Friday, February 05, 2010


Had a crazy productive, busy, exhausting week out in Utah working on the game. Lot of great meetings, decisions made, and great progress on the game in general. And next week is nuts with tons of design docs I gotta write up based on the decisions we made during all those meetings.  So I need a break over the weekend (altho I'm prob gonna work a bit tomorrow). 

SO I rented some flicks for me and the kids. I've already seen Basterds and Hurt but really wanted to watch them again. I'm a MJ fan and am eager to see how that flick turned out. The other movies I'll stick on while I make my kids pancakes tomorrow morning.

Oooh, and I gotta go get me one of them 7-11 Kratos Slurpees sometime this weekend too. And hell, was that freaking GOD OF WAR III I saw on a damn NASCAR?!?! I was at Gamestop in Utah yesterday and I saw an ad for the GOW NASCAR- holy hell Sony is behind this game in a big way! How exciting! 

Ok, gotta run- chat later ya'll! Great weekend!


WEEKEND UPDATE: Pics from a lazy weekend with the kids:

Prepping to make the weekend pancakes! 

Keepin' it lumpy. My brother-in-law told my dad that lumpy pancakes=great pancakes...and he is right! Ever since I started keeping them lumpy AND putting some baking powder in, my pcakes have gotten much, much better! :) 

Kids always watch cartoons while I make the cakes o' pan. They like me to make 'baby pancakes' to tide them over while I finish breakfast, set the table,etc...those little cakes in the bottom right are said 'baby pancakes'...Nothing like having a baby pancake and a sip of ice cold Diet Coke right out of the fridge...

Hell, just need some syrup and I could stick these on a pancake box! I wish they tasted as good as they look but alas, my pancakes- while they have gotten much much better- are still about a 7/10....

Later in the day we ordered Za from the best pizza place in San Diego: Oggi's!  They of the super bad ass thick thick thick crust! 

This was about 10-15 minutes after the delivery guy left. It's really good...

Then we broke out the kid's science kit I got at the toy store and made stuff like miniature volcanoes that actually erupt (occurring above but kinda hard to tell)...

Also made a bubbling mad scientist potion...


We got bored tho and started mixing all the stuff together to see what would happen. Here is the end result: a bubbling, stinky test tube of something that looks like human feces mixed with battery acid.

In the end we poured the remaining ingredients from the science kit in the toilet to see what would happen and to try and freak out grandma (I was gonna have my oldest run out of the bathroom crying to her 82 year old grandma that something strange had come out of her stomach :) )......altho grandma showed up too late to see it cause the kids (and me) really wanted to see what the bubbling, nasty-ass concoction looked like when it was swirling down the toilet....

So that was my weekend...hope yours was fun too!