Saturday, April 02, 2011


Been doing some pick up shots and reshoots for TWISTED METAL's live action, in game cinematics over the last week. We'll finish up this coming week (last day of shooting is Wednesday) and then that'll be all she wrote! At that point, what we'll have 'in the can' (as they say) is all we'll ever be able to get and I HOPE it's enough to make these in game stories amazing!

I'm feeling pretty good about it actually! We've shown the rough cuts to a lot of folks and even with a lot of the current content still consisting of rough 3D animatics and 2D storyboard stick figures (cut in with the finished live action shots), the response has been great! Plus, the stuff we shot last July along with this new stuff is looking fantastic! So I just wanted to share some behind the scenes shots with ya'll. Most of this stuff has already been tweeted but here it is again, all in one place.

At first I was like, "I ain't showing ya'll that video! It looks goofy!" BUT this shot was designed to occur in super slow motion and it's AMAZING how dorky something can look when it occurs at real-life speed (like the video above) but then it takes on a downright creepy/artistic quality when it's played back at super slow mo. This is one of those times :)...

As you can tell, the specifics of the shots are all intentionally vague. I can't give away much of anything at this date (and hell, I'd rather you experience for yourself in the proper context)- but if you are as excited as I am about the new Twisted Metal, I thought you'd dig seeing some of this stuff.

Great weekend ya'll!


ps. At first I was worried about showing this stuff so unfinished but man, you guys should see how it looks all processed and tricked out. It's going to look SO DIFFERENT from the pics above that what you are seeing here will be almost unrecognizable! So I figured...why not?!?


Unknown said...

I assume the contraption in the first pic makes it look like a bike is doing a wheelie?

I am so pumped to see the final product of all of this, I think they will make a great addition to the game.

Flesh Eater said...

holycrapholycrapholycrapholycrap! ... You want to give me a heart attack, do you? Hehehe, anyway, the construction of these live action sequences are outstanding so far and... *Watches the two last pictures*, Is that what I think it is? O_O

Frosty said...

Pretty cool to get a look behind the curtain (or more like green screen) so to speak. I know you said earlier that there wouldn't be any behind the scenes stuff on TM but personally I hope there are at least one or two.

I remember after I beat God of War the first time watching all the behind the scenes videos and marveling at the behinds the scene look of some of the levels that would never be (the Icarus wings, the level on Kronos). I'll also say that the video that chronicled the history of TM on the Twisted Metal Head-On: Extra Twisted Edition was well worth the price I paid for it.

It's common for movies to get director's commentary all the time but it's very rare in the gaming industry. I wonder why that is.

Anonymous said...

This looks great, Jaffe! Can't wait! It's my 21st birthday, and I'm hanging with my friends and we're about to go to a bar, and I just stopped to check the blog, and this was a great thing to look at on my bday! Love the photos! Can't wait! Day one, Jaffe! Day one!


maartyrr said...

oh I'm such a sucker for all those behind the scenes or a look into preproduction type stuff...any chance these/deleted scenes/outtakes/artwork will make its way on the new TM as unlockables?

Nastee said...

First off, I am not a troll, but a fan of the Twisted Metal games, although the best one still is TM2/EX, and that was way back.

Live action cutscenes are generally a really disappointing thing and I can recall very few games where they were a good thing.

Why would you go down that road?

I would prefer nicely animated cutscenes with decent voiceover any day over that crap.
Makes Twisted Metal look like one of those crappy FMV games from the nineties, only with better video quality...
It's a game, not a crappy B-movie.

Nastee said...

And I don't want to end up sounding like a dick - I watched GT.TV's 15 minute interview and I love what you've done with the game. I hope it turns out to be very successful!

I just always speak my mind, and I don't believe a lot of gamers like live action cutscenes.
I stand by my opinion that CG cutscenes kinda suck for various reasons.
Acting is bad, props, costumes or vehicles look cheap or not close to what they look in game; generally the feeling is anti-immersive and jarring.

Even if this is the only blemish on the game, it's still a disappointing one.

Anonymous said...

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twist3drick said...

Saw the trailer last night. It was fuckin incredible!!!!!!!. Loved the Live action scenes. October 4 Here i come!!!!!!

Brandon Martinez said...

Awesome Jaffe, loved the new trailer showing all the effects on the live action footage, making the characters look even more amazing.

Can't wait to play this game, it's by far my number one game for the year.