Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome HOME, Old Boy

You can now walk around the virtual PS3 world of HOME as SWEET TOOTH or MR. GRIMM! Check them out!

No, Sweet Tooth, those pants don't make your ass look fat. Your ass being fat makes your ass look fat. 

When I first heard about HOME I kind of hoped there would be Sony game characters walking around but that they would be Sony controlled, so it would be like seeing Mickey at Disneyland and they would be controlled by members of the team who could go out and be the mascots and stay in character, give out cool demo codes, exclusive virtual goods,etc. I still like that idea more than anyone/everyone getting to dress as the characters. BUT that said, these are still dang cool! Hopefully we can get Dollface, Calypso, and a few other characters from Twisted Metal in as well. 

Ok, gonna get to bed so I can be up at 5am to get some work done. Take it easy ya'll!