Wednesday, February 10, 2010


...really good write up from Kotaku and Gamespy, the solution is not to release fewer games. It's to make games much shorter. And charge less money for them.

I really do not think games should cost 60 bucks. And I also don't think they should be more than 4-6 hours each unless they are focused on multiplayer or are more gamey-games ala TRIALS HD or Popcap style games.

I really hope with digital distribution this is going to change. It's getting ridiculous that a game can consume months of your life.  For 60 bucks, it SHOULD consume a large chunk of your time but- again- for me, 60 bucks is way too much cash for a game.

10 bucks for 4 hours seems a good deal to me. I wish all 1 player games were that long. I would play more of them and finish most of them.