Saturday, January 16, 2010


Just got back from seeing Avatar a second time.

Some of you may recall I walked out of the movie about 30 minutes in the first time I went. I was just way too bothered by the cliche story to tolerate the thing.

Just goes to show that one's mindset when doing any sort of activity is everything. From watching a film to consuming any other sort of entertainment to eating a specific kind of food, if you're head's just not into it, it don't matter how good the thing is you're trying to vibe with.

When I tried to watch the flick the first time, I think my head was way too into our game (I had gone right after work) and I couldn't really give myself over to anyone else's creative vision. I was too tied into our own vision to get swept up in anyone else's, too focused on what we were trying to do with our new title.

Today however-prob cause it's the weekend and I've had about 12 hours to detox from the job- I could just let go and let the movie wrap me up. And it did! And I loved it! I don't think it's the next big thing but it was pretty darn fantastic and some parts of the flick downright classic!

Ok ya'll: it's Saturday nite and I'm hunkering down for a late nite of planning a video that we're making to show to the European sales/marketing folks in the next few weeks. Besides that, gonna be taking breaks by  pounding away on Splosion Man on XBLA, my new addiction. What a fantastic game and a what a fantastic new character!

Talk soon-