't remember this and they don't want to be here. We let that bitch cut to the front of the damn line (like in front of 40 damn people) so her kids and her would leave and stop their damn screaming.

Voted strictly democratic because hell its easier that way (only one bubble to fill out) and I have democratic views. Voted Yes on legalizing medical Marijuana in the state of Michigan (which passed) and yes on embryonic stem cell research (which also passed). As far as the whole assasination plot thing on Obama with those Nazi fucks and people talking about how Obama is gonna get shot and the bullet proof glass. I worry about it too he has to be very careful. I think he will have plenty of protection but if something god forbid did happen we are way better off even with Joe Biden than crazy ass McCain or Palin.

Christmas is a great holiday, I am a christian so I understand the "birth of jesus" and all that stuff but its a great holiday cause its such a "giving" holiday and whether your religious. Anyways I love reading your blogs they are very interesting. I think the first time I came here I read the thing about "fuck these little cans of fuck" about not drinking pop/soda (or w/e the fuck you call it). How is that pop/soda diet going?

Anonymous said...

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