Thursday, December 04, 2008


...well it ain't me...not yet...but I saw that on a sign ages ago in Cahaba Heights (near where I grew up) and I always liked it :)

Ok so hey- here's a l'll video post ah dun made :)

Later ya'll :)



Gazzo said...

Interesting blog. I understand what you were saying. I always have this feeling in my gut, even though I'm not even out of high school yet, of where do I want to be in 20 years, or 30 years or even 10 years from now. And even then, what do I need/want to do when I get there, etc. And although that feeling can be pretty stressful, I dunno about you, but it always pushes me to keep going and to keep thinking about it so I'll at least be (a little) more prepared when that time comes.

You may agree, you may disagree, but I know that with myself, that little feeling in my gut or that little voice in the back of my head is exactly what I need sometimes.

Happy birthday to your brother!

See ya around.

Also, on a semi-related note: Goddamn I love this blog. Sometimes I regret finding it though because all too often my attention will divert from something I need to do just to see what you're up to, ya bastard. :)

Anyway, good luck on that game.

Anonymous said...

You know, as exicted as you are about the DLC for MK vs DC, maybe you should leave the next "mystery" (wink wink) game as open-ended.

I would've love to continued to download new cars for Twisted Metal Head-On. What aggravated me most about that game was that MOST of the cars were in the game, but a select few were left out. It was so close to being the MKArmaggeddon of Twisted Metal.

I think DLC has opened new doors for games-- adding to their lifeline.

Anonymous said...

Damn, my grammar was uncharacteristically bad on that last comment...

Unknown said...

This is the first comment I have left at your blog Mr. Jaffe. I am 24 years old and I know exactly what you are talking about with your feelings of time and wanting to do something with yourself. I have times like that myself where I will be by myself and just turn everything off tv, games, music. It just allows you to take a few minutes and think clearly about "hey what have I really done so far" and "how am I going to change that in the future" but I don't think people should dwell on it because it can put you in a depressive mood which you sorta mentioned.

But on a game related note I can't wait to see what game you have been working on for so long. I must say that I didn't play calling all cars because I was an ok fan of the twisted metal series but never bought one. I really enjoyed God of War but whatever it is you are working on I am interested in.

Gazzo said...

I have mixed feelings on DLC.

I understand if a developer a few months or so down the road has a "D'OH!" moment and decides to add something to a game in that they forgot about, but I think that game creators shouldn't rely on it all the time. I want a game that I get to be finished when I get it. I don't want it to be a situation where an error is found or the character amount is bad or whatnot, and the game creators just say, "Oh, well, in a few months we plan on getting that stuff in there via DLC."

In the case of the MK vs DCU thing, I think it was more along the lines of, "Well, we wanted to get the characters EVERYONE wants in first." Which is understandable, but if you kinda had plans to get other characters in to begin with, (although I have no idea if this is the case or not, just an assumption) it should've been done from the start, I think. And charging people 1 or 2 bucks for something that should've been in the game to begin with, when they've already spent 50-60 bucks on a game? Come on. That's pretty lame.

I do, however, think that leaving things a little open-ended so that you can add to a game if you choose, is good, but I think that you should have a game be as best as it can be when it hits store shelves, and if the creators feel things need to be changed or added on later on down the road, that's fine, and I encourage them to do so in order to make their product better.

Anyway, I think that's all for me, for now, unless someone makes another interesting point. I've already written enough.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you send him some Depends, Jaffe. He'll appreciate it ;)

But yeah, the life thing. I think the whole internal motivations of being your better self is grounded into our heads at an early age or at least, I think so. Personally, I am at a stage in my life right now where I am just here and living out what they call a "quarter life crisis". Ugh.

Also, the DLC (Fuck, I hate using that term...). Everyone should do what the guys at Criterion does and release monthly DLC for free that includes stuff like new cars. Only reserve a payment plan if the content is a bona-fide expansion or a brand new map.

Basically, smaller items get leeway and it won't look like publishers are nickel and diming people to death.

Anonymous said...

Hey David, while I was watching your post and very much understanding what your point is, I realized that when I found this blog I was "Hell yeah now we can get exclusive info on the god of war series and other games he's coming up with" but then slowly by slowly I realized that not only game issues but everything else is interesting on this blog. In the end my point is, is that you are doing a great job with this blog, and keeping us hooked, nice work dude.
Oh, and happy birthday to your bro.

lb003g0676 said...

I agree about the potential, but I think Society IS what pushes it.

And yes it does prevent depression, but I am only 17 I don't need to think about that now, but I think I am relativel mature, and I think too much about this shit already.

I have travelled already, but I still plan to travel more.

And I would love to be where you are career wise, this is your achievement in life already man!

You have created a product that has reached to a HUGE selection of the population on this planet.

And you are still doing so.

It's amazing if you think abotu that, but the cool things, YEAH innovation is awesome.


jmd749 said...

mid-life crisis, hey jaffe?!
i have a very fatalistic view on life, i believe that we were all given an innate set of tastes(preferences if you like) and a "unique" character, and we were all born into a certain environment and set of circumstances in which to exercise them. who placed us in it and why are 2 questions i'm trying to find out now, and as soon as i find out anything i'll let you know, if you want to know.
keep up the blogs, i really enjoy them, rant as much as you like.

jmd749 said...

mid-life crisis, hey jaffe?!
i have a very fatalistic view on life, i believe that we were all given an innate set of tastes(preferences if you like) and a "unique" character, and we were all born into a certain environment and set of circumstances in which to exercise them. who placed us in it and why are 2 questions i'm trying to find out now, and as soon as i find out anything i'll let you know, if you want to know.
keep up the blogs, i really enjoy them, rant as much as you like.

Zodiak said...

40 is not that bad seeing how life expectancy is always on the rise. I actually thought about how old I'd be in like...5 years and such and I just can't believe myself to be 28 one day, where I'll be, what I'll do, I just want to be apart of history somehow...well gaming history but that's even a long term goal for me.

Hoped to be finished with college soon and have a great job =]

the blog is very thought provoking and the vblogs are amazing. I was glad to be apart of Jaffe's blog when it was on blogspot back in the day when he 1st did the vblog. Glad to see Jaffe evolved the stories of his life and ramblings, actually, shit, it's always been great! Him and Cory's blog, always great material, always entertaining to read/watch. Thanks Dave for doing this! =]

Happy B-day to Phil =]

Anonymous said...

Great post!

grasshopper said...

You and your bro are both knocking on deaths door ;)

Hey Dave..hire me at ESP for a phony position and let me in on some of your game news :) Really looking forward to some screens or video of whatever the hell it is. Bet my first comment wont help get any info outta you though. I can be your motivational guy I can make you the best Dave you can be! Bet thats a line in your book...
Alright I'm done...

Unknown said...

Hey Dave,

I actually wanted to also start my own video blogs. Pretty entertaining. I read that you wanted to get into the film industry? I am an aspiring filmmaker hoping to get in as well. What ever happened? Why did you decide to enter gaming? Is it that hard to get in? Should I keep going and never let anything stop me? lol. Is it hard? I am losing motivation. :( It would be cool if you shed some light on your past and why you didn't pursue film and why games and how you get in etc. Also, why are you not involved with God of War 3? Didn't you create it? MGS4, is probably the most epic game I've ever played (i cried); actually that's the game that got me inspired to become a film director!! Weird right?? One more question, how can you know your idea is good and how do you keep going with it when you have the worst doubts in your head about it?

Unknown said...

In 5 years, I'll be thirty years old. Oh well, at least I'll have a flying car...

Anonymous said...

dis is my first time im writing 2 ur blog bt i would like to know hw god of war 3 is doin as i am a extreme fan( disappointed in the fact hw i have ps3 bt cant 2 play god of war 2) as killzone 2 is using almost all the power in the ps3.

Stafa said...

Jaffe, I think you have accomplished a lot already. You spawned two huge franchises under your belt. Twisted Metal created the car combat genre and God of War brought badassness to a whole new level for action/platform games.
I know you probably have millions of ideas for future games floating around in your head, but here is what I would love to see you eventually make before you retire down the road. I would love to see you make either a first or third person shooter. I know it sounds generic, but here is my reasoning. Twisted Metal was so successful because it was essentially a shooting game that controlled extremely well for console, during a time that shooters were evolving on PC. Now, every controller has two analog sticks, so moving and aiming is easy to map onto the controller. Twisted Metal eliminated the whole concept of aiming, thus making a smooth playing shooter for consoles. That's why I would like to see you make a first or third person shooter because I think Twisted Metal is a franchise that made good use of the controls for it's time, but now controllers have evolved and we need a game that has aiming now.
Another game I would love to see you make, and I know you would love to make this as well, is either a Batman or Spider-Man game. I've read articles in which you mention that developers are making comic to game adaptations wrong, and I know you have plenty of ideas on how to make a good comic-based game. So if you made a Batman or Spider-Man game, that would be the bomb shit.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you're feelind David ! And I am one of those who look at you and think "oh man, I wish I had balls like him to do somthing I really like and succeed in it" :-P

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