Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sittin' Up In My Room

Hey all- in Utah for a magazine feature a really great games mag is doing on TM. Also here for a coupla days o' design meetings. Not sure what our official agenda is but I think we're going to be hammering on online features (rankings, stats, flow), 1 player campaign mode, breaking out the smaller and alternate versions of the suburbs map we showed off at E3 (i.e. we're looking at making just the movie theater a tight, fight for your life style map for 16 players as well as a smaller 2-4 player split screen map), and messing around with some of the core pick up mechanics. But you never know the day will end up unfolding.

Above is my hotel desk with my grilled cheese, Sun chips, Perrier, and my MacBook (think it's a mac book...I get the names of Apple products mixed up with one another). Been checking out the GamesCon stuff and there's some great footage coming out of there. Loving what I'm seeing for Dead Space 2 and Halo: Reach. Bulletstorm is looking sweet too. As I've said before, much as I'm grateful and honored when a game we make is deemed worthy of being at a big game show, I still like 'attending' game cons virtually. So much more relaxing and fun. The people who run these shows- from E3 to GDC to Comic Con to Gamescon- really need to create an online pass where people can enjoy the show from the comfort of their own homes. I get that the social aspect is a big part of it but it's not the only part. Plus, if I could attend GDC from time to time from the comfort of my office, picking and choosing the individual panels that I want to watch in real time (even submitting questions to the panel for the q/a sessions) I would totally pay for that. Or the same for Comic Con...you'd have access to all the panels live (including Hall H) streaming in HD, as well as show floor cameras and events and even a comic con Ebay exclusive site (just for people with online passes) to purchase and bid on exclusive geek items! Ok, ok, I'm getting jazzed now. Someone make this shit happen!!! :)

Ok, gonna get to bed early. Gotta be up at 5:30 to type up a doc for the day's meeting.

Later ya'll- hope you're well!



Caity said...

I was pleasantly surprised with what I saw from GamesCom. The new Ratchet & Clank looks fun, Killzone 3 multiplayer looks crazy and exciting, and there was also that Resistance 3 trailer that showed no gameplay but hopefully represents the feel of the third game (civilians fighting, rather than the army stuff). Infamous 2 and DC Universe still look rather mediocre though. Oh and how amazing does LBP 2 look! Music maker confirmed! And yes Bulletstorm looks crazy xD

I was hoping for something about Mirror's Edge 2, Journey, and The Last Guardian but you can't have everything ^.^

Frosty said...

I totally agree about the online pass thing. I for one would definitely buy it if it were an option because I live on the East Coast and really a pass like that would be much cheaper than airfare, hotel, etc. Plus I'm one of those people that kind of prefers watching sports/movies on a TV than in a stadium/theater. Sure some people would get enjoyment standing in a long line in the heat next to some guy in a Chewbacca costume who begins to start smelling like a real wookie, but not me. :)

I'll give the community credit some sites do try hard to cover the cons. But there is just too much going on for one site to cover everything. I tuned into one site because I thought it was going to cover the TM Comic-con panel live, but all I got was a "liveblog" that was updated only a handful of times, with the updates not really saying much. The one video I saw of the con (think it was the one from the blog) the audio isn't too great and can't really hear most of the Q and A.

Also with this online pass I'd really dig a kind of behind the scenes with some of the devs/presenters because most end up running out of time because of limited time between panels. Really what gamers (and maybe total geekdom) need is an actual TV channel(or hell multiple ones, like a sport package for gamers). Sure we have G4, which I'll admit was pretty great for E3 and the parts I saw of Comic-con, but from what I remember of their typical programming this is an exception and not the rule. Throw in a couple of exclusive trailers and whoever can get the idea off the ground first would be in for a goldmine.

Hope things go well in your meeting.

Adam said...

Hey David, been reading your blog for a while now and I was wondering about the new "Homefront" game coming out.
Call me crazy, but wasn't this your game? Almost down to the letter? Swap China for Korea and move it to a next gen console... Just wondering if you might shed some light on it, or maybe just post your thoughts.
Keep up the great work!

JaredTequila said...

Hey Jaffe, was wondering if you heard about the Sucker Punch guys changing their redesign of their main character in inFAMOUS due to negative feedback from the online community and was wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. It doesn't have to be a direct response to that story, but more a response to the internet community thinking "the customer is always right."


Unknown said...

but its so special being in Hall H and seeing all that exclusive footage that no one else outside will see. It makes the camping over night worth it

Delta_Canuckian said...
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Delta_Canuckian said...

Is Twisted Metal going to be at PAX? If it is, will it be playable?

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