Saturday, May 09, 2009

Ah who the hell am I kidding? :)

It's 3:15- can't sleep.

A few things:

-Just woke from a dream where I was looking after my dying father. Now my dad- thank God- is very much alive and healthy, thanks for asking :)...but in the dream he was in bed in some hospital and dying. Now before that, in the same dream, I was working at one of the junkyards he used to own and run when I was a kid. But in the dream I was a grown up and I was doing a really good job running his yard and dad seemed real pleased with me and my work. And then- just like that- we're in the hospital and he's dying but only he's not an old man anymore, but he's a little, little around 3 or 4. And he's so sad and so little and so cute. And he sits up in bed and I tell him it's ok and that I'm there for him. And I ask him if he wants to stay or if he wants to move on. And I hope so much that he'll say he wants to stay but I know the answer he is going to give: he shakes his head yes when I ask him if he wants to go be with "gaga" (the name we had/have for his mother who has been dead for a long time). And so- sad as I am- I pick my father up- who is this little boy- and I hold him as I slowly spin him around the room in a warm, tight embrace and tell him everything will be fine and that I love him and that I have him and that it's all ok.

And then I wake up.

And now I feel sort of sad, like I'd like to call dad right now. But it's 5 am in Alabama and I don't want to wake anyone. I'd like to go hug my kids too, but its 3am here and I don't want to wake them either.

Man, having small children of my own- who are the age of my dad in the dream- I realize that the bonds between parent and child (in both directions) are so much stronger than just physical. Dreams like this make me wonder if there is something to the idea that we are all old spirits who have known each other many lives over and we just keep going round and round with the same spirits as our companions. So in one life a spirit is your dad,in the next that same spirit is your kid, sometimes your next door neighbor. Is that what is going on with this life? Or something else entirely? Well, whatever it is, it reminds me of how wonderful and precious family is.

Either that or I've just been watching too much IN TREATMENT on HBO....which- truth be told- IS the case :) Amazing, amazing show!

- Yes, I am still blogging. I was pretty bummed by the leak from our game yesterday. Not so much the information that got out (there really was nothing in there that gave away what we were making or breached any sort of trust I have with the team or with Sony). I was just annoyed that someone would actually go thru the trouble of not only defogging the images (that I clearly was sharing with the net community and clearly didn't want defogged) but then that they would go so far as to post the info on the net. I know I'm a naive idiot for being surprised but sometimes the behavior of folks on the net can really just wear you down. But then you remember that most folks who come here and post about games and pop culture all over the net are just nice, passionate people. I have no desire to stop blogging- something I love to do- just because from time to time there are going to be people who do shit that really gets under my skin.

- On that same front, I'd been thinking alot about this idea that I would rather be known, loved,hated, ignored, forgotten,etc. all solely based on the work I contribute to, and not for my blog. Now I know my blog is not some massive's not like I get a million readers a month or anything. BUT it has brought me more attention than any of the games I've been involved with and sometimes I'm like: well what's the point of that? Better to not have a blog and if anyone thinks twice about me besides my loved ones, it will be because the work we do makes folks happy. And I do feel that way...strongly.

I've seen other folks I admire (in games, in comic books) stop blogging and there's something that feels kind of dignified about that action. Like those folks are saying: the work will speak for me, not some blog.

And again, I really appreciate that stance. It's a stance I often think about taking ( clearly)...

BUT I also know that it's 2009 and blogs and the internet are amazing tools for connecting with folks who DO like and support the stuff you and your team creates. I mean, how nice it is to be able to connect directly with the folks you have a hand in entertaining. How nice it is to hear that you and the team have made something that has really touched someone's life in a positive way. And how nice to share a look into our world with people who are clearly interested in such things. It is an amazing gift and opportunity and while there is a strong part of me that feels that the work should just speak for itself, a stronger part of me tells me that blogging is something I don't want to give up doing.

So I won't and I'm not.

And at the same time, me and the team are going to bust our butts to bring ya'll some of the best games you've ever played and allow the work to speak so loudly for itself that this whole worry will be a moot issue.

But so long story short: I don't want to stop blogging; so I'm not going to.

I do want to go to bed tho. I've put my LA trip on hold as I have to work this weekend :( And I'm getting tired so I'll just see you all next week!




Anonymous said...

That was the shortest break ever. We all knew you would come back.

David Jaffe said...

Yes- I know.

I can be a drama queen at times, I suppose :)


Anonymous said...

Oh David, you're so fucking naive, man :D

Why do you blame the people for defogging these parts? You would have done the same if Spielberg posted an alternative script of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' with blurred out parts.

David Jaffe said...

Yeah, I know. It's not that I'm bummed they defogged it but that they ran to the net and posted it and then news sites picked it up,'s like, clearly I didn't want the info to get out...if you can defog it, good for you...but do you gotta fucking share it and violate a trust that I feel I have with readers of the blog. And THAT is the part that is naive. Not that someone deblurred it but that I felt that it was a surprise that someone then went on and posted it. But hey, lesson learned on my part.


DeeJay said...

Your blog is, by a wide margin, the most interesting and enlightening website I read on a daily basis, and I am genuinely relieved to here you're not giving it up.

Don't let the fuckers get you down, David.

Gvon said...

lol,like I said in my other comment,I've only been checking your blog for a few weeks,but it's good your continuing.

I can understand why your fucked off,i'd be really pissed if the same happened,in a way it spoils it for the fans who check the blog,played your games and would like a little info,
As a gamer it's cool when you get to see stuff like that and now you'll probably not do it again because some twat abused that trust,it's obvious that if you blur something,you don't want people to see it,sort of like theft init.

Keep going and I look forward to seeing your game.

Brad said...

Don't be so modest. You should know that anyone visiting your blog is seriously pumped about your next game, whatever it may be. You're a freakin' rockstar. Posting blurred images like that is just daring rabid fans / douchebags like me to decrypt them.

Fortunately, after reading the comments from the site where it was leaked (and based on your comments here), it sounds like no information that was really important or altogether "new" was leaked.

Anyhow..I'm sorry for being a twat, Dave. Keep blogging for us...

Unknown said...

Thanks Jaffe. You usually write/talk about some interesting shit, and I agree with you more often than not. Not to mention the inspiration you've given me.

but even so, You're career says even more about who you are. The products you've made, and I'm sure the products you're going to make in the future, will say a lot about how you want to be seen. I personally see you as another individual, but one in a position to inspire and possibly bring out the best in other people who aspire to be in your shoes (or there abouts)

So, not to sound all ass-kissy here, but thank you for sticking with your community.

Keith K said...

I wouldn't worry about it Dave. The 'leak' is too damn innocuous. I dont think I've read anything that was fogged, but what I did read kind of makes me think I've had some misconceptions about what you're making.

Either way it sounds awesome, and that's the only thing I can distill from it, seems pretty worth it to me.

Andrew Groen said...

Not to be the echo in the room, but I really hope you do keep blogging.

I wont lie to you and say I'm the hugest David Jaffe fan alive and I've loved every one of your games, but I will say that you're probably the most interesting game designer I know of, and that's why I come to this blog regularly.

I think you've got some important things to say about the nature of game design that I wish more people would hear, and that alone is reason enough to keep this blog going. Not to mention that even the non-gaming posts are still really entertaining.

Anonymous said...

I hope you stay as well. There are only a few websites I check everyday when I turn my PC on and yours in one of them.

There are always gonna be A'holes around ruining things for everybody else.

I'd suggest if you ever do post documents like previously again you go into photoshop and just flat out delete or erase certain areas instead of blurring.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in polar opposite to the other readers here, I couldn't give a rats how your next game goes. Sure I enjoyed Micky on the SNES (way before I even understood what it takes to make a game) and loved, and I really mean loved, God of War, but what draws me now to this blog is that you are a social commentator who has very similar interests.

I have kids, love games, am a game designer and the new Indy really, really pissed me off. I read and listen to you because you are a peer. I don't agree with everything you say but you are the sort of person I could have a beer with and talk all night to. The ting I really love about your blog is that 10 years ago I would have never even known that there was a person behind the credit on some games I liked. You put a face to the name, you make my reality all the more real. There are others out there like me and we are more than our bugs and glitches.

You are, for want of a better term 'Keeping it real', please continue to do so.

Déjà D'être said...

LMAO!!!! I was having some sort of feeling that the whole blog post yesterday just had to be some sort of joke (even though you weren't joking)...since it's just I knew you had to come back - and...WELCOME BACK!!! Hope you enjoyed the break =)

David Jaffe said...

Thank you all for the kind, supportive words. I find myself always responding to the assholes, which is insane. So let me take a moment to respond to the kind words instead:

yes, thank you. I'm grateful you all come and visit and get something out of something I enjoy doing.It's very cool to hear and I really , really appreciate all of those comments. Thank you!

Good weekend ya'll!


Unknown said...

Jeez dave, that temporary hiatus was very drama queen ish. People on the net are crazy. There are so many small time sites covering games now (and actually going to events) that they'll do anything, even betray the trust of someone that I think everyone who visits this blog considers a friend.

I'm glad you let it go and didn't break up with all of us just because of what some jerk did.

Looking forward to your game's eventual announcement.

Eat Sleep Play All Day!

Archminion said...

Totally understand why you'd be pissed David but the leak is just getting more ppl excited.

As long as you're not getting a cuffing from Sony then it might not have hurt in the long run?

Personally I'm even more excited about what I managed to read and I only saw the blurred stuff!!

I hope you will keep blogging, its obvious that ppl do appreciate the time you put into your blogs.

Jala said...

It may feel like your blog is more important to us than your work on games, but (at least for me) the reason I'm even here in the first place is because of your games.

I love it when you talk about games, but because I like your work so much it just made me more interested in the "wizard behind the curtain". We're all interested in pretty much anything you have to say here, but I think that most of us care because we cared about your games first.

One of my favorite things about God of War were all the extras. I feel like that game really did it right. You had the costumes, and God Mode, but then you had all these "making of" videos too. And you did commentary on footage of really early gameplay (and you said the guy playing it sucked LOL), plus getting to look at all these models you guys never used and getting to see what you had to say about them.

I ate that shit up like it was hotcakes, man. I absolutely loved it, and I wish every developer put that sort of mega behind-the-scenes stuff in their game. I'm not a game developer but I'm extremely interested in the process and what makes a good game. But hardly anyone goes so far as to even include basic commentary :(... It makes me sad.

Aaron said...

It wasn't me David. I swear. It was Derrick, I saw that little B$%@h doing it.

-SCoLD- said...

Jaffe, you may think more people will remember you for your blog, but that is infinitely untrue. Your games have been played by millions of people all over the world, some of the people you have touched couldn't even express themselves to you in any language you would understand, that is an amazing achievement in itself.

And about the "news". You must realize that ever since TMHO Extra Twisted the journalists have been looking for SOMETHING to prove your next game. Whether it be leaked screen shots, defogged words, pausing the video on the white board, THE WORKS. You must remember a few things.

You are practically a celebrity. Not only that, but you are one of the few developers to have a blog, and easily the MOST UPDATED blog of all game developers, so everything you say is gold. I can't say much because as a TMA member and TM fan if I were the one to find out that picture, I would have most definitely splurged it on the boards. I found out about it on newsboards though.

I don't think you quite realize how psyched a lot of us are about this game...whatever it may be :)

Glad to see you aren't taking a break from blogging. We'd miss you just as much as you'd miss your video journal. Sorry if ESP/Sony are riding you about yesterday.

Anonymous said...

I know your name from the God of War games, my most favorite series. I don't know when and I don't recall with whom, but I heard you give an interview and I came away thinking "that guy's pretty cool." "I agree with that." Somewhere over the course of time, one of those same blogsites that from time to time hang you out to dry, posted a link to your blog. I read the first entry and then every entry that precluded it.

I would guess that initially we all come for the games as that's our meeting point (for lack of a better word), but most of us stay cause we feel 'connected' on some level. Its refreshing to see a person be open and honest with themselves and with you. No matter whether you know them personally, or through a blog. Likeminded people are going to latch onto that. They may not always agree, and you don't have to always have the answer or be right, but that honesty and openness is refreshing.

These folks that irritate you can seem pretty loud and appear to have large numbers, but don't let them drown out those that like coming to your blog to watch you figure it all out, whatever 'it' is. Hell, we're trying to figure it out too.

Keep on keeping on
- The Fuck

Michael Jarvis said...

Nice words of encouragement guys!

I would say though, it is infinitely less important to be known for your accomplishments than to be known for WHO you are, the kind of person you are, etc.

Yes, I understand that we all want to accomplish great things in life, makes us feel like death will be worth it if we leave our stamp on the world, but being the greatest person you can be, I think, is much more important, and joyous for ones self and others around you.

Your blog helps with this goal, in my opinion. It shows the world the type of person you are, and lets us get to know you better. At times, and I think I probably speak for a few folks around here, I almost feel like a pal of yours when I watch your videos. It is just, like, wow, you know? I could really get along with this guy, he is cool, and it seems like we are in to the same things! Bonus!

I don't think you should ever have to force yourself to reach out to the world, but, my opinion of you is that you are someone that enjoys connecting with others and sharing your thoughts on whatever strikes you (be it hand or otherwise, heh).

Anyhow, the long and short of it is that, personally, I love reading your views on most everything you say, because what you say is actually interesting. I love the insiders view of the game development process, and I love hearing you rant about XYZ of the day.

As someone you admire, in a way, Kevin Smith has the exact same effect on me, I could listen to that guy talk all fucking day, he just really knows how to spin the yarn. He can tell 3 stories at once and still have you understand what is going on, and still laugh your ass off!

Anyhow, sorry, everyone, for the long post I just felt like I had something to say.

Cheers David and just do what feels right for you :)

Masx said...

Welcome back man!

Man it sucks that someone posted those defogged images online causing it to spread like wild fire. I would have felt my trust was betrayed also :(.

Really does make one think twice about sharing any future material. Which is really too bad for us readers. But if it helps keep certain people from doing any damage, I don't mind.

Love this blog and really enjoy it so I'm glad you aren't gone for good! =)

grasshopper said...

David...what ya gotta do is fire up that camera and take some pictures of FAKE batshit crazy concept art and ideas and blur and post that. :)
Have fun with it...maybe a blurred out middle finger :)

Good to hear the blog is still goin!

Vitter said...

first of all you made me cry you sob =)
(i lost my dad like 6 years ago. sadface)
Then yesterday i was at my gf´s house and i read real quick , your post about quitting blogging, and actually i felt kinda.. oh maaan i REALLY ejoy his blog, i check it almost everyday.. sad :P
So this was an oh thank godness moment! hahaha
Anyways, Star Trek it´s a GREAT GREAT movie, and that is how they should make a modern star wars movie and not the crap they gave us for those 3 episodes..

Anonymous said...

What did you expect to happen? That's like releasing your credit card information on the net and having only half blurred. Hell, you didn't even blur out one sentence with the word 'car' in it.

yencid said...

YAY! im glad your still doing your thing. see i come to this blog not only as a gamer to hear about your game itself but as a gamer that wants to know how developers are.... you are one of the few developers out there that will share with us (the gamers) how your life is... your ups and downs... your personal memories... even that dream..... its interesting because most of your followers will most likely never meet you... but with this blog they have a personal connection with you (thats the case with me)... AND thats why i always come back here :]

yencid said...

BTW david you HAD to expect that.... this is the same industry that will go through a video game trailer frame by frame to find out those little secrets in there.


Anonymous said...

You know I called my mom up after reading your post ^^

Anonymous said...

Jaffe Gaffe!

Anonymous said...

Yo, Jaffe, what happened to the YouTube vid that was posted yesterday!? I noticed today that it was taken down.

hpv said...

OMFG! Jaffe's dad is Brad Pitt!

John said...

I really enjoy reading your blog David, it's so good to see your not quitting.

Now get back to work on that animation ;)

Anonymous said...

awesome news man..Glad to have u back..dont let some of these of these ppl piss u off or get to you its not even worth it

CleanNJerk101 said...

So David is the ESP blog still at the back of your head? I think that would be a great way to keep in touch with the community. Just look at Insomniac's website or even the PS Blog for e.g.

Graham Waldrop said...

Glad you're back sir. Interesting stuff on the dream and what not. Pretty freaky.

Best of luck on the game and yes, I come here because I love what you and Scott and the rest of the guys have done over the years. Twisted Metal 2 was the first game I ever played and I grew up with the series and I love it so much (2 and Black are just, so fucking epic. The original is great, but 2 and Black are just like top 5 games for me) and God Of War is one of my favorites, and is probably in my top 10. Your work is very inspirational to my growth as a filmmaker, and I love the stuff you and the guys do.

Thank you for keeping us updated on your work and I'm sorry someone defogged that message. That's not right. Fucking internet. Oh well, live and learn.

Best of luck, Jaffe. In the last part of your post when you say that you're bringing us some of the best games we ever played, it brought a smile to my face and brought me back to my childhood. Thank you so much for your work and I love this blog a lot. It really let's me know what kind of guy you are and you seem like a really great, really nice guy with great views on the world.

Can't wait for this game!!!!!


Graham Waldrop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Graham Waldrop said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Howdy David; I f'd up trying to reach you through Twitter and it never went out. If you want to get to me, owenATkotakuDOTcom, but again, it sounds like you've said all you want about this.

Unknown said...

I come to this blog because twisted metal is fucking awesome. Twisted Metal>Blog..

Unknown said...
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Vitter said...

david i just played the INFAMOUS demo, WOW!! so much fun!!

Unknown said...

David people decoded that message because they really respect you and care for what you are doing. And with that they wanted to share it with everyone who feels the same.

These same people are rooting for you, so in consolation isn't that a nice surprise.

mango said...

glad to see you back.

that was a cool dream, really makes you wonder what dreams are in the first place eh?

remember, there's no such thing as bad publicity...

keep your chin up (or down, whichever way is most conducive to your creative juices)


NeedlesKane said...


if they really respected jaffe, they wudn't have gone to Joystiq with it, they shudve kept it to themselves

Anonymous said...

First time posting, been following your Blog for a while now, its great!! keep it up!!!!

haha, when i saw you post them screens of your office, i thought it was just a matter of time before someone found something.

You should be glad people care so much that would take all the time to do that haha, even though it was wrong.

I must admit, if i found something out like that, i think id be so excited and want to tell everyone and would prob post it on the net too.

Either way, atleast you know for next time haha, wouldnt be suprised if people start enhancing the background of your youtube vids.

On a side note, have you seen Star Trek?
I thought it was really great, as a fan i walked away with a smile - which is good haha. Although i did feel the story was slightly shallow, it was a set-up for the possible sequels, but still alot better than the other movies i have been watching lately.

Anonymous said...

Just to repeat what has already been said many times already...Don't stop with the blogging. This and the PS blog are the only blogs worth reading.

Alastor Mused said...

This is why the internet can be a shitty place. If you try to be nice without fully protecting yourself some asshole will fuck you over.
I feel bad your trust got violated but don't cave in or give up. I know that sounds pussy but it's true. Keep on writing; cus it's easy to focus on 1 person screwing it up for the others when the others are grateful and enjoy the content.

Unknown said...

I would be flattered that someone took the time to decipher (whether hard or easy) the message. That means that people respect and look forward to what you are doing. Who cares if they passed it along to the web, invariably one of the sites would have tried toi read it crack it.

Disrepect would be them slamming the game when no info has been released.

I mean David can take it anyway he likes, I am justing pointing out another view.

If I was in that situation I think I would actually be proud. Means fans of his work are paying attention, and that is what all creators really want someone to notice your hardwork and get enjoyment out of it.

shine1396 said...

Everyone's said what I wanted to say, so I'll just say something different.

Will Eat, Sleep, Play, you Jaffe, ever make LBP levels?

Christopher said...

Just my thoughts.

I've been a fan since TM1. I've known your name since TM:Black (my favorite PS2 game).

As a gamer, I love God of War and Twisted Metal games. You are my favorite game designer. The fact that you blog and do videos is an added bonus, it allows me to get into the mind of who I consider one of the best designers out there. The blog also shows your personal side, which is usually interesting at least. Trust me though, I don't find everything you write or talk about to be entertaining.

As a professional in the industry (programmer), your blogs also provide insight into how another industry professional feels about many different industry aspects. It also sometimes gives me a look at you as a designer and if I ever get the chance to work with you what I might want to expect. I'm always curious how you interact with all the departments at Eat, Sleep, Play and how available you are to smaller employees (like the lowly programmer who is implementing feature x that you designed).

So that's it. Your blog is entertaining on many different levels. I don't see any reason to stop...unless you get bored of it.

mindgames said...

Hey David ive been reading your blog for a very long time and just havent said anything but now i really feel the need to speak up. I follow your blog for the sole purpose that your my favorite game developer and I instantly became interested once I played god of war and beat it. Dont get me wrong either I love twisted metal and played the crap out of it at a younger age. I trust your skills so much in game design that I will buy any game you put out without seeing anything about it. I understand what im about to say might sound lame but its the truth. I played video games a lot when I was younger but as i got older developed a drug habit that lasted 4 years. By the time I was 19 I had been to jail 3 times and the 3rd time I got out I convinced my mom to buy me a ps2 again since I sold my old 1 for drugs. She got it for me because I told her I needed something to keep my mind off the drugs if im going to stay clean. The 1st games I got were god of war, metal gear, and gta. Those games played a huge part on getting my life back on track since I got released from the 3rd time in there I havent touched a drug or been arrested. So therefore you were a big part of helping me get my life back(granted there were a lot of other factors that helped as well) and I would like to thank you for that. God I no that sounded really fucking lame to tell you guys my life story and I feel really emberessed to tell it even tho none of you know me. I hope it helps you understand how important you are to some of us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
wocyob said...

im glad your not stoping this blog... to be honest its the only blog that i read

and i know every now and then you get upset with the shit people take from your blog and blow it up on the internets ...its fucked up i know

but next time this shit happens... and we all know theres going to be a next time :P

try to not go on your blog and scare ur readers/fans lol

thanks David and keep up the awesome work your doing

cant wait for your new game!!!

Sadeq said...

This is probably your most emotional post (and not because of the dream).

Glad to have you back David. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe, I was wondering whats your view on the news of 3d Realms being shutdown?

I think it's a real shame.Even after 12 years I still had my hopes up that the Duke would be making a comeback.Not to mention it's sad to see more game dev's loosing their jobs.

here is a link to some gameplay footage:

Unknown said...

Hey Jaffe, i'm drunk as hell, but feel the need to say that i check your blog everyday. i dont even know what was remotely leaked (assuming thats the issue) but i check tma less than i check your blog. i will check it now though :P

i can only hope you know that your insight into gaming and even into a geek mind (take that as the ultimate compliment) that people truly want to hear what you have to say as the best compliment you could get from an audience. we want to hear you, in any form you're willing to give us!

you are a passionate person, and i'm eternally grateful to be able to hear from someone like you. if you were to never give a clue about any game you're developing, but still be able to give an educated and honest opinion about the gaming world i honestly could never ask for more.

you're as good as they come b/c you're honest! i wish the best in life for you and your family!!!!


glass said...

the smashing pumpkins once had a website 9 years ago... its forum was full of hate and spite. Billy then took it off cus it was jus disappointing him. why are these ppl that love the band hate the band so much?

so it was taken down... but now the sites back up and its full of love but of course a few hates.

im not sure what im trying to say but... dont let the net let u down. take a break if u have to... when ppl see u not blogging anymore, they'll know what they are missing out. And then they will learn to appreciate u. like me!

Emrah said...

David, you should have known better than fogging those elements. A simple grey block on top of the letters / words would leave no room for a decryption, but only lots of room for imagination. I'll tell you what I think, you're either naive, or you just knew what would happen, and did it on purpose. And I tend the latter is more applicable in this situation.

Anonymous said...

hey jaffe,

Get going on duke nuken forever lol. you are the only caliber developer i can see finishing that game the way it was meant to be done.

I'm not so ignorant to think u have better things going on for u than to pick up some 12 year old vaporware but it would truly be awesome if u did lol

Anonymous said...

woops... correction "im not so ignorant to think that you DON'T have better things to...." sorry if the first post came off wrong


nbnt said...

you rock, others suck, thats it.

Julian said...

What was the game that was leaked?

Brett Bretterson said...

Jaffe, I hope you don't let the defogging discourage you from your "behind the scenes" idea for the blog. The industry desperately needs to loosen up and provide insight into the creative process. Pretty much every film that gets made these days has a documentary crew following it for the DVD extras. Why can't games be the same? There's got to be some way to do it without any sensitive material being leaked.

I say this not only because it'd be fascinating to watch the game come to fruition, but because this sort of documentation will be essential for people studying games in the future (yes, game studies courses aren't far away...). You've got a fantastic opportunity here, David: with your clout you can make this happen. I hope you do take advantage of it.

xTJMac510x said...

That sucks man that they'd defogg your images like that. Its not like its a game thats gonna come out 5 years from now. Im pretty sure people can wait. I mean you made two of my favorite game series of all time (TM and God of War) and so I think you deserve more respect than that.

And im glad you havent stopped blogging. You have always been one of my favorite designers and whether or not it has to do with games, i actually like to hear your opinions.

And ive had dreams like that before but i havent thought about them like that before...huh

Guy said...

Hey David thanks for not stoping the blog. It's always a source of enlightenment for me and I'm grateful that you are keeping it going.

It's odd with all the swearing you do I found this post made me realize or well makes me think that you have not lost your innocence, which is not a bad thing. I just find it cool that the man who created God of War and Twisted Metal still retains his innocence.

Anonymous said...

your blog is interesting.. welcome back man.
dreams like this from god, and its have meanings :) .
can't wait to see your project at e3.

Brett Bretterson said...

P.s. David, I expanded on my comment above about opening up the creative process in a post on Bitmob: hope it persuades you to reexamine the "behind the scenes" idea.

Keep up the good work! I know the spotlight may sometimes seem like a burden, but I'm so glad we have voices like yours in the games industry...

Zeebava said...

So glad you're back!

Your interpretation of your dream made for some very interesting reading. It's very similar to some Thich Nhat Hanh stuff I read a few years back wherein Hanh suggested a compassion building exercise in which you would imagine your father as a helpless little baby who needed to be taken care of. The exercise was meant for people who had "father-issues" but could be helpful for anybody.

I'm currently reading Robert Thurman's Infinite Life and the book touches upon a lot of stuff that you were talking about as well. You should check it out. You might be a Buddhist and not even know it.

I'm definitely going to try and check out In Treatment. I've never even heard of it before now. Thanks for the mention.

Unknown said...

Can I call you Dave? Hell I'll call you Dave anyway, I am not geek supplied enough nor patient to beat around the bush.

Now, I know; as well as you do that you announced a PS3 Twisted Metal; A LONG TIME BACK!

- Even before Calling All Cars,
which was infact a great under-rated game, certainly a great game, but certainly a game targeted at a split screen mayhem. Let's face it, online with randoms sucked. 9/10 they would suck and quit early because they were losing or otherwise complain about something miniscule to the game setup.

CAC was a great game, and even in hindsight... It isn't ready for this gen sadly. No-one really wants it, I think Worms kinda' proves this; as soon as you become the victor and deliver the final blow.. your opponent runs for the hills. And that's just shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey Dave, if I may make a suggestion? Stop going to the cesspool that is neogaf, and keep on blogging.

Your mental state will improve tenfold, and those of us that enjoy your musings can continue to enjoy them without having to worry about what the peons at some online forum think.

Can't wait for a true reveal of your game, been a long time fan of your work.

Hoping to hear more about it soon though, almost through the final stages of becoming a police officer, and my gaming time is sure to dwindle because of it, so it will most certainly be harder to keep tabs on these sorts of things. Hopefully I don't miss the announcement.

Keep up the great work and pay no attention to the gaf hive mentality.

cody2oo said...

hey, this is my first post on the site and i want to say I've been reading your blogs a lot but i have never thought of joining and commenting. I'm glad you have decided to come back. cant wait for your next one.

F1REST0RM said...

Sad dream. =( Love your blog though...I don't know, I'm a fan of yours both because of your work and because of your blog. You've done some fantastic stuff that is definitely going to stick with me. But this is also the most interesting and in many ways enlightening blogs I've read, and I really enjoy it. Sucks that the stuff got leaked but at least lesson's learned. =) Very glad to hear that you're not going to stop. We'd miss you if you did. =P

KonKat said...

Haha.. You were worrying me for a second there. I'm looking to get into the games industry, but I'm getting my schooling done for right now. But you're one of the figures in the industry that I actually look up to, so it would have broke my heart if you were really gonna go through that. I mean, I've been a fan of your games long for I knew you made them (when I was a kid I was a Twisted Metal junkie), I even liked Kinetica, and again I never knew that the same person made it and twisted metal. I'm also a huge God of War fan, although I will always say number 2 was better, the first really set a bar for the genre.

Your fantastic games aside, I frequent your blog for numerous reasons, but the main one is that you're a very interesting person.

KonKat said...

Also, to your credit; me and my girlfriend love Calling All Cars. It's a great game for us to play together.

MattG said...

Good post David.

Your dream was pretty interesting and got me thinking about life and loved ones. Maybe it's because I'm reading Siddhartha at the time, and I'm in a deep place, but its interesting to think about the soul and how/if we are all connected through time and space.

Will our love for our loved ones carry on through to the next life in a new form or is it something different? Who knows, but hey wouldnt that be a cool idea for a game.

Aferlife. Rebirth, Deep Connections. The Soul. Emotion. Etc.

Oh well, just a random thought.

Also I'm sorry about the leak of the email you posted. I post on the HHG site because I like sharing my opinion here and there on games, but I find it sad that so many people are in the need to get the inside scoop nowadays. I've been gaming since the days of the SNES and I miss the surprises that the internet has ruined. Today we have to know everything about every game before it is released.

Nowadays people talk about the lack of inovation and I think that is ridiculus because I feel inovation is at a all time high in the industry. I think the problem is how the media can basically ruin games before they are released with over hyping/over marketing/and releasing too much info.

I'm glad you keep things under wrap.

I really wish instead of developers, journalists, reatilers, and execs would work together instead of trying to one up each other.

Also I know this has been a long post, but I also want to say I appreciate the words you post on this blog. People nowadays don't understand that people can have different opinions or that people like expressing who they are in words, and leave stupid comments insulting them.

I come to your blog because I feel that you talk about interesting ideas both gaming and non-gaming related. I think it's good you feel the urge to communicate with people in between projects. Nowadays too many developers go into hiatus in between games, and almost act like they are celebs.

You're a humble guy with a great talent at making entertaining products. I also think you got a good head on your shoulders, so keep this blog going as long as you see necessary. It's always a interesting read.

Genocide said...

I didn't catch the leak, thankfully, this is my first time hearing about it. I hate when things like that get spoiled for me, like MGS4 for instance, once it hit release day I banned myself from the internet because assholes post major plot points just to ruin the game. Different case, same concept. But once you can officially announce it i'll be pumped. Can't wait, even though I may not have a choice since my blu ray in my PS3 shit the bed in january, waiting on getting the $150 to fix it.

GrYnder McDuff! said...

I suppose the leak implies further what your game will end up being, but I don't see how- in any way- the leak implies that your game will be coming out at E3.

Although, maybe I've been thinking about this the wrong way. I know you've been saying that the game will NOT be announced at E3, and for some reason I have been believing that 100%. I'm not sure why though. You could just be sly. ;D

Small edit: Ah, the milestone you mentioned could imply E3. I see.

However things work out, I can't wait to see what you're working on and I will be buying a PS3 around it's release =P

Gem Wars said...

You have to understand, that the same people that defogged the code are the same people that go to your blog everyday, bought Twisted Metal: Head On and discovered the in-game code.

These are the kinds of passionate people you have following you, Mr. Jaffe. We are (I include myself, because I would've actually attempted to defog it myself, not because I'm dishonest, but because I am on the edge of my seat for this game and pretty much anything you come out with). Would I have revealed it to anyone else? Maybe not... But still-- Be thankful people are trying to defog your images! It's hard enough to get people to post one damn comment on my WIP game's blog!! LMAO

- Davis

starblinky said...

Hey Jaffe I think you might want to know that Disney has gone back to classical animation!!


Harlequiine said...

Oh wow, I had assumed that this was finally the break you've been waiting to have, but nope, I was wrnog! Glad to see you're back David, hope you & the team are working hard on that game of yours! ;)

And dreams are very, very weird things. I've always thought that everyone was connected in some way. There was a movie (I think 90s?) released about being 'recycled' so to speak into another body when you die. It was a comedy but quite interesting.

Anyway glad to see you're blogging again!

Robert said...

I think your work greatly outspeaks your blog simply because even a small "leak" of a mysterious project that didn't leak anything can run rampant throughout the entire gaming community. I mean, that just shows how much your work is known and recognized. Everyone is desperate for more of your games, I mean, it's hard to recognize you for your games if you aren't releasing any. But no rush, I'm just saying, people's attention to your blog is only because of the deep respect that we have (at least I have) for your work and we want any glimps or hint at this new project that you're working on.

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