Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Saw this over on TMA! Happy Birthday, Rabid! Totally cool!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Greetings from Brazil!! Very funy Cake!! Happy Birthday with TM..! LOL... Hey Jaffe still supporting the new TM... There are a lot of issues to be solved... I'm a old gamer and I play TM since the first one on PSX1. If the issues have been totally solved the new TM will be a masterpiece.

Best regards,
vikingrock PSN ID

ISKREEM said...

Hey Jaffe, Just a quick line to quickfix balance Talon, Since freeze is the only energy attack used effectively skyward, how about giving cars an added ability to shoot 2-3 freezes with a certain degree of verticle aim. GRANTED the bug would be if there were a player in a building or way up high away, but 2 freezes is so useless and counterproductive you wouldnt want to overfreeze.

padenj420 said...

Wish I could play. Too bad I wasted my money on this game that doesn't work.

Betofunk said...

Mr.Jaffe I need to tell you about a minimap bug I am having with the US version. In the instruction book says player show as triangles in the minimap but in mine they show as squares. I deleted the patches and redownloaded them, I changed the map to close, partial, medium, full and large but I can still only see players as squares and it is effecting my gameplay strategy. Please help.

Khundei said...

Hey Mr. Jaffe,

My name is Jonathan Parvar and I'm a fledgling game designer. I'm taking classes at my community college and recently we were given an assignment to research people in our desired career field. Since mine is Design Director, you were the first name to come to mind.

We were encouraged to contact our professionals, so I thought I would leave you a message here.

I admire your work, and your attitude towards game design and life. I had the new Twisted Metal reserved and picked it up the day it came out.

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, I hope you keep kickin' ass for years to come.

p.s. Bitchin' cake dude.

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