Wednesday, May 05, 2010

In Defense Of Non Arty Box Art

Lots of gamers- myself included- like nice, artistic box art.

Lots of gamers- myself included- bitch when a publisher kicks a nice, arty box to the curb and replaces it with a lesser box. ICO is a pretty famous example of this:

Neither box is that commercial and no doubt the box on the left better represents the brilliance of the game inside the box. BUT I would say that the box on the right- which promises an action adventure to the average person just strolling by the box- is a smarter marketing decision. It's simply more commercial. Not by much cause there are better looking action/adventure boxes out there. But compared to the two, if I HAD to choose one based on which box would generate the most sales, I'd take the one on the right.

Two More Examples:

EXAMPLE #1: Twisted Metal:Black box art. I fucking LOVED it.
Thought it was and still think it is a powerful image. But it was a terrible box for a game about car combat. And I think it hurt our sales. I pushed for the mood and theme of the game over the game itself and I think it was a mistake.

Granted, you can go too far with JUST putting the core mechanics on the box. For example:

Now I really like the Split/Second demo and wish the game well. It looks tons of fun. And to be fair to Split, I think they have a new, better retail box and are not using this early box for the retail space. But there are lots of final, retail boxes out there like the one on the left and it illustrates the danger of being too literal and SIMPLY reflecting the mechanics and setting and leaving out the spirit of the game; leaving out the FEELING that the game promises to provide. Hell, now that I think about it, the perfect box for TM:BLACK would have blended the Black image above (what you FEEL) with the Split/Second image to the left (what you DO). With some guns and rocket launchers thrown in for good measure and so it was clear TMBLACK was not a racing game :)...

EXAMPLE #2: HEAVY RAIN. Lots of people don't like the SCEA version of the Heavy Rain box. They'd have rather seen SCEA go with the SCEE box. I happen to disagree. Here is why:
Do you see it? See how the Heavy Rain box- in CONTEXT- kind me anyway...fails?

Now Europe- duh- is clearly a different market. So perhaps the lone origami image works great over there. And no doubt it's a very nice cover. But is it an effective cover? I would say- at least for America- it is not. Just look at it: amid the sea of boxes that promise action, adventure, power, fantasy, much loved movies, being a sports hero, and taking home a virtual pet, the Heavy Rain box looks like some dull puzzle game. Is it a jigsaw puzzle game? Do I fold virtual paper to make shapes? For me, I would totally pass it by if I just had the box art to go on (which is how a good % of shoppers look for games. Sure, many use the net or word of mouth to aid in their decision, but when they go into a store, the box art is a major factor in if they are going to take the time to reach out and grab the product).

So I guess what I'm really saying is: I've changed. I don't need art for my box art. I don't need a box that can be turned into a nice poster or tee-shirt or an icon that those in-the-know will respect. These days I want a box that functions, a box that screams- to the masses- pick me up, bitch! :)


ps. I get that for SOME people- and maybe some cultures even- a nice, arty box is JUST the thing that makes them reach out and grab the box. I just don't think this is the case for the majority of American game shoppers.

pps. I also get that for new, unique games like HEAVY RAIN there is value in standing out as different from the crowd. Because a good argument to be made is that a large number of the people who will love HEAVY RAIN are the same kind of people whose eyes are glazing over at ANOTHER box with a power fantasy or sports star...and they would pick up the SCEE HEAVY RAIN box simply because it looks DIFFERENT. I get that. Makes sense. But in the case of the box above, I think that idea could have come across while still creating a box that seems less like a puzzle game. For example, the SHUTTER ISLAND movie poster seems like it could have been a good inspiration for 'something different but still commercial'. Anyway, just rambling now :) 

ppps. Shit, they made PAIN into a retail game over in Europe? Sweet! Did not know that :)


Gyshall said...

Great post, this is one of those design elements that hardly gets any attention at all and it is cool to see it from a dev's point of view.

Alexander said...

There's an article or two from a few months back on Kotaku about making box art and the marketing decisions behind it. The game they used as an example was BMX XXX and it was a pretty good piece.

It works great accompanied with your post.

Firestorm said...

For me personally it doesn't have to show off mechanics it has to stand out. So maybe (yet again...long story) this is just me being European but I would be more likely to randomly check out Heavy Rain with the EU cover than with the US cover, not because it's arty or anything, simply because it does stand out. Now, the back of the box should adequately explain/illustrate what the game is about, but the front just needs to capture my attention and hold it long enough to get me to look at the back of the box.

Firestorm said...

And even with the Twisted Metal Black cover, even though I was under no illusions when I bought it that it was a mechanics-based car combat game (since I know you love to point out how it wasn't an arty game about depression and whatnot :P ), I still remember it capturing my attention and holding it long enough like I said above BECAUSE I saw a hideously creepy clown face and was intrigued enough to check it out. Otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it probably.

My few cents.

Gary said...

I understand where you're coming from (the marketing perspective), but I suppose it's really all down on how you view games. If you view them as fun business, then yeah, go with the "Hero + Logo" formula. But if you view games as an art form, they should have artistic covers. Furthermore, I personally find artistic covers more appealing, because it makes the game stand out as intelligent, rather than "look at me! Colours! Explosions!". If covers like that sell more, then the market itself needs to be educated.

I'm from Europe, if that means anything about my opinion.

Jonathan said...

what do you think of the God of War 3 cover? Did it hurt sales? I think it was brilliant.

da criminal said...

I liked the GOW 3 cover from SCEE.

The SCEA one I did not care for for a few reasons:

1- it broke with tradition of GOW 1 and 2 (from the front of the box to the back) and I was hoping the packaging of the trilogy would all stay the same. More cohesive that way.

2-Nice art for sure. And with the marketing blitz it didn't really matter WHAT the box looked like. But I like the GOW boxes (1 and 2) that promise and sell the adventure along with the hero. This one just sold the character of Kratos which- to me- was not as appealing...nice as the box art itself was.


GrYnder said...


A few years back, I recall reading on that TM:Black took place, or was being viewed Sweettooth's head/mind. I don't know if it had any merit, so I thought I'd ask you. Do you recall such an article on tmalliance?

GrYnder said...

being viewed through* ...My bad.

Goldrusher said...

Yet you do prefer Disneyland to Six Flags. Or an iPad to any other tablet. Or the PS3 to the Xbox lol.

Style and presentation matter.

But where the hell did you get that store photo ? The majority of the boxes in that shot are placeholders. Including the God of War III box (which is the same in Europe as it's in the USA, ie the close-up of Kratos' face).

Michael Jarvis said...

Is it intentional that my eyes keep getting drawn to the two Uncharted 2 boxes? Are they supposed to be tilted? It certainly got my attention...

da criminal said...


a- got the photo off the net. I assumed it was a store from the UK as the boxes all looked like the SCEE version to me.

b- of course style matters. But not more than function. That is why I buy Apple and go to Disneyland. They provide BOTH in spaces. But it's also why I drive a Camry. Rather have a car that is kind themed 'meh' but is very reliable (Toyota jokes aside) vs. a high end, sexy sports car that I have to treat just so to keep running.

TrevDogg said...

i would definitely have to agree on the SCEE GOW3 boxart. The SCEA one was horrid, IMO it should of followed the tradition of GOW 1 & 2, it just felt outta place :-/

DuckOfDestiny said...

Isn't the God of War 3 box art the same for both Europe and America?

This is the European cover -

And I searched an American site and it came up with the same thing -

Anyway it must definitely be a regional thing, because I and a lot of my friends and people that I know think that the more artsy cover art, like the European version of Heavy Rain, are far better.

da criminal said...

Duck- well again, I'm not suggesting art wise the SCEE covers are not better. I think they are as well. I'm talking about- for an American audience at least- which boxes are more effective as sales tools.

FAUNA said...


Shades Perk said...

Valve actually went through a process like this with their L4D cover. At first, it was a run of the mill box art with a red blood background and the 4 characters on it but decided to switch to the iconic green thumbless art because it looked different sitting side to side with other games on the shelf.

Faux_Smoke said...

Honestly, when I roam the isles looking for something new and going just by the box, the back of the box is always the make or break moment. Certainly cover art is a factor and it should scream at me to pick it up, still, the back of the box makes the case that decides if the game ends up back on the shelf or goes to the register.

I was thinking about this and it seems like there's a real problem with the back of the box... anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the back of the box is dedicated to the bar code, ESRB rating and a wall of text about trademark and licenses / corporate stuff that most buyers never really read. I understand that there are probably legal reasons for the wall of text being there, though, I think that if it doesn't have thumbnails of gameplay, or descriptions that entice my curiosity and urge to make the compulsive purchase, it probably shouldn't be there at all if it could be spared. I know the ESRB rating has to be there and that the barcode is just good business sense, but the text just seems like a waste of space.

ally said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
MattQ86 said...

The Valve guys had a great writeup somewhere about why Left 4 Dead's box art is the way it is. It turns out it's super important that the box read from across a room. Yeah that heavy rain box doesn't pop out in the image you posted, but none of those boxes do. You need something with a good ammount of contrast, maybe bathed in one color, that can be seen from afar so that somebody not even looking for that product goes "oooh, that looks interesting", and in that respect I think Black sold a lot of copies it wouldn't have if the box art was too busy with colors and random bullshit going on.

y00tz said...

All of the ones without the PEGI logo in the corner, are just placeholders of Sony first-party titles, they even have the old "Spiderman font" PS3 boxes

The Beaner said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Beaner said...

I disagree more with some of the examples you chose, but I get what you're saying.

I think some games need a more direct approach, while something surefire like modern warfare 2 can be a little more thematic. With Heavy Rain, I think the European cover is obviously superior, but maybe a little bit too ambiguous. The U.S. box art may sell more copies, but that's no excuse for it to be so plain and boring; personally I probably would have gone with something closer in design to Indigo Prophecy's cover.

I basically feel the same way about Ico's box art. I mean, shit, if you're going to use a pre-rendered image at least keep the damn in game art style intact for your cover.

fgffgfgfg said...

So the average american consumer lacks the skill/need/time/whatever to flip the case to see what's on the back side? God, i hope not.

"Gah, an Origami, must be a puzzle game because cos' origamis are like puzzles, right? well BOORIIING...maybe should i grab the case and see for myself ? NAH, why bother when there is a shelf full of pretty explosions to choose from. Me likey things that look the same and don't hurt brain. Fire bad...ichy...tasty..."


da criminal said...

fgffg- I don't agree with your view. I think most people who buy video games- or any other sort of entertainment product- don't take it that seriously: they just want to be entertained.

It doesn't mean they are stupid or lazy but hell, they have jobs and lives and families and all kinds of other obligations. Perhaps making ANY extra effort to get the value/fun/entertainment to them from a game- when they are already putting out MAJOR effort by spending 60 bucks- is asking too much.

If you are serious about games and the hobby and business and the art form, then sure, you have a great point. But I don't think the majority of game buyers think that way and I don't think it makes them Neanderthals because they don't. I think it just means they have other priorities.

Not saying SOME are not Neanderthals :) BUT many I would guess are just looking for some easy entertainment.

For me, 95% of the time, I want to see a movie to relax and escape and kill some time. I don't CARE if a brilliant art film about the meaning of life and man's place in the universe is showing if it means I have to do much extra work to find it. Ohh, there's a movie with a neat sounding plot and some cool actors or a cool director? Ok, I'll see that instead. It's just easier.

Doesn't make me stupid. Just makes me someone with higher priorities than a movie at that given moment.


DuckOfDestiny said...

"Duck- well again, I'm not suggesting art wise the SCEE covers are not better. I think they are as well. I'm talking about- for an American audience at least- which boxes are more effective as sales tools."

Sorry I don't think my last post really explained what I was trying to say.

By saying "far better" I meant to say, more attention grabbing and interesting. Whenever I'm just browsing and not looking for any games in particular, it is always the more artsy covers that make me think "This looks cool, what is this game, let me check the back cover to see what it's all about."
I personally feel that it is the game covers that hold back information about the game that makes me more interested and want to know more about it, to research it and then decide if I want to try it out or leave it and just go and buy the latest must have, shit-hot game that everyone else is playing.

Each to their own I guess, you're the one who's been part of creating two massively popular gaming franchises, I'm pretty sure you have a far greater idea on which is the better business decision.

In all honesty though, I couldn't care less if the game cover simply just had the games title or logo and just had a list of bullet points of the games features, a catchy name is good enough for me.

John said...

I would love to see a cover that sells the game on the outside, then when I get it home I can flip the jacket for a simple, classy looking cover for my shelf.

As someone who researches games heavily before purchase I don't need the cover to sell me the game but that is why the covers are not made for people like me they are for those who don't know anything about the game yet.

Peter said...

Hey David. Great post as always. Related to this discussion of gameplay vs art, I was watching the new Medal of Honor trailer and it immediately reminded me of one of your posts a while back about pretentious artsy trailers for games like Gears of War and Prince of Persia 2008 that had fuck all to do with the final games. And really, the MoH trailer seemed like another blatant example of that. Have you seen it and would you agree?

PS: Dude, I think you look just like Jeremy Renner from The Hurt Locker. Has anyone else told you that?

pangu said...

Hate the ICO box on the right..Although I just bought it recently :P

When it comes to this cover art stuff it always brings me back to comparing the North American vs. the Japanese Final Fantasy covers. I prefer the more simplistic Japanese covers.

Great stuff you have here!

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lazyhoboguy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lazyhoboguy said...

You actually made some really good points. I am one of those people that always felt dissapointed when the USA box art was changed from the cool looking foreign ones. But to the average gamer browsing in stores I can see how they might pick out games completely based on the boxart looking conventional and like similar games they have played.

The Beaner said...

Hey, David, if you go into "Settings", then "comments" and click "yes" next to "Show word verification for comments" it should cut down on the spam a bit.

Vilas said...

IS a good box art cover necessary only to sway the average consumer? As a gamer, I know the games I want and I'll pick them up regardless of how the game looks because I know its going to be awesome. I wonder how much does an average consumer - who is window shopping and happens to pick up a title helps in the sales count

Anonymous said...

I work at a videogame retail store and honestly the box is one of the most important thing for buyers especially the back side. because it gives you info like what the game is about or its unique features. People always flip the box to see the back cover. its like the title screams pick-me and the back says take me home

Anonymous said...


ryan said...

Hey David,

Where did you get that photo with the PAL retail boxes, because a few of them (MAG, One of the Buzz games, EYEPet, and the White Knight Chronicles) must be mock ups as I have never seen these versions before. The reason why I ask is that it has become a hobby of mine to collect the different box art between the regions to see the marketing differences.

I guess I am curious if these versions exist, as they would go great in my collection.

Sadeq said...

That GT5 box is not for Prologue. What?

y00tz said...


It's from Naughty Dog's Flickr stream: (original) (alternate view)

Steven said...

I have been going to google and typing in 'David Jaffe' several times a week for the last few years. Now that i have a blog i thought i would make things official and follow you.

I really appreciate the behind the scenes posts regarding video games, and your other posts almost always connect with some aspect of my though process.(However i will NEVER understand the American government system.)

Laurent said...

Another nice post David.

What about putting the marketing cover in the box, for retail, and print the cool artsy cover version on the other side.

That way, we can choose which one we want when we get home.

ryan said...

Thanks yOOtz!

Those links to the flicker account put everything in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jaffe,

First of all, what's your opinion of this whole Playstation Blog Share of Sony's? Secondly, I was browsing around and came across an interesting post on there that I wanted to share with you.

Now I myself am a huge fan of Twisted Metal. After your following your blog and statements over the past few months, I understand that you're not working on a new Twisted Metal title and that it'd be Sony's decision to revitalize the franchise. However, although it's unlikely that it'd ever happen, I thought this person's idea of Twisted Metal Black Online for PSN was quite ingenious. I don't think Black's multiplayer experience was ever truly given the chance it deserved. I think this concept had alot of potential, but at the time it was ultimately hindered by the Playstation 2's limited online community. As the poster stated, it is inevitable that there will be a Twisted Metal on Playstation 3 someday. Afterall it'd be quite foolish of Sony not to take advantage of the fanbase for one of their most revered first party franchises. This aside from the message that your team had cleverly hidden in your previous game. Anyways, what is your opinion on the idea of TMBO getting a second shot on PSN? Did you personally feel it was a failed concept with alot of potential ruined by the Playstation 2's limitations?

Avenues said...

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Marcidious said...

The way I see it, if your going to be spending 30$ or more on a game, it makes a lot of sense to spend a little extra time to first read the back of the boxes, instead of just going off a cover that doesn't give you nearly as much info in comparison. It is a decent amount of money to be spending for the normal consumer, so they should want to minimize the risk of getting something not worth the money to them. I personally go so far as to check out online reviews + in-game footage usually before I buy a 30$ or more game.

Now, if I'm only spending 10$ for a game, or for perhaps a movie, then I wouldn't be nearly as concerned about doing research, since it's more of a low risk purchase and so I wouldn't consider the research worth as much of my time.

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Helder Pinto said...

I definitely do not agree with you Jaffe.

ico and shadows of the colossus are definitely games that differ from what we're used to see in the shelves.
They're not your typical action adventure game, so why should Ico's box try to sell that?

Ico's pretty much one of a kind game, and I think the less generic it's box is and more arty like box (like the one in the left), the better.
It would definitely be something I would pick-up, flip and see how the game is. Why? because it's a misterious kind of picture, like a piece of art that makes you stair at it and wonder what the fuck is it supose to tell you. The right one on the other hand is very very generic, with focus on a badly rendered main character.

Then again, yes, I'm european and by the looks of things sometimes our cultures can be quite diferent! :)

cheers man

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Strike Force Heroes is a new game action-packed shooter from the creators of Raze; with 3 game modes, 15 campaign missions and over 65 weapons.
Strike Force Heroes | Strike Force Heroes 4

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