Wednesday, March 05, 2008

VIDEO BLOG: Overproduced Games + Code Monkeys Take II + Obama/Clinton?!?!



Simply enough.

I am done drinking Diet Coke...or any diet soda.

I've been drinking this slow suicidal sludge for most of my life. And not just my adult like...but most of my ENTIRE life. Well no more.

My gut tells me it's toxic and bad for me, even tho Coke says otherwise. I know it must be addicting because I crave these little cans of fuck like nobody's business. In the future, I would be stunned if we did NOT see a congressional hearing where makers of this shit-in-a-can are forced to admit to putting addictive chemicals into the blend.

Going to get on water, mainly sparkling water, so I get that carbonation bite that I love...and then just hunker down and try to beat this thing.

God, my biggest loss will be no longer having my Diet Coke and Popcorn that I get at the movies. But I will not make exceptions. I'll just snuggle in my sparkling water.

Fuck you, Coke.

Fuck you up your stupid Coca-Cola ass.
END EDIT+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Hey ya'll!

Working away, not alot of time to post today but wanted to get something up. I've got this crazy idea about trying to post SOMETHING once a clue if I got enough stuff to blog about for that much it may remain a dream...or I may just TRY it for a month and see what happens! :) Take it easy ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Your not talking about Halo 3 are ya? ;-)

By the way you blog is awesome.

Anonymous said...

You don't really need a guest dude, it be cool just to have you answer peoples questions.

Det. Conan said...

Are you talking about Metal Gear Solid 4 by the way?

about the news that Kojima is not satisfied by the current visual results because of the bluray storage?

50GB is not enough for him and he is still not satisfied!!!!

watched your interview and it was a cool thing and you were the best in dodging these cunning questions..

Cheers from Birmingham, David.

Anonymous said...


grasshopper said...

Uggh on the topic of soundtracks that suck and don't fit the feel of the game I'm voting for Burnout Paradise. What the hell were they thinking!! Not as bad with it being a racing game though its pretty much just background noise that can be removed. I hope Sony or Criterion will throw us a bone and add something to fix that mess :(

Good idea on not naming the game, we don't need the shit hitting the fan again :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you! "Pop" videogames just seem to be another place for more awful top 40. But I discovered a band named 16 Volt that provided the entire soundtrack for Primal on PS2 and I really enjoy them. They actually gave the game the right kind of vibe. Not another lame rock song.

Nathan Herzog said...

I agree with you grasshoppa, I liked Burnout but 80% of those songs were shit, ok, not my type of music. I looked for some way to put the music I have on my PS3 into the game, no luck.

So I was thinking because I work in the industry I thought of bringing in my webcam and hooking it up to my work computer to join in on these Stickam video blogs, I dont think I would want to be a special guest though because I'm just a level/asset artist but I would be up to joining in.

Anonymous said...

muahahaha it's Burnout Paradise. I hate the soundtrack in that game too.

Anonymous said...

I regret not submitting a piece to the Twisted Metal documentary... My brother, cousins, and I have been playing TM since we were young-- and recently, my 15-year old sister and my girlfriend have all been playing Head-On.

Great job, Jaffe! TMHO's gameplay is absolutely perfect. Change nothing.

Click on my name to see a portrait my gf painted for me of Sweet Tooth for my bday-- which will be hanging on my wall soon.

maartyrr said...

What's your feelings about advertisements in a video game? Is that overkill to you or does actually help pay for the game - or is it just an excuse for cingular find another advertisment outlet?

if you are hard at work at the next tm...change the engine or tweak it...the sliding physics on the cars are insane...innnssaaaannnee...i feel like the cars are on skates and not wheels.

da criminal said...

Carlton, which is the main car you drive that gives you that feeling? What game has driving physics that you like?

Anonymous said...

It'd be cool if you would do these live chats during the weekends, so some of us who are outsite of your timezone could be able to participate.

As for the "Overproduced Games" subject, I think I understand what you mean but I can't really recall any time that I've feelt like some emotion has been forced forth trough a game. However I do realise how much consideration can be put into this, and hopefully game designers will.

Anonymous said...

I say do it every other day, everday is a bit much,

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal Head on is no where near perfect obviously, but im not even sure what team actually made that game?

Anyways, let's see if you can get some good phyiscs going in with the game, gameplay is king and graphics and gameplay would knock peoples socks off for tm 3. TM 1 is still my fave, love everything about it. Just feels nice, menus, levels etc

Jackie Fhan

wtfgrouch said...

Brett - Primal was a great game and I agree that the 16 Volt soundtrack complemented the game very well.

Dave - They way you talked about the game, it sounds like you might have been playing Burnout Paradise... I really enjoy the gameplay a lot, but I found myself annoyed by the soundtrack so much so that I had to turn it off. A custom soundtrack option would great, but we'll see ;-/

Great post today!


Anonymous said...

BTW, sometimes, do you ever think, nothing matters? I know you have your opinions as does everyone else, but have you ever gone deeper and given everything a thought.. that everything is simply a learned trait that you have. So you learned it from someone else that thought or did this or that in whatever way, so what is truly right?? :)

Jackie Fhan

Temascos said...

Yeah, agree with you there David, some games can be WAY overproduced and it shows, Devil May Cry 4 is a good example of this.

There are only two battle themes, but time has been dedicated to pointless T&A esque scenes, and characters almost entirely wasted. And forced emotion? I did not care for Kyrie at all, no character development and just a damsel in distress, and yet Nero is crying for her and I'm thinking "GIVE US A REASON TO CARE FOR THIS CHICK CAPCOM!"

But I gotta disagree with you about custom soundtracks, when a developer decides to have them in the game it essentially limits the potential for memorable music from the game. Imagine if Super Mario Bros had custom soundtracks, it would be cool, but not memorable, "Yeah, when I play Ratchet and Clank I tear that stuff up with some Slipnot!" I certainly don't even want the OPTION of it in games, but most people do so I guess that's the way it's gonna go.

Anonymous said...

da_criminal and carlton (please read):

See how funny it is that I wrote a message right above carlton's telling Jaffe not to change anything in TMHO's gameplay, but carlton's complaint about the gameplay got an immediate response?

I think that's what makes you rock, Jaffe. You absorb compliments, but you assess the complaints.

That's good, because: (a) you're looking to improve your games; and (b) you don't need someone to tell you your shit don't stink.

But therein lies a problem: If you want to "improve" the game to carlton's delight, you may be making it more like TM3 or TMB-- where they got the feeling of driving a car right, but it was "too realistic".

Jaffe, I'm sure your main concern is opening TM to those who aren't fans yet, and instead of making a B-movie/game equivalent, making it a blockbuster, and honestly, that's what I think you need to do.

Sell more TM = More $ for ESP = you up the worth of the company

Now, I have tons of ideas on how to make TM more accessible to the general public-- but gameplay-wise, LEAVE IT ALONE. It's not broke. Nothing to fix. TMHO has the most solid gameplay of any game I've played in a long time. If my 15-year old sister who exclusively plays Mario Party and Guitar Hero can play TMHO and rock at it with Thumper-- you've done your job.

The cars may feel like a little like if they were on skates-- Agreed. But in real life, in order to turn a car, you need to turn the wheel and give it some gas. Imagine this in gameplay!

There's no more turretting-- a necessity in TM.

Stuff that I'm sure you're working on that will increase TM's livelihood: on-line playability; cars/characters (keep adding, don't remove any-- gives more choices-- and you have a higher chance of someone new claiming that as THEIR car. It sucks when you play a new installment of your favorite series and your favorite isn't on there-- That pushes fans away.); and even more than anything, car customization.

Also, Tower Tooth's porno music. That can go.

da criminal said...

Hey guys- I think what I am getting at/wondering is not about the pivot in place aspect...I can't imagine a TM game without it...I am wondering what Carlton meant about it being on ice/on skates....does he/you mean that when you drive you are sliding into walls and stuff or does he mean the way it feels when standing still?


Shilo Oliver said...

I was wondering if you did go see Jumper and if so what did you think of it.

Nikkoa said...

personally, i think he's referring to a 'water ski type' feeling when you hit the boosters or when you press a button combination to help create a faster turning point, but also lose a bit of control over the direction of the vehicle.

be cool if you could hold a button and use the R stick to rotate the car, when the button is released traction is gained again

Anonymous said...

Did you ever play Midway's car combat game called roadkill? The car movements were alot more realistic and I dont think the combat was boring at all. Just the game background and control set up was lacking imo.

da criminal said...

Do you not like the water-ski feel? I always thought the semi-drifting around corners when you turbo around a corner was fun... I in the minority?


Anonymous said...

I have no problem with the driving in twisted metal. btw I liked the AA setup you guys put in Lost. Most of the time in black/head on I dont even get to use my freeze attack bcuz it never works when i punch in the code.

Anonymous said...

Originally I was gonna put this at the end of my post, but the post ended up being pretty long so I don't know if you'll read it, but I think it's an awesome idea to post something every day. I'm addicted to your blog now, and i'd like to see more of it.

I agree with your point about games being overproduced, but there are instances when it's very well done, that it actually works for setting the games mood.

Especially a cinematic game like Heavenly Sword. I'm not really sure on your thoughts about heavenly sword but I thought it was a great game, although short, and yes it did borrow some concepts from god of war, but not so much. I plays completely different anyway. I just wanted to point out that I loved the soundtrack, and the voice acting, and thought it fit really well with that game.

On the other hand with a game like Call of Duty 4, I use custom soundtracks, because I get sick of the game sounds/music, and I just wanna rock out to my own custom soundtracks that make me feel like a bad ass while gunning people down. I definately get where you're coming from there.

Anonymous said...

da criminal:

Honestly, the water skii thing did feel a little weird at first, BUT only because I was used to TMB's physics-- and after playing the game for a bit, I beleive it made the gameplay more fun than TMB, which was kinda stiff to begin with.

And to whoever said to check out Midway's Roadkill-- I've played it. It was also one of the first games I ever traded in.

Jaffe, if you were worried about people running into walls in TM, you should definitely see Video 4 of the link on my name. It's hilarious-- the video game reviewer cannot stay off the walls! I had the similar problem in that game. IT JUST SUCKS.

It's a boring, boring game-- so boring that I never made it pass the second level because I was so bored of it. Played deathmatch all of three times.

Anonymous said...

Eh, just a few things:

1. Giving up Coke products is a big mistake. Coke freaking rocks. Of all the bad things out there I'm sure you consume (not to be critical, but honest to God, I'm betting you do) this is not the one to give up. You've been warned.

2. While I love the extra twisted edition of TMHO, I have to disagree with the above poster that it's gameplay was the most impressive. I'd say of all the Twisted Metals (except the obvious stinkers) it had the weakest. By the way, power sliding is fun.

3. I trust you guys to make the upcoming TM fun. I have no idea what the new direction will be, but I'm confidant you'll test it enough so that it's both accessible and insanely deep.

Anonymous said...

@ Davis

lol I put in my copy and tried playing it a bit. After 30 minutes and a few missions I still couldnt get teh hang of it and had to turn it off.
I was using the game Roadkill though as a reference to a game that used more realistic physics with car driving.

Anonymous said...

@ justin

My word-- use a better game then!

You see, I believe that there has to be a sense of unrealness to a game.

Here's an example about a genre I care nothing about: Racing.

But even though I don't care about racing, I can still play some games:

Grand Turimso = A very boring racer. Too realistic-- too confined to the track-- don't care for it-- won't play it.

Need for Speed: Underground = Open-- fun-- and not as realistic.

Mario Kart = Not real at all, but still fun and playable.

Danh said...

I wish you luck on your quest to drop Diet Coke. Are you going to drink more water? tea? You will feel a helluva lot better. If you need any drink suggestions... I say get a water bottle and just carry it every where you go.

Zodiak said...

heya Dave!

Hmmm, sounds like Burnout Paradise but enough speculation.

I really hate overproduced games, seriously it's just a waste of money. I really hate to say but why can't they cut some corners here and there and save some money? I'm sure there is ways without sacrificing the product.

Hell yeah Dave is quitting off the Coke addiction..Diet Coke that is! Yeah you will be surprised how much better you feel after getting off of that crap. My friend stopped drinking all the carbonated crap and actually lost 20 pounds...well that and working out and I have stopped drinking it here and there, I only limit myself to at least 1 coke bottle a day.

-Zodiak, head of Totally Twisted group

Anonymous said...

@ Davis

There are no other car combat games I can think of. Besides that mmo that got shutdown before I even heard about it. But idk mayb I missed a few games in the past 4 yrs while I was sucked into world of warcraft lol.

I figure if I decide to buy a ps3 this summer (if the price goes down even more) I'll get mayb burnout for the crashes and racing. Then try out prototype and alone in the dark.
I also heard a Lego MMO might come out which would be badass if you can build anything to your imagination.

Anonymous said...

@ justin

Interstate 76 was a badass car combat game. I don't know if you can call it an MMO-- if so, then it was one of the first.

It then spun-off Vigilante 8, which was pretty nice as well, but not as great.

Anonymous said...

I've never played I-76 but I did play a V8 2nd offense.

Anonymous said...

Bring on the tactical destruction imo!

Anonymous said...

Hi David, first time here. Congrats on the Coke resolution. Wish all bad things could stop as simple as that decision.
Btw, big fan of your work.
Cheers from Portugal...

xTHExJUICEx said...

MMMMMMM Good ol coke, I just cant say no to any type of soda I LOVE THEM ALL!

but yea good luck with that, I think Ill try and stop this monday and begin drinking more water and working out.

Revolver Turles said...

Hi Mr.jaffe!

remember me, i'm the TM Brit!

If you are refering to MGS you are kinda right but it's still an awesome game right:)

I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, would you do me the onner of signing my petition? i hope you will, it will be valued by me and alot of the fans at TMA :)! here is the link:

I hope you would consider signing, i think it's a good petition ( is mine :P)

Thanl you for reading :D

maartyrr said...

in head on...shadow/sweetooth/spectre/roadkill/outlaw slide sideways like they're on ice especially when you're going at a slow speed.

in tmlost brimestone spectre shadow roadkill will slide along. Other than that the handling of the cars are great. I honestly love the handling of tm:b.

Note: i just read further down the post and saw what you and davis said. The actual driving itself is fine, tweaked and i like it. Its the part of when you are coming to a complete stop the kinda irks me. When you come to a complete stop the cars kinda just slide along for a while.

Its especially frustrating when you are tying to pick up a weapon that is near the edge of a cliff

the first game is tm headon followed my tm lost and them tmb, the cars really slide far like they are on ice in the first two compared to the tm:b. Dave the overall driving in the games are great - responsive as can be, but its the coming to a hault that needs some tweaking - in my opinion

Anonymous said...

@ carlton

The game has the complete break button-- I think it's Circle? (checking with my hands as the game is nowhere nearby).. and the X button is the emergency brake used for quick/tight turns.

Circle usually stops you in your place.

@ justin

Click my name to see some video of the game. The best part was that you can take any model/vehicle, change the color and choose your weapon placement. Really nice.

The only problem with the game was that the backgrounds were kinda boring-- it all took place in the West-US deserts.

Single player was kinda lame... but multiplayer was the best part.

TM can benefit from a level like that-- but not an entire game made up of it!

maartyrr said...


i really didnt mean to start a whole thing on this. Dave I apologize for making everyone take up your blog space on a little issue. This gripe doesnt make or break the game by any means but its just something that I had noticed in the new TM game that felt rather out of place. I half wished that I just kept my mouth shut about this though. and not said anything. But if you want details then read on. You're not the minority Dave I dont think that anyone here wants the psp physics of the game in which if you went to slide around the corner the car would just turn without skidding. Yes powersliding is hella cool - its hella cool when you can use a slide it to dodge incoming weapons. I just didnt like that you would slide endlessly when coming to a stop -thats the only thing that I was trying to point out from the start. I do appreciate you taking the time and being concerned about this - thank you, and definetly keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...


In real life, if you do a slide like you did in that Shadow video, you may flip over and spin on your back for while until your fuel tank starts leaking...

-Stitches- said...

Carlton, I briefly described this on TMA a little while back. Take your finger off the brake and the cars don't do that. Brakes are best used for stopping when you're not turning. TM:L/HO's controls are different than TMB's. Takes some getting used to.

Anonymous said...


Don't feel bad--- you're only trying to help make the next TM better.

But I really think that this is a stylistic thing. People will often complain about something (like TM3 for example) that it felt like toy cars-- then here that it feels like skates. There's just no pleasing everyone.

Perhaps I'm wrong-- perhaps the sliding thing is excessive-- but I honestly I don't mind it.

Just think that it's better than flipping over!


da criminal said...


Thanks for the video.

So wait- WHAT are you doing to get that to happen? That is do you do that?

Anonymous said...

Twisted Metal III powerslide:

maartyrr said...

Im just using the tight turn and the brake button, either together or first the tight turn and then the brake, or the brake first and the tight turn

(so it would be gas,(+) turn then(+/-)tight turn(+)brake).

Stitches I know, I have fat finger syndrom though and I push all the buttons. Seriously though I just tried your method and it does bring the car out of it

Anonymous said...

I drink Diet as well, used to drink regular but stopped because of teeth issues. And that is why I am cutting back on the soda altogether now as well. Though when going to the movies I still get a soda, one every now and then won't kill ya.

-Stitches- said...

Dave, in order to do that, you have to turn your car 90 degrees (with the tight turn button), then let go of the "steering wheel" at the same time you push and hold the brake (still holding tight turn). Now, you will glide until you run out of momentum for as long as you are holding tight turn and brake.

I was personally relieved to see this feature because the same thing is possible in TMB, it's just more difficult to pull off, and you don’t slide as cleanly. It results in several exciting maneuver options. Unfortunately, with TMB:Online, it also resulted in a glitch in which your opponents would see your car just stop moving where you started to slide, and if you fired any weapons during this time, your opponents would see ghost weapons coming out of no where.

Anonymous said...

Giving up the soda I can understand, I have been there. Give Tea a try and I don’t mean that pre-bottle sweetened stuff off the shelf owned by the Coke/Pepsi people, brew your own. The tough part is to figure out what is your style Green, Black, White, Red etc.


Anonymous said...


Exophrine said...

Not to get into the whole "it's just a game, so it's alright for the laws of physics to be bent a little" bit, but I like the Twisted Metal series for the very reason that it's *NOT* realistic. Of course, the whole thing about driving across the rooftops of buildings, completely destroying historical landmarks all over the globe, and shooting machine guns and missiles at each other are things I have a bone to pick with. :-P

Oh, and just to mention, I voted *AND* caucused for Barack Obama a couple of nights ago, man. 2 and 1/2 hours, standing in line at my precinct in Texas. The funny thing about it was that there was one big-ass line, and one of the guys running the voting said "Just to let you know, there's a Republican line, and a Democrat line." ... and *EVERYONE* (minus, like, 4 people) was in the Democrat line. Hahaha.

I don't really see your beef with *DIET* soda. I mean, I'm sure you have your reasons, but come on, at least it's not regular soda. That stuff can make you carry around an extra 10-15 pounds on you. But overall, good choice with the water.

Unknown said...

Personally I don't know how anybody can drink Coke. It's original usage was a cleaning agent! If it will eat the enamel off the inside of a toilet why would I put that in me? lol And didn't they say that the Nutrisweet in Diet Coke causes cancer? O_o

That having been said, I do like Cherry cola. Wild Cherry Pepsi, or Cherry Coke are quite good, but I drink them so rarely. I drink about 90% water and don't miss Kool Aid or any kinds of pop.

I know, a geek who's not addicted to Mt Dew, cola or coffee?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, fuck you diet coke! My uncle drinks like a 2-liter a day, no joke. There is nothing "diet" about the size of his stomach either. Hey man, good for you

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hay Jaffe i cant for the Twisted Metal colthing,

bt the way whats Code Monkey? i guess its something i got to look up.

i look foward to more of your vid blogs and that live vid feed.

Anonymous said...

hey jaffe try dasani water. tastes better then most of the bottled water. but its made by the evil coca cola company that makes the stuff your quitin lol. i drink about 5 bottles of it a

and sucks for me i turned 17 this year so cant vote til next election. id vote for hillary if i was old enough though. but then again i didnt look into any of the canidates becuase im to lazy to do research on em.

Jester said...


1. "Overproduced" games - you mention games such as WoW being one that hit the nail on the head. IMO "I eat babies" (Blizzard) paid attention to what their target market would be, put out a game that plays well on even some of most lowest budget of systems, it plays AND it looks great.

The detail, its the "little things" that make a game cool, for instance, looking up at a lamp post, on the Island of Nagas in the Swamp, the source of "light" is a bunch of little glowing fish swimming in a bowl...thats cool.

You proclaim as Black being over produced. I disagree, as again, similar to WoW, you already had a great game, the attention to detail is what made that game as good as TM2 (imo).

What I am referring to is when I first observed the body bag flopping around in the back of Preachers Camino, I was like...holy shit...check it out! I can point numerous things in TM,TM2, and Black that made the games cool.

Now soundtracks: I agree, for most games I turn the soundtrack off as I find them annoying when I am trying to play for nearly the same reasons you mention.

What people need to understand is that using the KISS method (Keep it Simple, Stupid.) works.

2. Coke: try green iced teas, or make your own. I rarely drink soda, I prefer water with a twist of lemon or orange. As far as addiction?...its the caffeine.

3. where the hell is my art book and music for TMHO! >:(


Anonymous said...

@ david (not specifically the Jaffe, the profile guy-- THIS IS WHY I CALL MYSELF "DAVIS")

That was exactly what I was saying! If you're playing a game about a guy with magical powers that grants your any wish with amazing demon powers, you have set yourself up for some fantastical things.

Driving any one of those cars pass 55 miles per hour would cause a lot of wind turbulance-- making the car shake. Sharp-turning at 60 miles per hour will flip over your car.

Did I mention cars don't really jump in real life?

Why would anybody want that much realism?

-rallyRAYS- said...

Over produced games,

I think most EA games can be classified as style over substance. But Dave, these games sell a TON of copies. So who do you blame? the developer? or the consumer?

I don't think TMB was over produced because all of the content fit within the mood of the game.

Now, if you had thrown in voice-overs by Harrison Ford and a soundtrack by Prince... then i would have called it overproduced piece of shit. :)

Good idea kicking the Diet Coke addiction... not good for guys like us who sit behind desks all day while the coke-acid dissolves our bodies from the inside out.



Rex said...

Yeah man fuck COKE. Now... try COCA COLA ZERO! ha! Not. Hey by the way, what you think of GOD OF WAR Chain of Olympus... since Kratos is your baby, what is your opinion to see him on his own? I've been playing the game... and it seems the studio kept the same formula, at least for now.

Det. Conan said...

Yo David..

Just to support you, i will stop drinking Coke as well..

well to tell the truth i heard that they actually make that stuff in bath tubs so.. i kind of stopped drinking yesterday..

but hey i am supporting you so no coke.. no soft drinks at all..

Cheers from Birmingham.

Anonymous said...

You will feel alot better after not drinking soda for a while. Even more so if your working out.

Kizaru said...

David, you know you've made the right decisions regarding music in your games when you see stuff like this:

GeekyDad said...

Sounds like your problem isn't with over-production so much as perhaps just the wrong kind of production.

You named games like CoD4 and WoW -- or I would name your game, GoW -- and those games use music to support what's happening within the game, itself. In a sense, that's intended to have even more of an influence over how the player is meant to feel.

I know when playing through GoW, I always loved those triumphant cadences I'd hear right as I was completing something that pushed the game into its next phase. It's modeled right after modern classical cinema.

But I do know what you're referring to; I just don't think it has to do with over-thinking or over-producing some aspect or an entire game. I think it simply has to do with a lack of consideration for the audience. Not to stroke your seemingly already well-stroked ego, but you definitely seem to have a great talent for considering your audience. And of course, your audience -- myself included -- appreciate that.

Anonymous said...

I highly agree with you Dave and I know I'm should at least comment just comment anyway what do you think of Halo games being overrated especially for online play.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You had to say something now did you and second all I am is just a fan who can't get a official account on blog and google that's all.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

In some ways I am jealous of him but it doesn't mean I have something against him now do it.

Anonymous said...

Hey good for you for droping diet soda. I used to be addicted aswell about a year ago and then started on water, the first week is hgard but like all things youll get used to it and you'll end up feeling great and acctually enjoy drinking a nice cold glass of water.

Temascos said...

Coca-cola is evil, I mean the taste is good but it makes my teeth feel grittier than a cutscene from TM: Black! Water is just fine for me thx. Hell, even tap water will do unless your supply has asernic or whatever it is, only heard about it in books.

Anyway, I'm gonna regret asking the two jackreds as to WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!? I think the spammer is really jackred666= noob fellow, jackred himself/herself is reasonable. Okay mr 'noob' for short, why do you always type in CAPS LOCK and single out your enemy in these blogs? It makes you more of a spammer than jackred, it's ridiculous and its pathetic to be honest.

Diego said...

Hey David!

I feel ya on the soda addiction. Not only is it bad for your health in general... it's really bad for your teeth. I ended up with a bunch of cavaties :-(

A couple years back I worked on trying to cut myself off from it. First I tried cold turkey and that didn't work too well, so then I decided to wean myself off soda by drinking a lot of water, but having a couple sodas here and there. Eventually it worked!

I also found that those recent flavored carbonated waters that are now popping up in grocery stores helped a lot. They actually have a pretty good taste in comparison to regular carbonated water. Anyways, best of luck!

As for the Obama/Clinton or Clinton/Obama single ticket, it's something I've always been hoping for. My only worry is whether the public would sincerely believe in them playing nice and successfully working together... considering all the trash talking they've been doing to each other. Either way, I hope it all works out for the best in the end!


Zachary E. Johnson said...

Over production...hmm. I personally felt the production on TMB was perfect, well as perfect as I wanted anyway. Choosing sound tracks is part of creating the atmosphere. But a racing game without a strong theme, yeah that should be more of the gamer's choice with custom tracks. But I think some over production is needed to create a "world." For TMB, I would have been happy with more story, more anything just to get me more involved. The gameplay was good, but the extras made it great.

It's like playing a "pop game." Like...the Godfather. It wasn't much more than a GTA clone, but it had the music and the scenery and everything else. So even though you were essentially playing GTA, your imagination carried you into that Godfather world. So I think over production, to a degree, is necessary to make me feel more apart of the game.

But then there's games like Halo. I think Halo misunderstood it's own value and mood. It tried to present itself as a World War 2 game in the future. But the slow music and "epic" camera sweeps didn't really fit what was essentially a Sci-TV series.

I think World of Warcraft works because of it's music, it's landscapes, and this whole world it creates for you. It's a fun game at the core, but it's WORLD is what draws you in. But it's also able to have fun with itself. Halo takes itself way too seriously.

So I think production value is important and shouldn't be ignored. Though gameplay always comes first. Just, if you can afford to build on the atmosphere, then you should.

Anonymous said...

i agree with you most gamers today look for all of the basic stuff and some of them are way too impossible to impess even trying to get them to like games like the latest twisted metal game or Dead Rising.

Anonymous said...

did this like Sweet Tooth inspred Darkside? and was Krista base on your daughter?