Wednesday, February 18, 2009


THANKS! I just had it stuffed!

Ahem...little Naked Gun 'humor' for you there....anyway:

So I saw this on NEOGAF, thought it was one of the best Kratos cosplays I've seen! Not sure about the story behind it, where it's from, was it for a contest,etc...shit, maybe this isn't cosplay...maybe the dude really looks that way! Shit, now I feel awkward :)...anyway, here ya go:

While we are talking cosplay, this one is pretty damn good too:

Wait- is that the same dude? I don't think so...anyway:

I gotta say- it's pretty damn neat when people take time and resources out of their lives to dress up as a character you had a huge hand in creating! I've seen a small number of Sweet Tooths over the years as well, which is nice (in fact, I need to post some cool, fan made Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Trucks in the next few days as well)....

Ok- gotta run! Later ya'll!


DBVII said...

The guy that used to do Kratos on G4's skits was pretty damn good too.

Anonymous said...

I want to see some real Sweet Tooth's...


DBVII said...

Off topic, I made a banner for your blog (as if you don't have enough) but didn't know where to send it.

Here's the linky:

Casey Cannon said...

Man, that Sweet Tooth Ice Cream Truck stuff makes me really wish I had a Minion tank. Shit man! I forgot about Minion until just now. lol My favorite character in TM.

BZKlint said...

Do you mind if I add you as a friend on STEAM? ID: BZKlint

Games: Just L4D. 4 now...

Anonymous said...

This comment is in relation to your overall idea that games still have not conveyed emotional storytelling well. I want to suggest that you play Silent Hill 2 ( the only thing that has ever made me tear up, and the would include movies and books), and Shadow of the Colossus, which has a fantastic emotional ending that you actually PLAY instead of watch. Both games do a great job of emotional story telling with and without cutscenes, and I hope you give them a try.

TrevDogg said...

hell yeah thats tight costume. sweet tooth ice cream trucks would be awesome! i really hope ur brewing up a twisted metal for the ps3 that would be soo badass :-D any way just got street fighter 4 and i gotta sa it looks damn good. gameplay is fun, may take a lil to get into it but i like fighting games. if u get a chance and if u like SF check this one out david and let us know what u think. peace

Anonymous said...

@ Nick M
I think one of the most overlooked "emotionally stimulating" scenes in a game, was from "THE DARKNESS"

I know a ton of people always mention
the chick dieing in FF7. But I think that's in large part because the huge bandwagon that game has accumulated.

Anyway, the scene in The Darkness, I referred to is, when Jenny dies.
Even though I knew there was a good chance she would to see the games end.
I think maybe the suddenness of her death, coupled with the fact "The Darkness" wouldn't let Jackie look away, as the women he loves, the one small bright spot in his entire shit life, is snuffed out right in front of him

Brutal. especially because with "The Darkness'" help, the situation could've easily been ended, with Jenny still living

Anonymous said...

my brother's done a great design for an ST truck, I'll post a link when it's finished.

He used Solid Works but it's still real smart

Barter In Blood said...

When the next Twisted Metal is being made, can you make JUST ONE COPY for the xbox 360?

Cus i really WILL buy a ps3 specifically for the game...

But just imagine, jaffe. going to the store to buy a game you have been waiting for since 2001. a game thats part of your most favorite game series ever, bar none.

And the price tag is $400.

like imagine being in wal mart and you see INDIANA JONES: THE DUSK OF DAWNS!!!!!!! whoa! its the new indiana jones movie and here you are with 50 bucks in your wallet! youre so excited that there is a new indiana jones because you grew up with it, it became part of you, a "lobe in your brain"... and now you get to take it home.

Apparently this movie will only play on a specific type of dvd player YOU DONT OWN. theyre right there at the store. but they cost $360, and the movie costs $20.

What would you think? and what would you do?

Anonymous said... dave here is a great pic you should post it on your blog

Anonymous said...

Where's the muscularity??

simon said...

I hope you had fun at disney david

Anonymous said...

@Barter in Blood

lol of the day. c'mon, there are a bunch of other games to enjoy along w/ a Twisted Metal for ps3. There's nothing wrong w/ going multiplat.

Anonymous said...

Yeah actually, for some reason, the darkness completely slipped my mind, but that was a powerful scene.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

"But just imagine, jaffe. going to the store to buy a game you have been waiting for since 2001. a game thats part of your most favorite game series ever, bar none.
And the price tag is $400."

AGREE! Argh! D:

"lol of the day. c'mon, there are a bunch of other games to enjoy along w/ a Twisted Metal for ps3."

Hardly. If/When TMPS3 is announced and my hand is forced in to buying a PS3, I will likely pick up MGS4. and I'll get Calling All Cars, fl0w and flower off of PSN... But off the top of my head, there are no other games on PS3 that aren't multiplatform I'd consder getting. Which is what makes Barter In Blood's statement all the more true... TMPS3 is going to cost me 400 dollars. :(

Barter In Blood said...

thanks so much for agreeing!
And Jaffe, don't get us wrong. We understand what you've already said about loving Sony and being faithful to them and how that's rare nowadays.

I'm no stranger to that feeling.

On a day in early 1995, I remember getting invited up into my brother's room to play his magical "Playstation". I could barely say the word, and on startup, the bassy first note echoed through my body in a way i will never forget.

The first game i played? A demo disc, containing a demo for Twisted Metal (and other games i didn't wanna bother with.) My 5 year old self spent hours upon hours battling "that dumbhead cop car" and "that crazy monster truck" in a circle arena with just about nothing in it.

from there, way later in life, i bought a ps2, because i hated all the noob-ass kids that would buy xboxes to feel cool and trendy and buy halo and play it online. i hated the company, i hated the controllers, i hated the games and the owners.

Then i realized that what i really hated was the fact i didnt own one because i was stuck with a ps2 that no longer read half the discs i put in it, and STILL had to GO OUT AND BUY a multitap to get more than one other person playing with me. the sad part is no one wanted to play with me because they were all having halo parties with their xboxes.

And so life carried on in misery, and the next generation of consoles happens. Xbox360, and PS3. I bought an xbox360 faster than i could say "i dont like sony anymore" and have been completely content with the change, and haven't complained once.

But now, if the reason i ever began gaming at 5 years old returns to only ps3, i dont know. I know its hard for you to go multiplatform cus one guy is having his dreams (or $400) torn away.

But it is just so epically sucky.

P.S. I even bought TMSB....... you KNOW i am a diehard fan......

da criminal said...

Barter- hey! Great story- that means alot that our game had such a positive effect on you. You've made my day.

Unfortunately- and you may not be aware of this- I don't own the rights to TWISTED METAL (or ANY of the games I've worked on). Sony funds them and thus, they own them. And business wise- much as I would love to see our games on every platform under the sun- Sony invests heavily in products so they will remain exclusives- and thus- be incentives for folks to purchase their hardware. So I don't think you'll be seeing Twisted in any sort of near future- if ever- on anything other than a Sony platform. Stranger things have happened (i.e. Sonic on a Nintendo plat, so you never know)...

Thanks for playing Twisted all those years ago :)


Barter In Blood said...

Haha! well its good to know youre on our side at least!! sorry for the guilt trip, then ^-^.

You're the best, dave.

And its because of you and the work you do that i will gladly figure out a way to rent/buy/borrow a ps3 just to play the next TM.

Anonymous said...


Thank the ever loving gods that Ratner left the GoW project.

GoW needs Zucker to direct. 300 was epic, watchmen will be epic, and GoW is epic.

zucker = epic

It all works out. Later man! thanks for your posts.

Anonymous said...

not zucker....Zack Snyder whoops

who the fuck is zucker..hahahah brain hasn't turned on yet today.

Barter In Blood said...

p.s. what are your thoughts on Sega, (your twitter status sparked my thoughts on this)

do you think they should ever reenter the console market after their current *economic incubation period* if you will?

I personally loved every console Sega ever released more than any Sony, Microsoft, or Nintendo console to date.

I know the Saturn and Dreamcast lacked functionality and whatnot but they were genius platforms in their own right.

Do you think, with a re-stuffed wallet, the right ditto's of other consoles, current technology, and their incredible knack for sticking out from the crowd (console-wise), SEGA could pull ahead after a new console or two? The xbox name only beat out playstation because of a bunch of catch-22's that cursed it and still do today.

I would love to see an innovative and creative, YET sturdy and balanced.... but new.. shiny.. and beautiful... console from SEGA.

Your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Well..... It´s obviously that microsoft wants to study the secrets about the blu-ray disk to became THE RULER OF THE VIDEOGAMES´S WORLD!!!

Two things about this:

-first, DVD-HD isn´t bad, it´s pretty good, but is bad that microsoft do this class of things with the competition. Like send emails with that fucking thing about MSNBC (Read this with attention) only for see for what the hell the creator of the Legendary God of war prefers the PS3 and the Blu-ray.

-Second, c´mon guys microsoft is not playing good, (remember the crisis and the people that lost their jobs).

GOOOOOOOOOOOOO the fucking hell microlost (yes... I mean soft)!!!!

Please RE david.


Anonymous said...

lol you like that guy dressed up?? you should see this guy he actually made it onto the cover for

Anonymous said...

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