Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I will be in the UK at Gamecity over in Nottingham end of this month...well, sort of!

Check it out!

It's the inaugural 'episode' of FROM THE DESK, a new feature of the show where they have guests video conference into the show from all over the world. My understanding is they are going to project my ichat signal up onto a giant screen and I'll get to interface with the audience, take questions, talk games,etc.

Should be fun and it's just the way I like to travel! I always wish I could BE in cool places but the trouble of prepping for a flight, the flight itself, customs, jetlag, then doing it all over to get back home....yuch man. Can't stand it. And with small kids, I also hate being away from home any more than I absolutely have to as I don't want to miss a day of them growing up.

Perhaps someone in Nottingham will grab the computer and take me for a laptop stroll around town so I can see the sites...hell, this is where Robin Hood is supposedly from, yes? That would be great!

Ok, chat with you guys in a bit.


ps. back to playing Metal Gear! Oh MAN this game is good!!!! Kinda bummed I'm playing now cause it seems like the PERFECT holiday game to get lost in, staying up till 3am battling bosses, playing on New Year's Eve day,etc...every year there is a game like that that becomes my holiday game...wonder what it will be this year. Prince of Persia? Dead Space? Resistance 2, perhaps? Shit, now I'm all excited for Uncharted 2!!! Oh, ya know I never played Mass Effect...maybe I'll get that for the holidays...anyway, gotta run...stop by and see me in Nottingham if you guys hit Gamecity this year!

pps. I am also doing a similar video conference convention appearance in Philly in November. Check it out. ...so if you are going, come in and see me! I wonder how these virtual 'tours' are gonna work out...cause people who wanna see me virtually can always just come here! :) But hell, I'm up for giving it a try!


erico316 said...

that cool man .i wish they would do one in nyc.by the way what chapter are you on in mgs4?i dont want to spoil the game in anyway.?

Anonymous said...

Obama's redistribution of wealth?


What do you think of his comments Jaffe?

"It's not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too."

Some would consider taxing them more to be a punishment.. I would anyway...

Anonymous said...

DUDE omgomgomg, is this in England Nottingham? or is there another nottingham i dont know about, PLS TELL ME, dien to just say hi!!!

Nikkoa said...

David what are your impressions of MGO? Personally I think it's one of the best executed online aspects of any console games to date. I could go into detail but i suggest you find out first hand. If you find room on your friends list add me, PSN: d3l33t

Anonymous said...

I would really recommend Mass Effect. I really REALLY enjoy it, specially the story. Its almost like playing a movie in a way. Thats just how I feel about the game, but remember, there is some explicit sex in the game (My source: Fox News) . . . jajaja sorry, I had to say it.

Anonymous said...

About Mass Effect, don't bother if you want a great game. But if you have about 20hours to spare and you want a really great story, it's worthwhile. Exact same thing goes for lost odyssey, mediocre gameplay (not terrible, but boring and nothing special), but wonderful story, and about 50hours to spare for that one. What you NEED to do if you haven't played Lost od. is check out one of the "A Thousand Years of Dreams" things, they're short stories you can unlock through the game, giving some backstory (can see them on youtube), and they're by far the best part of the game, I thought they were really really well written and great stories - "Risk our lives for bugs? What a rotten deal that is!"!

Nikko - I agree totally about MGO, I've spent over 200hrs with it (compared to 14hrs in cod4 which I liked too), and it's absolutely thrilling. Playing with a clan in the survival matches is great, other shooters really lack the depth of mgo, the cqc, sneaking, bases, rescuing, reward points gear, radio messages, voice chat, text chat, server options, extremely detailed stats, the social aspect, I've never laughed and smiled so much when playing it. The levelling up, and variety of gameplay is amazing too. The maps are also far better than any maps I've played with before, they're perfectly designed for each game mode, with the perfect places to hide and stealth, and the perfect amount of visibility and fairness. I can't recommend it enough, at first you might not like the controls and how slow it is, but once you get good at it, it's a real joy. Some real problems though include, bullet lag, and unfair points distribution - you get no points for nading people which is my main job in the team, and too many extra points for headshots and objectives.

Anonymous said...

Not excited for Little Big Planet? I know I am.

erico316 said...

@anon little big planet is a game i been waiting to play myself 7 days left.
so jaffe what your take on lil big planet.

Unknown said...

I been waiting to hear your thought on LittleBigPlanet You don't have something against this game do you? I don't see why you would. I see a lot of your fans ask you about it, and you never talk about it.

Unknown said...

speaking of Robin hood, Russel Crow is working on a new Robin Hood movie. YA! Russel is so dreamy.

Anonymous said...


Charles said...

David, once you hit Act IV in MGS4 you will be blown away. The first half of the game is absolutely amazing, but it seems that the closer you get to the end, the further Konami pushes the envelope. You'll be stunned at how well Kojima and company tie up every loose question or plot detail from the series with a conclusive answer.

Anonymous said...

Whoa, my neck of the woods. Shame I work crazy hours or I'd be there, screaming "Thanks for all the games you've made!" ...and also probably screaming "Where's my PAL version of TM:ETE!"

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

To OI360,

Yes, i agree that the ps3 will eventually fail to keep up, and will fade away into the darkness, i'll be making sure my new title will be a multi platform game.

Thank you for your question.

David Jaffe said...

1- On the 360- I have one, I like it. I have a Wii, I like it. You fanboys are fucking nuts man. I so don't give a shit about all of the 'console wars' that you've been sold by the media in order to get you to keep visiting sites and buying mags. Buy games, play games, love games. If you really want 'your' system to win and 'their' system to lose, you're prob too stupid to be visiting this blog. Go somewhere else please. Hell, I should care as my biz is tied to Sony- as we are grateful to be- for a while and possibly beyond...but even I don't care...those of us who make games are just doing the best we can to entertain...the rest is like: who cares.

2- LBP- Admire it, respect it, think it is GREAT for game fans. I work with a great team to make games all day/all nite...last thing I care about- as much as I think it's very, very cool- is coming home and MAKING a game level...it's like: dude, ENOUGH! :) But I think it's still an amazing game...altho the Beta seemed to be trying a bit too hard to be arty and clever and creative...it was kind of shoving its vibe down my throat...not that I have not been guilty of the same in some of my games...but I found that part to be a bit much...but overall tho, still think it's a stunning achievement and it sounds like it is going to do just what gamers are hoping and creates a sort of youtube for games...love that!

Unknown said...

are you excited for Watchmen? I know you read up on comic books. And even though Watchmen is DC comic you gotta love it.

erico316 said...

@OI360 i find its disgusting what u did and use i dont know how jaffe name on this post to show ur retarded xbox 360 fanboy self.please get out of this site and dont post again ever u lost all respect after what u did.
Anonymous da criminal said...

To OI360,

Yes, i agree that the ps3 will eventually fail to keep up, and will fade away into the darkness, i'll be making sure my new title will be a multi platform game.

Thank you for your question.

4:26 PM
and if u knew anything you would know david jaffe is under contract for 3 exclusive games for sony.
1st of the games was great jaffe i still play caling all cars just not online since there are almost no one on it anymore.

erico316 said...

hope you ok with me attacking OI360 jaffe.i dont mean any disrespect to you at all and its may not be my place to attack OI360.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jaffe.

Hope you do not mind me calling you Jaffe?.
Mr. Jaffe make you sound like an old fart, and I am about your age or a bit older, so.
And I do not think I should call you by your first name.
After all I do not know you in person.

Anyway, just wanted to give my greetings and best wishes on your future adventures, professionally, as well as private.

Hope things are going well for you and family, as well as your co-workers.

Bring the whip, and whip 'em! >=)

Joel said...

i like what you said about LBP being a youtube for games.

i realize that you don't feel like making levels for a game, after just doing that for work all day long.

nevertheless, im still kinda hoping you do make at least one or two levels at some point for the game, maybe as a collaboration with a couple of guys at EatSleepPlay, a couple of art guys, a couple of programmers, and you. something like that. i would love to see what turned up at the end!

but if that never happens, i will understand, i just think it would be rad.

Banov said...

Hey Dave--

God of War was kickass, loved every minute of it. As an indie game developer (read: I wish I had your job) I cannot get enough of your insights on game design and peeks into what the industry is like. Those bonus videos about the making of GOW are a constant source of inspiration, and always remind me of what I'm striving for.

Thank you. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Mr Jaffe

Please share your thoughts/afterthoughts and opinions on MGS4 when you finish it. I would love to hear them.


Anonymous said...

yeah teh news that konami is still pressuring it's devs to start work on a 360 MGS4 has me interested(even though these "ports" never measure up to the originals). IMO Mirrors edge and Prince of persia are going to be sleepers this season. Gears of war 2 will probably be the best selling along with little big planet and resistance 2.

Anonymous said...

nooo don't get mass effect for the holidays, GREAT game but not the one man, not the ONE! dead space is a much better choice! actually... come to think of it holiday games are a lot more fun when they aren't really to any extreme.. cus that always makes for longevity, thought, involvement, etc... and mass effect has that, i only played through an hours worth of gaming on it anyway, hell. maybe i'll get it for the holidays myself!