Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day + E3 + Coffee + Neo Gaf Cocksucker/Jaffe Baiter :)


grasshopper said...

Jaffe baiter sounds kinda gross :)

Have fun at E3 dude...would love to be able to go myself someday. Looks like a good time.

grasshopper said...

Thinking about it...having cocksucker right before that doesn't help either... :)

Anonymous said...

Hey David. Have fun in LA.

Saw the stubble and gotta say...can we see bearded Jaffe?

Caffeine withdrawal sucks. I love drinking Mountain Dew (heavy in caffeine and generally bad for you) but I tried to quit in March.
Caffeine may be a legal drug but it's still a drug.
The headaches and tiredness sucked bad.

Also, you mentioned briefly about showing off your game at E3 next year.
Now, if you had a choice what video game conference do YOU feel would be best to show off the game?
I'm not talking about when the game is actually ready to be revealed but if you had the choice to reveal the game at any conference you wanted which one would you pick as the right avenue?

Anonymous said...

so ur game wont be shown at e3 its must be still really early in development

Anonymous said...

Have fun at E3 dude! I really wish I could go.

Anonymous said...

congrats on goin cold turkey on your diet coke. Hang in there man.

CriminalMethod said...

Gotta admit Jaffster, I'm so bummed we aren't getting a peek at the new game. I know it's probably really early in development, but just wished you took the Modern Warfare 2 route where it showed absolutely nothing but got everyone pumped about the new game anyway.

optimist said...

hey first wanted to say hope you have fun in LA and second pretty sure there is not the place to post this but i had a question for you. I have a game idea i have been working on and everything has been going well but recently i just have come to a mental block and dont know what to do could you give me any type of pointers to get pass this

F1REST0RM said...

Hey Jaffe, hope you're having a good Memorial Day yourself. And fuck the cocksucker dude and have a good time at E3!

Chad said...

Caffeine is sweet,but when I don't have it I feel like a zombie.When I run out of my daily coffee I feel like I haven't slept in days.But Jaffe I know people can piss you off.I can't even go play a online game without some dickehead saying stupid shit.Yelling everytime they die for no reason.But the truth is you can't yell argue with every dickhead you meet.There are way to many dicheads in the world.You know who you are and that's all that matters.You could become the next president cure the economy and world hunger.Someone would still have something ignorant to say about you.I think in general alot of people are just unhappy.So they take it out on any and everyone they can.I mean dude you are David Jaffe famous game creator.Who are they you know.I mean if Obama or someone valid has a opinion on you then listen.But not some Neo Gaf troll.Hey Jaffe you should do some more posts on your opinions on new games you play.Well I got much respect for you man.And so do alot of your fans.Can't wait to play play your new game. The smallest dog barks the loudest

Keith K said...

I hope you have the energy to post from E3.

Unknown said...

I have exams coming up and ive resigned myself to ProPlus caffiene tablets and i am working my ass off, totally not lookin forward to the withdrawal

good luck with you game jaffe!

Anonymous said...

Miyamoto...and Sony? LOL. What a Sony b*tch.

Unknown said...

You aren't showing anything this year at E3? How long is it going to be before another twisted metal? :-(

UsernameInvalid said...

First of all have fun at E3! It should be awesome

Second of all to the Anon who said "Sony Bitch". Why wouldn't Sony deserve credit? They brought gaming to the Mainstream and made the two best selling consoles of all time.

Anonymous said...

David, I recall you saying that your game would be ready by, at the latest, April of 2010. Seriously dude, I appreciate what you do is hard and all, but try to pad your estimates a little and not get our hopes up that much.

David Jaffe said...

Yeah totally- Anon fails to recall the FIRST E3 ever where Playstation debuted and totally changed the landscape of gaming in terms of bringing it to the mainstream and turning it into something Nintendo never could: a mainstream hobby akin to music and film.

That is what I was thinking of when I said that and how much things have changed in terms of social and media acceptance of gameing BECAUSE of the success and marketing style of the very first Playstation. Before that, when it was 16 bit systems with Mario and Sonic we were ONLY looked at as kid's there are many folks who STILL think that but just as many do not.

Sometimes people are such slaves to the 'hardware wars' they can't even have a rational discussion. Sad to me.


roy said...

god damnit david i bet my freinds that your game would be shown at this e3 ,well as long as we get a quality game take your time :D

Eric Blattberg said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eric Blattberg said...

Heading out to L.A. to cover E3 live for the first time this year. I'm pretty excited; flying out to meet up with my boss on Sunday. David, are you going to the PS Blog meet-up on Sunday night? If you are, I'll definitely introduce myself; if not, maybe I'll see you at the show.

Vitter said...

Hey David! i would give my left nutt to go to E3 and/or comic con san diego man! but i live in Argentina and i have a slim chance to EVER go to those conventions wich really makes me sad. Anyways, dreaming about going someday.. IF i manage to, E3 is back to be open to the public? or was is always like this? or with the last couple of years went more insider? happy to know it´s getting bigger again, from here i always follow the press conferences and the updates around the web! im HUBER excited! how can that guy say that?
i wish you the best for tomorrow!

Jesus Santana said...

Please Jeff im a great fan of the twisted metal series...
I live in mexico and i have a ps3...
Please jeffe¡¡¡¡¡¡
I know that you dont have so much time but please...release twisted metal ps3 in 2009 please¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
Or at least a video i need it..
Thanks..have fun in L.A.¡¡
If you read this please send me a email or send me your messenger..
my messenger is

-SCoLD- said...

Not knocking Dland at all, I've never been to the one in Cali though, only the one in FL. I must say my favorite theme park is Kings Dominion in Virginia. It's huge and has like 15 roller coasters and 15 water rides. It has kid zones also, but it's mainly for adults. I've gone there a few times and spent the entire day riding roller coasters. It's a lot cheaper overall than Disney Land or Busch Gardens, VA (its biggest local competition).

If you are ever on the east coast, try to make a point to go there sometime, I think you will love it if you like amusement parks. Hope your Memorial Day went well!

Anonymous said...

First game I played was Twisted Metal 2, so I can't wait until you guys announce a new Twisted Metal. You Know, if you do... ;) Keep up the good work!

Robert said...

awsome opening.

Anonymous said...

I'm also extremely excited to see the coming of the old E3 in all it's circus filled glory. What bothered me in the past wasn't the over the top feel of the event itself, or the loud music and large crowds, it was, to be honest, the booth babes. I felt that they were over shadowing what the convention was all about - video games. The media was so drawn to the half-naked women that the games themselves were put on the back burner. Now if we can have the much loved chaos from the past E3's and maintain the focus of video games again then I think we'll have a great show.

Anonymous said...

Wow Jaffe. Calling me a cocksucker on your blog without explaining the whole story or explaining why I "baited" you is quite low man.

First off, I am that "cocksucker." My PSN ID and GAF handle is Click. I've always been a fan of your games so no, I don't have a "beef" with you. I loved and bought God of War (all of them, even CoO), Twisted Metal, and yes, even Calling All Cars. Heck, I love God of War so much, I even got a 1 month ban on GAF for calling out all the trolls trolling in this thread:

Anyway, now that the introduction is out of the way, let me explain to your blog readers why I had a problem with what you said in this thread:

Your response was a very ignorant and cocky one. I didn't appreciate you telling people to "man up," or acting like it's not a "big fucking deal," to have to wait in lines for hours on end, with smelly, sweaty video game nerds just so people can get a chance to see and/or play an unreleased game. This was your exact quote:

"Is it crowded and packed? Sure, totally. Big fucking deal. Man up, get some good walking shoes, a good nite's sleep and go have a FUCKING BLAST!"

So I replied by saying: "You know, E3 is a VERY different experience for (famous) devs like you than it is for the average gamer or a "lowly Q/A tester" like the OP."

Quite harmless and it was in no way a troll/flame "bait" like you said. After that, you came back and responded all defensively and acted like you're just a "regular Joe" at E3, even though you admitted that you get free food and get to cut lines in most Sony-related booths.

I won't keep going because if any of your blog readers care to find out what else happened in that thread, they can just go read it.

Having said all that, please Jaffe, tell the entire story in your YouTube rants before calling others "cocksuckers" or accusing them of being a "baiter." Because the only one acting like a cocksucker and the only one doing any "baiting" here is YOU, not me.

Anonymous said...

It's Click again.

One more thing, since I now just read the rest of the thread and didn't get a chance to respond before being banned...

I called you a liar and was responding rudely to you? Are you fucking serious, Jaffe? Wow. See, now you're just acting childish and making shit up (yes, NOW I'm calling you a liar). Honestly, you need some psychiatric help.

I can't believe a well-known game developer like you can sink so low to call out a random forum goer you disagreed with by throwing out all these immature insults like "cocksucker," "Jaffe baiter," "liar," etc. I never called you any immature names nor have I insulted you like you've done to me. I feel like I'm in grade school again, being called names for no apparent reason. You really need to grow up, man.

hiphopgamer said...

was up David just checking in on you and your site man 1luv and god bless man see you at E3 peace

David Jaffe said...

Click- thanks for posting your side of it. A few things:

a- I only found out today you had been banned and assumed it was over something else given that nothing you did on the site in that thread that was directed at me was- I felt- anything that called for banning.

b- I won't go back and forth with you on this. You are right, that readers of this blog can easily hunt down the thread and give it a read. My take on it was that you were telling me I was wrong/lying/full of shit for telling people that my E3 experience was similar/close to an non gaming dev person. You came across- to me- as very assured that I was simply wrong/lying and trying to call me out on it. I responded pleasantly enough on neo gaf but yes, on my own personal blog, I responded to it in a way I felt most appropriate (i.e. I don't take kindly to people telling me I am full of shit when I am not).

c- if it was an issue of communication wires getting crossed then for my end of it, I am sorry. I don't go looking for fights and I do appreciate your support of our work (thank you). But I also don't- as I said- just let people say shit about me on the net that isn't true.

And to that point, alot of folks are like: dude, who cares?!? It's the internet.

Difference is, most folks post anon or using handles (i.e. CLICK) that carry no weight in the real world. I post with my real name, voice, and image and that makes me feel like there are times when- even tho it's only virtual- the need to defend myself arises.


CriminalMethod said...

Jaffe correct me if I'm wrong, but are you telling me your game won't be ANNOUNCED until 2010? How can the rumors be so off? You obviously know "experts" predicted your announcement was coming at this years E3, but apparently they were off by a year? Jaffe you are the man but holy lord I am bitter right now.

BTW I think you were right to defend yourself, because that's what you did, you defended you. CLICK is defending his persona, which means nothing. No one likes to be told how their lives really are.

David Jaffe said...

Criminal- my GUESS is that we will announce Jan-March of 2010 and be on the show floor at 2010 E3. But it's just a guess- I got no concrete sign off from PR/Marketing on that yet. We're still somewhat early compared to something we are ready to let the public play.


Anonymous said...

You're the reason why the ps3 failed. and you cuss too much.

CriminalMethod said...

The PS3 failed? In what sense? Yeah it's more expensive than other consoles, but it's the best quality system. I own a 360 and a PS3, plus I had a Wii (which doesn't come close). The 360 is a good value, but the exclusives for the PS3 are way better. The 360 was the first next gen console to come out so it had its head start. I guarantee after E3, there will be no question the PS3 is the best console.

And as for Jaffe's "cussin'," fuck you, pussy. Who still says "cussin?" If you can't handle some swears here and there, don't watch his videos. It's that simple.

Will Valdes said...

Jaffe, I believe that while Sony is very important to the gaming industry today, their influence can't even begin to compare to the impact Shigeru Miyamoto has had.

A world without Sony and their contributions to gaming would be a shame. A world without Miyamoto and his contributions to games is just unfathomable.

Anonymous said...

sorry if this is a stupid question, i think it is, but is jaffe working on god of war 3? because i didnt see him at the sony conference...

Unknown said...

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