Thursday, March 01, 2012

Another Twisted Metal Status Update


Cyrisaurus said...

I am one of the many 60GB PS3 owners who cannot play this game due to some issue with the new blu ray format Twisted Metal is printed on that is not playing nicely with launch Blu Ray drives. Is there a possible fix for this or do I have no choice but to buy a Slim? Please respond, I want to play this game so bad but I literally can't. I was going to buy I Vita but it looks like I'm going to have to use that $250 to get a new Slim :(

da criminal said...

Cyris- where are you hearing the 60GB is a new blu ray format issue? I have not heard this but that may explain a lot. Where did that information come from?

If I know that is the official reason there are some 60GBs crashing, I can ask if there is a software solution for it.

Thank you!


Cyrisaurus said...

Well you see, at first I thought the game was causing my PS3 to overheat. But then I realized that Twisted Metal was the only game crashing my PS3. I play Uncharted 3 online multiple hours every night with friends and I've never had an issue. I decided to replace my thermal paste anyway (which did cool my PS3 better) but when I put Twisted Metal in, it froze on the main menu. I then knew there was no way that could have been from overheating.

So I looked into it and other people are having the same issue with Twisted Metal and other new games released recently. People are saying that there is some new updated Blu Ray format that PS3 games are being printed on, and those discs are causing older Blu Ray drives to have a difficult time reading them.

After reading into it, I tried Twisted Metal again and noticed that when the game starts up, it stays on the first load for a long time, and I can hear my Blu Ray drive freaking out trying to read the disc.

I haven't bought any new games since Twisted, but so far it's the only game that is crashing my PS3, and it is definitely NOT an overheating issue.

I hope a patch, or even a firmware update can help, but I fear it's hardware compatibility issue, and I'll have to get a Slim.

Thank you for your your response and giving me a chance to give you my feedback.

Elvenmonk said...

I've a 60 GB PS3 and I can play TM it just overheats greatly. Of course my PS3 will overheat depending on the game, so this isn't new. I also tried it out on my friend's 60 GB and on his it runs fine no problem as well. The only thing I know about our 60 GB's were that we bought them used. I had sent mine in to be "repaired"(was replaced with a model worse off then my original but that's another story) by Sony. He bought his from Gamestop about a year ago now.
I also tried it out on a 20GB model and there were 0 problems. I played for about 5 hours no over-heating, lag, or anything.

A few side notes: My brother. who just bought the new SSX. also has an older PS3 and he can play SSX no problem. I don't think it's the new blu-ray disk.

However on my 60 GB I disconnect A LOT. While on my fiance's slim I never once disconnect.

Cyrisaurus said...

Well perhaps you have late model 60GBs? Mine is a launch model. I also have a friend with a launch 60GB and he has the exact same problem that I do, it doesn't overheat, but it crashes his PS3 sometimes when it tries to load a cutscene.

phantomreaver said...

Just wanted to say thanks for keeping everyone updated, not many devs would take the time out of their schedule to talk directly to the customers. Even with the bugs TM is still a great game and brings back fond memories...first time I ever smoked I was playing twisted metal LOL.

Connection issues aside, Twisted Metal is exactly what a video game should be and what they used to be, pure fun. So far the only thing I'm really having trouble with is for some reason my main psn account cannot download any custom skins but my secondary account can, but I know thats a different group who designed the skin site and everything.

But yeah long story short thanks for being upfront and honest and I wish more devs communicated with their customers like you do...Seriously though this game brings back so many good memories lol.

DrCube said...

Is that a Dev Kit I see in the background Mr.Jaffe?

Jonathan said...

I've imported the game from US to Sweden. I can't even connect to the online service? Just wondering if you are doing some region specific block?

Unknown said...

Are the skins going to get fixed further? Also, wasn't there a skin creation video supposed to come out to get the most bang for our buck?

I'm noticing there's still some visual glitches on some of my custom skins, and the dark issue hasn't been resolved really. Tooth and Warthog still havee the broken layer issue, and some of the other models don't have the broken dark layer completely removed (on bumpers, on metal, dark spots.)

Since the fix, some ppl also have been locked out of downloading their skins from the garage to their PS3. They've tried everything and their PSN seems to be locked out for doing so, somehow.

Unknown said...

Maybe you can answer, if editing the skin should we convert it to say 256 color pallet? Or just save it as any old PNG?

Might that be causing the tiny red splotches and other GFX issues I'm seeing (black / grime layer issue nonwithstanding.)

TMGOWFAN said...


The freezing issues are not a small percentage. I have a three month old 320GB PS3, and the online game search menu freezes my PS3 to the point my system has to be reset. I have two other best friends since high school (I'm 28 now) who are having the same problems and are afraid to keep playing:

Look at this thread:

Do you reccomend we continue to play this game with the freezing? I'd have to imagine any time of freezing is bad for the system. If we are encountering freezing, would you reccomend we stop playing till this is fixed?

TMGOWFAN said...

To all above,

I just posted my own comment but then began to read all of yours. This freezing is not isolated to FAT PS3s. I have a brand new Uncharted 3 320gb bundle slim, and the game freezes for me. Maybe not as bad as you, but it freezes a lot. Check this thread:

Tons of Slims are freezing. I honestly feel like the failure rate of this game is close to 75%. There is something seriously wrong with this game. I feel like we should all be granted 1 to 2 year warranties off of the PSN store because of what this game has done.

...::Marcello Rocha:::... said...

Well David, already has a patch to correct the error in the online mode? And possess game dlc?

There is your game .... big hug congratulation note 1000000

Cyrisaurus said...

Let me make this clear.

The 60GB Launch issue is NOT a FREEZING issue.

The game is causing Launch 60GBs to HARD CRASH, which automatically shuts the system off followed by 3 beeps. It cannot be turned back on until you flip the back switch off and on again.
It is definitely a disc problem as it only crashes when the game is loading off the disc, and you can hear the disc going frantic in the drive when its loading.

Clover(cast) said...

Paul Jenkins, eh? got a neat collaboration cooking up?

anyways, looking forward to the new patch. had my first mid-game disconnect today.

Netsurfer733 said...

Love the updates sir! Keep them coming! If I can't play Twisted Metal I find myself just listening to its music or watching videos for it online lol. I realize now you totally have me hooked.

This community member says he's loving the love!

bloodfed said...

Frickin love this I had to buy a new slim just to play it. My 60gb launch ps3 would freeze and shut down playing this game and only this game.all other games work fine no issues.pissed me off.but I really love this game.had to buy new ps3.but thanks jaffe and scott and all tm thing I ready hope is that there is dlc in near future when all is fixed.this game is too awesome to not include more cars like spectre or new maps or old weapons like speed missile's.thank you!

Flat Black VW said...

I am also an owner of the 60gb launch model and like cyris said this is NOT a FREEZING issue, before I can get to the main menu the system shuts down and must be rebooted from the system itself.
I started reading online and saw A LOT of people were having similar problems. I have tried rebuilding my ps3 system database, deleting the game utility files and re-installing them, playing offline, deleting system files AND playing offline, forcing the ps3 to play in 720 resolution, then 480 resolution, restoring the file system and any combination of these that I could think of. I have also contacted Sony, who I spent an hour on the phone with trying many of these things but no avail. I have called ESP and left a message (which has not been replied yet) and sent a message through the website (which has not been replied yet).
I'm really hoping you guys can figure out a fix for this because TM is one of my favorite game series, I own all the old TM games, hell I even vividly remember playing the first game on a demo system at the mall and instantly falling in love with it.
I'm not mad at you, ESP or Sony, I'm just hoping someone figures out whats wrong and lets us dedicated fans play without having to buy another system. Until then I guess ill be playing TM:Black to get my fix, at least the backwards compatibility works.

here is a link to a post about the issues cyris, I and many others are having:

bmborges said...

My game still crashing the PS3 and i barely can play more than 2 times per room =(

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