Friday, March 07, 2008

How the hell?!?!

++++++++++++++SECOND EDIT+++++
Just picked up some medicine for my oldest kid...she's got a bit of a cold. And so I'm waiting in line at the local Rite-Aid pharmacy and I see FUCKED UP is this?!?!

Candy and sweets and all kinds of shit to make you sick and clog your arteries and make you a diabetic being sold RIGHT AT THE SAME COUNTER you buy medicine to cure those very ailments. It's either irony or a conspiracy...I vote for both, depending on my fucking nuts man.


++++++++FIRST EDIT+++++++++
Pics from the CODE MONKEYS voice over recording session:

Here's Scott doing his thang at a recording studio in Salt Lake City!

And here I am, shouting at the mic at a studio somewhere deep in San Diego:

On my end, whole thing took all of 20 minutes. It was just me and a sound engineer who was way past the target age for the show. I got the sense he didn't approve of hearing me scream such ad libbed lines as: 'I will fucking kill you up your ass with a god damned piece of plastic, motherfucker!'

Ah well...such is life!

Waiting for Scott to send me his pics, will post those as soon as I get them!


Running out to record my character for an upcomming episode of CODE MONKEYS!

Scott is recording his character out in Utah this afternoon.

So let me get this straight: we get to make video games with amazing teams AND we get to be fucking cartoons??!

How the hell did we get so lucky, I just don't know!

Post some pics from the session later- gotta run!



Anonymous said...

you wanna sign me petition, buddy?

Anonymous said...

Dude that is awesome, I always wanted to voice a cartoon LUCKY BASTARD.

David Jaffe said...

Revolver- I actually don't want to sign it cause if I sign it and enough people sign it then we gotta fucking do the damn port :)

Reality is, SO FAR, Europe has never shown much Twisted love, so to put us all on the port- which would take like 3-4 months away from the game we are making now- seems like alot of work for very few folks who would care.

Now THAT said...we are working our asses off to make sure our new title resonates not ONLY in America but all over the world so stay tuned for that!

But tell you what- can you play NTSC games? If you can, I'm more than happy to send you a free copy of the American game for your troubles and the effort into getting the petition going...


ps. I agree the Europe version of TMB sucked...but hey, Europe is much stricter than America when it comes to content...

Anonymous said...

Wait. Europeans play games too!? What is this PAL voodoo magic that you speak of.

haha j/p

-rallyRAYS- said...

Mr. J,


We need your talents in the game industry, making kick ass games! :)


Anonymous said...

I didn't really like code monkeys when I first saw it, but if you're doing some voice acting in it, i'll easily find something good about it lol

Anonymous said...

da criminal:

Awesome, man. That's why we kiss your ass, Jaffe. 'cause you rock.

Poor Revolver Turtle.

Next time you buy a system, though, just buy the American version of the system instead. You already know that your games are gonna suck more-- so take the initiative, my British friend.

maartyrr said...

Dave do you know when you will be on the show, like will it be just one episode or does your character make appearences from time to time?

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what Code Monkeys is, but I'll be sure to check it out.

Quite a nasty quote there, I wonder if it's meant to be serious or if it's leaning more towards the hillarious edge.

And haha, videogame maker and cartoon, quite the dream there. :D

Det. Conan said...

The carpet which you are standing on in the pictures look exactly like the one from my grandma's place..

You were recording in the middle east by any chance?

Cheers, David.

Anonymous said...

This will be my only comment for this one so here goes nothing Dave you are lucky I wish I was in a cartoon about video games or at least be in a episode on what if can happen for such shows as Futurama or maybe The Simpsons but you rock my friend keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

You mean it?

actually, my cousin (she lived in canada for 6 years to become a ranger, she didn't in the end :( ) has a canadian ps2 from there, i'm sure she would give it to me, i do her garden every week or so!!

You are the king Mr. jaffe!! i really don't know what to type! are you serious!!! :D

If so, how should i give you my address?

If this petition is a bother should i call it off, i still enjoy TMB in the UK, i was playing it a couple of hours ago!

Anonymous said...

also, good luck with your VA (voice acting)!!

David Jaffe said...

Revolver, hey.

Do you mind putting your address on a comment? I can't give out a personal email.


Anonymous said...


7 school rise
north newbald
east yorkshire
YO43 4FB

Thanks again david (i can call you that right?), and i'm sorry if this caused any trouble

i am a happy bunny :D

Anonymous said...

hay David today i saw a Safari Truck in the parking lot of Target (sorry no camera at the time). it look something like this

but with a holey top and rusted light brown color with one of the head lights broken and a broken off windshield

i dont know but i thought you might get an insperation off of it. when i first saw this o said thats Trapper in Twisted Metal Black.

Anonymous said...

Jaffe please visit my gay porn site. I just got it up and running and now I need some users.

PM said...

man do you have some vendetta against all things sugar? moderation is the key. too much of anything can be bad for you.

David Jaffe said...

No dude- I fucking LOVE sugar and love sweets. Agree with the moderation thing tho. The Diet Coke thing has more to do with an addictive agent I am SURE they put in the soda...not worried about it with MILK DUDS.

As for the post, it was more of the PLACEMENT of the candy I had a response to.


PM said...

"I'm here yo pick up my new blood glucose meter........... and why don't you throw in this king sized Snickers too."

i hear what your saying.

Anonymous said...

i havent been sinc in years and when i do fell i just buy Coke Cola and Cookies and i fell better in a hour.

btw the last post was not an idea just somehing i saw that looked cool.

hay are you going to see DoomsDay?

you might like it

hay me and my firend where woundering how come there more then 3 songs missing from the soundtrack? oy that remindes me i still have probs downloading i alwas fails when i estract it.

Anonymous said...

sorry for the typos

grasshopper said...

Dude do you blame the sound guy? If I was alone with you and you yelled "I will fucking kill you up your ass with a god damned piece of plastic, motherfucker!" I would have gotten the hell outta there :)
As for the sweets at the pharmacy counter, thats how they get ya coming now I want candy

Anonymous said...

You tryin out the live chat atm?

Tapion440 said...

I always thought it was pretty fucked up that drug stores like CVS, which was created to sell health products, sell tobacco and alcohol in their stores. Maybe that's just me though.

BTW, the Stickam image looks like 1/3 of the image has been chopped off in Firefox...anyone else see it like that?


Anonymous said...

I've always insisted the addictive agent in Coke products is the damn good taste. I'm going to continue to insist that until the end of my days.

I'm addicted to Oxygen too – ain't gonna give that one up either.

Exophrine said...

You lucky man, voicing a cartoon character. I just wish it was for a better cartoon. *sigh* Of course, I'll watch this episode that you'll do. Next time, you should ask that creator guy about how it was, working with Gary Busey on Comedy Central. lol

About the candy at the medicine counter, life is full of those wonderful, wonderful ironies. Kinda like that hospital that has a McDonald's right in the fucking building! It's crazy, I swear, but it's for real, which is even crazier.

Anonymous said...

Code Monkeys Is awesome, i loved it when i seen your character on there, i cant wait to see the new code monkeys,

and the candy/medicine thing is really funny, I seen a MCDONALDS in a HOSPITAL! that made my day!!

Tapion440 said...

Jaffe, have you thought about having an internship program at EatSleepPlay?

Anonymous said...

Awesome live feed tonight, keep it up and thanks for answering my questions Jaffe!

Anonymous said...

When on your on Stickam.
I co-host the live/RSS-syndicated podcast "Tech&Games" and use Stickam frequently. Glad someone else that isn't some emo kid is on there.

You can find out more about Tech And Games AKA TAG at and heads to our Stickam page.

Anyways, are there any usual times that you're online, because I'd love to watch a live show or chat with you, seeing as you are my favorite game designer ever.........okay, that just sounded too kiss-ass. I take that back.

So...yeah, we're on Stickam usually at 7pm EST on Saturdays.

wtfgrouch said...

WoW... Dave, I just read the comments you and revolver posted... and I must say, you are an awesome muthafucker :-) (of course with respect) for doing that for him.



P.S. can't wait for the Code Monkeys thing... please let us know when it is complete.

Jester said...

......and here I was thinking you were making fun of the lady's peach coloured outfit.

They sell candy because most medicine tastes like ass.


Anonymous said...

I enter the code and download the soundtrack,

When that is done i unzip it but only the first song shows. but when i see the folder there all there. i was reall bumb when i could not put them in my Zune, but i do have the TM1 and TM2 songs couse the disk are all Cds

(i was going ask you what you think about the soundtrack being the same a the game disk but for got)

so ya thats my prob im not shur i have bad code or what.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Like your new logo.

Quitting soda is what I have to do,too. Don't know if there is something in it that has me addicted or if its just my mentality but it has to go.

Puttin' my 1 1/2 cents in, I think the gameplay in TM: Lost is the best I've played. Playing in Black's world makes it nearly flawless for me. That said I am still excited to see what you and Eat Sleep Play come up with for TM PS3

Anonymous said...

Me I'll never stop drinking soda in fact it's a part of my family's generation I mean my dead grandpa, my father & I love drinking soda alot.

Anonymous said...

sorry for posting to much but, i just read this and its the closest to a Twisted Metal movie that we got

"Death Race" Sep./26/2008

"It's not a straight remake at all. The first movie was an across-America race. This will be an around-the-world race. And it's set further in the future, so the cars are even more futuristic. So you've got cars with rockets, machine guns, force fields; cars that can split apart and re-form, a bit like Transformers. Cars that become invisible,"

did you know about this?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hi David , did you bought GOW:COO , it's God of War ya know ..Please Give Us Your Impression

pn18 said...

Hey David!
Don't you wanna get rid of the blogger navbar on the top of your blog?

Try this:

"Should you hide the navbar ? Will it break any blogger TOS ?

The old blogger as well as beta blogger's policy page do not mention anything about removing the blogger navigation toolbar. Infact, the old blogger TOS page still makes references to Pyra when Google is the owner.

Similarly many blogger users have raised a similar issue in the Blogger google groups but again, there has been no real consensus. "

David Jaffe said...

Hey- Pn18....thanks for the suggestion.

You know tho what I'd REALLY like to do?

Stretch the blog out so there are not these massive gaps of black on the left and right side and take up most of the screen with the blog...I hate this format but can't seem to find a way to stretch it out. Any clue?

Appreciate the tip! Thank you!


Anonymous said...

No one likes someone stealing the name which you are doing by the way you really suck dude.

pn18 said...

Hi again, David!

I'm neither a HTML nor a CSS expert and I haven't used blogspot for years now, so please use my tips with caution:

Save your current HTML/CSS template before changing anything!

You can avoid the these gaps by changing the HTML/CSS-code (edit your blog -> layout -> html).

Change the outer-wrapper width value to 90%.

Now it should look like this:
#outer-wrapper {
width: 90%;

Next, change the main-wrapper width value to 80%. Then change the sidebar-wrapper to 10%.

Please notice: If the browser window gets smaller than about 800px, your sidebar gets fucked. I have no idea how to fix that. However, I hope that helps.

(Oh, and make sure to delete the navbar!)

Best regards,

David Jaffe said...

Thanks for the tip, Marc. However, with the new blogger update, I don't think they are doing %'s least I can't find it in the code.

Anyway, appreciate it!

As for the header, I dunno...I kinda like making it clear that this is a blog and not a website. And I like steering new folks who might be interested in blogging to what I consider a great service. For all the service has done for me, a little free advertising ain't out of order :)

But thanks for the tip!


pn18 said...

Hey David,
I just checked it again: You can use percentages. Just replace the default "width: 800px;" with "width: xx%;". Alternatively you can use different pixel-values like 1000px. But trust me, percentages work to.

And about that navbar:
I see your point and I think, it's very kind of you, but the navbar doesn't work well when using percentages for the layout. ;)

Best regards,

Unknown said...

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