Friday, March 09, 2012


Had a great time on Brandon Bales' new web show STATE OF PLAY. Besides my interview (which you can see below) going to the site will let you check out very cool and informative interviews from That Game Company's Kellee Santiago and Jonathan Blow (he of Braid and the upcoming Witness).

When Brandon first pitched me the show (this was taped during 2011 E3) he said it was like a video game version of Charlie Rose. Lo and behold: that's what he's created and I really dug being on it and I really love this format! Here's to lots of future episodes and success Brandon! Eager to see who you have lined up for season 2!

Talk soon, ya'll!



LeeMan said...

I'd just like to mention that your honesty and, to some extent, modesty, is very much respected, your insightful stories always refill me with prospective hope of making it in this industry.

maxrenderer said...

David, love hearing your insights as always, but this interviewer really needs to stop saying, "right, uh-huh, mmm, yeah, right, wow, right, right, right" while you're speaking. Highly unprofessional, annoying, and disrespectful. If you had seen his leg shaking under the table at the time, you should have kicked it. Nice interview on your part, though.

maxrenderer said...

Oh, and every time you say, "fuck" he giggles like a school girl. Sad.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I know no better definition of the word Art than this, ‘Art is man added to nature’,nature, reality, truth, but with a meaning, with an interpretation, with a character that the artist brings out and to which he gives expression, which he sets free, which he unravels,releases, elucidates. Vincent van Gogh

Removed from Reality said...

Watching this gave me flashbacks to when I worked as a PA at Sony... I transcribed Twisted Metal interview footage for some Twisted Metal Black extra video or something. It's not QA, but it's a start?

I've been working on my contribution to the gaming scene for nearly two years now:
I loved when you said, "there's really no excuse anymore" speaking about the ability to produce mobile games... and I couldnt agree more. I'm producing my game from my couch using Unity.

hearing you talk about designing games is inspirational- i've had to go back in and make so many dramatic changes in the game and the design in order to build the game that I originally envisioned. Hearing your description of that struggle assures me that I am on the right track... Thank you!