Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Racists Pricks Give To Charity


Gargus said...

Far as not being sure what to say about whether it is African American or black let me impart some wisdom to the wise.

African American does not mean you’re black and anyone who says so is a ignorant fucking moron that buys into being politically correct to the point of being a blind drone that spouts out whatever mindless dribble they are told to by the overly sensitive. For the people who use African American in reference to being black I say this, Africa has millions of white people, hundreds of thousands of other foriegn people and millions of Indian people who have lived there for a VERY long time. That’s as ignorant as saying European and referring to only whites despite the fact Europe has millions of millions of people who aren’t white living all over Europe. There have been white and Indian people living in Africa that pre date the term African American by hundreds and hundreds of years.

Technically speaking if we’re going to do this proper then everyone should call everyone "African American, Hispanic, Asian, Italian, Irish, Scottish, Australian, Europeans" because everyone has had someone from another country in their lineage at some point and that person also had others in their family tree and etc etc. So instead of trying to dice ourselves up into groups how about we just all call ourselves human beings and then break ourselves down by our names and leave it at that?

Besides 98% of the time in America we use the term African American in reference to black people who were born in America. Being born in America makes you American, just like being born in England makes you English or Germany makes you German. Nationality titles do not denote skin color. The only possible way someone could be African American is if they were born in Africa and then became a American citizen and claimed America as their home, then they would be African American but if you’re born in America then you’re American plain and simple. Yet again, African does not mean black.

So next time you want to refer to a black guy as something then refer to him by his name. If people would stop trying to divide people up based on skin color and stopped talking about it the sooner racism would end. It’s as stupid as using the term "interracial couple" when you see a white woman and a black guy together, or a Asian woman and a white guy. They aren’t interracial because we’re all human beings despite outward appearances we all are of the same race, the human race.

The problem is white people want to use the term African American because they want to feel like they are sensitive and politically correct. They want to say it publicly and stick their chest out to show everyone just how hip and savvy they are. While black people use the term because they want to go on and on about being treated like equals to everyone else but still want special treatment like titles. And companies and agencies want to use the term so they don’t get sued for being discriminate. Maybe if we really did start treating each other as equals instead of being overly PC about things then maybe we would actually get along because being overly PC is just as destructive as being overly racist.

So bottom line, call a person by their name, not their nationality because using someone’s nationality to define their skin color is completely inaccurate

See if this helps any, straight from Morgan freeman’s mouth.

David Jaffe said...

Yeah, not so much.

I admitted in my blog that I don't know what the respectful term is because the very reason that I DON'T want to be PC for the sake of it. But I honestly don't know- which I said as much.

The idea of referring to someone by name and not race is the same kind of chest pumping, 'ain't I evolved' stance you accuse others of doing. If you KNOW someone and are referring to them as an individual, then sure, you should mention them by their name. Why would you not?

But when you are speaking ABOUT RACE, I don't see the issue in having a word to describe the different races.

I agree if we lived in a world where there was no perception/awareness of different races, this would not be necessary. But that's not reality and so it helps to have a word to define those things. That's not racist or being overly PC. That's just language.


Tridrakious said...

This made me very happy to see. Thank you for being yourself and standing up for what's right. I don't have a long comment to leave, but wanted to show support for what you said.

Again, thank you.

Unknown said...

Black is fine, Dave. Also, you just got me sooooooo excited that Straight Outta Compton is in it!
I've never imagined that and Twisted Metal together, but that's an awesome combo! I'm buying this game Day One now!!!

Anthony_Herren said...

I hate racism as well, I don't see why some people have to make such a big deal out of Mr. Grimm not being white- it's completely retarded for them to even say anything about it, I'm still gonna appreciate this game no matter what, and for those who don't like the music in the new Twisted Metal, just simply go to Options and go to sound then go to music and turn it off it's that simple. :P

Matthew S. said...

Interesting topic. I can't speak for everyone, nor do I know exactly what has been said, but I'm not sure his skin color is exactly the issue. People might pop in and say they don't like Mr. Grimm being black, but it could be more that they already have an established image of what/who Mr. Grimm should be (probably in line with what TMB showed).

I personally don't care much. It's Twisted Metal and the same characters get reinvented over and over. The way Mr. Grimm looks in the trailer, with the facepaint and all, seems almost tribal. My gut reaction when I saw the image was "is Mr. Grimm getting into some mix of voodoo and gang culture? I'm not so sure how I feel about that. I've never thought of his character like that."

Nevertheless, the game looks like a good product and I will be getting it on the release day. I'm just going to have to trust you folks know what's best. Even if the new Mr. Grimm doesn't match how he's already positioned in my mind, I'm guessing the story attached will be entertaining nonetheless.

If that sounds racist, go ahead and donate the money. If anyone is honestly pissed by the mere fact that there is a black character in the game, I feel sorry for them. Really, I hope it's just people not explaining themselves thoroughly.

Oh, and NWA...I'm cool with that. Just the same, I hope there is an option to turn off/skip certain tracks.

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