Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Last Post Of The Year + Nyquil Dreams + WIN AN EAT SLEEP PLAY JACKET!


Wow- that didn't take long. I guess I should have said the FUNNIEST overall cause there were some funny ones in there. But according to the rules- that I made up while tired and getting my first buzz of Nyquil- the FIRST 2 things to make me smile/laugh are the winners. So with that said, here they are:

Lateralus sent me this that both amused me and made me kind of sick to my stomach:

And then this little gem from Delriach! Fucking love this! Where did it come from? How did I miss this?!?!

So there you have it. The first ever winners of the official EAT SLEEP PLAY jacket!

If you two guys will shoot me your emails in this post, I will get your jackets mailed out around the 5th of January. They are both the same size I think and I don't recall what that size is. And as always, I am not responsible- nor is EAT SLEEP PLAY- for getting you the jacket at all, getting it to you by a certain time, making sure you don't do stupid shit with the jacket,etc...we WILL send it but just saying that once it hits the mail, we're off the hook :)

But when you get it, would love to get a pic of you wearing it for the blog :)

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe, have fun, and thanks so much for all the great support over the last year!


Check back once the ball drops Pacific Time to see who the 2 winners are :)


Unknown said...

what's your email address?

grasshopper said...

Yea...Did you mean just post links here?

Also your holiday card has me curious Mr. Wonka...hopefully you know what I'm talking about.

caveman1993 said...

Smile at it

caveman1993 said...

I choose that video because i saw on twitter that u want a DOG see i care

Dave Wellington said...


This is my favourite video.

Anonymous said...

Don't know your email but here.

John Wegehaupt said...


this makes me laugh everytime i watch it! such a great commercial

GamingOwl said...

Here was made my Christmas day. Happy holidays David. http://www.dogwork.com/dogsnow/

Adam Diedrich said...


Not sure if you are a fan of scrubs but i am and I found this hilarious, at least the first time.

btw huge fan here and can't wait to see your return to "feature length" games.

Merc said...

sent you a message on twitter, check the time stamp :)

Corey Chaplan said...


Delriach said...


I always smile when I see that. Then I just start laughing, lol.


Dave Wellington said...

This is the other video I thought of.


:) My email is shared in my profile, if i win :)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Delriach said...



Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

This gets my family laughing when we're in the mood for something funny.


Good ol' Jeff Dunham and a little racist ventriloquism.

Delriach said...


grief said...


Delriach said...


grasshopper said...

Dammit this is hard...I keep getting distracted

Maybe I'll get lucky with your NyQuil buzz

Whats better than watching stupid people hurt themselves?

Delriach said...


Gekkoton said...

I hope you like cats :)


Anonymous said...

Nice video here: "
Alisa Miller: Why we know less than ever about the world"


Anonymous said...

Wizards vs Cyborgs

Anonymous said...


This is my favourite video ever!

grasshopper said...


Funny in a not smile way...the comments help :)

Anonymous said...

David, another even better Ted talk than my previous entry:


Anonymous said...

Hey look at that one :


Anonymous said...


An excellent vertical slice demo of a indie game made by a small group of forward thinking developers. Definitely play with sound.

Anonymous said...


My cat eating a bird with an excellent soundtrack. I can think of few things more smile-inducing. I guess you can give me the info on my guaranteed win by leaving me a msg on my youtube account. Happy new year dammit.

Anonymous said...


That is my official submission :P

Anonymous said...

Hope you like it, Jaffe. Have a great new years! Good luck to you, Scott, and the rest of you guys at Eat Sleep Play with your new game!



Anonymous said...

Hope you like it, Jaffe. Have a great new years! Good luck to you, Scott, and the rest of you guys at Eat Sleep Play with your new game!


Sorry to post this twice. Accidentally posted anon the first time.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I lol'd


Darren Huynh said...


Anonymous said...


This guy has his own style for telling the truth like it is. Seriously funny, but seriously true.

erico316 said...

i give this a try fan of the games you have help design
if you want to expand your blog i would suggest using the playstation blog capcom had used its to increased it blog hits
i know you use it once this year twisted metal for the psp i believe
have a happy new year david jaffe
your fan eric

Anonymous said...


Something I whipped up whilst feeling playful and happy.

Anonymous said...



Whoops. Looks like the end of my link got cut off last time.

Anonymous said...

Okay, what the hell. Just add atos4.jpg to the end of the link...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

made me smile today =) http://instantcaruso.com/

Anonymous said...


my e-mail is delewis7@yahoo.com

I don't think it will make you smile, unless you like watched it when you were young like I did.

The Quacking King said...


The Quacking King said...


Unknown said...


Freytag said...


MerlijnVH said...

Hey David!

Seeing as you've been enjoying Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots so much. I thought you might get a laugh out of this. Its pretty old but still really funny. :)


Duhville said...

Hope you enjoy this


Duhville said...

Also...enjoy this


Anonymous said...

@dave jaffe

So your into chick flick, rap and animals movies.Wow dude, that is the complete opposite of God of war.Lol.
How many of your blogs do you usually do on a weekly basis?Oh and when your making Twisted metal could you make it a little less arcady?It does have to be like gran turismo it seems way to arcady.You try to turn a little bit and you end up doing a 360.Thanks and it would be great if you could post a response.

Anonymous said...


may not make you smile, but it sure as hell will make you think.

take care David


MvmntInGrn said...

The ideas for the blog sound great. The fact you considered stopping/going on hiatus shows that maybe something wasn't going the right way. Glad to see you have thought it out and decided to change the style rather than stop blogging! Looking forward to whatever you end up posting.

As for funny material, I have included the pictures below and figured you would like them seeing as you were big into the election. Enjoy!






Note: None of the pictures are created by me, but they are funny. :)

Anonymous said...

This gets me every time. No reason, just awesome.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

check this out its hilarious its called JIZ in My Pants, and Dick in a box. no its not gay its funny.



hope i win peace.

Alex said...

Here's my "submission".. :P
Enjoy it. :)


Happy new year everybody! :D

Unknown said...

I think the idea of adding some more technical background to the blog will be great, but really, don't stop criticizing things... it inspires your readers to not be passive about things.

simon said...



Unknown said...

I like this video here David:


The song is in Portuguese and basically it says "Beber, Cair, Levantar" or Drink, Fall, Get up.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...


haha this is an awsome video... even if you found your two winners you should still watch this.

Anonymous said...

haha my sorry for two posts but i found another funny one...


Lex_Yayo_407 said...



koncise said...


Anonymous said...

Lol, Since you love kids xD

Unknown said...

I think the new direction for your blog is a great idea, but I also really enjoy your criticisms, either way I'll still check the blog. Here's my submission, it's a video I made at my job for Christmas:


Anonymous said...


haha last one i promise

Unknown said...


Nokage said...

I'm sure after all these posts there has to have been something to make you laugh by now so i'll throw two more in just for fun.




Briankbl said...


Briankbl said...


Briankbl said...

My FAVORITE if I need a good laugh!


Gazzo said...

I'd shoot ya some links, but after 76 people or whatever, there's noway you could've not smiled at any of 'em, heh.

However...i <3 u Jaffe.

Wait. What do you mean that didn't make you smile!?!!! :)

Regarding the actual video post, I say, as long as you don't stop being personal with people and don't stop blogging, I'm game. I really like the style of your blog because it's not so "professional." In fact, this is the only blog I really follow.

Gazzo said...

Oh, and thanks for a great year, your blog really lightened up my day on more than one occasion.

That cookie dough thing, although understandable, was ridiculous though. :)

See ya next year, Dave.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe mixing Syrup w/ Spirit....Now I've seen everything :) why cant all developers be like you.

Anonymous said...

A Must Watch! - http://www.dabontv.com/animation43.html



Tons of funny videos here - http://www.cinemawoof.com/video/3757/Dog-Humps-Cat/

Crossopholis said...

Well, first off, as for changing your blog, I liked just hearing about what was going on in your life. I like knowing how a popular video game designer lives, and I don't come here to read about games (though I do also enjoy it when you post about them).

Also, it's your blog. Who's to say it's NOT your place to call out individual people on your own damn blog? You did it with politicians who screwed up, why would it be any different with anyone else if that's how you really feel?

Anyway, I know I'm not one of the first two, but:



Both should at least make you smile/say "wow, who would want to build that?" Happy new years.

Unknown said...

Hey Jaffe,

I built a boat once, never stopped smiling since. I think you might like it.


Reale said...


that is someones university work that they handed in! read the message at the end!

and if that doesnt do it for you (which it should!) then there is this, a great song about love and mario kart!!!!! (not by me)


Dan said...


Vulcan Park and Museum is home to the world's largest cast iron statue and features spectacular panoramic views of Birmingham.

I hope this brings a smile to you, b/c it does for me also.

Have a good New Year, It will be a fantastic year for you (and me.)


cjtiger300 said...

I think I might have found your email, but just in case, I am going to put it here!

Spawnofmoose said...

David check this out -


Christian Bale = Kermit?

the boss said...

this makes me laugh everytime i watch


Jonathan Crossley said...


maxte said...


Dre said...

sweet home alabama


Unknown said...

This one involves Cory Barlog and you're sorta mentioned a bit.


Crossopholis said...

Whoops, I accidentally posted the same link twice earlier. Sorry 'bout that. Here's the real second link:


maxte said...


Dre said...

tacy jordan, best part starts at 1:03


Guru said...

I know you like disgusting / shocking things, so read this...


It probably won't make you smile, but I've already probably lost that contest.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


I don't know if you've seen this before because it's pretty old, but it made me smile when I first saw it. Even if I don't win you should check this out because it's amusing.

My PSN name is KonfusedKat, maybe we could hang out on Home sometime.

Sadeq said...

Man, you keep kind of bashing CAC and, to me and my bro at least, it's one of the best PS3 games (including blu-ray games, not just PSN). That game made us jump and laugh for many long nights. But since you said there are things you would have done differently, so here's a question: if Sony came to you and said make CAC 2, what would you do to make a more successful (sales wise, at least) sequel?

Anonymous said...


The title says it all. Just watch first few seconds and it's enough. Even the most badass bastards smile at this! :) (though Kratos would surely tear him apart :(). Happy New Year folks!

PS Things like this never get old ^^.
PS 2 Hope the contest is still going on...

M302a said...

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

maartyrr said...




hopefully you find these amusing

Anonymous said...



Mikee said...

Let this video play out.


[PARiAH!] said...

Yeah...Try this one...



Zodiak said...

Ok Dave, I don't see a email addy, but I do have one from last year's contest...hopefully it won't go to some HR girl working at Sony...LOL!

Anywho, this will make that nasty cold go away...


see ya next year Dave!!! =]


Zodiak said...

Dave, got another one for ya!! Are you electric man? I know you seeing this...but WHERREEEEE?


[PARiAH!] said...

Here's one more




VGambit said...

It's rather impossible for me to win at this point, but fuck it. This made me smile yesterday.


My email is
vigilantgambit _at- gmail.com

Zodiak said...

more laughs dave,


and the best ad ever..WHERRE YA GOIN SPIDERMAN???


Zodiak said...

hey I'm on a roll Dave lol




Anonymous said...


yutopang at gmail dot com


gamestopper said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
gamestopper said...

This is so funny:

David Doel said...

Probably too late, but hope you like it regardless.


Brice Gilbert said...


PlayStation Museum said...

This will make you smile:


playstationmuseum at gmail dot com

PlayStation Museum said...


Also, this one wasn't too bad.

Anonymous said...


A friend sent it to me today.

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you need my email, it's digitalcerberus@aim.com

PlayStation Museum said...

Dave, you MUST see these. These are real commercials. The product was a failure of course. Aids wasn't a well-known disease when the product launched.




PlayStation Museum said...

Ok, this gave me a laugh. I would have soiled my pants if that was me.


PlayStation Museum said...

OMG, I'm so happy he's almost out of office.


PlayStation Museum said...


Classic one!!!

PlayStation Museum said...

Family Guy version of my last post:


Anonymous said...

hey dave..

fuck theres alot of comments, generall theres like 25 or so?

as much as i know you want to change how you come across, i dont think theres anything wrong with speaking your mind..as long as on a personal level the people your commenting against know its not a personal thing, cause im sure if they made those same comments towards you that it would be understood that its not personal....that said i hope you caught the recent post on kotaku where they did comment positively towards you and your personality...so i know its not just me that appreciates it

also because generally you share the opinions with a vast number of gamers...and if your voicing those opinions, and they are infact heard then i hope the people take it to heart...cause lets be honest that add was not as "today" as it could have been

also there was a post like a year ago on kotaku where the developers showed pics of their gaming areas and offices...it was awesome but you only had shown your office...if its something your comfertable in doing you should totally show us your gaming/tv area...i think it would be really nice (maybe its just me)

(im probably going to repost this on a later blog since its likely buried in 120+ youtube links lol)

anyways hope you and your family have a wicked awesome new years

DeathMammoth said...



Watch the whole thing it gets better :)

SonyJunkie said...

God people are greedy. As soon as you give something away people swarm to it. I think you should speak your mind, that is a huge reason that I watch your vids and I just like how you are down to earth with everything.

Don't know your email but here is the vid that I think is cool. I really want a jacket. I want to wear it to school so bad.


Anonymous said...


thought this was cool!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's too late but i hope you have a wonderful and a happy New Year David,check this link out, guaranteed to make you laugh ;).

Brice Gilbert said...

That second one with Kojima came from a video Konami released on April Fools Day before MGS4 came out. It was about 10 minutes of the beginning of MGS4 but with the main character of Assassin's Creed as Snake. At the end of the video Kojima comes in and says that.

Anonymous said...

Italian Spiderman



Anonymous said...

Ha, Awesome. I'm glad I was able to make you smile. My email address is prolatrevol@gmail.com. If you just shoot me an email I can give you my information. Now I will have an awesome jacket I can brag to my friends about.

Delriach said...

my email is delriach@gmail.com


Delriach said...

Here is the full video of where that little clip comes from.


Anonymous said...

Don't stop blogging,I think it's awesome that you do it.

Guy said...

Please don't stop blogging I enjoy listening to your posts a lot and enjoy hearing what it's like being a game developer as I want to be one myself.

Anonymous said...

hey dave whats up... how was your christmas and new years..... i was just wondering do you guys have a exact date for jsut announcing your game

Anonymous said...

Grats to those that won the sweet shwag!

IMO Dave a focused blog is a good way to go. I like the sound of your goals. I know you don't have ill will or disrespect when you call people out on things but, it still can create issues none the less.


Delriach said...

I haven't gotten any email yet, I just want to know if that is a good thing or not >_>

Anonymous said...

Maybe as a consolation prize you'll let some persons join your club in Home? :D

Anonymous said...

Hey man I just wanted to say how much recpect I have for you.It's awsome that your so high in the game industry and still so down to earth.I love the fact that u have your own blog and reach out to your fans like that.Love your games I was always a fan of twisted metal and I think god of war is the best story written for a game so far.My peronal favorite Kratos is unmatched by any game character.And even though I know most people on here are trying to get to talk to you and this is a ___________long shot.If you every were looking to chat or play a good game of motorstorm 2 or resistance 2 online hit me up that would be fucking awesome.My psn screen name is chad22hkd and if any one on here is looking for a challenge in motorstorm 2 look me up.I have gotten pretty good at that one.Well have a good one your fan chad

felman said...

Don't stop blogging. How many game devs are this colloquial with their fans?

Anonymous said...

well I've seen the 1st pic of the new TM.

Lookin sweet!

Anonymous said...

It's a shame I missed my chance, I know an AWESOME youtube video that words can't quite describe! Take it easy David, all the best for 2009! Part of me wants God of War III to flop now just so you'll get critical :p

Anonymous said...

make a new post. damn it.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to apologise.

In regard to the leaked pic of your new game.

I wouldn't have posted this link if I had any idea that it was an unintentional leak.

After reading the interview I really thought it was planned.

So, sorry to you Dave and the team at ESP.

Anonymous said...


haha this is really funny

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