Sunday, December 11, 2011


I love getting cool Twisted pics from fans of the series! Here's a few I got just tonite that I wanted to share:

Got an image of this great decade+ old sheet of notebook paper from Twitter follower @Chrisadactyl! Guy made this when he was 12 years old and found it after all this time! How cool is that?!?

Longtime twitter follower and super passionate TM fan @Needles_Kane34
 sent me this image he saw in his local Walmart! I LOVE seeing these kinds of 'out in the wild' Twisted Metal ads and images! It's so cool to know the clown is out there, burrowing into the minds of consumers all over America! If you spot anything similar, please please please, send it in to me?!? Thanks! And thanks Needles- fucking love this! 

And finally from my buddy Doc- who yes, you may remember from season one of the PSN show THE TESTER- sent this pic of a sticker announcing the trailer on the blu ray of Priest! I've not see the movie yet (trailer looked cool) and I honestly don't know what trailer is on the blu ray but pretty damn cool! Thanks Doc! Oh, and keep an ear out for a podcast Doc and I are gonna record in the next few weeks! 

Ok- that's it- it's super late and I'm crashing! Talk soon!



faker / fakiuall said...


I'm waiting the release!

Grettings from Argentina, Sir Jaffe!

Susan said...

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