Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Listen To Me and Scott Campbell Live Today on Kotaku Radio!

Hey- sorry for the short notice. Everyone is in milestone crunch.

I will be on the live phone in Kotaku show today along with Eat Sleep Play co-founder, Downhill Domination director, and co-Twisted Metal creator Scott Campbell! That is, if we can pull Scott away from his shit ton of work out in Utah.  It's easier for me to hop on a phone interview cause I don't got 20 people pulling me in 100 directions all day long. Scott does. BUT I hope he can make it!

I will be there for sure so click here for details and swing by and ask some questions and chat with us this morning! It's at 10am Cali/Pacific time. You can do the math for the rest :)

Hope to hear from ya'll!