Wednesday, July 13, 2011

How Cool :)...

Big thanks to super talented De-monVarela over at the super cool DeviantArt site! I know it's probably egotistical to post this but I just thought it was really neat! 

I imagine most of us who have worked on these titles feel there is a lot of us in the characters. I know I certainly feel that way, that Kratos and Sweet Tooth are very much inside of me and part of me. So to see a pic like this, well, it's just pretty cool and I wanted to share! 

Ok- work's been nuts. Sorry for the lack of updates but what can I say: we've all just been super slammed making the new Twisted Metal! 

Comic Con next week! Hope to see some of ya'll at our Saturday 6pm panel!

Take care, ya'll! 



Ramón "De-mon" Varela said...

You are the man!

Thanks for post the painting. I loved Mickey Mania too! But there was no room in the illustration for Mickey XD

Archminion said...

Spot on actually.

I think Mickey would have ruined it anyway :)

That and maybe Disney would have had something to say...


Ramón "De-mon" Varela said...

Even for a fan art? OMG XD

Archminion said...


No probably not but I wouldn't put it past any megacorp these days.

Really nice work btw.