Saturday, January 21, 2012

My Day With Tim...And Morgan...And Garnett...

...and a whole lotta other super cool, super nice folks!

I hit LA yesterday to pimp our game on Garnett's fantastic WEEKEND CONFIRMED podcast! Here's a crappy pic of my view watching Garnett kick things off:
And yes indeed eagle eyed readers: that IS Michael McWhertor sitting next to me and Garnett. If you don't know, Michael just left Kotaku and is now doing his thang at Gametrailers where he - among other things- writes the biz's newest must read blog: SIDE/MISSION!

I've been a fan of Garnett and his podcasts since the 1up days and it was a real thrill, honor, and blast to sit with his crew (in front of the mikes and in the control booth) and gab games for 3 hours! The time flew by and I had a great time! Thanks ya'll!

So then I headed down Wilshire to the G4 offices where the team allowed me to pimp our baby on one of my fave game shows: XPLAY! I also got to do G4's podcast! Besides getting to talk games and pimp Twisted Metal, doing these shows meant I also got to spend time with the always kind, very talented, and- yes- stunning Morgan Webb!

Here she is hosting the podcast (which will air on/around Valentine's Day...the same day Twisted Metal hits! :)

Oh, and the XPLAY will air end of this month! Please stay tuned for both! 

Ok, so get this: while I'm pimping the Metal, turns out the legendary Tim Schafer was doing some XPLAY too, promoting his studio's amazingly fun Kinect game Double Fine's Happy Action Theater! Check it out if you've not seen this super creative title:

Pretty cool, eh? It hits Feb 2nd and I will be grabbing it day 1 to play with the kids!

And even better, I got to jump into the game WITH its creator, along with Ms. Morgan and fellow XPLAY host (and always super cool) Adam Sessler (who is now sporting a bad ass Picard look, by the way)! Check us out, acting tha fools:

And here's Tom chatting it up on the podcast! I could talk games and the biz with this guy all day and hope I get the chance to soon! 
And yes, that's Xplay's very own Steve Johnson- man of 1000 voices!- in between Tim and me. Very cool, very funny dude! 

And here's me and Tim in another of my 'me meeting a hero' pics:
With this one and John Romero's from last month (and Shigeru Miyamoto's from a few years back), I'm building quite a collection! :)

Oh check it: me, Tim, and Morgan even made a flick together :)

How cool is that?!?!

Ok- gotta run- lots to do this weekend (including getting the contest finally judged by tomorrow!)- talk soon! 



Unknown said...

Listening to the podcast now. This is great. The Weekend Confirmed show usually has great design theory discussions, but with you on there, it's like a fangasm for my ears.
Seriously, Dave, it's awesome for some like me( a wannabe game designer) to hear you talk about shit.
Anyway, nice post. Lots of stuff too.

P.S. Nice job meeting Tim Shafer. I soooo want your job.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

It's xBlackxBlood

I tried to show you but it doesn't accept character submissions over 4,000... I'm not sure hot, but i'll try to break it up.

Anonymous said...

Hey David,

It's xBlackxBlood. Here's my sorta story I wrote (below)... I'm a pretty big fan of Twisted Metal, thinking about integrating TM in a tattoo design I'm making. I've owned every TM game available for purchase. My favorite so far, you've probably guessed, is Black. Head-On was a good game too, just not my favorite. Also, REALLY looking forward to the new one, I had it pre-ordered at 2 placed to increase my chances of getting the DLC TM:B. Anyway, The story I wrote is not a suggestion in anyway. It's actually a script my girlfriend, friend, and I wrote for a video that i was going to direct.If you're not allowed to look at scripts of our personal views on how we interpret Twisted Metal you may want to skip the Script and go to the end to at least see the prop design then delete this comment, i don't want to get anyone in trouble. Movin' on, We had a bit of a time problem.. Snows here in MI.. and we weren't able to start the video. Then Budget became a concern. BUT! Since it isn't really going anywhere right now, I thought I'd share what we came up with so far. I'm also going to have links to the stages it took make one of the props.. We all pitched in to buy a machete.


Scene 1 – Bedroom

With the Camera over Kane lying in bed stair up at the ceiling

Scene 2 (Nightmare 1)

Kane walks out of the bedroom towards the bathroom, as he passes the camera, Dollface appears.

Kane shuts the door walks to the shower to turn it on. Sounds of the water running, Kane standing in the shower, water hits his face.

Kane: Can't wait...

As the shower turns on Dollface slowly walks towards the bathroom door with the camera on her feet until she stops in front of the door raising the camera to her head.

When the camera is at her head Dollface starts to freak out hitting the door and screeching loudly.

Scene 3 (Nightmare2)

Camera walks up the stairs and looks left seeing Mr. Grimm in his face and Kane wakes up startled.

Kane: MotherFucker.

Scene 4 – Good Morning

With camera pointing at the bathroom Kane walks out of the bathroom with his hair wet fully clothed.

Walking in the kitchen Kane grabs the keys to the car and drives away to Sparks’ house.

Scene 5 – The Preacher’s Doll

With a car horn outside, Sparks gets ready. She grabs her coat and kisses her dad.

Sparks: Goodbye Daddy

Sparks runs outside to Kane’s car. The Preacher sticks his head out of the door.

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): Wait there one minute.

Preacher walks to Kane's car and leans in the window

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): You take good care of my Baby Doll. She's all i got left after the good Lord took my wife.

Kane: I promise, sir.

Tapping on the top of the car, The Preacher walks back inside.

Scene 6 – We All Scream For Ice Cream

Driving away from The Preacher’s house, the screen fades to black the sound of children laughing and ice cream truck tunes playing in the background.

Sparks: Ahhh!

A sound of a car crash is heard.

Scene 7 – The Curse

A sound of the phone rings. The Preacher answers.

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): Hello?

Nurse: Mr. Sparks?

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): Yes?...

Nurse: Hi Mr. Sparks........

Fades to black then fades with The Preacher sitting towards the bed in the hospital. Looking up, the camera pans over to see both beds.

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): (whispering) Lord... What has HE done to my precious Doll Face.

With The Preacher’s daughter, Sparks, moaning in pain he walks over to Kane and whispers into his ear, the curse.

The screen fades to black the fades to night and as the audio plays of The Preacher saying the curse and Ice Cream truck music plays, the hair on Kane catches fires.


Sweet Tooth is born.

Anonymous said...

Scene 8 – Doll Meets Sweet Tooth

Sweet Tooth leans forward and notices Sparks is gone.

Getting out of bed walks out of the hospital to seek revenge on The Preacher for giving him the curse.

On his way Sweet Tooth finds a Machete outside of The Preachers house.

Sweet Tooth: Hmm..? This is Convenient.

Arriving at The Preacher’s house, Sweet Tooth breaks the doors open.

The Preacher Startled he hides in a corner. He starts to pray.

Seeing a bat on the floor next to his feet. He takes it as a sign.

The preacher jumps out to attack Sweet Tooth. But Sweet Tooth Became missing.

After a seconds of silence Sweet Tooth hits The Preacher to the ground. The Preacher pushing him backwards.

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): Y'.. you just can't do this. I MADE you.

Sweet Tooth: Any.. Last.. Words..?

Sparks' Dad (Preacher): Lord, Please rescue me from this CRA...(Crazy)

Sweet Tooth slices a Cross on the Preachers body. With the thump on the floor, Sparks wakes up from her nap and peaks out her door, with no mask on and a scar visable, to see a large man with flaming hair killing her father. Sparks, in anger, grabs her last years halloween mask.

Scene 9 – Twisted Metal

Walking out of The Preacher’s house Sweet Tooth walks down the street in anger that the curse did not break.

Dollface waits for Sweet Tooth to leave and grabs The Preachers bat and follows Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth notices and decides to hide on Dollface going into a small dark alley/corner. Dollface losing where Sweet Tooth went He pops out and start attacking her.

Sweet Tooth: Who ARRRE you?

Dollface and Sweet Tooth fight, Sweet Tooth eventually grabs the bat from Dollface Stabbing her in the stomach.

Sweet Tooth removes the mask, drops the machete, and steps back.

Sweet Tooth: SPARKS?!...

Sweet Tooth looks up.

Sweet Tooth: Hahahahaha!

With the camera on the side of Sweet Tooth. Eyes in the shadow in the right corner start to glow red (Mr. Grimm). The camera starts to move behind Sweet Tooth.

With the Image of just Sweet Tooth’s shadow, a billboard in the back ground says “Twisted Metal”.

Sweet Tooth: Hmm, Looks interesting..


Scene 10 – After Credits

The hearing of foot step acho in the background of a dark empty warehouse. One light faces down pointing to a chair where Calypso is sitting.

Calypso: Hello SWEET TOOTH.

Sweet Tooth: But how..?

Calypso: That is not important...

Calypso places a Cross on the desk.

Calypso: I know what you want Sweet Tooth.

Sweet Tooth laughs and signs up for Twisted Metal.

The End!

Strangely enough, it's been so long since i've played twisted metal. I actually forgot that the Preacher was the one who gave Needles his curse.. I didn't mean to have it similar.

Stage 1 (original)

Stage 2 (sanded then painted first coat)

Stage 3 (sanded, 2nd layer, eyebrows and lips)

Stage 4 (sanded (just wasn't happy with the way it kept coming out) touch up on the brows, lips, and eye cloth)

stage 5 (final)

*Everything here was inspired by Twisted Metal and the people who've created it*

The mask is actually, if you couldn't tell, a Halloween Mask.. The nose is WAY to big to be Doll Face's. I was looking up and down EVERYWHERE for a Sweet Tooth mask or something close.. but no good either. Anyway, If you WANT.. you can share this. It's not really organized though. This is why i was like 'Man, i wish i could just email'em..' eh well.. I'll check these comments to see what ya think about it. Talk to you later.

Icecubes said...

Hey David,
My name is Isis. This year in February is Mine and my Boyfriends three years. I have reserved your new game coming out for over a year now for him. We have been working on a script together and he has posted it for you under Jake: xBlackxBlood. He speaks of your game nonstop. I was trying to find something to send to you in hopes that you would sign it for me to give to him. If this is a possibility that would be great to let me know. I am excited to hear back from you!!! Thank you!!
you can email me at: