Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Step inside my brain, won't you?


Check it out!

Ain't that great?!?! Thanks to blog reader sadeq for the heads up!

Thanks Sadeq! I had not seen that yet...which I guess answers the question regarding if I have been asked to design a GOW level for LittleBigPlanet. I've heard/seen a few game biz sites speculate that I have and I can officially say: ain't nobody asked me for nothin' in regards to that. Maybe they are having Cory do one? Or the GOW 3 team? I really have not heard a thing but I think it's a cool idea!



Just had this IM conversation with my brother...figured I'd post cause...hell, who knows why...I find stuff like this cool, I guess :)


David Jaffe
wouldn't it be so creepy and cool if your iphone rang and you looked at it and the
number calling was: (xxx) 967-xxxx? (note: the phone number of our house from when we were kids)
you answered it and on the other end you heard what sounded like
two little kids doing a prank call that sounded a bit like us as kids...
and heard a tv commercial for BARGAIN TOWN USA in the background? (Note: Bargain Town was a store in Alabama with a really catchy jingle that we still remember)....
That JUST happened to me!!!!

9:08 PM
Philip Jaffe
no fucking way

10:20 PM
Philip Jaffe
Were you dreaming?
That's a Twilight Zone episode!

10:30 PM
David Jaffe
is it really?
a TZ episode?

Philip Jaffe
sounds like one
i dunno

David Jaffe
very cool

Philip Jaffe
did that Happen?

David Jaffe
please- hells no. Can you imagine if it did tho?!?!?!
how cool!

Philip Jaffe
why did you say it happened?

David Jaffe
I was joking.

Philip Jaffe

David Jaffe
and I thought you were respond rite away but you were not there.

Philip Jaffe
what would you do if that happened/?

David Jaffe
call the number back.
and the cool part would be
I would try to explain to them who I was and as I did, the world around me would begin to change and I
and my house would transform into a loony bin because I had made myself in the past
crazy by giving them that knowledge and thus change the present.
Ok...can I post this conversation on my blog?

Philip Jaffe
I guess, but is it interesting?

David Jaffe
to me!

Philip Jaffe
I mean it's a neat idea, but this conversation?

David Jaffe
yep...good blog fodder!

Philip Jaffe
ok then

David Jaffe
thx! Then I am going to bed- so tired....


Ok...there ya go...these are the things I am thinking about as of late. I think it'd be amazing!

Ok, really am going to bed- later ya'll!



Anonymous said...

Is your brother a fan of video games? Or does he kinda stay away from them? I would love a brother/sister who played/made video games...

wtfgrouch said...

interesting post, Dave. I liked it, reminds me of the crazy shit that goes through my head sometimes, but almost never share with folks. If i do share with people they think I'm weird or crazy. I think it's great!


Unknown said...

Honestly if something like that happened and it was my sister and I when we were kids I'd probably freak out on some Stephen King shit.

Then of course my sci-fi brain would explode as I tried to wrap my head around the paradox of my past self calling to fuck with my current self to play mind games on me. And if my past self can call my current self why I my current self call and fuck with my past self? Confused? So am I....

Sadeq said...


So David, did you see that Kratos Sackboy? (link below)


How awesome is that?
I hope they add Chimeras from Resistance, that would be cool too.

Anonymous said...

that was actually a tales from the darkside episode, only a women from the future calls herself in the past to warn her that her husband dies that night just as she was called by some stranger that same night.

Burkey said...

This sounds like a similar premise to the film "Frequency" - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0186151/

Rob Shock said...

Sounds to me you're already ready for the loony bin.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you love MGS4. I'm loving it too, almost done. I'm on the final act. Act 3 has the most brilliant, tragic cut scene that the series has ever seen. I won't say what it involves, but prepare to have your mind blown.


Anonymous said...

Argh! Kratos' blades are upside down!

Anonymous said...

We want a Sweet Tooth sackboy costume!

David Jaffe said...

Oooh, a Sweet Tooth sack boy would rock!!!

grasshopper said...

How is it seeing Kratos so....cute?
Anyway funny chat dave that would be awesome if it happened :)
Its got me thinking, is there any chance the little chat box will ever make a come back here for special occasions...I kinda enjoyed it

Unknown said...

wow..those are the same type of conversations I have with my cousin.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you still have some friends at Sony that you can get in touch with and put in a good word for a ST sackboy.

Make it happen Dave!

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you still have some friends at Sony that you can get in touch with and put in a good word for a ST sackboy.

Make it happen Dave!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Blog Dave. Random weird things like that are what keep the world interesting I feel.

Most people don't bother to have weird and crazy ideas like that. That's why they are so boring.

Anonymous said...

Oh and yes a Sweet Tooth Sackboy would kick freaking ass. I'd never use anything but him.

Anonymous said...


Funny enough, I have been working on a game that uses Avatar-type characters much like Sackboys and I made one specifically for you to play with-- One that looks like Sweet Tooth.

I was going to password protect it so that only you can use it with your brother's name or something crazy like that.

The game is no where near ready-- especially for your eyes-- but I definitely want you to check it out when it's done.

Sadeq said...

You are welcome, David.

Anonymous said...

Crazy shit happens in the world. Anyway, I foud this super rare TM2 clock on Ebay, and none of ya motherfuckers gonna outbid me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, long time reader, first time poster. I'm sure this has been brought to your attention but just curious to know what you think of the rumor of Brett Ratner signing on to work on a God of War movie.


Anonymous said...

How was the Mummy? Did you see it? Is it as bad as they say?

DBVII said...

Jaffe, I remember Bargain Town USA! I found this site dedicated to it and you can even download an MP3 of the jingle. Thanks for the memories, man. You need to come back to tha big ole Stanky "Ham" sometime.

Here's the link:

Joel said...

im definitely more interested in game-related LEVELS than game-related AVATARS, but i gotta admit the kratos sackboy looks awesome.