Thursday, February 14, 2008

A great Valentine's Day Gift!!!

My childhood hero is back! The Indy 4 trailer- like a Valentine's gift to my inner 10 year old-was just waiting for me when I got up to my mac this morning. Let me tell you, if you have not yet seen it, it does not disappoint. It feels more like Crusade in it's tone and humor- much as you can deduce the end result from a trailer- and less like the edgy Raiders and Temple but I'll take 1000 Last Crusades over 95% of the films out these days. So yeah, I am a happy ass camper. No doubt.

And the film- far as I can tell from the little window on my mac- LOOKS great. It LOOKS like an old adventure movie from back in the day. I know this is what the filmmakers were going for and it seems like they nailed it.

So thanks Spielberg and Lucas.

And and thanks to my brother too.

Wait, my brother?!?! What'd he have to do with the way Indy 4 looks?!?!

Well...a little, anyway!

Get this! This is the personal cool news I wanted to share ages ago but could not:

My motherfucking brother WORKED on this freaking masterpiece! YEP! He was 2nd unit asst. camera on the truck chase that you see in today's very trailer!!!! Imagine that! He and I were just kids when we were both swept away by the first Raiders, both falling in love with the movies! And now, he's not only making movies (he's been doing that for many years), but he's fucking making not just a STEVEN SPIELBERG movie...he's making an INDIANA JONES movie!!! OH MAN! How nuts will that be to watch this movie with him and when that scene comes on- how cool!

Ok, heading out. Taking my daughters to our first annual daddy-daughter Valentine Day breakfast! Guess what swanky place they picked? They could have picked anywhere in the city and they picked...McDonalds! :) Kids after my own heart!

Later ya'll! Have a great Valentine's Day!



Anonymous said...

Oh man, I saw this teaser when I was at the movies. It was so awesome that I just left the theater and got a refund :-p but the teaser was everything I hoped for and that warehouse scene looks incredible! The whip action looks excellent, just cant wait for this, Indy is back!!

AJ Papa said...

Indiana FUCKING JONES! With my birthday being today I couldn't of ask for a better gift. You have such a creative family Jaffe; I'm kinda jealous.

Unknown said...

Damn! Dave! What do you think that warehouse they have the chase in means? Is it the same one from Raiders?

Speculations galore! :D

Torgo said...

I've watched that trailer about 5 or 6 times now, and I can't wait. It looks so fucking awesome!!!! What a great year it's going to be for movies with titles like Indy 4, The Dark Knight Returns, Hellboy 2, and Iron Man!

Anonymous said...

and to think...Indy 4 could have been directed by Mr. Jaffe himself, which would ultimately lead to no TM, GOW, or ESP for that matter. Thank god fate has delivered you to us, the gaming community. At least in this industry, you have greater control over your product.

Anonymous said...

man your brothr is lucky i alwas wanted to make movie i have 4 scrips seting of my shelf tell the day i make movies.

hay Jaffe do you ever go to convetions? the one thats here in Sep called Realms Con, im trying to get a Twisted Metal Contest going. ^_^

i also cant wate for this movie, i havent seen Indiana Jones in a long time.

Anonymous said...

LOL McDonalds! That's awesome.

-rallyRAYS- said...

After seeing the new trailer, i have an urge to run out and pick-up the previous movies.

Anyone know if the previous movies will be released on Blu-Ray? anytime soon?


Anonymous said...

i gotta say my day was shitty, i woke up to go to the bank. becuase i pre-ordered a dvd set and i guess i did not have enough money in the account so i have to rush to the bank put money in and call the place to say hey now you can take it out. anyways i wake up grab my cell phone of my dresser and what do you know, it breaks.

so i go up town anyways use my work phone(i work at a Shell gas station) and what do you know my tire went flat!!!! AHHH at this point im ripping my hair out.

so i put my money in the bank and come home, and i started watching the INDY 4 trailer. and holy crap it turned my bad day into a good one. i'm really digging how he is using his whip in this movie, it just looks so cool, and harrison looks like he is having a ball doing the stunts.

PM said...

i dont know if maybe im reading your post wrong, but are you saying that you like temple better than crusade? i must be reading it wrong. ..

"your a teacher?"
"part time"

loved that part. cant wait for the real deal.

David Jaffe said...

Crusade was the better movie.

But Temple and Raiders felt more like they lived in the same pulp world. With Crusade there was a knowingness that the characters seemed to have that they were in a big studio movie, the way it was all shot and no longer had the same energy. It felt sanitized. Still loved it- and as a movie experience goes Crusade trumps Temple- but to me, the worlds and characters and overall experience presented in Crusade was less than that of Temple...and way less than that of Raiders (best movie ever).

PM said...

i see what your saying. what i didn't like about temple was the fact that there was no sallah or brody, or really any of the characters from the first movie in it and to me it made it feel disconnected from the series

grasshopper said...

Man that looks great!! Can't wait until its out. That is pretty freakin nuts your Bro is working on it, if I were you I would have hid myself in his trunk and tried to make my way onto the set. Does this equal some kinda early screening for the Jaffes?

-rallyRAYS- said...

aahh... David I see your cinematic points, but those points are just not valid... because Crusade had the smokin' hot Dr. Elsa Schneider!



Quez_CaitSith said...

Any developements concerning the canadian version of TM HO ETE??

I still want my soundtrack and my artbook. Remember, it's written on the canadian game box as included.

deadgopher said...

Fuck yeah, fast food! Who the hell wants to live to 50 anyways?

Jori said...

David whats up man. can I please have the email address of you or your partner Scott Campbell. I would like to share with you some concepts that i have. they really arent lame, and think you would appreciate a fan that could contribute intelligently. please man, shoot me an email, i dont know yours. my email is

David Jaffe said...

Jori- hey.

No I am sorry, you may not. Not to be an ass, but we don't read ideas or designs from folks outside our company because of potential in, we could already have been working on a grape peeling/lawnmower competition video game and you send us a design and we read it and then you think the idea(s) came from you....sorry about that. I'm sure you've got some sweet ideas and I hope you can get yourself into a position to execute those ideas and make lots of folks happy.

Real sorry about that man, I know it's a bummer.


Anonymous said...

Indy is back. Through chaos, strife, termoil and a good bit of adventure...all will be right with the world.


-rallyRAYS- said...

Dude, you stole my idea, the grape peeling/lawnmower competition video was something came up with years ago.. but it probably belongs to SONY just like my soul... i should have read the fine print when i took the job!!!


Unknown said...

Hey David,
first time comment leaver on your blog site dealy here. Just want to say I loved God of war, just a wicked silly hot game!....Have yet to jump into the sequel but I will for sure. Anyway I am also a canadian and also recieved no artbook or soundtrack code for TM:HO ETE, and was also wondering what the current situation was in regards to helping us canadians out lol. Thanks for your time and your kick ass games


Joel said...

duude, speaking of a valentines day gift.. HAVE to download the new patapon demo for PSP.

its more fun that even i was expecting!


tryyy it.

Anonymous said...

God, David your fucking brother rocks!
all hail Indiana Jones!

Jori said...

its cool man. i new there was prolly some legal issues somewhere. so all of your ideas come from only people who are working there? ok, well, im actually creating my own blog with my artwork and stuff. i'll post some ideas, but "not for you." maybe you can just post on my blog if you think if those are cool ideas or not. no harm in that right? take it easy man, thanks for replying.

-rallyRAYS- said...

Mr. J,

I have a question, would you rather be working in games or film?

When do you think we will see a game that has it ALL, emotional character performance, true cinematic camera work and layout, with a solid well developed story? 2 years? 5 years? 10 years?

I think Heavenly Sword has set the bar for ingame character emotional performance, and I think the Metal Gear has established itself as a leader with their cinematic layout and cut scene quality and pacing. Then there is God of War, with it's epic HIGHLY entertainting story telling. (I had to make sure I didn't forget GOW's story telling... and give your game props). High point of GOW was meeting the grave digger, and then later coming out of your own grave... freakin' classic moment.

Just curious... I hope you share your thoughts. As a developer, I think it is possible to acheive all three, but would enjoy hearing when you think this might happen. I know I want to MAKE this happen... someday.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated vday haha

I made it ESPecially for you..enjoy


Anonymous said...

Hey DAVE! Congrats on your Keynote at GDC! I've been wanting to go hear you speak on getting into the gaming industry. I'm hoping someone is illegally recording your speech so I can hear it. The reason I say this is because I'll be in UTAH trying to get an interview with EAT SLEEP PLAY in order to get a job with them while your at GDC. (don't worry I know you don't live in Utah) So congrats on your keynote!!!

Anonymous said...

In regards to Twisted Metal on the PS3...I was wondering if you all are in full production yet??

If not, would your team be open to hosting an open suggestions forum on the development?

Just saying I've heard some awesome ideas for what direction to take the franchise in, and great ideas from lots of people. I just think as fans perhaps you'd like to indulge.

Thanks for reading, Thorn

STICH666 said...

Hey Dave. I was wondering if you know the name of the voice actor who played Calypso in Head On? Oh and is there any chance of a port of a Twisted Metal game on the Xbox live Arcade? Thanks.

STICH666 said...

Oh I forgot. Contact me at or my phone at (631)-859-0880

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, I'm sitting here with my thumb sore while Twisted Metal Head-On is on pause. I just have to ask, what the fuck is up with using the D-pad instead of analog stick to move your car? 30 minutes into the game and my thumb already hurts. I love it in 60FPS, but I can't play it long enough because of poor D-pad choice. Seriously man, wtf?