Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hey ya'll- We will send those out Monday of next week Fed Ex. Sorry about that. We've just been so caught up with this greenlite meeting that we just have not had the time to do anything else. We'll take care of it first think Monday- I am sorry about that. Totally my fault. Thanks for understanding.



Robert said...

you should have a contest to bring some fans along with you to E3

-SCoLD- said...

Or a contest to online beta test T...the new game! Maybe make the requirements like fan of the series since 1995 or something :)

The anticipation is through the roof this month, and as we get closer, I can already see the tension blowing through the ROOF.

Can't wait until tomorrow sometime and see how the meeting went.

Archminion said...

and can that roof be on a building pls?
a destructible one??

And one that can be blown up with a remote bomb???

Good luck with your meeting Jaffe..

-SCoLD- said...

Glad someone picked up on my ROOFTOP innuendo :)

KonKat said...

Damn... I thought it was gonna be another contest. haha..

Gazzo said...

Good luck to you and the rest of your comrads, Mr. Jaffe.

I'm pretty curious as to what you're working on.

Delriach said...

Thanks for the update. My email is if you lost it or something >_>

Asurastrike said...

lol, David they've screen captured you waving a piece of paper, and are trying to say it says "Twisted Metal".

PlayStation Museum said...

I thought Dave was going on hiatus. Which is more sad: Dave can't take a hiatus and actually stay away from his blog or that I visit his blog daily/hourly eagerly awaiting his next blog entry even though I thought he would be on hiatus?

chad said...

hey you have probally seen this.but if not check out these you tube videos.the ps3 song and the x box 360 was mad by some fanboys.i just saw them last night funny as hell.cya chad

milkman said...

Jaffe, I gotta laugh at this:

It's impossible to read the paper and yet people all over are saying they can, LAFFFF

Archminion said...

Hmmm, actually, it sorta does look like it says Twisted Metal there on that paper.

Not that it matters anyway.

We know the truth.

Anonymous said...


Sherban said...

This is probably going to look stupid when I turn out to be wrong, but come on, David, you've hinted at it being a new TM for so long, how can we not think so?

Anonymous said...

Hey David, why won't you develop the next God of War game?

Vitter said...

Hey David, Vitter here from Argentina, I really enjoy your blog! just wanted to ask what do you think about that leaked footage of battlefront 3?! that apparently got freaking cancelled or moved to another studio but doing it less appealing..or not who knows.
Im not a SW fan as of now, i was as a kid, but the latest movies were so crappy.. BUT when i was watching the footage, the character got in the ship and then went from land to outerspace and then IN the mothership! HOLYFUCKING SHIT, i had to crap my pants!! damn that people who cancelled it, i read that a new studio got the game and that ¨freedom¨ for example will no longer be as showed but more of a cutcrappyscene... i dunno if this are rumors or what, k i´ll stop writing now! haaha have fun and good luck with the greenlit!!

Lateralus said...

My email is in case you lost it in the other post.

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