Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is there a proper way to tweet?!?!

Just like I musta missed the 'how to be super cool and get tons of chicks' class in junior high, clearly there was a Twitter class in the last 2 years that I musta been too busy to attend. Cause clearly there are some folks out there NOT having a good experience with my tweets.

Now if they are just elite, snobby pricks (i.e. 'waaah, you typed in CAPS and in my little stupid world where letters can hurt you, that means your are yelling at me! I so sad now!), I really don't care.

But as an all around nice guy AND a game designer, I do like to give folks the best entertainment experiences I can. And it's got me wondering a few things about twitter...well really, it's got me wondering one main thing:

Do you guys like to see people you follow tweet a lot or just 2-5 times/day?

To me, I don't have twitter on my cell and I use tweet deck so I just have a window open and when people tweet during the day, it's just another little piece of info to suck up my attention for 2-5 seconds. So I dig it when I see a block of tweets from Kevin Smith or Brian Michael Bendis (whom I both follow). And I don't mind if they have to use 3-4 tweets to make a point cause I have the overall thread opened on tweet deck for context. And I follow them cause I'm interested in their take on the world so to me, the more the better.

But I've had a few messages since I've been back where peeps are like, "I ain't following Jaffe no more, he spams twitter with blocks of updates"...and it makes me wonder: do most people feel this way?

And if so, why? Is it cause they follow on a cell phone and every time someone they follow updates twitter, they get a little chime and they gotta look down at the phone? I can see how this would get annoying but again, that's not how I follow people...to me, the more tweets from someone the better.

So help me out...what do you guys/gals like to see from people you follow? And yeah, I know it's my account and I can do what I want but again- annoying pricks aside- if I can communicate to folks better, I'm all open to learning the best ways to do that.

Thanks ya'll!



Unknown said...

Just do your thing! Ignore the haters.

da criminal said...

Hey- it's not a haters thing tho. I'm just trying to figure out the way most people like to get tweet updates given that there are multiple ways to view them.

SonyJunkie said...

I would say tweet as much as you want to let people know what you are up to. If you do 100 things a day and need to tweet about it, than be my guess and tell us. Saying things like, "just got off the shitter, time to relax", than 10 minutes later be like, "need to shit again", that can get a little annoying. But if you are talking about big things you did in the day like, "just saw a movie, it was good", that is fine. Just don't post random shit, like, just stubbed my toe unless it is the only thing that happened in your day. LOL.

Ranting on Twitter with 10 post back to back is annoying cause it limits your words for each one and it is just a lot to follow. Just post what you did, or how you feel about something, don't need to explain it. That is what the blog is for.

Daniel said...

+1 to just do your thing! But I have a really non-standard way to follow the tweets of people that matter to me... I will visit your personal page and read all your tweets for the day. I don't check everyday but when I do that's what I do...

Juncti said...

Tweet as much or as little as you like. The people that follow your work will follow your work.

This is likely falling into the hater category.

If people don't like your tweets but like the blog they'll follow that.

Just keep being you and doing your thing and let the rest of the digital chips fall where they fall.

Welcome back!

Spats said...

I don't have a problem with the way you tweet. Usually if I feel like ranting on twitter, I'll just find a way to condense the rant to 140 characters!

But seriously, if you think something's worth tweeting, tweet it. It's just another outlet.

Glad to have you back. :-D

grasshopper said...

They are probably just jealous the tweets aren't @them ;)
I don't see any problems with it but then again I am viewing it from a PC. I say if they don't like it don't follow it.
As long as a person doesn't do a Twitter play by play commentary of a sporting event I'm okay with what they do.

decimalator said...

There is no Twitter Bible with 10 Twitter Commandments that *I* am aware of, so until someone points it out then I'd say continue on however you please.

Maybe as a compromise you could add a twitter update feed to your blog, or a link to your twitter page so people that don't want real-time updates can easily get to them at their convenience.

IMO, if people are interested and don't mind the blocks of tweets then fine. But like you said earlier, don't worry about the haters. They will always find something to hate about, whether it's your twitter habits or your Disneyland infatuation.

Anonymous said...

I'll follow you, regardless, and I won't complain either way. That being said, I end up sometimes skipping a lot if I see a bunch of updates in a row because twitter lists them in reverse order, and that makes it hard to read if the tweets aren't related... That, and it pushes everything else off the first page. It's not a big deal either way, really. I don't use a cell - don't even own one.

MJC said...

Well only problem I have with Twitter is when someone I am following does more than 5 full text tweets in a row. Because than I might miss someone's else. I could care less how many total messages they put up in a day just if they decide to try in get them all in at once.

But I follow you Jaffe and I have no problems with how you tweet. So continue what you are currently doing.

Anonymous said...

People following anybody on Twitter get what they pay for, in my opinion.

They are asking to get consistent updates on whatever you may find appropriate to post. Let any Jaffe-ism flow out into your Tweets and shrug off the negativity.

I personally don't use Twitter, but when it comes to status updates on Facebook or reading your blog here I tend to like reading information about upcoming events/deadlines/and links to more satisfying content on the internet (videos, humor, blog posts, etc).

HartKnight said...

I say do it the way you like to. I track Roger Ebert and he's got you beat on the avg. number of updates in a day.

I prefer to get my whole thought into one update, but that's just me. I don't see why you should have to do it my way or anybody else's way.

Unknown said...

I get tweets in my normal feed reader anyway. So, if you post 10 tweets in a row... or one big blog post... it's the same to me.

TrevDogg said...

The more tweets the better as you say. I only use tweetdeck as well. But i can see where some people are coming from. Especially if you're following a bunch of people. i.e celebs :-P

Sadeq said...

I do not like spammers, and if someone I follow is such, I just un-follow them. I am still following you though. Your account is my third favorite (right after PS3Nation and kotowari)

Andy Whitto said...

Erm, well i follow alot of people, i only un-follow people if like they tweet ALOT but constantly, like say 5-7 tweets every 20 min.

Now if say you had a point and took about 5 tweets to make it, thats fine, as long as its not like every 10 min haha, which in the end i stop reading because there are so many and thus end up un-following.

Its only because i might have a days worth of tweets to read through and if one person i follow is taking up 70% of that (with say 50 tweets in a day), your gone! haha.

But no your tweets are fine, infact you tweet less than most of the people i follow.

If people dont want to read them, then they wont read them, not like they are FORCED to follow you and read EVERY single tweet.

Dont like who your following, DONT FOLLOW THEM!

Unknown said...

I had this problem with twitter when I was following all the 1up people and basically my tweet page was just on overload with so many comments. I know, everyone is like, "well just don't follow so many people." Well, you are so interested in all of them, its not easy to choose. Basically I had this feeling of overwhelm.
I honestly, read your twitter about once every week (which is the most I read any twitter btw). I do think that less is more on twitter. The shorter you can make your point and explain yourself, the better.
And...don't feel the constant urge to reply on everyone's comment...that's what caused the over saturation on my twitter page...it took me 10 minutes to scroll to the bottom.

Last Scion said...

I love tweeters who update a lot. However, I only add sms (phone) updates for interesting users who do NOT tweet a lot. I don't mind a tweet every hour or so but more than that and I just catch up with them when I get back to my PC or laptop.

Chissock said...

I have no problem with your tweets "cluttering up" in my window; actually, I'd say, the more the better :)

clarkec123 said...

Why not use TwitLonger, that way a lengthy tweet doesn't need to be a wall o'tweets, its just a single tweet with a link to the rest for those that are interested enough to bother reading the whole lot

Jeremy said...

I don't see your tweets as annoying at all. I follow people because I want to know what's going on in their heads. Sure there are some that complain about clutter but those are the same people that would complain about you not tweeting enough. It's the internet mentality to always complain and never be content. The majority of us enjoy your tweets so keep them coming!

Unknown said...

Do it as many times as you feel like doing it.
I, personally, don't mind a bunch of tweets, even consecutively.
Most tweets in general, aren't life-saving details, so I don't care if I miss one, or if it gets too cluttered or something.

Unknown said...

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