Saturday, February 27, 2010

Uhm...Ok, Am I Missing Something Here?

So this headline has been making the net game news today:


It comes from a phone interview I did with OPM UK. 

I have not read the article yet but just based on this piece- which is what most people are linking to- does anyone see any place where I actually say I don't care about reviews?

Hey, I have not read the actual piece so it COULD be in there (not the net story but the OPM-UK print story) but I don't recall saying it and I sure don't see it in the net recap. Check out the news story on the net, see if you can find where I say I don't care about reviews. 

Here is the actual quote in the piece from me:

 "Don't get me wrong - a good review makes my night, but I no longer find myself connecting with what a lot of reviewers go for and so it doesn't matter as much to me any more."

To me, this sonds like I DO care about getting good reviews BUT I'm not as vested in proper media reviews as I used to be because I don't feel I connect as much as I used to to what mainstream game critics like/want/desire. That was all I was saying and I THINK I got that idea across.  Perhaps Tim Ingham who wrote the piece can let us know in an update of his story if I actually said what the headline of his piece makes it sound like I said. 

That would be good.

Like I said, perhaps I did. But I don't recall. I can't imagine someone would just make something up and attribute it to me...people don't do that sort of thing, do they?