Saturday, July 24, 2010

Thoughts from Comic Con

Hey- just wanted to pop in and say a quick 'hey' to everyone, post a few pics, let you know what is up.

So we had a fantastic panel yesterday- packed house! To all blog readers who were there, thank you SO MUCH for showing up. We were so surprised we packed it. I shit you not: I expected about 20 people. Ya'll are too kind.

Will be posting some pics of stuff I saw and loved from the show a bit later in the weak. Meantime, two things:


Here are some behind the scenes pics from our ending movies for the new Twisted Metal. Lots more work to do on the post processing effects but I think we're off to a great start!

NOTE: YES, Tooth is gonna have flaming hair. As you can see from all the green, we're going to be doing TONS of post effects on these, from adding in the backgrounds, to adding in props, to- in this case- giving Tooth his signature hairdo.

Image of PREACHER represents the direction we're heading in for the look of the flicks. Not done yet by a long shot, but we think it's off to a cool start.

NOTE: A good 85% of the shots will be dream like slow motion with Twisted Metal:Black style voice overs. To be 100% frank, that helps reduce the cheese that can sometimes creep into these sorts of game flicks. Some scenes that we showed for comic con may end up feeling too cheese for our taste and so our secret weapon is to slow it down, add the voice over while still seeing the actors talking but no longer hearing the cheese dialogue. Again, most of the slow mo shots were planned way in advance but just so you know: we're looking out for the cheese and if it creeps in, we have a way to eradicate it! :)

#2- WE HEAR YOU! :) - Scott, Kellan, and I went to breakfast today to discuss the overwhelmingly positive comic con reaction (as well as to get some design work done). We also discussed the fact that some of ya'll are not digging only seeing 3 of the Twisted Metal characters in the game (4 actually if you count Preacher). Two things to that:

a- please keep in mind this Twisted Metal single player and co-op will be more varied than ANY TM you've ever played. We are NOT doing GTA style missions or vehicle escorts and such BUT we DO have mechanics laid on top of the core campaign deathmatch that adds to the play varied so you don't get bored. We also have more bosses than any TM game. We also have around 35-45 minutes of live action and- when it's done- super cool stories in the game (more than- I THINK- we've ever done). So while you may be disappointed by the fact that there are currently no plans for Marcus Kane or Bloody Mary or No Face, please know that the one player/campaign game you DO get is going to be the best one we've ever made.

b- we hear you. We talked about it at breakfast today and discussed possible ways to address the concern. Can we make those adjustments to the game in the time we have left? Not sure, no idea. But for those who respectfully voiced your issue, it is appreciated, the development and publishing team is aware of your issue, and we are looking to see if there is anything we an do about it. No promises at all. But just so ya know, ya'll are being heard. And it's appreciated.

Ok, heading home to get my kids. I always have them stay over in the last nite of the con (they are still so young that they get a mega kick out of staying in a hotel). Then in the morning we're gonna hit the Comic Con Kid's Day! Gotta bolt- hope all is well!




V_Ben said...

well, if you were to have all the characters in the game, I'd suggest just doing a "classic deathmatch" mode, in which each player can pick their favourite character. That would probably alleviate some people's tensions :P but the campaign set up sounds great. You may make me play it on hard :D

V_Ben said...

Or maybe i'm just confused, and people are complaining about there being 3 playable characters in the campaign mode. Silly me :P

David Jaffe said...

They seem to be complaining about 3 things:

#1- they miss the other characters from the series and their stories. We felt that if we focused on 3 instead, did really cool looking/high quality movies, and gave each one 3 different endings, that would be something players would dig. And some do, others don't. Not sure if we'll be able to do anything about this but we MAY.

#2- They don't like the fact that characters are able to change cars (i.e. Dollface driving the Ice Cream Truck). This is not changing. We like this, we think it's cool. We appreciate the fans do not like it and respect their views but we think things like Tooth on a motorcycle is fucking neat.

#3- They seem to want a mode where the cars ARE locked to characters in the DM and non team modes. We MAY be able to do something about this. If we can solve #1, we automatically solve #3. But again, no promises. Scott, Kellan, and I JUST cooked up some ideas this morning about it and we'll have to see how Sony and the team responds to those suggestions come Monday.


David Jaffe said...

They seem to be complaining about 3 things:

#1- they miss the other characters from the series and their stories. We felt that if we focused on 3 instead, did really cool looking/high quality movies, and gave each one 3 different endings, that would be something players would dig. And some do, others don't. Not sure if we'll be able to do anything about this but we MAY.

#2- They don't like the fact that characters are able to change cars (i.e. Dollface driving the Ice Cream Truck). This is not changing. We like this, we think it's cool. We appreciate the fans do not like it and respect their views but we think things like Tooth on a motorcycle is fucking neat.

#3- They seem to want a mode where the cars ARE locked to characters in the DM and non team modes. We MAY be able to do something about this. If we can solve #1, we automatically solve #3. But again, no promises. Scott, Kellan, and I JUST cooked up some ideas this morning about it and we'll have to see how Sony and the team responds to those suggestions come Monday.


David Jaffe said...

By the way, a lot of fans DO like- like we do- different characters in different cars. Did not mean to imply they did not. Just meaning that the fans who are complaining are complaining about that particular issue.

Unknown said...

Hey David! I just wanted to say thank you for publishing a great game series and also for resurrecting it on our modern day systems! I am loving the way it is coming along, it looks amazing and I wanted to thank you for hearing us fans! I'll admit, I am one who was off put by the 3 character story mode, but I will enjoy this new TM game either way! Keep on doing what you do man!

V_Ben said...

Ah, that clears up what I was wondering quite nicely. I like the idea of a more focused campaign. Sounds great, and the cut scenes sounds outstanding from what you've described :)

Jamaal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jamaal said...

I'm a long time Twisted Metal fan. I was a huge Sega fan when I was younger, but the first Twisted Metal was actually THE reason I got a PlayStation instead of Saturn. The lack of characters in this new Twisted Metal is hugely disappointing for me. The variety in the stories and the different points of views were always such immersing parts of the series. As far as having access to different vehicles, I feel like that much HAD to still be there because of only having 3 drivers, but I always thought of the car and the driver as one character. The special attacks even extended the uniqueness of each character. To separate them now feels wrong, for lack of a better word. This new take on the campaign could very well be the best, as you said, David, and I'll take your word for it as one of my more respected developers, but I can't lie and say that I won't feel like something is missing. Regardless, if anything, it's a relief that you guys are actually bringing this title back. I hope it sells well.

With the dream like sequences, are you referring to something like the motion comic style animation of the past games?

Anonymous said...

I was put off at first then i herd Dollface last name n that got me on again ^^-

Boss's wounder who they are .

this is the closest to a TM film.

i do know ill be in MP alot after of course i beat SP 9 times.

still woundering about that twitter post you did about skins.

good luck monday Jaffe.

Cactus said...

I was a bit disappointed after hearing the news, but I'm still expecting a quality product. If you guys can fit in a simple TM2 style DM with other characters and comic-style endings, or whatever you have in mind, that would be great, but if you can't, then I'll know that all the extra time was put into making the Twisted Metal that we will be getting the best it can be, and I totally respect that.

UltimateStudios said...

Why don't you just add them through DLC?

Unknown said...

I did actually have something I wanted to ask. I'm not sure if you can even talk about any of what I am about to ask, but if you could clarify a bit, that would be cool.

The first thing I was wondering was why bother naming the vehicles anymore? For example, we have Death Warrant, Sweet Tooth, Road Boat, Talon etc. In previous games, the name of the vehicle was associated with a character. Now however, where any character can drive any vehicle, why bother naming them? Why not just call them say...Semi truck, helicopter, ice cream truck, etc? I noticed some had to change, such as Mr. Grim is now Reaper because you had to distinguish between car and driver. Another example would be Axel. His vehicle is tied to his name. Does it seem weird not to have a character associated with a vehicle anymore?

The other thing I was wondering is how you would explain in the story how each character had so many vehicles to choose to drive. Did they just find them all? Did they steal them? It seems like it would be a weird thing to try and explain.

When it is all said and done, I am still pumped for this game! Good Luck and I cannot wait to hear more!

kre91 said...

Hi Mr Jaffe,

I just wanted to say I have full trust and optimism that this new take on the single player campaign is going to be a satisfying and amazing experience!

I do however, feel a little bit disappointed that I won't see some of my other favorite characters return and the fact that only 3 characters will be able to drive all the vehicles featured in the game. As a hardcore fan, I really did feel like the vehicles each had their own personality that was attached to the driver - which really added to the unique experience of the Twisted Metal universe. This was one of the aspects that I cherished as I played the past games. I am completely aware that it is entirely impractical to have the same amount of detail and quality level of experience if you were to do the same to 16 different characters as you plan on doing with these 3 characters.

Nevertheless, I am excited about your new announcements and definitely am eagerly anticipating the game!

PS: If single player DLC were to come up in the future as campaigns for additional characters, I would TOTALLY pay for it!

Graham Waldrop said...

Jaffe, thanks for listening to us. I understand that this is going to be really in depth, and I'm happy that this will be the longest and supposedly most epic campaign ever.

I do dig the many different endings and that it's live action stories, and appreciate the fact that we can choose our cars, so we can still get that same replay value. But for me, Sweet Tooth goes hand in hand with his ice cream truck. Grimm with his motorcycle and so on and so forth. And the thing I love about TM (especially Black) were the various stories and characters, and how they were all tied to a single car. I love what you're doing for the multiplayer, but personally for me, single player seems off at the moment.

Now, you could prove us all wrong and blows us the fuck away. I'm not discounting that and I APPLAUD YOU for not taking the easy way and doing the same thing over and over again. I LOVE the fact that you are risk taking and taking the single player in a new direction. Still, I feel like you could do this the old school way, and implementing your new game design, not the lack of characters.

And good idea about covering your tracks, always key in filmmaking to have a back up plan if things don't work out the way you envision them. Trust me, learned that the hard way.

Best of luck! I trust you 100%, and still can't wait!!!!!!

Just remember, if you want to do something, then do it. It's good to listen to the fans, but if ultimately in the end, you think what you're doing is right and some of the fans are wrong, go with your gut.

-Graham Waldrop

Anonymous said...

What about minion? He was an amazing character... and Axel? Gah. please include Axel. I will Not be buying this game if you don't include more. Specially for 60 dollars.. no way. I'll buy it used for 10 or so, not 60.

Unknown said...

Hey Jaffe, commented on your last post. After debating about how I feel about the new changes, I guess it shouldn't really matter what I think or a few other fans think about the changes. Twisted Metal is ultimately your baby and you shouldn't really feel obligated to care deeply about what we have to say about it. Some people will like it, some people won't. It's how the world works really, but I guess you already knew that. In the end, most of us who may feel disappointed ultimately know that you always have the best intentions at heart and that what you take away from the series you will give back x times whatever number in other areas like always. Just wanted to let you know this; and with that said I want to tell you that I'm looking forward to the game :).

PS-Special edition sweet tooth mask w/ game please, holler at Sony about that :p

Merc With a Mouth said...

I was a little disappointed at first about there only being 3 playable characters, but I understand your decision, and trust you know what you're doing.

Though I was under the impression that with less characters there'd be more cutscenes for each one. But what you were saying is there are only an intro and an ending (albeit multiple ones) for each character, right? And while I love multiple endings, I find those suit a game like Heavy Rain more then Twisted Metal, as each thing you do in those games influences those ending.

Yeah, I know this isn't Metal Gear Solid. But personally, I would've liked to have seen more live-action scenes as you progress through the campaign, rather then multiple endings. Like what you see in Twisted Metal: Black after you beat Minion.

Either way, can't fucking wait for this game! I LOVE the sound of how varied the campaign mode is going to be. Keep up the good work Jaffe, and all of Eat Sleep Play.

Dr. Popinski said...

Hey David. I'm sorry if I sound ignorant, but I can't really grasp what you are trying to say.

Will there only be 3 playable characters in Story mode or 3 playable characters for EVERYTHING?

When you say we won't be seeing the story of No Face, does that mean we can still play as the man (not vehicle) No Face in other modes?

I know its not my place to complain, and regardless I still have faith in what you do. Its just a tad dishearenting if there will only be 3 characters to play multiplayer with. The characters themselves proved time and time again to be my favorite part of your series. I'd really love to see a plethora of different characters to choose from, whether or not they get a story. But once again this is your game, and its not my place to tell you whats right.

But if you could answer my question I would be really appreciative, I always admired how closely you communicate with your fans.

Unknown said...

Great panel David! You three rocked the Con! Thanks for signing my covers and taking a pic with me. T’was the highlight of the con.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Misael said...

Hey Jaffe just wanted to say thanks for finally bringing back TM. I made 20 bucks from a bet with my bro off the announcement lol

Gonna miss playing as spectre and minion tho! I'm assuming you cant discuss what you're plans for DLC are but do you think they're gonna lean more toward single player or multiplayer for the DLC?

Anonymous said...

David what I want to know is, why do you think that "Twisted Metal: Midnight Club" concept was/is a good idea? It doesn't resemble Twisted Metal in the least!

Don't you agree that Sweet Tooth is fine the way he is, and doesn't need to be a black guy with a flame tattoo on his head? Aye aye aye promise you'll never make that game ok? :-p

Bito22 said...

Hello Mr. Jaffe,
I just wanted to say thank you for coming out and showing your amazing footage for TM...I can't wait to play it for myself! However, after showing the audience those awesome masks for sweet tooth and doll face, I can't help but feel disappointed that I am not holding the sweet sexiness in my hands right now. (With or without the Chinese death attached). Are there plans to send the masks out to the panel audience members pending a successful run through customs? I spoke to you after the panel with my brother and his girlfriend... do you remember Brooke that little asian girl? Lemme know :)
"Screw you! Love, Calypso" (Big Man Slaughter fan)

Unknown said...

Preacher looks kinda like Geddy Lee. I dig it.

GeekyTikki said...

I'm new to your blog but I LOVE the Twisted Metal series and I can't WAIT for the new one to come out. Anyway, I saw the Comic Con coverage on G4 and while I didn't see your panel or anything the pics and post you provided was funny and I really like your blog. Anyway, I'm gonna follow it.

grasshopper said...

So if there are 3 characters...and many cars. In the single player it would be possible to be running around in the same vehicle the computer dudes are?
Ya better not ditch my Specter special weapon on one of those vehicles! ;)

Unknown said...

i'm happy there is a new twisted metall in the works period. i'll buy it day 1 even if it sucks just on principle.

Unknown said...

The problem with only three characters driving different cars is this.

Sweet tooth has no bussiness driving mr grims bike or using his special or anything like that. The cars and characters are one. I hope jaffe knows this.

I am ok with eat sleep play doing what ever they want to do creativly, I can only hope that they thought things through about the connections between character and car.

Carlos Alberto said...

hi david was wondering if you'll want to make the movie or the twisted metal god of war I'm your big fan, you can reply through my email

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with the topic, but I had to tell you...My 4 yr old twin boys are still playing calling all cars. It was a day one purchase from the PSN and out of my library of about 40+ PS3 games (some for them, most for me), Calling All Cars is their favorite, followed by ModNation Racers. Right now (since I am feeling under the weather) it's been a 45 minute calling all cars session (so daddy can lay down).

Love your work!

Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying the destuctible locations for this new Twisted Metal. School, Hospital, Grocery Store, Mall! I'm loving all of it!
I think this is a step in the right direction! The fans need to remember that this is the first Twisted Metal for the PS3, so do not expect everything to be in the game. Remember the expression 'Time is Money' and you will know what I mean. Wait until this Twisted Metal comes out for the PS3 comes out and let's take it from there.

Gabriel said...

hi really like the twisted metal' very fanatic I'm from Brazil to gmail; e quando voçe vai lançar o demo

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