Saturday, January 07, 2012

All Things Twisted!

Hey- just a random catch all of some really cool TM stuff that hit this week. Wanted to share!

First up...twitter buddy @sarshelyam sent me these great pics from a GameStop in Pleasant Hill (up in northern CA). I LOVE the fact that Twisted Metal is started to get this kind of love from the retail stores! Thanks for the pics sarshelyam and thanks for the love Gamestop! 


Next up I wanted to say thanks to longtime twitter follower and super hard core Twisted Metal fan @Needles_Kane34 for showing his faith in the series and the team with a fully paid pre-order of the game! Check it out! 
I've gotten a handful of pics just like this on my twitter and I wanted to say thanks- on behalf of myself, the tireless beasts over at Eat Sleep Play, and the hardworking crew at Sony Santa Monica- to each and every one of ya'll who've preordered the game (not to mention those that have preordered and PAID FOR THE GAME IN FULL!)

That kind of faith and support has gotten us over 100K preorders on the America Pre Orders chart over at VGA! Check it out! 

Now, I know, I know, it's not the 400K of Mass Effect 3 or the 200K of FF, but Twisted has always been profitable but it's never been one of those super main stream titles and I don't expect this time to be any different. So trust me when I say, 100K+ preorders 7 weeks before we hit is something we're damn excited by! Now we just gotta hope those preoders turn into purchases once the game drops (aka- trust me, we're not assuming that a single preorder means a copy sold...but it's a nice indication that we're picking up some good momentum as we head into our launch week!)...

Ok so moving on...check this out- updated TWISTED METAL game stats:

Top of GAMESPOT's COMING SOON MOST POPULAR! And ALMOST in the overall top 10 over on! Granted, these things change like the weather- more so actually- as we've dropped from the top 5 overall games at IGN (but are still sitting at #3 on their PS3 list)- so it's not like we look at these and think it means we're going to outsell all those games under us (not even fucking close)...but at worst it's a fun little things to track that tells us people are becoming more aware of the title and at best it's one of a handful of helpful tea leaves we can read to get a sense of how excited the world is for the game!

So hey- have you been to our updated website as of late?!? Here's a pic!
The Sony marketing and web crew have been going nuts adding all kinds of stuff. So please check it out at! 

Now the website ain't done yet, not by a long shot. It's gonna be coming together over the next few months in piecemeal sort of fashion. Here's what's coming up on the site:

  • Bug fixes :): yeah, we pulled the trigger a tad early and some mistakes made it in (TLMS supports 2 teams, not 4; Kamikaze is indeed the name of one of our sports cars, NOT Specter;  and 1-2 other factual errors that we'll be cleaning up very soon)

  • Twisted Metal University! I'm real excited by this! Sony is putting together a series of deep drive videos to explain how all the weapons and levels and vehicles (and more!) work! These will hopefully hit a major gaming site first and then- after an exclusive window closes- migrate to the blog so by launch, you'll be able to click on every vehicle, weapon, level, and mode and get a pretty great sense of not just the basics but some cool strategies and tactics as well. 

  • Twisted Metal Blog + Forum: very soon, I'll be a frequent contributor at the TM blog where we got lots of fun stuff planned. It's not quite ready for all my crazy videos and pics yet but it will be soon and lots of the TM posts that you usually see on this blog (like this one right here) will live either on both blogs or on the TM blog exclusively. TM Forums will also go up soon that you can access from the site. I'll be a frequent poster both before launch and post launch as we make it our defacto location where we'll connect with the community , hear what is working, what needs to be fixed, what weapons may need some balance love,etc. 

  • COOL COMMUNITY FEATURES!- Can't speak to specifics AT ALL right now! But this stuff has me very, very excited because I know these features- which will be live by launch- will serve to bring the worldwide TM community together like never before! Stay tuned!!!!

Speaking of the TM COMMUNITY- check this shit OUT: 
We got a page over at Major League Gaming/GameBattles! 

As a lot of ya'll may know, from the very first design emails, we've always thought of this new Twisted Metal as an over the top, bloody, nasty, super violent E-SPORT! The fact that GB/MLG have given us a shot at proving that out? Well that's some damn exciting news, I can tell ya! Can't wait to watch and see if the game- like we've hoped from the start- inspires a strong, vocal, and passionate community of hardcore vehicle combatants! Hell, when I get some downtime from work, I may just start my very own TM clan! :)

Finally- been doing a number of the promised podcasts with the gaming sites out there. So far I've done this one with the always fun and entertaining crew over at PSNation:
Thanks to Glenn and the gang for the opportunity, hospitality, and horrific image of me in children's underwear :). CLICK HERE TO LISTEN! 

I also did a podcast with Doc (who I first met when he was on season 1 of PSN'S THE TESTER) and his crew. That's gonna hit soon and you'll be able to hear it in PSHOME as well as download it on itunes and- I think- 1 or 2 other places.

And then just 2 nights ago I had a really fun conversation with the team at Splitkick, they of the super fun Fall Damage podcast.

Will post links to both of those shows as soon as they go up. And going to try to lure my partner in crime Scott Campbell onto at least a few of these gab fests, so stay tuned! 

And then there's a lot more lined up in the coming 3-5 weeks as we lead up to Twisted Metal. Gonna be sitting down with Garnett Lee and his crew at Weekend Confirmed start of next month; gonna chat with Blair Herter over at X-PLAY/G4 for their great pcast; still hoping to do the Destructoid Podcast with Jim Sterling wherein we discuss/debate Online Passes! Plus, will be talking to other podcasts and blogs as well and will be linking to them here. Also, if you are one of the smaller (and small does not mean small on talent or passion, mind you!) blogs or podcasts I've chatted with over the last 6 months who was promised- or who wants to chat- please reach out to my amazing assistant Q on twitter at @QSincock and we'll get you set up (if I've already promised an interview) and try to get you set up if it's a new request.

Ok whew! That's a lot! I need to take a break then I got a bunch of fantastic, amazing, stunning Twisted Metal Spirit contest entries to judge! If you've entered the contest and are wondering if you've won (same with the New Year's Eve 'Shut Up And Bleed You Motherfucker!' contest) check back with the blog this weekend and I'll have a list of entries as well as the winners!

Talk soon- thanks for visiting the blog! Hope your weekend is going great!



Anonymous said...

I fucking love the site, I spent hours looking at it over n epic n intoxicating well there be more vehicles added?

Hay Mr. Jaffe well the game have replay of the
battle you each play so you can upload n share?

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Jaffe, good to know Twisted metal is going to be a success for your team. :) I'm Harshevik from the psblog, you requested that i contact you in one week about the Axel early access promo. It seems you are the only one working at Sony right now so maybe you have an answer for us. First, for the record i am very passionate about the serie and it got me into playstation in the first place (that and games like the original warhawk and destruction derby). The thing is im disappointed about the marketing of twisted metal (im talking about retailers in Canada). Ill give you some examples, no major retailers have the correct date of release, none have the right game cover, none have the twisted metal black voucher, and the early access to Axel has been removed from their websites. Also, The axel pre order thing is ridiculous. Why would you penalize anyone from a character that is supposed to be in anyway. Contacting gamestop it seems the offer is US only. So that means only the US will enjoy this character where the others countries will have to wait one month or unlock him in the game. Im eagerly awaiting the game, i like how you treat your fans but im sad about the lack of support from Sony. All regions should have the same promo. Thanks for your time and understanding.

Rivaliti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rivaliti said...

Excellent ... TM soon ... already? I still remember when I was excited at the announcement at E3 2010 ... And it already comes out soon. Many remember with TM ... and it is back soon!

Sorry for my bad english, i living in France !!


TyrantII said...

Got my Amazon Release day delivery preorder ready to go. Also been contacted by someone already planning a clan and clan matches.

Really hoping you guys support them somehow besides just tags...

KaiserBlaine said...

I love the site, Mr. Jaffe, but I got confused there for a while about the Spectre/Kamikaze thing, I knew it was a typo hehe, thanks for confirming that. Can't wait for the site to show the "how to" stuff about the weapons and vehicles. I'm so excited about the contest too XD...can't wait! TM is almost here! I think I'm gonna form a clan too if I find the right people :D

maxrenderer said...

I love the site! I've also seen a slightly different cover (going back to a previous thread) with the chopper added and the cars on the left a bit bigger. Unfortunately for my taste, there is still too much white space (I wish I could post what I came up with) but I guess it's too late now. If the cover looked like one of the pics on the site, it would be incredible. Either way, I still pre-ordered the game since I love me some TM. If I were stranded on a desert island with naught but three games, TM would be one of them (UT3 and Shadow of the Colossus being the other 2).

When the GOTY edition comes out with all the DLC included, I'll be buying that one as well. Thanks for all the hard work, Mr. Jaffe!

Anthony_Herren said...

Awesome upgrade to the Twisted Metal site, I dig it, can't wait until it's finished. :D

NutriciĆ³n Grupo A said...

Hi David!
I got a question..
Im the biggest fan of twisted metal in Mexico, but i dont know if the game will bring the tm black code and the axel pre-order code..
I hope you can answer me.
U are the best Jaffe!!!

noah said...

Hey jaffe ya I preordered the game in Canada and I'm not sure ima get axel :/. Anywase how do I start a clan where should I post that crap I wanna be the first new Tm clan leader/ co leader

noah said...

Kaiser Blaine u me clan leaders ;). I would be happy to create a clan with you

Chris said...

I'm so glad that Twisted Metal is getting so much love at Gamestop. It is well deserved! I'm also loving the new site. I can't wait for this game!

noah said...

Mr jaffe could you please make a post on your blog where ppl who want to form a clan can get together n comment and possibly start a clan.

Anonymous said...

Love the new website. I can't believe it's almost here!
I'm going to head down to my gamestop in a bit to see if they set something up!

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