Friday, August 01, 2008



Well I am already crazy sore (tomorrow is going to be hell!) and I'm covered in dust from 2-3 really lame, stupid looking slides into third base. In my head, I was a freaking softball superstar...but Mike B (super supreme coder and all around genius at getting console games blazing fast on the net) caught the whole game on video tape... so I'm sure next week- when I see the replays-I'll realize how dorky I really looked. Either way, it was a blast! Now I am tired, super sore, bruised, dirty as hell, and ready to just get my ass back home. I am stunned they didn't stop me at security when they saw me limping- YES LIMPING!!!- up to the gate and covered in dirt :)

Check out some pics from the game:

Here we are, about to start the, I haven't played base/soft ball in over 20 years! But hey, I can still hit that ball and it still feels great to connect with it in JUST the right home runs for me, but it still felt great! Thanks Angelic- production manager (I think that's her title)- for setting the whole thing up :)

New Idea: FIRST PERSON BASEBALL! Has that been done before?!?! If not, I got dibs!!!

And just for fun, here's a pic of the toys I picked up for my girls at the airport gift shop. I sometimes bring stuff home for them..but not always. I like to keep them on their toes and not spoil them. But I'm dying to see them and make pancakes with them in the morning...and I just figured, what the hell! Check it out:

Cute, eh?

Oh man! TV IS SO DATED!!!! They got Wolf Blitzer playing on the airport tv doing his 'situation room' thang and trying to punch the news and make everything feel all important and exciting...but I'm like: dude, I read that news on the net like 2 hours ago. He's all like: STAY TUNED AND FIND OUT WHAT THE HECKLERS SAID TO OBAMA TODAY!!!!....and I'm like: yeah, already knew about that before we started the softball game. Man...amazing how far we've come! :) So cool! later- great weekend ya'll!!!!

+++++++++++END UPDATE

Has it been a year already?!? Actually, a little over a year!!?!? AMAZING! Seemed like just yesterday we were trying to figure out if we even wanted to leave the safe haven of Sony and venture out on our glad we did!

After one year, we're still in business, we've been successful enough to pay out some bonuses to the amazing team, and we're ramping up for our best T...err, never mind! Can't talk about that...not quite yet :)

The gist is: we're just getting started!

Out in Utah rite now to celebrate! Gonna head out soon for softball and food with the team! Will take pics and update over the weekend!

Talk soon!


ps. yes, I've read the Mummy reviews. And YES, I'm gonna see it anyway! Let ya'll know what I think...if you guys see it, please comment and give us the high level 'good or bad'...with no spoilers please :)


elquemador said...

Twister metal???? in HD?????

Anonymous said...

Wow! One year already? That's awesome! Good luck with your future installments!

Gyshall said...

I can't believe it's been a year either! Grats!

Mummy was good because of Jet-Li!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Eat Sleep Play!

Anonymous said...

Jaffe so basically you guys left Sony but then you signed that exclusive deal for 3 games heading to the Playstation 3. So now can you guys do whatever you want, and if you wanted to today are you allowed to say what your working on or do you have to go through Sony first. I'm just wondering cuz I know you left Sony but your still kinda with them a little, and I'm sure Sony sent you a decent check for the 3 game deal so I would have done it also but I was just wondering...and good luck and continued success!

Dan said...

WOW, congratulations!!!!! I cannot believe it has one year. Here's to many many more years of good business and good game development.

We will talk soon.

Rodrigo Braga Alonso said...

Congratulations, man.
That your success and enthusiasm can translate into great games for our beloved ebony super grill.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Eat Sleep Play!!!!!! On your very first year and many more years to come.

What the fuck Dave!!!
Your torturing us with your little teasers man!!!!!!!!

You have got to give some info!!!!

Anonymous said...

Excellent news. Congrats on the one year anniversary. Thanks for the little teaser about T...err, know what you did. Keep us posted!

Dave, add my PSN: TruSolja, so Crazy 8 can zap you in TMPS3 :)

grasshopper said...

Congrats should upload some of those softball clips =)

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures! Dave, you can't fool us TM fans! We know what you're talking about. :Chuckles:

SCoLD: I get a shot a Dave first with Sweet Tooth! My PSN is "tmforeverTMA"

Anonymous said...

TWISTED METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can only think of 1 thing that "T" could stand for.

And yes I'll be buying it day 1

PSN - Murderdolls90

Anonymous said...

JAffe, you thought that Transformers sucked so your opinion on Mummy 3 doesn't really matter.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaffe,

Obama flip-flopped again with offshore oil drilling.
Did you know that he voted for the 2005 energy bill?
He proposed the $1000 cash rebate this summer. That is very similar to what Hillary proposed in the primary. But this time the $1000 rebate looks like he wanted to buy the votes.
A lot of people are still buying into the "cool factor" and not looking at the real issues.

David Jaffe said...

Not saying I have or do not have an issue with offshore drilling- I have not looked into it and am not sure how I feel.

Regarding 'flip flopping'...Jesus, to even use that term means two very sad things:

a- we are fucking sheep that have allowed the likes of Karl Rove and his PR smear/propaganda machine to in influence our vocabulary and lexicon and turn us into little robots who just repeat soundbytes without even thinking about it...'flip flopping'?!?!? Why can't we just say 'changed his mind' or 'changed his position'? Oh that's right, we can't because we don't think for ourselves and are just little robots repeating what we've heard over and over in the press....which is just what they want...wake up, people. The Matrix has us.

b- I want a president who is capable of changing his mind. What is wrong with having an opinon, getting new facts and being educated about an issue, and then changing your position? When did this stop being sign of intelligence and start being a sign of weakness? God knows what Bush NOT changing his mind on things like Iraq has done to our country....

All that said, not sure how I feel about offshore drilling but thanx for the heads up :)


Anonymous said...

ha! "trying to buy votes" - if anything McCain is the one trying to buy votes with by proposing a $300 million government prize to whomever can develop an automobile battery that far surpasses existing technology.

I swear if McCain wins this election I'm moving to Canada


Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous,
The McCain's $300M proposal is similar to the $10M SpaceShipOne or $25M Al Gore's carbon absorbing thing. I think that is a novel thing to do. Imagine you can drive your hybrid or plugin for days before recharge it?

Anonymous said...

"When did this stop being sign of intelligence and start being a sign of weakness?"

Very well said. The ability or disability to change your mind is also known as hard headedness, stubborness, and they are synonomous with ignorance...which begats stupidity.

Dave, any chance of breaking a PS3 dev controller and writing, "FUCK!" on it in huge Sharpie? I'm looking to expand the collection :)

Anonymous said...

"When did this stop being sign of intelligence and start being a sign of weakness?"

"Very well said. The ability or disability to change your mind is also known as hard headedness, stubborness, and they are synonomous with ignorance...which begats stupidity."

I quoted these because people fail to take things into context.
Just few days ago Obama opposed offshore drilling in his campaign trails. He changed his position when the poll showed that people support starting to offshore drilling. Obama is pandering to the voters. He changed his position whenever it fits. It is not about the stubbornness to change. He can't just rely on his eloquent speech without convictions from the heart. Soon or later people will realize that.
The majority of Obama supporters are young. They support him for the "cool factor". They don't do research or critical thinking.
Here is a link to read about his position on offshore drilling just hour before he changed his mind.

Anonymous said...

hey dave, i just got back from the mummy movie and here are my thoughts.
I thought the movie was overall pretty good, alot of good action, and some comedy just like the past movies. i think the movie went a little over the top, and after u see it i think you'll know what i mean. If your a fan of the past mummy movies i think you'll enjoy this movie too, just like me! Lemme know what you thought about it!

xonewingedangelx said...

Woah a year already! Happy Birthday EAT SLEEP PLAY!

Hmm... "ramping up for our best T..." i'm guessing... Tea and cake party!

Seriously only one request for a new TM, leave it untouched in Europe, Black got butchered.

Anonymous said...

T...err, well...
That, the next GoW, and the new Mortal Kombat are the reasons why I will be buying a ps3.

Oh man oh man oh man.
I'm going to be jumping up and down when the announcement for "T..." hits, but no rush hahaha, soooo worth the wait.

Unknown said...

Gratz on the year anniversary! Very exciting and can't wait to hear more about the title in the works...

GrYnder McDuff! said...

Love that you're back, Your posts are always fun to read.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, man!

I'm proud of you and your team supreme!

Rob Shock said...

You can always smell the desperation when they pull out the "flip-flop" card. It shows they got nothing else to criticize about. Politicians change their position. That's what makes them politicians. They all do it. McCain has done it, Bush has done it. You name a politician and I can guarantee we can find a few "flip-flops" in their careers.

Anonymous said...

Milkman, I'm sure Sony funded the start-up for ESP, just as MS probably funded the startup for Mistwalker and Bungie (going independant).

The 3-game deals are common practice as they allow funding from their previous owner to help them get on their feet as an independent.. it's almost required.

Regardless, I doubt ESP will go to other platforms. That's like saying Mistwalker and Bungie will start making PS3 games. It's just too unlikely. Since I only own a PS3 at the moment, I'm glad, too.

Exophrine said...

Happy Birdthday, ESP!!!

I'm glad to see that you were more of a Studio 60 fan than 30 Rock, David. I'm glad that I'm not the only one. :)

Radzinsky said...


Is a new Jet Moto too much to ask?

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